Lincoln Town Car Accessories & Modifications

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What accessories/mods have you added to to your Town Car?


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    is stock except for muffler and resonator delete, tachometer, a Jolly Roger front license plate, hubcap delete, and decent aftermarket tires (Firestone Indy 500). Later this month, I'll probably add some KYB gas-adjust shocks for improved handling, along with doing a whole lot of maintenance work.
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    What does the muffler and resonator delete do for you? What were your reasons for this mod? $? MPG? HP?

    I'm loolking to get some additional HP to the street out of my '88 Cartier without a major reconfigure. Any suggestions?
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    was mainly for noise. I gained a little power over 3200 rpm, but not a lot. Duals would have been a better choice.

    As for getting more power, the stock heads and camshaft are the main limitations. Upgrading to a 5.0 HO (as in Mustang) uppper intake and throttle body, boring out the EGR spacer to 60 mm, and adding shorty headers and duals will give you some improvement. To really wake the 5.0 up, you need E7 (HO) or slightly better heads and the HO camshaft. These will require the larger 19 lb/hr injectors, and a Mustang computer is highly reccommended. And remember that the HO cam changes the firing order.

    Much more information about this is available at
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    Before this thread goes read only, I'd like to share that I went ahead with the KYB shocks. After about 200 miles, I can say that transient handling has improved a bit, but ride quality has suffered. With the KYB's and 37 psi in the tires, it rides about like the '02 Ram 2500 4x4 I rode in (unloaded).
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    After putting 5000 miles on the KYB shocks, my opinion of them has changed. They WERE very stiff at first, but after about 1000 miles they loosened up, not to the point of being soggy, floaty, or sloppy, but "just right". Now the ride quality is similar to that of German cars I've driven, and handling is still excellent.
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    I own a 1984 Town Car in which the power-windows now refuse to function. By going through the window-switches with a jumper, they will go up or down. The fuses are alright. There is no electricity to the door-switches. I put a new PW relay in the passenger-side kick-panel area. Yet the windows STILL refuse to function. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    As this is an older model vehicle, you might get a quicker response posting your question over in Got a Quick Technical Question?
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    I have a 1990 TC and wish to make this a sleeper car. I don't know much about performance and need to know which is the best route to go. Do I simply get the necessary mods done and add a super charger or should I just swap for a H.O. 5.0 ? I am looking for the easiest way.
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    The 90 came with a 5.0L if I'm not a swap out with a H.O. shouldn't be too hard. You may still want to blow it...
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    I am looking for upgrades (engine, brakes, suspension, etc.) for the 2006 Town Car. The car is fully armored and is very heavy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :confuse:
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    I hope that when one buys a fully armored new TC, Wixom installs more than just the livery 239 hp 4.6 V8. Are you not offered an option list that hopefully includes the 5.4 V8? As for the transmission - I wonder how much room is available for a beefy 6 speed AOD. As to the brakes, Brembo might be considered. Is it expecting too much to have a more substantial suspension standard on the armored option? Good Luck.
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    I know this is way late, but pull out the modular motor and transmission, install a 5.8L Windsor and C-6 or AOD. It will make the car move better and who cares if its not spec. you want to be able to do a somewhat fast getaway. Everything should fit and link up because the chassis is basically the same since 1979. F-150 suspension kit(or Explorer), Brembos
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    replace the camshaft(one with more lift and longer duration) and thinner head gasket. you should get a stronger power cycle=more balls. Oh yea, switch from intake pressure setup to speed density
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum... I just had a quick question. My boss has a 1984 Town Car that has a 302 in it, and he wants a little more umph when he hits the gas peddle. I thought maybe a blower would do the trick, but that's getting a little pricey, and I'm not sure how the ECU would hold up to the boost and whatnot. I'm more familiar with the import cars than I am with these older domestic vehicles. He was also considering doing a complete engine swap, but he's not sure what motors work well with the vehicle, and tranny and rear and and everything. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any help is apprecited. Thanks.
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    We had an 82 with the 302 & had a Crower recreational camshaft installed so as to get more umph. After the installation, there wasn't any more umph. In talking to Crower, we learned the factory on board computer will not enable the Crower cam to do it's thing. So - - -

    Recommend your boss buy an early low mileage 91 to 95 Town Car with the 4.6 engine. Check out e bay. There are such vehicles for sale from time to time.
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    I own a 85 continental that has been stored for 2 years .. it has 144,000 miles on it . the air ride got thrown away and a spring air shock setup put in. It has tons of power.Do the rear main seals seam to go in them . It has a little oil leak so i tighened the valve covers and it fixed it . I live in N.y and i cut off the old cat. converters and got 60.00 from the junk yard for them . 30.00 a peace and i put glass packs right off the headers. is that legal , will it pass inspection. also i am painting it black/maybe dark purple do you think i should get black or crome rims for it.
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    Crazy idea, maybe not in the right thread...but anyone thought of putting a smaller engine into a towncar?

    what would be a good 2.4L engine to put in a town car?

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    I am writing from Mexico and need a front bumper for my lincoln towncar 1990 that was just crashed. I have had the car since new and is in mint shape. Please direct me about finding this part in the US. It is chrome and has a gray moulding. Thanks. I have found some in yunk yards that are in terrible shape. Thanks. eduardo
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    If anyone knows were i can get updated head lights and maybe tail lights for my 1995 Lincoln town car that would be really nice.
    thanks shawn
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    Visit an Off Road accessory store. Consider the 100/80 bulbs for the headlamps. PIAA = excellent brand. While at the store look for Halogen tail light bulbs. I have a pair of those in my 66 Mustang.
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    will getting rid of my two pipes in and one out help gas milage at all? the car is telling me i get 9.2 to the gallon :(
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    What & where does your driving take place? Is there a lot of city driving = idling time?

    Twinning out your exhaust is about $200 and you can buy a lot of extra gas for that.

    Changing the back pressure on the exhaust manifold may adversly affect the O2 sensor causing the on board computer to be mislead.

    Replace the air filter and have 35 psi in all tires.
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    i drive in the city, Yes alot of idle time not much i can do about it. the air filter is clean. I might need a tune up?
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    What rims would fit my 92 TC Cartier, 4.6? Tire Rack only offers two syles of "old school" look cragars. :)
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    The '92 Ford Crown Victoria and '92 Mercury Grand Marquis have same wheel size.

    15" & same 5 lug pattern. See what's available for those two relatives.
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    Alright so I "Flow Mastered" my Lincolin 1990 towncar, Sounds amazing i also took the bags out and put coils in it. It rides Alot higher, my mechanic said it would settle in a week. I was just wondering what else would get me some better gas milage, aside from a tune up which i will do in just a few hours. And anything else to get me some more horses for under like $480.
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    Get one from a Lincoln/Ford/Mercury dealer or a salvage yard.
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