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    A kindred spirit. Hang in there -- there aren't many of us looking for this class of car. The gadget I can do best without is the automatic transmission, but certainly agree with you on your list.

    Oh, and don't forget the multiple-motor exercising "feature" that moves the seat/mirrors/radio presets/temperature setting/mood lighting every time a different driver gets in the car. For my car, that would be about twice a year.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    Actually I like that feature. I am 6'2" and my wife is 5'. She only drives my car about twice a year, BUT it takes me about 10 minutes to get everything back to my settings, AND this always occurs when I am in a hurry.

    While I am griping, how about, "if you want heated seats on that car (a real nice gadget where I live), you must also buy the $1700 sun roof that eliminates two inches of much needed head room."
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    I understand, really, the desires of folks who want "less" and who do believe "less is more."

    My wife can't drive an automatic, but fears she'll have to learn; she has pushbuttons on her BMW sport steering wheel, but doesn't know which one raises and lowers the volume on her stereo; cruise control -- "fuggetabouddit."

    I do think, however, she has come to envy (slightly) the ability to walk up to the car with a "full load" and have the car unlock; and, I know she wants a phone that responds to the command "dial number 123-4567."

    The former is mainly for convenience (I don't use the pushbutton start that often for the simple fact that the FAT key is not comfortable to leave in my pocket -- but I do like the auto recognition feature) but the latter is for safety and I do believe that "big brother" will start escalating the fines and other punishments if we do not "succumb" to Bluetooth with totally hands free and eyes free in-car telephoning.

    I have the built-in cradle for my wireless and, frankly, I am such a luddite, I still call it a car phone, choosing NEVER to remove it from my car even though it is about the size of a pack of gum (no I do not own an "i"-anything, it is a super small Sony phone that fits into the Audi cradle and uses the roof antenna and car's battery for power.)

    The cars that I like to DRIVE, have an array of "gadgets" typically that makes voice command, Bluetooth, etc, more and more "safety features" by virtue of the distraction reduction such technology permits.

    Parktronic -- well, even my "I'll row my own" wife, loves front and rear parktronic (on her X3.) We both enjoy the Xenon lights, LED usage and the fact that the lights turn with the steering wheel. AWD with a neutral or rear bias too is a technology we love -- maybe "gadget" suits, often the phrase used is "content." Memory power seats, I can take them or leave them since 99% of the time, I'm the only person who drives my car. However, I'll admit to having one button on the auto adjusting seats and mirrors programmed just to reduce what little inconvenience that 1% of the time may cause.

    I've got surround sound, sat radio and a 6 disk CD changer, don't own an ipod and wouldn't bother to populate a hard drive -- but Radio Tivo using the hard drive, well, "instant tang!"

    I grew up in an era where only the wealthy had a/c and power steering and brakes -- and only the really wealthy had power windows. Hard to find cars today without this "content."

    A 2008 anything that lacks these "choices" in a climate where the Japanese and the Europeans and even some of the Koreans have this stuff, seems to be a step backwards, no matter how much horsepower and gears you offer.

    I don't mind anyone's decision to deselect content (or gadgets) -- what I mind is bringing out a near LPS car as a 2008 model where so many cars (some at even lesser prices) have had this level of content available since 2004 (and earlier.)

    I mind not having the manual transmission offered if you want AWD -- but, I'll accept the auto shifter, since it has the 6th gear and the adaptive mode.

    You say potato and I'll say potaato. . . . :surprise:
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    Just curious, what do you think of the new M45x?

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    Hey lexusguy, it looks good from the front in a kinda Japanesie sort of way. It looks like an Altima from the side. Did they freshen the rear? It looks a little less chunky and more rounded, better than the previous model. But looks are not the point here with this car.Even though when I drove it I wasnt particularly impressed(thought it felt too heavy and leaned a little in the curves)I thought for what you got for the price it was a pretty good car. They are blowing it, I feel at Infinity. They almost have it right in the G, but everything else is ugly. They have their cars engineered very well and are reliable. Wish they would lure away some of the designers at Mercedes. Mercedes hasnt made an ugly car in my humble opinion and they are getting even more so with the passing years. Every class that Mercedes competes in, it is a least the best looking one in every one.
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    Mercedes hasnt made an ugly car in my humble opinion and they are getting even more so with the passing years. Every class that Mercedes competes in, it is a least the best looking one in every one.

