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Cadillac SRX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just picked up an 06 Black exterior on cashmere interior v8 SRX with Nav, 3rd row, Ultraview sunroof, AWD, Rear DVD & adjustable pedals.

    Invoice was $51.2k
    I got it for 48k + 2.9% financing. This is in Seattle area & excludes tax & title.
  • Just went to the Caddy web site and they list an SRX lease for $389/mo for 39month with 10k miles and $3079 due at signing... Does that sound like a good deal?

    I am interested in 15k miles and was wondering lease payments for these terms were???
  • I baught an 04' SRX soon afetr it was introduced in 2004. The sticker price was over 52k. it had a V8, 3rd row seat, and XM radio.

    its over 900 a month purchase over 60 months
  • i have to say that is best of its class to us compared to the mercedes BMW porsche and lexus

    great ride excellent power it could step up the interior luxury though
  • jobeejobee Posts: 1
    I just got quoted $1000 below invoice for the 06 SRX V6 here in Northern California. What kind of deals are you seeing out there? Does anyone know of dealer incentives or marketing support that I can use to drive the price lower?
  • tazmwltazmwl Posts: 3
    just paid $30k for a 2004 CPO with 21k miles, AWD w/V8, didn't include dvd, navigation, or magnetic ride. Seemed like it was priced right.
  • elmer3elmer3 Posts: 20
    How can you determine the MACO fee in a given area without seeing the invoice ?????? Can anyone help me ?? Thanks ELMER
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,875
    MACO is a BMW term... It is the advertising fee on a BMW dealer's invoice...

    Not really applicable to Cadillac, though they may have their own advertising fees...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I really wanted to buy the SRX, but opted for a comparably priced car (with higher consumer satisfaction ratings, though that was not a motivator for me).

    Two things Cadillac could do to make me look next time.

    First, drop the complexity. When buying a car for $40K-48k+, do people really want to "choose" a list of "package"d amenities similarly priced cars just include (sun roof, a 3rd row seat, AWD, heated seats, univeral home remote, etc, etc, etc)? Who has time for this?

    Second, information is power, so use it to your advantage. Most people buying a luxury vehicle are armed with all the info they need to know they're getting a good deal. Even after informing every dealer I spoke to (4 in all) that I was only going to buy a car from a person/dealer who did not waste my time, I still got the usual (or should I say, "dated") run around. Unfortunately for Cadillac, it's not hard to find dealers of other car brands who understand this.

    Too bad for such a great American brand.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I think the option packages on the SRX are OK. It's biggest competitor, the RX350, doesn't have AWD, sunroof, heated seats, or a 3rd row seat as standard equipment.
  • susanw6susanw6 Posts: 32
    After shopping online and visitn 3 other dealerships, I just leased a 2007 SRX for the best price around. I got a
    2007 V6 SRX w/Premium package ($4100) and utility package ($1125), in White Diamond. MSRP is $43,455. I put down $2000 in GM Mastercard rewards and for a39 month lease w/15,000 miles/year I am paying $470.00 per month, plus tax for a grand total of $498.20.

    They had others vehicles in other colors with the same options that were $40 more per month, but they said this one was an "older age model", meaning it was one of the first few they got in from Detroit in October, so there was some add'l rebate Cadillac was providing them on it.

    My only concern was that it had 130 miles on it and I've never bought or leased a new car with more than 15 miles on it. I made them check the computer to see how those miles got there and when it arrived at the dealership on Oct 24, it already had the 130 miles (I actually saw this). They said it was not a dealerhisp transfer, nor a demo. They said that maybe it was used as a test model by the factory. Never believing anything a dealership says, I'm skeptical, however, I still think I got a good deal and since its a lease, as opposed to a purchase, I'm O.K. with it.

    Anyone ever heard of such high mileage on a new car?
  • Try this one on for size: I am taking delivery of a 2007 SRX AWD this weekend, luxury collection (V6), Black/Black, third row seat. 48 months, 12K miles, and trading a 4-year old Olds minivan with 90K miles......$340 per month (tax included), with $500 down. Hard to believe, but I trust the dealer who has done business with my brother for years. I even got to order the car color I wanted!

    The dealer down the road wanted to charge $475/mo, and wouldn't budge.
  • Hi fgs! Sounds like you got a good deal, but its hard to compare apples to oranges. The cars sound the same, but my lease is for 39 months and 15,000 miles, whereas yours is 48 months and 12,000 miles. Your lease is based on a lower residual because it will be older when it is turned in, and mine will have more miles on it. Also, I don't know what they allowed in your trade toward the down payment.
  • I am picking up a 2005 SRX V8 AWD tonite. It comes with vistaroof, loaded, 30,000 miles for 29,500. Thing is this adge of car in a 3 yr plan with a ballon payment (or lease, bank buy back, etc) the residual after 36mths will be 23,500 with 15000/yr. That gets me a payment of 270/mth. How's tha for a great deal. By the way it's a US vehicle imported into Canada. I can't wait. We have tonnes of snow up here near the Western NY border and the AWD will be very welcome.

    Ps This is the finest north american vehicle I have driven and i only hope that the reliabilty is there and I will become a long time GM convert.

