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Mazda B Series



  • rstirbrstirb Posts: 2
    Anyone got the fancy version of this truck with a tachometer? I just installed a Sun Tach in my base model truck.
    What's the redline on a '93 2.2l engine?
    Thanks! Rick
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    Has anyone replaced the radio in this truck? Does it have an external amplifier? I replaced the radio and had to hook up the blue wire for the signal to turn on the amp... everything works except since I am using a 4x40 watt radio, there seems to be a non-engine related noise or humm at low vol levels. SinceI can't find the amp... I cannot bypass it to see if it clears up the noise.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I had to replace the radio in my '94 B2300 SE twice and finally installed my own Blaupunkt to stop the buzzing (and dying radios). My boss had a '94 B4000 LE and we had the same basic radio (Ford built by Panasonic, I think) but his had a few more bells and whistles on it. Both looked the same.

  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I just bought a 98 Mazda 2500 for a light duty work truck. I was drawn into the truck buying frenzy with all the advertising I saw on Television and in the papers. Dealing turned out to be a subjective thing and the Ford dealer was the only one that understood just what I was looking for. I won't go into the horror stories about trying to get my need into the sales mens heads but lets just say I set my sights at last on a Ranger. I knew the B-2500 was a re-badged Ranger so I decided that they had made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I call my insurance agent and waited to hear back from him on a quote. To my surprise it was less than it would have been for a Ranger equipped just the same. Why? I asked. And I was told that in this state they take into account how many accidents they have on a vehicle based on how many are bought. It is easier to buy trick stuff that says Ford on it than it is to find the same trick stuff that says Mazda so more young drivers buy Rangers than Mazdas. We all know younger drivers have more accidents. So Mazdas arent in as many accidents. The badge and tailgate seems to have saved me a few bucks a year. That may just be a method used in Southern California but it was a pleasant surprise to me.
  • I owned an 89 B2200 long bed 5-speed...I put
    some 215,000 miles on that motor, although
    it did develop an oil burning problem at
    around 200k...the other thing it would do
    is have the throttle stick wide
    amount of kicking the gas peddle would cure
    it....of course it would never duplicate this
    for the repair shop....anyway, the gas mileage
    started to drop, and since I put 600 miles
    a week my ride just with commuting, I needed
    something new.

    I checked into the Ford Ranger, knowing that
    it was now the equivalent of the Mazda, as
    well as an S-10. I couldn't afford anything
    more than a regular cab at that time, and I
    found that there was less legroom in the Ford,
    and it came with 14 inch wheels, so I went
    with the S-10 and it's 15 inch alloys. I can
    say without reservation that so far, this
    1997 S-10 has served me just as well, because
    I have 154,000 miles on it, with nothing more
    than routine maintenance being required. All
    I need right now is a new set of tires (the
    first set lastest 90k....)
  • Hi all, this is my first post to the board, and I have to say I didn't think there was one out there!!!

    Anyway, I bought a cruise control system from a salvage yard in California and am having problems trying to figure out the connection of a couple of wires. If any of you LE-5er's out there wouldn't mind giving me a hand in the location/connection of these I would greatly appreciate it. I have a digital camera and can send you pictures of the wires in question.

    Also, if any of you B2600 4X4er's are looking for a nice bull bar to go on the front (comes with winch capabilities) I know of a source.

    Thanks, and umm...zoom, zoom?