    I must respectfully disagree. The first generation ML looked like a minivan. The R-class really doesn't have a good angle. The SL borrows way too many cues from the half as expensive CLK, and compared to gorgeous coupes like the Jaguar XK or Maserati GranTurismo, it looks rather dull and pedestrian.

    I like the E and CLS shapes, and the S and CL look good - provided they have the AMG body treatment. Other than that...
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    As you may recall, I did plunk down a deposit on an M35X and was brought back to Audi by a huge cut in the lease price.

    For some reason, my current sense is that the M's still are attractive in almost any guise -- only thing they lack is an extra cog or two in the transmission, but they do well with their five speeds, so that is not much of an issue.

    If the M35's can come up with 300HP from the V6, I would think the need for the V8 is less.

    I still WANT more power from my A6 3.2, but I have never been in any situation when I NEEDED power that the 255HP Audi motivator was insufficient.

    The new CTS with the DI V6 is quite attractive and with all the goodies is MSRP $48K.

    The M45X, like the A6 4.2 seems to add too much MSRP for too little return -- but more power is, make no mistake, always more fun!

    Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I think the styling of the M's hasn't worn as well as the styles we've seen recently from Germany, however.

    I got behind the wheel of the new CTS yesterday at my dealer -- it seems a little small, getting out of my A6, but at least from the look and feel of the thing, it is, perhaps the best Cadillac EVER (OK, in my life -- and I just turned 56.)

    I hope there is a factory implementation of Bluetooth with voice command -- at least -- of the phone function. Could be a deal breaker.
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    Lexusguy, if the only thing you find ugly in the Merc lineup is the suv's, oh well. Suv's arent supposed to be pretty or they wouldnt call them "utility" which implies usefulness and function over looks. The SL borrows from another model in the lineup: so what? I think all Merc's have a certain sameness to them much like all Nissans, Lexi, and your Jags. Its called branding. All I said was in the competition of model against model the Mercs look better: ferinstance E over 550, S over 750, and C over 3 for pure lines of beauty. I was not talking about the way they drive as I prefer the "feel" of BMW's even though I think most of us "put up" with the looks of the damn things!
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    ferinstance E over 550, S over 750, and C over 3 for pure lines of beauty.

    I'll agree with E and S, but the new C-class is a bit odd looking to me. I think the 3 series, especially in coupe form, looks better.
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    Lexusguy, Im assuming you have a lexus. What kind do you have. Do you want the M?
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    My daily driver is an '01 LS430, and I have an '07 XK8 for weekends. Sooner or later I'm going to have to replace the LS, and I'm not sure what the replacement will be yet.

    I've driven the M several times, and I really like the car. It has Japanese electronics and reliability, with German performance. The only real issue is the lack of a 6th gear, which makes it a bit too noisy on the highway. If the M was available with the ZF 6-speed, I'd probably have one already. I'm going to drive the '08 and see if it has improved at all in that regard.
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    Couldn't find a specific thread on this topic so decided to post this question here and on another forum. Understanding that this is a very subjective question, what are the opinions on which cars have the best seats? Looking mostly for comments about long distance trip comfort. I have owned BMWs for 15 years and found my old 5 series to be quite good, except a little hard. I have a new 328, with even harder seats, but the cushion does not really extend out far enough to support my thighs over long periods. I could not wait to buy a 535 (would have gotten the special "comfort seats"), but have heard others wax on about Volvos, Lexus, MB and the Caddy DTS! Lots of differences in those cars. What do others think?
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    I'm a big guy and find the new 535i comfort seats with the SP pkg to be terrific - among the best for overall support and comfort. My '03 530SP is very comfortable for 500-mile drives, but also provides great support for spirited drives on the weekends. Seats on mine are firm, but would definitely appreciate the comfort sport seats in my next 5er. The sport seats provide extendible thigh support - a must for us long-legged types ;)
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    Be careful testing seats in the showroom. We liked the comfort seats in the showroom, so we ordered it on our 2003 535i. That car had an "automatic" seat belt height adjustment which did raise and lower the belt on the door post, but it was uncomfortable for both my wife and I. We would have done better with the standard seats. My solution was to disconnect the automatic adjuster and live with it in one postion which was tolerable for my 5' wife.

    When we replaced that car last year, we found that some BMW "design genius" decided that the car no longer needed any seat belt height adjustment at all...and the seat belt height was fixed on the door pillar. We sat in the various 5's and were uncomfortable with any of the seat options. As a result, we didn't even consider buying another BMW....we are enjoying our Infiniti.

