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Chevrolet Malibu: Problems & Solutions



  • Unfortunately, Jerry, my service order doesn't give any info as to part numbers. The class of repair may be 15CVZ. Sorry. The change was small and one drawback is now it takes longer for my head to hit the headrest in case of a rearend crash.


    I did not even know they were going to do came as a result of attending a GM clinic months ago,
  • Procedures depends on the state where you bought it, but sounds like you are ripe for Lemon Law procedures. Check with a reputable attorney in your area.


    CU mentioned the Mailbu has a worse than average repair record, and I am definitely getting concerned about how long this car will last.
  • beedublubeedublu Posts: 236
    Yes, I've experienced something like this too, although I'd describe my noise as more of a loud hum, and it's more noticeable around 55-65 mph. Also, for some reason it is more noticeable when temps are below freezing.


    I had pretty much the same experience with my dealer (who is pretty sharp with most other things).
  • Just leased a 2005 Malibu LT with Auto Climate Control. When I engage full auto, the A/C light comes on and I understand that, but when I turn the auto off, the A/C light stays on. I have to manually press the button to turn the A/C light off. Is this normal or do I have a problem?


    Also, this morning the A/C light would not come on and the temperature was 32F. From reading other msgs, I've read where the A/C will not come on with temp under 40. I can't find in the manual where it states that. Can anyone point me to that information? thanks a lot.
  • Thanks kurtamaxxguy! I made another appointment to have the radio fixed tomorrow. I sent an email to GM and hopefully someone will call me back and see if there is anything they are willing to do because I seek legal advice. If worse comes to worse I will seek an attorney.... Thanks!!!
  • I have a 2000 Malibu. The Cd player keeps spitting out my CD's and the display says Err. Any advice? Is this fixable? How much? If I should just replace the stereo, which one do you recommend?
  • Hey Jason - That is one of my many problems too. I just had my stereo replaced and it started the whistling noise. I thought it was the stereo, but it still whisles when I turn it off... I am taking it in tomorrow.
  • I bought my wife a 04 maxx in December and have never got more than 300km (187 miles) per tank yet, and there is no power in this thing at all. I was told that the car checked out fine, and that nothing is wrong with it. After 10,000kms it should get better, is what they told me. I know this is not true as I just bought myself a new vehicle 2 weeks ago, and after 2.5 tanks, the fuel economy is where it should be.

    They did order a new gas pedal (??) but they dont sound confident that this will fix anything.

    Anybody out there have any idea what could be causing this ????
  • Not sure what to do. This morning I can't close my rear door. I'm stuck. Can't drive it to the dealer the way it is.
  • Thanks for the feedback on the headrests everyone especially you, kurtamaxxguy, for bringing to our attention that there is an updated part for those of us uncomfortable with the current headrests, and you e2helper for providing the particulars I needed to get the part. I just got off the phone with my local Chevy dealer, where I was able to get the Service Manager to verify that this is covered under warranty and the Parts guy to order a pair of them. As far as comfort goes, this was really the only complaint I've ever had with our car.


    What really amazed me is that Chevrolet / GM took all the customer feedback and went to the expense of getting an updated part designed and produced, and even covers it under warranty! I'd normally expect one of two things to happen in a situation like this where the customer found some design element that they disagreed with-


    1) Completely ignore the customer altogether (the "it was that way when you bought the car" thing..)


    2) Sorry, but the 2006 models have an updated design that addresses that very issue, if you'd be interested in trading.


    It's great to see GM and Chevy going to such lengths to keep their customers happy!
  • If it isn't due to freezing or ice (a problem I've seen listed in here recently), can you see if the latch is closed in the rear edge of the door. My daughter somehow managed to get the latch closed in the back door of the Trailblazer, and the door wouldn't shut (loud clunk then bounced back open). Pulling the interior door handle while also pulling the latch itself gently toward the inside of the door allowed it to open back up. The same thing has happened with the trunk latch in our Malibu.
  • Yes, GM/Chevy is trying a bit harder to update our older definitely inspires wanting to keep the car for awhile.

    They can't do everything: the 2005 has a 4 speed manumatic .vs. the 2004's 3 speed, but updating that (I suspect) would be major as dash display __and__ transmission controller would have to be replaced.
  • Even though I'd really like the 4 speed manumatic (I'm one of those geek types that's a sucker for gadgets, lol), I can't really complain about the transmission - my transmission works well enough that I haven't found an excuse to use the L / pushbutton for it yet other than playing around.
  • Nah, I think it was cold related...although there wasn't much ice today. I managed to call a favour and had a friend sit in the back holding onto the door while I drove to a dealer. Of course, the minute we pull into the dealer lot, it latched closed!!
    I went in anyways, and told the service rep what happened. He was like, "Well we're too busy too look at it today and probably tomorrow. Our trim{?] guy is too busy."
    He came out anyways, as a courtesy, and lubricated the latch with some lube he had at his side. I think he only did that door, not the rest.
    As soon as he left, my friend hopped into the front passenger seat and sure enough, the door (the front passenger one this time) wouldn't close. So, I said, "fine, let's get him to see this." But my friend tried it a couple times, and it closed by itself. So we drove off.
    Thing is I"m anxious about this. Weather forecast for the next week is cold and snowy, and I depend on my car alot. I can't rely on my friend, who, only by chance, hadn't left for work.
    Does anyone know if there's a quick temp fix? Would standard ice defreezer (the stuff some people put on their windshields) do the trick?
  • Does your 04 or 05 Maxx drive good, or does it lag ? How would you describe its performance ?

