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  • kimrokimro Member Posts: 4
    I went to my local Volvo dealer to try to buy an XC90 yesterday. On the phone, the salesman said they were selling at $500 over invoice. When I took in my numbers (and he did compute his price line by line), he said the Edmunds base price (invoice) was $500 low. Has anyone else found this? He said their number did not reflect the Sept price increase.
  • mdandgmdandg Member Posts: 11
    I picked up my new XC90 yesterday (YEEHAAA) and paid X Plan pricing. In addition, I had to pay $250 for what was called "regional advertising". I asked that this be confirmed as I had not seen this anywhere on the internet or the Ford X Plan site. Has anyone experienced this elsewhere?

    By the way, under normal circumstances I am not eligible for X plan pricing. I took the tip found here about 2 weeks ago and found a sponsor in google under X Plan. Thanks so much for the tip, it was easy and worked like a charm.
  • eschuteschut Member Posts: 5

    Glad the advice helped. I have received about 10 e-mail from people looking for more advice getting an X-plan sponsor. The only suggestion I can give them is do exactly as you and I did. Google search X-plan and find a friendly ford employee willing to sponsor you.

    I don't know about your particular situation but generally I think advertising fees are a dealer scam... kinda like "protective undercoating". Most dealers will let it go if you put up a big enough stink, but it an argument. One of the best things about getting the X-plan pricing was that I didn't have to fight over every penny.

    Again glad it worked out for you. Anyone following this thread is still free to contact me but really I don't think I have any more useful advice.

  • qanukladyqanuklady Member Posts: 5
    I ordered a '04 2.5T for $1,700 under MSRP.

    There are 5 Volvo dealers total in my area, and while shopping I was surprised that two of them quoted me prices above MSRP--yuk! The other two would sell for MSRP exactly.

    Also while shopping, one dealership would not let me test drive on the interstate at first. Their reasoning was that the cars were so popular they did not want to put extra mileage on them. After letting them know that I would not buy the car if I had no idea how it would feel (esp acceleration) they did let me drive it again. Of course by then I'd already decided not to buy the car from them if I did choose the XC90, and it turns out they were one of the ones they felt they could get more than MSRP anyway.
  • jimmy112jimmy112 Member Posts: 2
    Hi all reading your posts tells me I should not be paying MSRP. Please tell me where I need to shop to get the best price on the XC90.

    ganuklady I like the 1,700 off MSRP where did you get such a deal

    What about the X plan is it good and how do I get a pin. eschut I tried google search like you said but no results. Please help and all help is very much appreciated. Would love to be a Volvo owning member. Feel free to email me or pm me this is my first post here if I am missing something please let me know all responses and help much appreciated and thank you all.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    Also while shopping, one dealership would not let me test drive on the interstate at first. Their reasoning was that the cars were so popular they did not want to put extra mileage on them. After letting them know that I would not buy the car if I had no idea how it would feel (esp acceleration) they did let me drive it again. Of course by then I'd already decided not to buy the car from them if I did choose the XC90, and it turns out they were one of the ones they felt they could get more than MSRP anyway

    Congrats on your purchase. That's a great deal. The XC90's are hotter in some parts of the U.S. than in others. I believe they are still going for MSRP in my area.

    Regards to the dealership that told you they didn't like putting extra mileage on them due to their popularity: All I can say is my dealership had 2 XC90's (one 2.5T and one T6) that were for demo purposes only. They let us drive them hard and allowed us to put them through some rigorous cornering and stopping maneuvers.
    You didn't end up buying from those guys, did you?
  • eschuteschut Member Posts: 5
    Try using the Google "Groups" button.
  • jimmy112jimmy112 Member Posts: 2
    hey eschut thanks for the tip to use google groups search I will try that but do you have a spare pin number or can you get a pin for me if you could i would greatly appreciate it thanks

  • mdandgmdandg Member Posts: 11

    Go to,under Groups enter X Plan (with a space between X and Plan). The first listing is who to contact for your sponsor. Send him an email requesting his help, and you are on your way quite quickly.

    Good luck
  • qanukladyqanuklady Member Posts: 5
    No, I did not buy from the dealership who at first wouldn't let me have what I consider a reasonable, typical test drive. It would have been a dream to have found a dealership that had a demo.

    I feel very happy to have gotten the 1700 off. It was a Volvo promotion being held in TX, FL, and GA that had to be on a premium, versatility, FWD, 2.5T before Dec. 31, 2003. What surprised me was that very few dealerships in my area were honoring this promotion. One dealership told me the car had to be no more/no less than what was described. One would honor the promotion, let me order the car with whatever additional features I wanted, but didn't have any coming in before the end of the year. Every dealership was kinda shocked that Volvo was having the promotion since they weren't having any problems selling the cars without it.