    Don't assume that more adjustments will be comfortable....have every driver try the seat with the seatbelt.
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    I find the bmw 535 extra comfort seat to be as comfortable as my a8 Audi seat.....I think alot of discomfort on five hundred mile trips has to do with age ..Even when you get the seat just right, after several hours you just begin to get un-comfortable...Tony
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    I have owned Lexus and Volvo. By far, the olvo has he most comfortable seats and are ergonomically designed. Many of my friends have commented about the comfort of the Volvo seats. I have owned two S80s. I have driven over 600 miles in one day with no other driver to give me a break. When I got to my desitination, my back didn't hurt, my legs didn't hurt, nothing hurt and I felt great. Now I am 50 plus so..........I swear by Volvo for their seats.
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    lovemyclk, why did you get the spt on the 530? Was the standard suspension not responsive enough? Do you always get spt suspensions? I am trying to decide whether to get it on my next 5. You cant really tell in short test drives whether you like something like that. I like responsiveness but dont like to feel and hear every pebble in the road.
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    I'm in the market for a new luxury sedan.
    Currently driving a 2005 Acura RL. Would prefer a sporty coupe, but my lifestyle does not allow for that yet:)

    Today I spoke with our local Jaguar dealer about the XF. They expect the first ones at their showroom in March or April of 2008. Since we live in the snowy part of this country I prefer a car with AWD. The salesman told me that the XF would not be available with AWD. He said there is just not enough demand for AWD except in certain regions of the country.

    I find this "demand" remark to be someewhat strange since the BMW 5 series, Audis, Infiniti Ms, Cadillac CTS, Acura RL, Mercedes,Lexus all have models with AWD.

    Guess if I want an XF will have to buy snow tires!
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    Having driven both in Germany and the U.S., I simply had to get the SP for the more responsive handling, braking and "comfort". The articulating sport seats in my 2003 provide increased support for my long legs. I also prefer the feel of the "M" steering wheel while driving. Finally, my 2-piece BBS-style wheels are gorgeous on my Titanium Silver car.

    Comfort is subjective, but to me the absolutely planted feel of my car on the road at all speeds defines the word. I also prefer the seat design over the standard seat due to the more pronounced bolsters.

    The new 535i SP has the Comfort Seats as standard in the SP pkg and they are amazing. They even have an adjustable setting on the headrest for the neck. Seat cushioning a bit softer, but still designed with the extendible thigh support and bolsters.
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    Since we live in the snowy part of this country I prefer a car with AWD. The salesman told me that the XF would not be available with AWD. He said there is just not enough demand for AWD except in certain regions of the country.

    Not enough demand... or Jag can't do one and that's the salesman's excuse. The XF is based on a heavily revised DEW98 platform. No DEW98 car has ever offered AWD. The platform may simply not be capable of it. Or, perhaps Jag simply can't afford to do it. Every other car in the mid-lux segment - 5, E, A6, M, GS, RL, S80, and STS all offer AWD in at least one trim level, so clearly there's demand for AWD.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343

    Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo -- and even Jaguar (honorable mention) offer AWD models. These mfgr's are, generally, adding more AWD models to their lineups. Of course this list doesn't include (but it could) Ford, Mercury, Subaru and, and, and -- and a whole host of other cars from all around the planet.

    The proliferation of AWD advances, it is hardly retreating. Why the salesperson would remark about the lack of demand is probably because he can't offer it in the car he might stand a chance of selling you. Perhaps to persuade you to change your mind, the salesperson planted the suggestion that (implied?) ". . .AWD had its chance and demand was insufficient to justify it."

    If you follow the trickle down, the LPS car brands get AWD, then the ELPS will get it, and pretty soon virtually all cars (or so the trend would seem to suggest) will at least offer "available" AWD.

    It [AWD] sells cars, no matter what their "breeding."

    Your salesperson probably believes what he/she said -- I would simply say, "he is misinformed." :confuse:
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    And apparently the prices in the USA are expected to be ( ahem ) "well above the S-Type" . . .
    2020 BMW M340i
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    If you follow the trickle down, the LPS car brands get AWD, then the ELPS will get it...

