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Hyundai Tucson



  • moleman88moleman88 Posts: 3
    The car was actually park with the noes down, as I back up into my parking spot which tilts up against my house. I did notice the water going through the AC fan and filter. I thought at one point it could be a blocked drain, but the wet plastic inside the cabin filter area makes me second guess. I also am not sure, but I noticed water did not come in the next day when the fan and AC were turned off prior to shutting the car off. It is at the dealer now being "looked at" by and "expert" in water leaks. water and leaks are only covered 1year and 12K miles. I am 15 months and 9750 miles. depending on what is wrong, they may fix it under warranty, so I hopeing something doesn't fit or anther problem is at fault. but Hyundai (corp) said they may do a goodwill warranty if the cost is minimal. where can I find that TSB for my defence? Thanks for your help.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    The TSB is 05-60-002 "Interior water leak through HVAC fresh air intake". This particular issue is for when the blower motor is operated on high and it blows water in through the vents, which is not what you describe, however, it wouldn't hurt to mention this TSB in case they may be related.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    Can we put this subject to rest!,,, I think enough was discussed about it, it's like beating a dead horse! Either you like the radio, or not if not, do something about it, and lets move on to more important issues, like how do we improve the gas milage to match my similarly equipped 2002 Santa Fe which got no less then 24, and up to, and including 30mpg on the highway. What did Hyundai do to screw up the gas milage so much, that I get a pathetic 21-22 mpg on a regular basis highway mpg??? noting that I get 20mpg regularly in town???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's another idea - let's move the thread over to this new discussion:

    Hyundai Tucson Audio Radio MP3 iPod CD Stereo

    Enjoy. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I do not think a Santa Fe..any Santa Fe is capable of 30 mpg highway or "any"way at all. I owned two a 2002 2.7 liter V-6 4WD and a 2003 3.5 liter V-6 4wd...neither got better than 16 locally and neither got better than 24 mpg highway...ever!. A co-worker has a FWD 4cyl auto (Santa Fe) and regularly gets 25 on his all interstate 50 mile commute. Actually your mileage is about right for this size SUV depending on variables like how fast you drive...where you much you haul as in cargo and passengers...etc. In my opinion it isn't so pathetic. The difference between city and highway is also typically greater with true city in Dallas,Washington DC etc with more time stopped than moving can be as low as 13-14. With a smaller city such as ours with a "rush minute" mileage was, as I said, about 15-17 depending on the season. For some reason the Tucson does seem to get marginally less than the Santa Fe (from all I have seen) but if you think you can "improve" it that much (to 30 mpg) you will be disappointed. It will be a fruitless task and you will become frustrated with trips to the dealer to complain...this size and style vehicle will never get super mileage. About the best you can do is slow down to 65 or so if you drive above 75, make sure your tire pressure is correct, keep the car in good tune, remove any extra weight you might carrying around, well not you personally but "junk in the trunk" stuff.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    "I do not think a Santa Fe..any Santa Fe is capable of 30 mpg highway or "any"way at all."

    targettuning, It sounds like your calling me a liar? I do not take kindly to that! I don't know you, and you don't know me. I'm just stating the facts as I know them, so lets keep it civil.

    On a regular basis, I got 20-24mpg around town, & 24 plus on the highway with my 2002LX 4WD 2.7 V6 Crystal Blue Santa Fe, here in rural upstate NY, near the NJ, & Pa border, the roads are fairly level, speeds 30-50mph, with occasional traffic lights. My SF was stock except for 4Qts of Quaker State synthetic blend oil 10-30W, winter, 10-40W summer, plus 1/2Qt. Marvel Mystery oil, started at 3K miles, & changed every 3-5K miles. The worst I ever got during a cold midwinter was 17mpg.

    On one occasion, coming back from Charlotte NC, to upstate NY, after visiting my stepson for Thanksgiving, we stopped to get gas in Dublin Va at a Marathon station, and my wife took over the driving on Rte#81North, just her, & I, and a coupla suitcases in the Santa Fe, no A/C on, traveling at 70-80mph using cruise control, at the next gas stop we were surprised,& pleased, to find we got 27mpg. We joked about the fact that maybe that Marathon station was out of the twilight zone,,, lol. Upon my return, I immediately went online to the Santa Fe forum to brag, and that was that.

