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Chevrolet Malibu Accessories & Modifications



  • It was also part of several magazine ads for the sedan / maxx. The ads I'm talking about had a fold-out page. When you first open to the ad and the page is folded in you see the sedan. The folded in edge overlaps up to the midpoint on the front doors and has the sedan rear on it. Fold that out and you uncover the Maxx from the midpoint back..
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    XM wasn't a priority with the Malibu I bought a couple weeks ago, and now I'm wishing it had been.


    I see after market kits that mention GM XM-Ready radios with 12 pin harness's and the "BAND" button. Am I correct in reading that my new Malibu LS 1SA has an "XM-Ready" head unit that when connected to the correct rig will allow me to integrate XM into my Radio/Driver Information Center?


    The prices of these after market kits with installation seem to be a little bit more then what it would have simply costed as a factory installed item. Guess I'm paying more for the labor to retrofit it instead of getting it done faster the first time around.
  • Thanks. I ordered the Focus deflector from Auto Seattle. The emailed receipt/invoice description says for the "'04 Malibu Maxx". It's the same part number as listed for '04 Malibu on their web site, so the two models must be identical where the hood meets the grille and front quarter-panels.
  • Would anyone know if you can put 225x60 R16s on an '04 Maxx LT? It looks a little tight to me.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I am not too familar with what these aftermarket/dealer installed kits are using (i.e., how close they follow OEM production).


    But in the case of Malibu if your radio has a "dual line" display (as opposed to single line) the radio is designed to work with factory installed XM. There are 2 styles of radio on Malibu with dual line display (UN0 and UC6). The UC6 radio has the built-in CD changer.


    The single line display radio (U1C) does not have aux audio inputs available. Of course aftermarket systems might tie in radio some othe way that doesn't require that but at least for production that is the way it is.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    check this link out for XM Radio for GM



    For use with the following vehicles that have XM Satellite Radio Ready head units. Radio must have a "BAND" button to work with this bundle:



    2003-2004 Avalanche

    2003-2004 Blazer

    2000-2004 Cavalier

    2000-2004 Lumina

    2002-2004 Impala

    2001-2004 Malibu

    2000-2004 Monte Carlo

    2003-2004 C/K Truck

    2003-2004 Silverado

    2003-2004 Suburban

    2003-2004 Tahoe

    2000-2004 Venture
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I checked with autoseattle also...and they told me it will fit the Maxx without problem...have sold quite a few of them with no complaints...will be placing my order shortly as well
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Tirerack recommended 225/55-16 on 16X7.5 inch rims, when I was looking for a tire and wheel package upgrade.....I dont know how wide the OEM rims are on the Maxx..will have to check
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    I've hit a few of the vendor websites where they have various converters and receivers. A few common themes are


    GM->Pioneer Pioneer Receiver ( XM )

    GM->Pioneer Pioneer->Terk Terk Receiver ( XM )

    GM->Kenwood Kenwood Receiver ( Sirrius )


    So I'm intrigued enough to consider giving it a try. I found the two fuse panels on the side and I can see there is considerable space to mount the adapter and receiver in.


    Does anyone know the procedure to remove the double DIN radio or otherwise reach the 12-pin harness? I cant tell if the whole face of the dash comes off or if there are recessed clipbs that allow you to pull the stereo out.


    Edit: Google is my friend!
  • maxx10maxx10 Posts: 16
    I recently upgraded my rims from 16 to an 18 inch rim with a lower profile tire. I believe that it is the highest you can go on these cars. I hill post pics soon!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    would love to see the pics..Im looking at going to 17X8inch rims....and 225/50/17 from tirerack in the spring....tirerack recommended the is the rims I a preference


  • Installing a smoke colored bug deflector on a white Maxx really changes the front-end look.

    Went to a small town Mardi Gras parade yesterday and parked with the front facing the street. Had a lot of gawkers during the time before the parade passed. No comments about the deflector, just mostly "Look honey, there's that new Chevy Maxx!" The companions either smiled or frowned, about 50/50 for our unofficial survey. One float rider even tossed large gold colored beads right at the front bumper. Not sure of his intentions.