    Actually, I believe AWD actually trickled up to LPS, ELLPS, etc. Subaru has had AWD for forever. In the '80s and very early '90s, you could get AWD in a Camry and Corolla. Audi was the first luxury brand to adopt it in the late '70s or early '80s, but no other luxury brand offered it (that I can recall.) In the early days of AWD, it was still considered a truckish type feature, and people were reluctant to accept it because of fears of expensive transfer case failure. People didn't understand or recognize the difference between 4WD and AWD (some people still don't.)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Point taken, but an example could be, fur instance, the STS gets AWD, THEN the CTS. The Acura gets AWD, then -- perhaps -- the Accord will get it.

    Yep, Subaru has had it a long time.

    We had a 1988 BMW 325ix which was a joy.

    There is evidence that the proliferation of four driven wheels is a consequence of SUV's -- ? -- or is it that SUV's were an alternative to station wagons and since they were truck based. . .well you can come to your own conclusion.

    Porsche added AWD for what reason? Certainly not cargo carry capacity.

    "All" cars will offer all wheels driven -- at least that the prediction of Dr. Piech (decades ago.) It just keeps proliferating.

    Living here in SW Ohio, "everyone" wants AWD since in this part of the planet no one seems to have a clue how to drive on slick surfaces with only two driven wheels.

    Anyway, LPS or no, AWD keeps getting added because it is a mature technology and it is virtually impossible to tell that the car is AWD just by looking.

    Didn't used to be that way (as if you didn't know.) :surprise:
  • lexusguylexusguy Member Posts: 6,419
    Porsche added AWD for what reason? Certainly not cargo carry capacity.

    With most of the weight in the rear and RWD, older Porsches had tendency to spin backwards. The AWD is there simply for stability, not cargo capacity or winter traction. However, just as the highest performance airplanes are inherently unbalanced, the highest performance Porsches are RWD. They need that tail-out instability.
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    I am in the market for a certified used luxury car (Audi A4 or BMW 5 series) after reading the reviews on the Audi; I am now leaning towards the BMW. My husband preferred the 2008 Cadillac CTS. Any advice or suggestions? Please help.
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    If you lean toward the CTS, be advised, while the rear seating area looks large and spacious, the rear seat cushion is way too close to the floor (i.e. a very shallow foot well), and is very uncomfortable to ride in. I'm only 5'8" and yet with my feet pushed as far forward as I could, my knees were positioned at least 8" above my hips, which as I'm sure you can imagine is a very uncomfortable position to ride in for very long. So, unless you're still in the car-seat/young children stages, the CTS's rear seat is a very poor imitation when compared to an A6 or a 5-Series.

    Best Regards,
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    I am on my second LS-430, the current one is a 2004. I like gadgets that work, I can find no one out there that does things better than Lexus. Touch screen NAV, bluetooth, heated front AND rear seats (my daughter insists) keyless entry to every part of the car, keyless start, parking assist, and things placed in what I consider convenient places (sun glass holders, cup holders, cell/change drawers). Also I am 6'3" tall and like a little room.

    My Lease is about to expire and I am searching for a new car, I also have a smaller family now with one off to college and our other vehicle is a SUV type, plus I never sit in the back... I was trying to find a more reasonable priced mid size luxury sedan that has some zip (I will not buy a es-350) that has all of the gadgets I am used to. I have just started reading and looking (lots of time saved by reading, thanks) I have looked at the 535's gs-350's and find both fairly close to something I feel I can get by with without feeling like I went backwards. I will take the quicker more sporty approach and feel like that was the real reason for not just going out and buying the ls-460, when really it is just too expensive, much more than I paid for my 430. are there any other vehicles I should consider, Audi, Infinity, MB? I have read forums on about all of these I they all seem to be realy bad in an area or two, I truly am spoiled by Lexus, there stuff works and used to be worth the price...

    hope my rambling make sense to someone - go ahead and fire away.

    so far I have found the GS-350 might be to small, The 535i while not touch screen nav I can live with that since you can enter info while driving - the 535 seems to be the best I am not to sure about the lame placement of the cup holders though...

    If anyone can save me a little time by suggesting I look at something I would appreciate it. I may just be wasting my time and have to go get the LS-460, or at least that class of car.

  • lexusguylexusguy Member Posts: 6,419
    am in the market for a certified used luxury car (Audi A4 or BMW 5 series) after reading the reviews on the Audi; I am now leaning towards the BMW. My husband preferred the 2008 Cadillac CTS. Any advice or suggestions? Please help.