    1 year later, the same scenario, on the way back from Charlotte NC, just after Thanksgiving we stopped for gas at the same Marathon station, in Dublin Va. (if you knew the SF, the short cruising range took us back to the same spot for gas usuall) anyway, I took over the driving, and being a more agressive driver then my wife, I never dreamed I'd do better, never the less, all conditions the same, again driving 70-80mph using cruise control (to keep from overspeed, and getting a ticket) I drove till I was beat, some 200 miles, then stopped to fill up, we were shocked, & amazed to find we got 30mpg! I found it hard to believe, but there it was in black, & white, I said to my wife, "Nobody's gonna believe this?" We joked again, about that Marathon gas station being like something out of the twilight zone!,,, lol, So, As God is my Judge, these are the facts. Again I went home, got online at the Santa Fe forum to brag, and also to friends, neighbors, & relatives, at the time. Since then my wifes sister, & husband, bought a clean used white 2002 SF LX like we had, and regularly gets 24mpg on the highway, due to our high praise of the SF.

    Anyway, to fast forward to last Thanksgiving, the same scenario again, This time the trip with the new 2005 LX 4WD V6 Tucson, the same syntheic oil in it, about 3K miles on the odometer, we happened to need gas on the way down, coming up to Dublin Va, so we headed for the same Marathon station at one of the rest stops, But, it was closed! I thought it was out of business, but apparently just getting a renovation of new tanks, so we got gas across the street. Well, to sum it up, I was LIVID because, the best the Tucson could do at anytime during the trip was 20mpg!?!? On the way home, I actually temporarily removed the air filter on the thruway, it didn't make a Damn bit of difference?! You can bet I went home got online, and stated my tale of woe at the Tucson forum. I had, have, friends,neighbors, & relatives, who ask me "how do you like the new Tucson?", I don't know what to tell them?,,, then they ask, "So how's the gas milage?" You know what I tell them?,,, "Oh, we're still breaking it in!" Yeah, Sure, 17K miles, and still breaking it in,,, that's a joke!

    Finally, I never had a vehicle that didn't get at least 4-5mpg more on the hiway then around town, till I met the Tucson, I never should have traded my Santa Fe for the Tucson, but I figured with the same drivetrain, and being lighter, & more Aerodynamic, the Tucson should be peppier, and do even better on gas milage. At 17K miles, I get a respectable 20mpg around town in rural Pa., and not quite 22mpg on the hiway?, except for once. This is using the same synthetic oil, a recent K&N air filter, and the (air filter) plastic intake air deflector removed from the upper right side of the radiator support. So, are you a believer yet targettuning, I know what I got, Mike
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    After having owned two of these (2002 2.7 liter 4wd and a 2003 3.5 liter 4wd) and recently renting a 2005 2.7 liter V-6 4wd only a month or so ago, which by the way I drove extremely cautiously (read SLOWLY)never exceeding 67 MPH I maintain that you or anyone else can never even approach 30 mpg with one of these (OK if you took your life in your hands and drove 45-50 on an interstate maybe 26 but never 30). Am I calling you a liar? Nope, not necessarily, if you really think you are getting 30mpg, at 80 mph no less, good for you!! And I certainly AM keeping it civil since I am simply expressing my opinion backed up by practical experience with not one...not two...but three extended experiences with these...well, admittedly one I rented and only had it for the week-end but managed to put 500+ miles on it all highway. I drive in more or less rural Pa also...utilize I-81...the Pa turnpike ...I-80 (with the rented '05) drive at about 70-72 max, never overload my vehicles, all were bought new so maintainance was not an issue, all had cruise which I always use. I also have a 2006 Honda Civic and it returns about 36 mpg highway so nope I don't believe it. I DO believe the 24 mpg highway your sister-in-law gets on hers because that is on the upper edge of what these return if driven reasonably. Correct, I don't know you but I DO know my own experiences and if I got 30 mpg I would have never traded the last one on the Civic because otherwise(other than less than thrilling fuel economy) I liked it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Even with a standard deviation of 2 mpg (it is greater than that!) you will find about 2% of all cars that are rated at 26 mpg/hwy can get 30 mpg or more. At the high end, the standard deviation can be as large as 4 mpg allowing for about 15% of the cars to exceed 30 mpg.