  • I was wondering how other people own the 2001 mazda b4000 4x4 have had any of the same problems I have had. How many miles do usually get on a tank of fuel I get about 250 miles if run it until the check engine light turns on. Then when I fill it up the most I have gotten into the tank is 14.5 gallons. I have had at the dealer 3 times I guess there is a TSB on it but were unable to fix it. Called excessive reserve especially according to the sticker this truck is supposed to have a 19.5 gallon tank. And another thing is high idle after the vehicle has been shut off no matter if engine is warmed up or not. I have to drive at least 8 blocks and come to complete stop and it will idle down and drive normal for rest of the trip. If I do not do this it will idle erratic sometimes surge when I press in the clutch. It is almost like I am telling it where to idle, it is usually worse when the AC is on. Anyone else have a hard time dealing with your authorized Mazda Service Dealers they just do not seem to know anything about my truck when I bring it in. Just wondering if anyone else has similar problems. Other than that I have really been pleased with the truck.
  • kit1404kit1404 Posts: 128
    Haven't posted in this site in a long time, so be patient. I had a 1998 Ranger that was truly the only Ford truck I have ever had that was a seriously defective product. Not only were the bucket seats just about impossible to endure, the engine (4.0 with 5-speed auto) was low on power, and the little truck sure rode hard, granted I had ordered the extra pay-load package. Unfortunately, the engine went south at about 20,000 miles - the dealer chose to rebuild it with no success and I took my first bite on a Ford truck when I traded it in. Guess I got back in this discussion because wrist-pins are a problem on this particular engine - well-documented including this website, just wanted to alert folks again. Also, the Firestone Wilderness A/T tires that it had from the factory and that I traded it with were OK tires. I would guess they are equal to Generals and other lower-type brands I have had in the past. They sure weren't great tires like the AT/S Goodyears on the F-150 that replaced the Ranger - but, they were OK. And, by the way - the Explorer hung on to a decent amount of off-road capability even when most everyone else went independent suspension everywhere else. There are truly comprises to be had and the lawyers make you wonder sometimes where our really nice 4X4 trucks will go in the future.
  • I have a 99' B3000...with auto trans and I get about 19-20 mpg around town.....the fuel guage acted up on me a while was showing MORE fuel than was really in it....( I knew I only had half tank but guage went over to the full mark....then another time went way past the full mark)....since then it seems to be working properly....when my guage shows 1/4 or less of a tank, it still has between 4-6 gallons in it....I thought that was a BIG reserve as well....

    another problem that I haven't dealt with yet is the engine pinging.....but maltb sent me the TSB on it and I'm just about to go to the dealership to have them try to fix that problem....I had the cust serv rep say that the mechanic didn't detect a pinging the first time I had taken it in for that problem(around 13, got 25500)....only premium fuel keeps the pinging away....costs too much to keep paying for took 5 trips to dealership serv dept. JUST to get a tailgate latch replaced...serv dept is a MAJOR pain to deal with.....I love my truck though and no other problems so far......

    I have one Q? for anyone who might know. I bought my truck in Dec. of's a 99'....had 1200 miles on it....Mazda warranty is 36 mon/ 50,000 that 36mons from when the FIRST guy bought it??.....or from when I bought it....I'd rather get the 50,000 miles , but 36 mons be up before that....would appreciate an answer if any knows.....thanks
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    36 months from the date of original sale and 50k on the odometer. Call Mazda with the VIN for the exact sales date.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Former owner of '94 B2300SE

    Please note "former"
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    but you do have to admit that the ranger is one of the best driving small trucks out there. I've never been a fan of Ford products, but I really like my B3.

    Having said that, have any of you M/T owners noticed a problem with the feel of the clutch pedal? Mine tends to engage at different heights.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I have had my share of trucks and the Mazda does seem to ride better than the other small trucks I have had. An early Ford Courier, Mazda? A Dodge D-50, Mitzu. A Toyota mini, a Dodge D- 100 and a Dakota. The Mazda does seem to ride better most of the time. It doesn't like real bumpy roads as well as the Dakota or D-100 but other than that for normal driving it seems fine. Like someone else mentioned my clutch does seem a bit vague. But it is nothing I can't live with. It doesn't get the bump steer the D-100 had though. It doesn't sound quite a tinny as my Toyota did and has more room than my D-50 had. Right now I like it almost as well as I did my Dakota so I will wait and see how it holds up in the long run.
  • Hi everyone, i'm looking into a '99 B3000 5spd 3.0L V6 extcab(2dr), wondering if anybody has any advice/comments/suggestions on whether or not it's a safe buy, or what problems might i engage upon, thanks
  • dizzytdizzyt Posts: 2
    well, I just bought a used 4WD B-4000.
    I was wondering if anyone had any info or things to watch out for before my warranty runs out ?
    Strangely, the truck has a new drive shaft in it despite only having 50000 km's (approx 24000 miles) on it.
    The guy I bought it from said it had a 'clunk' on start and stop so he had it replaced...?
    any comments, links or info would be much appreciated...
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Going to and checking out the 4.0L board there. Since your truck is a clone of the Ranger and has the same 4-liter engine, you'll find lots of commentary and problem-solving over there.

