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I need help on what to get, 2003 Chevy or Dodge?

lionevillionevil Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I'm Looking into buying either a 2500HD chevy or a 2500 dodge ram (diesel). I look on almost every site for pros and cons on these two trucks. Both trucks look good and sounds good. I just want to get more info and see what more ppl who may own the two truck.


  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    the transmission would sell me on the dmax.
  • If you like both trucks and think you would be happy with either one, great. If it were me, I'd choose the Dodge simply for the Cummins engine. The new ones are almost as quiet as the Duramax, but they have a tremendous track record of being bullet proof.

    I'm not a Dodge or Chevy fan. However, I DO wish I could get a Ford with the Cummins engine.
  • One thing to consider, the DuramaxAllison has been out now for yr or two. The worry with the Dodge is the tranny. I'm not too sure how their 'new' tranny will perform.
    I dont like the chevy having aluminum heads but I guess they know what they are doing, LOL.
  • I agree with mullins87 about the Cummins engine being bullet proof but I'm not sure I'd say the same for the rest of the truck.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My company started replacing our 2-wheel drive LD pick-ups with Dodges last year. So far, they have surprised everyone with exceptional 1 and 2 year reliability. No engine or transmission repairs or loses.

    Our oldest trucks in the fleet are Dodge RAMs, '97-'00 and our only 4x4s. They've been very competent performers. The track bars were replaced early but this has not resurfaced as a problem.

    We stopped buying Chevys in '96 because of reliability issues after having them in the fleet for twenty+ years. Rear axle and transmission failures were above average for '91-'96s and the most notable problem area. They were far from trouble free with a number of problem areas. They also were the first to rust, thus reducing resale value considerably. They were replaced by F150s starting in '97.

    Our total PU fleet is 81 units. We have no diesels at this time.

  • I'd probably go with the Chevy because the quality of the Dodge's interior and some exterior shell parts are sub-par.
  • For myself, I have been looking to buy a new truck this year. I was looking at GMC 2500 HD SLT with almost everything on the options, sticker price is $46K plus, drive very nice quiet and a good combination inside and outside, I can buy this truck for $40K, then I went to look and test drive one of the 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT w/Lalemie package with Cummins diesel first start it very noise then the engine queit down when it has warm up. Ride a little roughs than the GMC.

    After I look at warranty the Dodge and GMC both have 36,000 mil bumper to bumper, then on the power train Dodge have 7y/70k GMC 100K on engine only.

    This warranty I have been in my mind, I may end up with the Dodge because of the warranty.

    What's you guy think?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Is they extra powertrain warranty free or do you have to pay a deductible?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I just checked out the dodge site and this is what it had to say

    Standard transferable 7-year/ 70,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty‡

    Notice the little symbol after warranty?

    Heres what it says

    ‡See dealer for a copy of this limited warranty. A deductible applies.

    Looks like it isnt free
  • jtt3jtt3 Posts: 20
    I had the same questions but mine was easy too solve.
      I tow a 14,000 lb. fifth wheel trailer and the 2500HD GMC/Chev was the only one that came close to that tow rating.
  • What is the GVWR for that truck?
  • jtt3jtt3 Posts: 20
    The GVWR rating is 9200 lbs GCWR is 22,000 lbs fifth wheel towing capacity is 15,700 on the extended cab and 15,400 on the crew cab
  • Then your truck, full of fuel with all your passengers and gear in place, can't weigh more than approximately 6,400 lbs or you are over the GVWR on your truck. Of course, you're still under the GCWR.
  • jtt3jtt3 Posts: 20
    In my case I have a little more than that because my hitch weight is approx. 2000 lbs so that number is 7200 lbs for the truck with fuel and passengers and gear in truck.
  • 2k lbs is light for a 14k lb 5'er. 5'er hitch weight should be appr. 20% of the total weight. But, if the 2k is correct, and I do believe the 7.2k lbs for the truck is pretty darn close, then you are towing within the manufacturer stated limits of your truck. Appears you did your homework, which is more than I can say for a lot of RV'ers I see on a weekly basis.
  • jtt3jtt3 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the 20% rule. I am currently looking to buy a new 5er and have brochures here for Hitchhiker,Jayco Designer Legacy, McKenzie Medallion and see the 14k units have hitch weights of 2400-2700 lbs. I can find GVWR ratings easily for all these trucks but am having trouble finding curb weights. Do you know of a site where they can be found? I was told along time ago to buy the trailer first then buy a tow vehicle to pull it. Thanks in advance
  • Manufacturer listed curb weights are useless. I have long since forgotten what Ford lists mine to be, but I do know it is a long way from what the truck actually weighs. Good advice about the truck/trailer combo. For the 5'er you listed, an F-350 dually would be the absolute minimum. Even then it would most likely be appr. 2k lbs over the GCWR of 20k even though it would be under the GVWR. I don't know what the Chevy and Dodge ratings are, it could be they have that extra 2k in the GCWR and/or weigh a little less than the Ford.

    For my truck with the 5'er you mentioned, here's how the numbers would stack up. I'm assuming the truck is loaded and ready for the trip, complete with passengers, and the 5'er properly loaded to its gross weight of 14k lbs.
    Truck - appr. 7,500 lbs
    Pin weight - 2,800 lbs
    Total truck weight - 10,300 lbs (My truck has a GVWR of 11,200 lbs, so I'm good to go there.)

    5'er gross - 14,000 lbs
    Minus pin weight - 2,800 lbs
    5'er axle weight - 11,200 lbs (This is the weight that would probably show up on the scales for the 5'er axles.)

    Total truck weight - 10,300 lbs
    5'er axle weights - 11,200 lbs
    Total gross weight - 21,500 lbs (I would be over the GCWR of 20,000 lbs.)

    So, IMO go buy a truck that will not only tow the 5'er you want within its specs, but one that is big enough to handle the load with ease.
  • 7/70K warranty is for transmition, engine, rear ends with $100.00 deductible, but you can buy bumper to bumper for $1800.00.

    I am waiting to see the 2004 with Lalemie option, there is none in my city.
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