    The standard deviation is probably somewhere in between so it's not out of the question that someone could get 30 mpg.

    tidester, host
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    (Quote by targettuning)
    "Am I calling you a liar? Nope, not necessarily, if you really think you are getting 30mpg, at 80 mph no less, good for you!"

    targettuning, I don't "think" I got 30mpg, I got 30mpg! So, in essence, you are still calling me a liar, or storyteller. Do you think I made up these facts? just for your benefit? You are sadly mistaken, because no matter what you think, you're not that important to me! Regardless of how high you hold yourself in esteem as an authority on Santa Fe gas milage.

    (Quote by targettuning)
    " And I certainly AM keeping it civil since I am simply expressing my opinion backed up by practical experience with not one...not two...but three extended experiences with these...well, admittedly one I rented and only had it for the week-end but managed to put 500+ miles on it all highway. I drive in more or less rural Pa also...utilize I-81...the Pa turnpike ...I-80 (with the rented '05) drive at about 70-72 max, never overload my vehicles, all were bought new so maintainance was not an issue, all had cruise which I always use. I also have a 2006 Honda Civic and it returns about 36 mpg highway so nope I don't believe it"

    There you go again, stating my facts are "unbelievable", isn't that the same as calling me a liar? again? Did you ever figure maybe I had a tailwind, or maybe my vehicle was good, and loose, from wear in, along with, and caused by, the lower friction synthetic blend oil, plus the fact that it had at least 50-60K miles on the odometer, before the long trips.

    (Quote by targettuning)
    " I DO believe the 24 mpg highway your sister-in-law gets on hers because that is on the upper edge of what these return if driven reasonably"

    I see,,, So, because this agrees with your line of thinking, it must be right, er,,, "believable"

    By the way, don't you have a shorter nickname then targettuning? It is not only a mouthfull, but a real drag to type, and spell correctly. regards, Mike,,, or, MikDee, either way, it's easy to type,,, ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Let's move on shall we?

    Steve, Host
  • musky1gfmmusky1gfm Posts: 36
    There a few past posts concerning towing,but nothing very specific.
    Looking for comments on actual towing experience-within MFGT
    recommendations. Such as any overheating to engine or trans.,going up moderate hills,etc.
    I'm contemplating a 4wd 2.7,and would be towing a fishing rig on occasion and that at not very long trips.
    Also looking for a true hwy mpg with same equipped Tucson. By true I mean mileage,say btw 2 gas fill-ups on the interstate at 70 mph--not towing,and driving style with gas economy in mind.
    Thanks to any one who can help.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27
    Hi Musky,

    There's a few people on other forums, that I've been to, that say the Tucson is great for towing, in fact one guy from Australia, that tows a 3,000 camper with no problems.
    link title I would venture to say that the Tucson is a Great vehicle, but gas milage is not one of it's strong points, all else however, make up for more then it's shortcomings. I think you'll find gas milage to be in the 20-22mpg avg. highway range, under the conditions you describe. By the way, I just installed this one by "Hidden Hitch" to tow my Jet Ski around, The only thing showing below the rear bumper plastic fascia is the reciever. link title Best regards, Mike
  • musky1gfmmusky1gfm Posts: 36
    Thanks Mike,could you tell what the cost was,local dealership said it would be $500,including installation.Seems alot to me.
  • mikdeemikdee Posts: 27 has the "Hidden Hitch" for about $120, and it is fairly easy to install. The wiring appears a bit more difficult.
  • vegito1971vegito1971 Posts: 24
    Does anyone have any information regarding the 2007 Tucson? Particularly I am interested in statistics relating to the 2.7L engine. Hyundai claims that the engine is "all-new" and "redesigned", yielding more horsepower and torque while increasing efficiency.