    I found out about the promotion because I'd been shopping for the V70 and ended up on Volvo's mailing list so we got a tri-fold advertisement about the XC90 promotion. Sorry I don't have any wonderful tactics to offer you on how to finagle dealerships to back off MSRP.
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
    Yesterday volvo started offering $500 additional dollars off to A,X,&Z plan buyers. Boy am I glad I waited a couple weeks.
  • ronshanronshan Member Posts: 20
    I have ordered my XC90 through the X Plan (delivery sometime in February). Where can I go to show the dealer this additional $500 off (assuming they don't show me)?
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
    All you need to do is ask them about it. If they aren't aware, they have a system set up where they can find out. I work for Ford and I had absolutely no idea. Usually they send an email or something notifying us. I found out from a dealer who was trying to get me to purchase an XC90 that wasn't equipped the way I wanted. When I called the store I'm picking mine up from, the salesman (manager) told me "Oh yeah, I was going to surprise you!" It's not even on the Ford AXZ website yet, so I haven't seen it written. However, I had my dealer right it on the buy order.
  • ronshanronshan Member Posts: 20
  • jandres374jandres374 Member Posts: 4
    I am also trying to purchase an XC90 using the X plan as prices in the Washington, DC area are at sticker price or higher.

    I am looking for someone to sponsor me with a PIN number. I have searched through google without much success.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • mdandgmdandg Member Posts: 11

    Try again. Once in google you will see 5 categories directly under the "google" logo. Choose "Groups", the enter "X Plan" (space between X and Plan. Your contact will be the first listing
  • jandres374jandres374 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks mdandg but they responded they have used all of the PINs they are allowed. I searched some of the other sites that came up but nothing.

    I will keep searching, let me know if you have any other sources.

  • trevor57trevor57 Member Posts: 18
    I enjoyed your comments on the deal you got from Garden State Volvo.....can you share the name of the salesperson you did business with? And did they give you any service deals upon purchase? Edison Volvo is kind of stiff on prices...nice people, just not that willing to deal. Hopefully this cold, snow and ice will deter buyers just enough for them to move a bit. Thanks for you help!!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    can you share the name of the salesperson you did business with?

    We don't permit posting of names on Town Hall so as to discourage shill posts.

    If you make your email address public in your profile, Hoyasaxa99 can send it to you off-line.

    Steve, Host
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34
    I picked up my xc90 today at Garden State Volvo in Central New Jersey. The sales person and dealership was very friendly. When I ordered my car early in Dec I received a price of $1000 off invoice. Currently with increase demand for cars at this dealership since my previous posts the dealership is selling the same car for $2000 more at $1000 over invoice. I paid $40652 for a 2.5T AWD, premium package, versatility package, navigation, climate package, metallic paint, and roof ribs.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    overall, are we back to the point where the XC90 is "hot"? Is anyone getting good pricing? I suspect good deals can be had on T6s that are in stock. At least that's what seems to be the case in the SF Bay Area - lots of T6s on the lot, and when I put in my OSD order for a really loaded 2.5T, the dealer called to ask if I wanted a good price on a T6....
  • minime5minime5 Member Posts: 41
    Is anyone else getting pricing below invoice? I'm getting a price of $250 over - is this good?
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    That's a real good price, if it were in my area. The price when I bought mine last February was MSRP.

    It depends on the area you are in, as they are more popular in some areas than others.
  • hoyasaxa99hoyasaxa99 Member Posts: 4
    Sorry I haven't been checking up on the board over the past week. While I can't give you a name per the board guidelines, I can say that they do a lot of business via internet/phone and you shold be fine dealing with the person in charge of that area, she's really great to deal with, and i think she reads this board too! However, I'm fairly certain those deals are gone now (per XRayManRR) as I think they were trying to clear inventory before year-end, but no harm in trying right?


    PS: Hi Trish! The surprise worked perfectly, and everyone's extremely happy!
  • kaos1972kaos1972 Member Posts: 9
    I live overseas (Germany) and I'm trying to decide if I'm better off buying a new XC90 over here or waiting until I return to the states in a few months. I was given a price of about 42,000 for a T6 with premium, climate, nav, bi-xenon, park distance and a few misc "throw-ins". This price includes stateside delivery, but the car would not arrive until SEP-OCT as a 2005 model.