    (Former B2300 owner who got lots of helpful info over there)
  • I own a 2001 Mazda B 4000 top of the line truck .I just hope I dont get a flat tire too far from a tire shop . The truck comes with 245 /16 tires , but to my surprise when I changed the tires on the recall I discovered the spare was a 235/15 about 4 inches shorter than the tires on the truck . With a limited slip differential and a big difference in tire height I know why they are so interested in selling extended warranty it will dive you're spider gears and clutch pack crazy . No response from Mazda so far .
  • My Son is interested in the 2001 Mazda B-2500 four cylinder engine base model. I think it comes with a five speed and air conditioning. Does anybody have an idea on how reliable these engines are, and is the acceleration decent with air conditioning. We just are thinking about the most basic model with air conditioning so anyone out there with the 4 cylinder model, how has it been? whats your milage ? thanks-
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    go for the late 2001 or 2002 B2300. The 2.3L is much better engine than the 2.5. I had a 2.5L manual truck and it was fine but not great. The 2.3L has more power, torque and miles per gal.
  • Hi all,
    Just purchased my new 2001 B4000 last month. this is a great looking, great riding truck and so far I love it. since I had a little 4 cyl 5sp. 1992 Isuzu pickup for the past 10 years, this mazda is like driving a luxury mobile to me. The Isuzu was a good little pickup though while I had it. The biggest problem was a cauberator rebuild.
    I have about 1300 miles and am getting approx. 17 miles/gal with a mix of city-highway driving (but more city). I just put a fiberglass tonneau on, so this may improve the milage more.

    Here's the main point. Do any of you later model Mazda owners have lids that were created from a specific Mazda mold and not the ford ranger mold?
    I was sold on the Jason Dimension lid because you don't have to take the frame off to remove lid. anyway, the local topper town ordered it for me (after 300 down payment). They then called me on the phone the next day and said that it would be a ranger lid and because the Mazda's outer bed was indented, the lid would overhang about 1/4 inch on each side. I asked if it would still be sealed on the sides and they said yes, so I said OK go ahead and order it. Well, last monday they installed it, but the overhang is alot more that they indicated. I need to go out and measure it, but I know I can get my fingers up under it. I don't think this is going to be very weather tight, which to me kind of defeats the purpose. I plan on doing a hose test to see if the water runs under the rail and into the bed.
    I plan on calling some different companies also to see if they have a specific mazda mold. Maybe no one does. But I don't know if I should try to talk topper town into a different lid or at least try to put some bigger weather stripping, etc on this one. I guess I should have looked into this more before I bought, but I still feel like they misrepresented the lid.
    Sorry so long. what lids do you all have and how do they work for you?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Congrats on your purchase.

    I don't have a tonneau cover but they look great and wish I did have one. When you speak of a lid I assume you are talking about what we refer out west here as a shell?
  • I bought a soft tonneau cover made by Le Bra that looks great and is weather is one of the "zip lock" types.....NO snaps....I haven't had any probs taking it off or putting it on in either the heat or cold , and like I said, the rain doesn't get into my is a no drill installation that uses $200 I've spent on my truck....Pep Boys here in Athens , GA has them for around $179 now(ordered mine online over a yr ago)........I chose a soft cover over a hard cover because if I'm at the hardware store and want to bring something big home....all I have to do is roll it up( I cut a short piece of pvc pipe to make rolling it up easier), and I'm ready to having to leave a hard top at fits the exact dimension of the bed and looks great......