    I currently own a 2002 Santa FE GLS 2.7L AWD and looking to possibly trade in the very near future. Gas mileage in it has been acceptable, given that it is an AWD SUV. I generally average around 21 MPG in everyday driving. More impressively I have managed 26.5 MPG on the interstate cruising at 65-70 MPH with the A/C running on low.

    From what I have read from other postings, the current Tucson powertrain would actually yield lower figures. I currently have a VERY GOOD deal worked out for a 2006 Santa Fe GLS 3.5L AWD. My only hesitation in finalizing the deal is the gas mileage. I am not sure how much of an impact this chassis will have on gas mileage. Also there is a lingering thought as to what the new powertrain in the 2007 Tucson might offer. If it were to offer significant improvement then I would likely opt to wait and buy it. Unfortunately Hyundai is not exactly forthcoming with any details and the dealership is more interested in moving what they have now.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    What about a 2007 Santa-Fe?
  • vegito1971vegito1971 Posts: 24
    I just think that the 2007 Santa Fe tends to blend in too much with the new Toyota Rav 4 and soon-to-be-released Honda CRV. The body style has lost its distinction from the other clones. Also I am not nuts about the luxury-themed interior and 18-inch wheels on SE and Limited models.

    Preliminary pricing puts the Santa Fe SE AWD in the neighborhood of $25,695. Though this is on par with the 2006 model, it is likely that the incentives will be deeply cut back as with other all-new Hyundai models.

    I am not really against the 2007 Santa Fe, I am just not overly-impressed with it either. I will admit that the powertrain has improved substantially in all categories though, based on preliminary reports.

    Right now I have a 2002 Santa Fe GLS 2.7L AWD. According to the books trade value is somewhere from $9,500 to $10,000. The dealership is offering me $11,000. The 2006 GLS 3.5L AWD with moonroof is sticker-priced at $25,930. The dealership is offering to sell it to me for $20,000 after the $3,000 incentive and $1,000 loyalty rebates. This yields a $9,000 difference plus TTL, bringing the bottom line to $9,986.

    I think that the Tucson is highly resemblant of the 2001-2006 Santa Fe body, only slightly down-sized. But I have also found that several postings on here complain about the gas mileage. They claim 20-22 MPG city and 21-23 MPG highway. I can only assume that Hyundai tried to offset shortcomings of the engine's power by changing the gearing in the transmission. This might improve acceleration off the line but kills the upper-end performance. This tends to turn me off to the Tucson since I can expect similar or slightly better numbers from the 2006 Santa Fe 3.5L AWD. However I am quite curious as to the impact of the newly-redesigned 2.7L engine being introduced in the 2007 Tucson. If it could yield better numbers all-around, then I would opt to wait for its arrival. Unfortunately Hyundai is not forth-coming with these numbers and nobody else really seems to know either.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I owned both a 2.7 liter 4WD and a 3.5 4WD Santa Fe. For what is worth my own experiences say the 3.5 got slightly... 1 to 1.5 mpg... better highway mileage (but neither got your high of 26mpg) than the 2.7 due to the fact it has a 5 speed automatic verses the 4 speed on the 2.7. This translates to a bit more than 600 rpm less at any given road speed so the engine is running slower. Also, the 3.5 had the tendency to downshift less on hilly terrain due to the fact it has much more torque. However city mileage was somewhat less on the 3.5 where neither torque or the 5 speed comes into play that much.
    Your may be confusing the 2007 Santa Fe for the 2007 Tucson when you say the engine is all new because the 3.3 liter in the redesigned Santa Fe is relatively new. It is the same as used on the current Sonata and IS a new size/design. I don't think Hyundai has plans to completely redo the 2.7 but I think they recently added variable valve timing. This, in my opinion, isn't a particularly fuel efficient engine for its size..we are talking about the 2.7 liter.
  • vegito1971vegito1971 Posts: 24
    Are you saying that neither the 3.5L nor the 2.7L engines are very efficient? My 2.7L AWD seems to do alright but I would not boast about it though. It just seems somewhat sluggish in responsiveness, hence the interest in the 3.5L version. But with the trend in gas prices I surely do not want to be looking backwards in terms of gas mileage. If the 3.5L was pretty much on par with what I have now then I would be somewhat satisfied.