    I ask because mine lags pretty bad, (and gets horrible gas milage), but dealer cant find a problem.
  • Yesterday driving home (low mileage 02 Malibu V6 automatic) in a drizzle I suddenly lost electricity to blower, radio, Cruise, windows, and I'm not sure what else. Engine continued to run fine and I think the headlights were working.
    Windows fogged up quickly (all windows closed, remember) and I was kept busy wiping them to see out at least a bit. Outside temp maybe 55.
    After arriving home I went out a bit later to check it out, and everything seemed to be working fine. A mystery - any ideas out there???
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I am going to pass your comments on to others to hopefully encourage this type of corporate behavior, jerry :)

  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Kurt, I really prefer the shifter on both 2004 and 2005 to not be associated with manumatic because that is not really the intended function of this "electronic range select" shifter.

    On a somewhat related topic? ;)

    Has anyone seen any public news on what might be in the pipeline for 2006 model year?
  • AWD and the 3.9l engine? A tiny V-8 and RWD? ;)

    (Purely wishpeculation and NOT from news. :D)
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    my '04 transmission lags. I'm going to have the TSB parts put in here real soon, but I feel like it will be a waste of time since I'm convinced there is something not quite right with the tranny.
  • common problem as lock on door gets dry. Put some dielectric grease in lock so moisture will not form and cause lock to freeze up so that door cannot be closed. The heat from the car interior warms up the lock as you drive and eventually after 10 minutes or so you can close it. a coating og dielectric grease will keep this from happening, put on all doors.
  • My apoligies regarding the electronic range select. A major car magazine referred to it as a "manumatic" and I was just following their description.

    And no, other than hearing of possible SS version, I've not heard of any major changes for 2006.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I have found little information in the 04 and 05 owners manual on the proper operation of the 4T45E transmission compared to my last car a 00 Cavalier with the 4T40E, same basic tranny. Do you know of any other source of information on the trans operation. Thanks Joe
  • Looks like the power steering failure issue for the '04 Maxx / Malibu is still being evaluated at NHTSA.

    There doesn't seem to be such an issue for the '05.
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    Well I must confess, I live in South Texas where it's flat as hell and never snows. I also don't tow and my car only knows 2 speeds: Stop and Bat out of Hell. :) Ok I'm not really that bad.

    The only thing I ever use the lower gears for is sudden deacceleration while not painting a big red x on my rear end for johnny law to see. But I guess that doesn't really work these days but then again, why stick out.
  • I think that it might actually be your PCM, power control module, going bad. I had the same problem to the point of where my car would not start one day, take it in!
  • I am having the same problems as you, my power steering has gone out 3 times. It is very scary when you work in downtown detroit and you can't turn! I am trying to turn mine in as a lemon, but it is very hard. I have had where the cd's spit out, it is the PCM module,the brain of the car, let them know before you car won't start like what happened to me. It is depressing, if you get any further, please let me know how.
  • Ah...both of my '04 Maxx's have/had 4 speed automatics transmissions--not 3 speeds as you indicated.
    On another subject, my current '04 Maxx is a March04 build date. The first '04 Maxx I purchased was a May04 build date. In comparison of the two, the May04 was a little "tighter"--less creaking/rattles, and the transmission/engine seemed to be more in sync. Will have to check for the transmission shifting TSB. I've got a rattle, that I THINK is related to a problem with the left rear passenger assist handle--will check it out later today.
    Still, I must confess that I really enjoy my Maxx(es). I paid $14,299 (after rebates) for the first one, and traded it @ 15,002 miles straight across for the second Maxx without a $ out of my pocket, thanks to a GM Mastercard bonus credit.
    e2hepler--GM/Chevrolet is to be congratulated for building such a versatile vehicle--I think I could go for a third Maxx next year, especially if there is a SS AWD version (hint, hint).
  • The electronic range select in '04's appears to be 3 gears/speeds, while in the '05's it is 4 speeds/gears. The transmission itself is 4 speeds/gears. Sorry for any confusion.

    madmax, you may find your "assist handle" rattle to actually be the driver seat head rest. The plastic heigth adjuster/locks do not mount tightly in their metal shafts and can rattle. Just moving your head around slightly can make this rattle audible or not.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002

    Yes, I wish that the car magazine would have gotten it right (LOL). I think they were the instigator for the addition of "L4". I think that just made it more confusing for the owner.

    And I thought it was confusing now, just wait until next year ;)
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