    More people becoming cognizant of the Maxx, I believe, as a result of the ad campaign where an SUV and a sedan get it on in a closed garage, then out pops the Maxx.
  • I haven't seen that commercial yet. Better keep my eyes open, because it sounds hilarious.
  • The hood of the sedan and Maxx are the same. And I'm happy as can be with how the deflector looks on my Maxx. It came from autoseattle.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    what rims did you get....would love to see pics....or their website
  • The GM ad agency's official name for that ad is (see title). In dance, it means a dance for two, as the "couple" dances around each other before retiring to the garage.

    Yes, it is funny.

    bwolter, I also got mine from AutoSeattle. What color is your Maxx?
  • Just wondering if anyone has tried Falken tires on their Maxx or Malibu ?? The 'B' traction rating on stockers is worrying me wrt travel in the snow.

    CU top-rated Falken but few tire shops carry them.
  • My Maxx is what is called Silver Green. Looks olive to me. Also had the windows tinted. Not completely black, but it's dark. Also makes it look good. The sound system is pretty good. So I may not bother having my Bazooka subwoofer installed. I think GM did pretty good on the sound system on the Maxx. But then, maybe I don't know much about sound. By the way, I don't use a subwoofer to get "boom boom". I only use it so I can clearly hear the other sounds from the main speakers. Makes a big difference listening to symphony music. You'll hear instruments you hadn't heard before on a CD that I usually played on a plain system.
  • yes the Maxx's audio is pretty good. Having once been an audio designer, Most of the "subwoofers" out there are really nothing more than one-note resonators trying to create a fake "rave" experience rather than decent bass/sub-bass. If the subwoofer helps you distinguish instruments and "tickles your toes" then it's doing its job.
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    My only complain is the CD player. I've heard and experienced people complain about a swooshing sound that it makes. Its speed sensitive so it's slower at the end of the CD. My community concert band made a cd that has a label on it. As it gets half-way through the CD it starts skipping really bad. I assume if I burn this CD onto new media with no label it will get fixed. But the CD plays just fine in all the players in my house and in my old 2001 Malibu.
  • I too experience the woosh woosh sound on some of my CDs. No labels and this is the only player that makes the sound. Also, has anyone else experienced the CD being wicked hot to the touch after ejecting?
  • chrpaichrpai Posts: 32
    Now that you remind me, I havn't experienced wicked hot but I have experienced very warm.
  • I hear that sound too, but only with "burned" CDs. It doesn't do it with original retail CDs.
  • Any new information on roof racks for the Maxx? Are aftermarkets available? Issues with the fixed rear skylight? I agree with one of the previous posts that a fixed rack would be a great option on the non-sunroof models. My '95 Neon Sedan had a factory rack that was hugely useful..
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    both yakima (q towers with cross bars) and thule (multipurpose rack system option one) show a fit for the maxx..the only issue I can think of is the sun a google search for either brand and look at their fit guides
  • Hi all, just bought a 2005 Maxx LT with a sunroof. I have never had a sunroof before. My question is what does the deflector do? Does it cut down on the wind noise? Do you have to remove it when going through a car wash? Or is it just cuz it looks good? :o)
  • Congrats on a great choice! What color is yours? I reluctantly bought one of the sunroof deflectors because this car has the noisest factory sunroof I've experienced. I personally hate the way they look on any car but I have to admit that it does a great job on my Maxx and makes the sunroof usable at speeds above 10 mph. I bought the BeneVento that uses 2 clips and no adhesive. It does fine in the carwash - no need to remove it.


    BTW- just got my Maxx tinted today (I live in Orlando). My tint lady says they are easy to tint and it looks fantastic.
  • Here are a couple of pictures of my '05 Maxx LT with the new tint and sunroof deflector:

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    good looking car....VA state laws are too strict for tinting here.....have the same wind deflector as like a charm at highway speeds....
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