    By the way, this is for you maltb.....I've noticed here lately that my "door ajar" light stays on longer along with overhead light....sometimes turns off slow...sometimes fast.....any TSB's on that ??.......
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Thanks for the info on the tonneau...I should get one, but my ash tray doesn't have enough change yet.

    There are no TSBs for that, but there are only 2 parts that could cause that: The GEM module and the switch. The switch is about $7 and the GEM is $115. If you are out of warranty, I'd live with it until it becomes annoying.
  • neb,
    I have the same problem with my door ajar light coming on often...I solve it by making sure the back doors are shut very tight.(I assume you have the 4 door)The door connections seem to be poorly designed to me, but "slamming" them has worked so far
    thanks for the info mdaffron!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    No problem. I just went over there and it looks like they've changed the board a bit -- but it's still got a lot of discussion threads in it. You can post a question there and you won't believe some of the answers you'll get!

    BTW, I do remember reading something somewhere about drive shafts in the 4000 series. Especially the extended cab ones, since they had an additional universal joint in them, making them three sections long. There was a TSB or something on them and people were complaining of that clunk noise a few years back. I've also read many comments on that "door ajar" problem too.

    You should also go check out -- under "problems and issues" they have a section where you can look up the recalls and TSBs on your vehicle. You can also look up and read summaries of consumer complaints about your vehicle too. Sometimes it's reassuring to see you're not the only one experiencing a certain problem.

    Good luck with the truck --

  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    I've got over 80k miles on the truck. It has the 5 spd. Like Post#480 I'm getting intermittent "Door Ajar/interior lights on which eventually go out within 5 min.

    The intermittent wipers staying on even when in the off position.

    The heater temp control knob sometimes works. If I leave it in the "red zone" then the heater will work.

    Finally, the paint has blistered on the cab roof and hood.

    BUT, it's paid for and starts every morning. I'd appreciate any suggestions on remedies etc. Thanks
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    There is a recall on the wipers, see your dealer about that.
  • i have a 93 b2200 with 120k. it has been a very serviceable truck, but i also have some odd problems. first, on cold days, the engine tends to rev really high until fully warm. occasionally, it will start doing it after running for a while. this seems to occur in cold weather only. also, it will sometime smoke on startup...much more profusely on very cold mornings. then there is this one: right around 2700 rpm, which happens to be very inconveniently at about 60 mph, it will sputter sometimes. if i go faster or slower, the problem goes away. in addition, my AC quit last summer, and the problem turned out to be a resister which is held onto the blower motor housing by 2 difficult to reach screws. it's really easy to take out the glove box to get to them. the part was about 30 bucks. the ac button is piggy-backed electrically to speed 1 on the fan, so if the light on the button comes on when it is pressed and spd 1 is selected, then goes out if you switch to a faster speed, probably you have the same problem. any help on the stalling and fast idle would be greatly appreciated. also, i tried several seal conditioners to help with the smoke problem, and "bar's stop leak" oil additive helped. i wish this truck had the comfort and performance i want. it has been very serviceable. other than making a cloud of smoke until it's warm, it's very solid. body still tight as a new one.
  • dalesr1dalesr1 Posts: 1
    I'm wondering why I don't read about Ford (who build my 2001 B3000 DS cab plus)swapping out ALL Firestone Tires. I went into MY Mazda on and was popped with a recall on a (l) passenger seat belt buckle. When I in went for that, I was told that FORD was pulling ALL the firestone tires and replacing them...that's all 5 tires folks. The service guy said that most of the replacements were Michelin's, and that's what I ended up with...just so you know. Oh, BTW, I really like my Tall Truck. I came out of a '95 SB Isuzu, 'cause I wanted a cab plus to throw my junk into! Take care
  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    I'd like to go to a larger rim/tire size on my B2300 X-Cab (4 cyl/5 spd) to replace the stock 14" spoke rims. I am wanting to do this on the cheap so my target is stock 15" or 16" rims/mags from another vehicle that would bolt on. Anyone done something similar or recommend something that will work?

    It is also time to replace shocks etc. Any recommendations on that? Thanks
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