    This is what sparks my interest in the 2007 Tucson. I may have been wrong in my wording regarding the 2.7L engine overhaul. I now realize that the introduction of CVVT was a definite and only assumed a re-work of the rest to go along. The CVVT would result in a better power curve but I am not sure how this translates into real-world performance. Would this add the much-needed power and negate the need for gearing the transmission up to offset deficiencies of the engine? And how would this impact the gas mileage ratings if everything else (including the transmission) remain the same?

    Perhaps this is ultimately a choice between the lesser of two bads. The EPA ratings for the 2006 Tucson seem pretty well in line with the 2006 Santa Fe 2.7L. However several owners on here claim otherwise. Can anyone offer some real good advice and shed some light?

    My current Santa Fe is stock aside from the K & N Air Filter. All scheduled maintenance has been performed as prescribed. I strictly use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic 5W30 Oil with the Mobil 1 Filter and Slick 50 at prescribed intervals. Perhaps this might play a small role in my
    gas mileage figures. But I have a co-worker who owns a 2004 Santa Fe 3.5L FWD and claims 18-21 MPG city and 27 MPG highway (vacation trips).
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes, I believe neither engine is particularly efficient but the difference in mileage I attributed to the 5 speed auto and greater torque of the 3.5 liter. The 3.5 is a rocket compared to the 2.7 ...much quicker. I have to preface all fuel economy discussions on these and all SUV's with my opinion that none are great..some are better than others but none are Honda Civics and if you can be personally be satisfied with 16- to about 23 you should be pleased. Once again, I am not going to directly dispute people who claim to get what I consider to be fantistic fuel in trouble with the site...but I have owned both the 3.5 and 2.7 and the 3.5 got about 14..or 15 in winter in stop/go and somewhat better in summer with a high of about 24 on at least one highway trip in summer. I did not expect better so I was OK with those numbers. Finally, I find the Tucson to be directly in line with the 2.7 Santa is not much smaller..not much lighter and uses the same drivetrain as the 2.7 SF so don't expect a whole lot better economy.
  • conjettconjett Posts: 8
    I have a 2005 Tucson GL 5 speed manual that uses petrol that I bought new in February. It has about 4500 miles on it at this time and I have been keeping track of the mileage between fill-ups for about a month now. I don't top off each time I fill her up and have tried using the exact same gas pump for each fill-up as much as humanly possible. I have been getting about 25 mpg city driving using the A/C and around 30 mpg when it's mostly highway driving and often cracking the windows and turning off the A/C. I try to avoid sudden stops, creep up to stoplights and don't gun the gas when I'm taking off from complete stops and use cruise control as much as possible. This seems suspiciously better than what a lot of other people have been reporting with their Tucson. Is anyone else with a manual GL getting similar readings?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Most others have 4WD V-6 models and I am real sure there are probably 8 or 9 of those sold (in the USA and Canada anyhow) for every FWD 4 cylinder 5 speed manual transmission car so fuel economy with yours IS better than most reporting here. Plus it seems you go to extraordinary lengths to maximize economy...using the same pump...turning off the AC...avoiding sudden stops etc. Most just drive on...full speed ahead, damn the torpedos.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    It's great! I love it!
  • jveneziajvenezia Posts: 85
    Anyone have information concerning the '07 Tucson besides CVVT? As mentioned earlier, it's darned hard to find any intel on Hyundai's new models. Spy shots? Insider information? Although the '07 Santa Fe would be my first choice, I'd consider the Tucson if its fuel mileage were improved and its appearance changed closer to the '06 Kia Sportage (i.e., not
  • vegito1971vegito1971 Posts: 24
    The body for the 2007 Tucson is not scheduled for any major overhaul. It might get a minor touchup like they did with the 2005 Santa Fe, but nothing major.