    Can anyone shopping prices on the T6 stateside tell me if they're seeing anything better than this?
  • rollierollie Member Posts: 337
    I can assure you that is a VERY good deal...
    Are you able to ship your car ahead of time? If so, drop it off for shipment a month or two ahead of time and it will be waiting at the dealership of your choice (or possibly in port if you are allowed to choose) when you get here.

    If you aren't able to ship it ahead you might want to wait a bit longer if you might be interested in the V8 variant. It should hit U.S. shores in January '05 but if history repeats itself it will be available in Europe a few months earlier. Don't know if you have interest or this fits your timeline though.

    Either way, just realize you are getting a terrific deal on your XC90 (for an '04 - for an '05 its a stellar deal as I suspect there will be some new standard features and a price increase in the U.S.)

    Good luck.

    [email protected]
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
    If that's your overseas price, you'd better get it over there. You'd be hard pressed to find anything close to that in the states. That sounds like a $50k truck over here. I wish I could've gotten a deal like that. I got a very good deal but nowhere near as good as that!
  • jb_shinjb_shin Member Posts: 357
    I am guessing that was military sales price. One of the dealers in Germany contacted said that their waiting list is about 1 year. Which one did you contact?
  • kaos1972kaos1972 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    The price was a "military/diplomat/tourist" price. I guess Volvo has a better overseas discount than some of the other German manufacturers. I compared the VW Toureg, and they were only offering about $800 below MSRP over here. That's fine as I like the XC90 better anyway.

    I'm gonna go ahead and place the order this week. The 8-cylinder sounds very tempting as I'm wary of the 4-speed in the T6, but want the increased HP. I'll probably order the T6 and consider changing the order to the V8 after I see more info come out. I heard the 4-speed was the result of the engineers not being able to fit a large enough 5-speed to handle the extra torque with the twin-turbo six. I guess they can do it with an 8 cylinder though?
  • ftoroftoro Member Posts: 2
    Has anybody on the board actually taken advantage of the overseas delivery offer. I am wondering what the actual cost is. I have been quoted a nice price on a XC90 for June delivery at the factory. Would that be the final price or do you have to pay import taxes on this,the USA, end?
    Can someone explain how thwt works.
    Thanks in advance.
  • kaitsukaitsu Member Posts: 41
    If you go to you'll get all the information on overseas delivery. The prices quoted are delivered to your closest Volvo dealership. You'll have to pay sales tax to your state when you register your new vehicle.
  • ftoroftoro Member Posts: 2
    Hi Kaitsu,
    Thanks a lot! I am finding all my answers on that site!
  • mesherrymesherry Member Posts: 6
    I thought the hype had died down on the XC90 and hoped to get a deal. My experience (after calling dealers in several areas of California) is that you are lucky if you can get $500 off MSRP on the 2.5T. There seems to be more price flexibility ($500-$1500) on the T6, since the dealers have alot more of them in stock these days. I had difficulty finding the 2.5T loaded with the options I wanted in the right color, too. (I still wish I could find the one I want with a wooden steering wheel to add pizzazz to the plain interior.) While I did like the drive of the T6 better, the "green" aspect of significantly better gas mileage on the 2.5T is important to me, and the T6 sells at a considerable premium to the 2.5T anyway.

    I'm about to pull the trigger...any advice or feedback?

    Thanks, ME in Malibu
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    FWIW, We have an `04 2.5T AWD. We have the premium, climate pkgs and premium sound with subwoofer.
    We have been extremely pleased with the 2.5T in regards to gas mileage (18 cty - 23 hwy) the winter mileage has dropped by about 1.5 mpg.
    The acceleration is more than adequate. Merging and passing vehicles on grades is not a problem.

    I'm not suprised that dealers have more T6's in stock. Our salesrep told us that they planned to order significantly more 2.5T's than T6's because of the increased hp. That hasen't seemed to be a big selling point, IMHO.

    Good luck on your choice.
  • mesherrymesherry Member Posts: 6
    In order to get a crystal green 2.5T loaded with everything I want (including that hard-to-find wooden steering wheel) I will have to buy the navigation system.

    $2000 seems like a lot of money to spend, when if lost, I can use my cell phone to call or check my Thomas Guide. Yet everyone I talk to who has a navigation system absolutely loves it!
    What am I missing?

    Also is it worth stepping up for that premium sound system?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback...

    ME in Malibu
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    Most seem to like the NAV system after they got it, but it didn't appeal to me. There are plenty of good handheld gps nav systems with comparable map utilities available for as little as $600. Many of these include mounting equipment.