    Niagara Falls, ON, Canada :shades:
  • how much did you get for the mini-van on trade, if i can get it down to around 300, i might go for the srx, but i need a functioning 3rd row that is somewhat comfy
  • ttrugliottruglio Posts: 2
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I priced an 07 V8 loaded except for the third row seat and DVD entertainment system from the Cadillac site and Edmunds and both MSRP's came in at around $49,700. Is this correct? Reading postings where folks purchased 04's, 05's, and some 06's their MSRP's were in the mid $50k.
  • dmbleserdmbleser Posts: 8
    A fully loaded 2007 SRX MSRP is $45,000. Selling price is $41,750 which includes a $2250 rebate. Lease with $3650 down is $581 for 36 months. Lease with $1650 is $643. includes tax and 12000 miles per year.


    The base SRX MSRP of $37855. Selling price is $35,527. Lease with $3650 down is $491. With $1650 down is 552. includes tax and 12000 miles per year

    or are they all lousy deals?
  • I just did the following deal 2 weeks ago:

    MSRP: 47125

    base cap cost: 43640.5

    cash rebate: 2250

    add acquisition fee: 595

    net cap cost: 41985.5

    Residual: 54%

    Interest Rate: 3.95%

    OOP: First month+tax/title/reg around $865.00

    Monthly pmt: $567 incl tax

    So based on my numbers I would say not a good deal. You should be able to get invoice or $500 below before the rebate.
  • Oh and this was 12K for 39 months. The car had 966 miles on it and they threw in one of those mesh grills at no additional cost.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I am very interested in the SRX. I just think it is a bit pricey. I was hopeful that a comparable American car would cost less than the competition. The other front runner for me is the MDX, maybe that should be considered the competition? I have the luxury of time. My car works fine, I can wait if it's worth it. I have a couple questions for anyone who may have some information:

    1) Does anyone know, or is there anyway to find out, if GM will be running any promotions in the future. The employee pricing they did a couple years ago was quite a deal. The current incentives are good, but modest.

    2) Does anyone know if Caddy is going to change the SRX soon. I don't want to buy a car that is at the end of it's current configuration run.

    Thank you for anyone who can answer.
  • isla_guyisla_guy Posts: 4
    I live in South Florida and my plan was to lease a new 07'Cad. SRX Blk/Chasmere with a MSRP of $43,040. Now I learned that GMAC is offering 0% on 60 months to buy, I will buy instead of lease (I think). My cars are typically driven approx. 8,000 miles/yr. (driven very little).
    I cannot seem to get the dealer to give me all the scoop on rebates or discounts that GM is offering on the SRX. The best offer I have been able negotiate is $39,875.00 plus Tax, Title & Tags. How much better discount should I be able to get. I feel $3165 off is not such a great deal…..Need advise…please help? Anyone?
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Is there any "friends" discount or shareholder discount (IBM gives huge discounts to shareholders for those of you who are interested)on GM products. In other words, if I have a friend who works for GM, is there an above board way of securing a better price. I really don't want to do anything improper or get him in trouble. But, if they have legitimate program, I would like to know about. Similarly, if they give discounts for shareholders, I would like to know that as well.
    Thank you.
  • jessgalljessgall Posts: 3
    I bought my 2005 SRX AWD last year (2006) for $24,900. It's fully loaded, third row seating, GPS, performance package, magnetic ride, DVD entertainment, along with the totally rockin' sunroof!! I would have to say that we got a pretty good deal. It was turned in at a Toyota dealer for trade in. They didn't even know it had a dvd in it!! When I was test driving, they were surprised when I pulled out the screen, ha ha ha. I LOVE this car still!!

    Jessica :)
  • docrwdocrw Posts: 94
    The SRX does not have AWD standard either, it is an option, as are all the options you mentioned. The only distinguishing option on the SRX is the 3rd row. Perhaps the car you saw on the lot had those options but check out the sticker, you have to pay extra for all of them. So I don't really see your point with the post, unless you meant to add an "either" at the end.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Just came from Clairmont Cadillac in West Caldwell. They are pricing the 2008's at just over invoice. AWD, third row seat and luxury package for $43,000 less lease rebate and conquest of $2450.

    Has anyone gotten a good price in metro NJ yet on a 2008?


  • There's a dealer in my area advertising a brand new 2005 SRX V8 for only $33,000. I don't all the equipment, but they say the original MSRP was $53,000. I asked if it had hail damage and they said yes, but it has been completely repaired. I also asked if it had a salvage title and they said the title was clean. I've been looking at new vehicles but never really considered the SRX because it's a little out of my price range, but a deal like this brings it a little closer.

    Is that as good a price as it seems, or is it not worth that much being a 2005 and having prior hail damage? I'm taking the lazy way out and asking all of you instead of doing the research myself. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • vangvang Posts: 12
    I'm on the hunt to import an 07 SRX V6 AWD to Ontario:

    If you have any info on good dealers or inventory, please post back regardless of location.

    Ideal vehicle: Black Raven on Cashmere, V6 Luxury & Sport packages
  • yxz8yxz8 Posts: 2
    wow, no new post for five years!
  • I am wondering where are these owners who bought a srx recently.
  • Just bought a new 2012 cadillac SRX with AWD luxury collection with NAV, color is gold. We drived 200 miles to get it. MSPR is $45480, and final price we got is $38800 plus TTL. We are pretty happy with the price and really enjoy this car.
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