    The engine though remains to be seen. I made several inquiries and came up empty-handed myself. Perhaps you will have better luck though. But I can offer a little insight for you and say that the 2.7L engine used in the 2007 Santa Fe is the CVVT version. I realize that the Santa Fe is a totally different vehicle than the Tucson. But the "new" 2.7L engine in the 2007 Santa Fe failed to produce phenomenal improvements. The 2007 2.7L did manage to bolster a few (and I mean a few) more ticks on the EPA ratings than the 2006 2.7L. I just would not expect to see a major difference in all-around performance from this powerplant in the Tucson. Keep in mind that several other postings on here complain of not making the EPA numbers for the current 2.7L equipped Tucson. My guess in the 2006 Tucson would be that Hyundai tried to compensate for complaints of sluggishness with the 2.7L by gearing the transmission up higher. This would improve acceleration from a stop or slower speeds but at the expense of performance at higher speeds and yielding lower gas mileage. Perhaps the CVVT will make a difference though in performance and they can drop the gearing. I really like the Tucson but an economical SUV it is not based upon the current information and powertrain. But then again, can anyone buying an SUV honestly claim that they are fuel economists?

    I test drove a 2007 Santa Fe SE FWD. It was definitely a roomier vehicle and had a responsive powerplant. It had smooth and consistent acceleration but I would not go so far as to claim that it is a night and day comparison to that of the 2004-2006 Santa Fe 3.5L. It did feel more sturdy in the turns and had a very sharp turn radius. I was disappointed with the EPA ratings after all the hype over an "all-new, more efficient engine". In a 3.3L AWD configuration it managed to gain a whopping 2 MPG City and 1 (yes 1) MPG on the Highway. A word of advice to their marketing people, cancel this slogan. Overall I think that it will definitely win more people over to the Hyundai badge. I continues the Hyundai tradition of offering a lot for a "little". For the Hyundai faithfuls who are not impressed by it, the Tucson will remain a viable alternative. Personally I am still fond of the "original" and traded my base 2002 Santa Fe GLS 2.7L AWD for a loaded 2006 Santa Fe GLS 3.5L AWD. The incentives and the incredible deal I got was just too good to pass up ($8,600 difference).

    Good luck in your search.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I wonder how you test drove a 2007 Santa Fe when, as far as I can determine, it isn't due to be released until this fall and no dealer in my area even has one. Further, and I could be wrong but isn't the 3.3 liter going to be the only engine for the redesigned 07 model? And finally, in any SUV it would be a major accomplishment to gain a couple of MPG either city or highway unless a hybrid or diesel was is tough to make large or even moderate gains and still meet increased EPA emission requirements.
  • jveneziajvenezia Posts: 85
    People are already driving 07 Santa Fes off of the lot. Check out the Santa Fe forum. Also, the Santa Fe has two engine choices: 2.7 or 3.3.
  • vegito1971vegito1971 Posts: 24
    Actually every dealer in the Indiana area has the 2007 models available. And it is available in 3 trim levels. The GLS is powered by the CVVT version of the 2.7L engine while the SE and Limited models are powered by the all-new 3.3L engine. Unfortunately none of the dealerships has yet received an AWD version in any chassis here. Regardless there obviously are no incentives on any of these newly-released vehicles. I did twist the arm on a sales manager and learned that there is roughly $2,000 in "dealer cash" built into the price to play with.

    As for the gas mileage, check out the 2007 Toyota Rav 4. It has a 269 HP 3.5L straight gasoline V6 that manages 22 MPG City and 28 MPG Highway. Not to mention that it bares a striking resemblence to the 2007 Santa Fe, except for the spare tire.

    Hyundai is planning yet another new SUV to be released later this year powered by the 3.8L engine. This will be a totally different model, bringing the tally to 3 SUV models. Check out some spy photos below but you'll need a translator for the wording.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We've gathered the recent gas mileage thread into a new discussion, Please check it out and post your own results there. Thanks!

    Hyundai Tucson: MPG - Real World Numbers

    Steve, Host
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