    The A4 is a very small car, much smaller than both the 5 series and the CTS. If adults are going to be sitting in the back, I would suggest looking at an A6, rather than an A4. The '05s should be coming off two year leases now, and there might be some good CPO deals. I prefer the G35 to the CTS.
  • lexusguylexusguy Member Posts: 6,419
    so far I have found the GS-350 might be to small, The 535i while not touch screen nav I can live with that since you can enter info while driving - the 535 seems to be the best I am not to sure about the lame placement of the cup holders though...

    If anyone can save me a little time by suggesting I look at something I would appreciate it. I may just be wasting my time and have to go get the LS-460, or at least that class of car.

    Most of the current mid-lux cars offer the same high tech features as the full-size cars, in a sleeker, faster, sportier and more affordable package. My favorite car in the segment is the Infiniti M. It has 90% of the performance of the BMW 5, and is much roomier than the GS, while also being more reliable. Considering reliability is really the only thing the GS has going for it (it isn't particularly comfortable, or fun to drive, or nice to look at), its pretty surprising that Lexus botched the quality control so badly.

    The Infiniti's NAV, HVAC and other controls are just as easy to deal with as the Lexus system, no iDrive. The '08s also have a built-in hard drive for music storage like the LS460. Infiniti also offers the V8 with AWD, something you can't get from either BMW or Lexus.

    My second choice would be the A6 4.2 S-line. MMI is much more intuitive than iDrive, and the interior is a lot less drab than the 5's. There are no weirdo Bangle angles either.
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    I am in the same exact boat as you. I liked my LS430 but to be honest,I grew a bit bored of it. The LS460 drives very similar to me (I swear if I were blindfolded, I would not be able to tell the difference) and the lease is 3-400 dollars more per month. I just don't see it, although I do like the new styling. The Infiniti M that was reccomended, just does not feel like it's even near the same league as far as top line luxury. The doors felt light and cheap and I didn't care for the seats. It feels like a big step down from the LS. The BMW 5 series is my leading choice at the moment. It's much sportier but also has a high end feel and all of the tech stuff. You can also try an MB 350 E which handles a bit softer. I am not an Audi fan so I crossed that off my list.
    One sleeper you may want to check out (I am) is the Jag XJ8. It gives a similar ride to the LS but can be a bit more sporty if you push it. It's very quiet and luxurious and I think there are some very good deals which should make it quite a bit less expensive than the LS460.
    If all else fails and you are a Lexus devotee, then give the GS a shot. That would probably be the closest to the LS (although the ES that you don't like or the Toyota Avalon are probably 85% of an LS for 50% of the money). Lexus says that their new ES is actually a better car than the original LS 400.
    Hope this helps.
  • ls430ls430 Member Posts: 3
    both Lexusguy your answer help me a lot, I will take a look at both the Jag and the Infiniti. But I have this feeling I will end up keeping the ls-430 or getting a BMW, as you have said the LS-430 after having 2 of them is getting boring to drive although the interior amenities are perfect
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWMember Posts: 3,164
    The 535 strikes a great balance between sport and luxury and is more fun to drive with the added bonus of much better gas mileage than the Infiniti M twins. I know, I've owned the latter.

    If leasing is a strong consideration, the BMW makes the most sense. Its paid maintenance and BMW Assist are frosting on the cake.
  • lexusguylexusguy Member Posts: 6,419
    I will take a look at both the Jag and the Infiniti.

    Lightly used Jaguar XJs can be fantastic buys. The XJR is much faster and quite a bit sportier than the LS, while still being very comfortable, and you can get one for $40K. Its NAV system is touch screen based, and coming from a Lexus you should have no problems with it. If you want more space than the standard wheelbase XJR, the Vanden Plas or even the top-of-the-line Super V8 Portfolio are still very affordable, and driving a car that was originally $100K is a great feeling :)

    The Jaguar XJ is by far the best bargain in the full-size class.
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    Mojo1078, continue leaning toward the BMW 5-series. The new 535i surpasses the performance and handling of the Cadillac. Remember, the cadillac is a front-wheel drive vehicle, poor turning radius and steering torque. Power with excellent fuel economy are on the side of the BMW. Resale on the BMW is far superior to the Cadillac. Take my advice, you can't lose with the Bimmer
  • subearusubearu Member Posts: 3,613
    FWIW, the '03-'07 CTS is RWD and the '08 has AWD available as an option.