    As for the premium sound, it's a personal taste issue. As I'm a music fiend, I have to have a good system. I tested both the standard and premium stereo by making a nuisance of myself at the dealership. I brought about 6 cds and spent about 45 minutes jumping back and forth between the two vehicles.
    If you get the premium, the subwoofer is a must, as SUV's typically are poor vehicles for enhancing the bass quality. The speakers do not have the cavity that trunk mounted speakers have. This makes for more resonance in the bass.

    Good Luck!
  • mmmm8mmmm8 Member Posts: 26
    >> Most seem to like the NAV system after they got it, but it didn't appeal to me. There are plenty of good handheld gps nav systems with comparable map utilities available for as little as $600. Many of these include mounting equipment.

    Once you tried it, you don't want anything else. I tried the magellan with a rental car. It mounted off around the front of passenger seat around the center console. You have to move your head down to see it which is kind of dangerous. The screen is too small to be informative for a quick scan. I ended up not bother to use it.
    As for the volvo, you can control with buttons in the steering wheel. The screen is a good size that a split screen is very helpful. One half of the screen display driving direction. The other half display the route and the map. Also, there is a voice to remind you without looking at the screen if traffic doesn't permit. Someone complaints about the screen in the dash which the bottom got block. I think it is a good location which is almost level to the sight of traffic so I don't move my head much. Just my eyes glance it. Also, it is in the center. Driver's eyes will be to the left and above the screen. So you got the full screen without any blocking. Try it and you will love it.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    1sttime: I ordered the Premium sound, but also the third seat. Any ideas on how I get a subwoofer to fit back there? (and do you think they'll have the wiring installed flor it?)
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    There is another forum (can't mention it here) that has a poster who details doing what you need. The wiring is in place for the subwoofer. The only caveat is the subwoofer will have to be an external box type, due to the rear seat A/C unit occupying the subwoofer space.
    If you want to make your email info available in your profile, I can email you a link.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    As you have already discovered, adp3, I was in error regarding the existence of wiring for the sub. Sorry.
  • hmflyerhmflyer Member Posts: 4
    At the end of FEB., paid 38151 for an XC90 2.5T that listed for 42675. This included the free Versatility package. Does this seem like a fair price?
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189
    Hard to see with out knowing the details of options and other packages. Could you specify?
    If you got the climate, premium, premium stereo and bi-xenons that would be a good price. Anything above that is gravy.
  • gardencargardencar Member Posts: 293
    Hotdam! That's a heckuva price. The best deals around the SF Bay area are 1,000 or so under MSRP. You got $4500 off! That is unbeleivable! Was it a demo? Where are you located and from what dealer? Let us know please.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    That's what you pay through OSD pretty much. I am taking a delivery in June, paying just over 40K for the car that is listed for over 44K, saving $4250 off the MSRP.
  • buccaneerbuccaneer Member Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone,

    My wife and I are looking to purchase a XC90 T6 with the following Packages,(Versatility, Premium, Climate, Security & Bi-Xenon Headlamps). We plan to buy before the month of(March)is over. Has anyone purchased a T6 in the Boston area? If so what did you pay & what should we expect to pay? Our dealership of choice is "Boston Volvo Village". Any feedback would be must helpful!!
  • hmflyerhmflyer Member Posts: 4
    I picked up my silver XC90 2.5t last week. Had Versatility package, climate package, premium package, upgraded stereo, wood steering wheel, cargo cover, 18 inch alloy wheels. Bought in Houston but got great offers from dealers in Austin as well.
  • slhslh Member Posts: 1
    Hi all -

    Put an order in for XC90 T6 with the following:
    Versitility, climate, premium, nav system, reverse warning and bi-xenon headlights.
    Price quoted was 46.3K. Can anyone confirm if this is a good deal?
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    Base price $37,690.00
    Premium package $1,300.00
    Versatility package $1,700.00
    Climate package $625.00
    Bi - xenon lights $500.00
    Navigation system $1995.00
    Park assist, rear $400.00

    Total $44,210.00

    Plus you get 2 free round trip tickets to Europe. You also get 1 night in hotel free, if you pick your Volvo in Gothenburg.

    And OSD is a life time car buying experience.

    Isn't it something to think about?

    I've done it in 2000 and am going to get my XC90 2.5T AWD in Gothenburg this June.
  • 1sttimevolvo11sttimevolvo1 Member Posts: 189

    I would have loved to do the OSD, but my wife will not set foot on a plane. I plan on getting my pilot's license and try to coax her in the air that way. By then we'll hopefully be ready for an OSD the second go-round!
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    isttime: sorry to hear about your wife's fear. That's too bad. It is still av ery safe way to travel, but I understand.

    Lev: I'll be there in June, as well. June 29 or so pickup.
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