  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Member Posts: 110
    >>"Resale on the BMW is far superior to the Cadillac. Take my advice, you can't lose with >>the Bimmer"

    ...unless you are unlucky enough to get T-boned in it.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    I cannot argue your point (and I was not suggesting, literally, that AWD was added to increase carrying capacity.) My point, perhaps inaccurate, was that [I was told by Walter Rohrl (I do not know the facts, i.e., only what he told me)] the highest performance Porsches in terms of "winning" were the AWD versions.

    What do you mean by performance, or can you point me to info that would contradict what Rohrl remarked?
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Member Posts: 316
    Where do you get your information from? Cadillac has had rear wheel drive in the CTS since 2003.
  • jcobyjcoby Member Posts: 140
    I will give you the same advice that I gave Topspin628 - get a BMW 5-series. I am a strong supporter of Lexus and would be glad to see you purchase another LS. However, I would be happier (not that my happiness matters in your car buying decision ;) ) if you found a vehicle that is more suited to your needs and desires. It is not just the price increase that has you looking elsewhere - you are getting a little bored with the LS. Only the Infiniti M can rival the 5-series in this class in terms of handling performance and overall driving excitement, but BMW offers very competitive lease offers on many of their vehicles.

    Just follow this link:

    link title

    It is quite likely that you will enjoy a substantial discount versus your current monthly lease payment by choosing the 5-series and you are also quite likely to enjoy your vehicle more than you currently enjoy your LS 430.

    Life is too short to not get what you want when you have the financial means to do so and live in a country that gives you the opportunity to freely fulfill those desires. Get what makes you happy and don't look back! ;)
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    The on my BMW 545 is up at the end of the month. I love the handling, performance and the navigation with head up display. It has been almost problem free...the run flats wear out quickly, lousy gas mileage 16mpg (maybe it's my driving). Biggest problem is that the seats are very uncomfortable for my 5'5" height...they just don't curve in the right place and cause back and neck discomfort. BMW offered assistance. So I drive around sitting up higher in the seat on a firm pillow...and with a neck roll on the headrest. I don't want another BMW because of the seat discomfort, I've never had this problem with Mercedes or Jag or even Ford or Honda! I have grown very accustomed to the heads up display, my favorite feature. Any recommendation on what to look at? Is there a heads up display anywhere else???
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Have you tried out a new 535i with the Multi-Contour seats? Here's what the BMW web site says about these chairs:

    "20-way power multi-contour front seats (includes articulated upper backrest, 4-way lumbar support, passenger’s-seat memory, active head restraints and adjustable side and thigh support)"

    You might find that these are just the ticket for your situation. ;-)

    Best Regards,
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    There was an episode of Top Gear where the Stig drove a Carrera S and a 4S on the same tight, twisty, dry track. The RWD CS was faster. If its GT3 RS v. Turbo on a dry race track, my money is on the GT3. Porsche 911 all wheel drive seems to be there to provide a safety net for the 911's tail happy nature, not to make the car faster.

    Think about how fast the Cayman would be if it had top level 911 power and a limited slip diff. It has the ultimate performance layout - mid-engine, RWD.
  • circlewcirclew Member Posts: 8,666
    I beg to differ. That Top Gear vid showed the C4S was faster C2S with the Stig driving both. The RWD was easier to handle.

    The 911 Turbo Coupe is AWD.

  • lexusguylexusguy Member Posts: 6,419
    For some reason I had it backwards. My money is still on the GT3 RS though to beat the Turbo.
  • drtraveldrtravel Member Posts: 395
    5-Series 5,173
    E-Class 3,718
    GS 2,300
    M35/45 1,658
    A6 807
    RL 522
    CTS ???
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    In this class don't you mean STS, not CTS?

    I just came from 20 minutes (not driving, just sitting) in a $48K CTS DI, and -- well, hell, it seems to come "this close" to being a member of the LPS class.

    Alas, the CTS is (not yet) NOT a member of the club.

    The interior, for what its worth, is almost in the Audi class (which, for my money, is the best of the bunch.)
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Did you happen to spend some time in the rear seat? I have and while everything else you say mirrors my own impressions, the rear seat is unlivable for anyone over about 5'3" for any reasonable trip.

    Best Regards,
  • topspin628topspin628 Member Posts: 373
    Hi, Shipo. If I remember correctly, you were the resident BMW expert when I got my 01 330i with SP. I since went on a "vacation" to a Lexus LS430 and with that lease just about over, I'm thinking of re-joining the BMW ultimate driving crew again. What's your take on the 535i vs the 550i? Also, with some good deals on the 7 series, are they OK now after the initial first gen I drive issues.
    Any advice is welcome.
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