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Mitsubishi Endeavor Prices Paid



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "JAPANESE car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Corporation appeared to have been thrown a lifeline last night."

    Mitsubishi On A Knife Edge (

    Steve, Host
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    Steve, thanks for making my day! Given this article, I am more optimistic about Mitsu's long term viability. I do think Mistu will really have to reassure auto buyers that they, as an auto company, will be around for a very long time. Until they instill confidence in their viability, they run the risk of not gaining market share and, should this happen, we then may be faced with an even greater acceleration of depreciation. I will think positive and go watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees - again!
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Any comment on what all this really means?? Will it affect price negotiations and/or incentives (either for the better or worse)? How about the viability of warranties over the long term? And then there's the topic of depreciation. Resale value is not a "huge" concern of mine, but I'd like the thing to be worth SOMETHING after 5 or 6 years. I just got back from wandering around car lots for awhile this evening. Climbed around in a Pilot, couple of Sorentos, Trailblazer and Trailblazer EXT, Equinox, and an Endeavor (top of the line one I was really surprised was left unlocked). I'm still trying to line up my top picks for a purchase at the end of the year, but the players keep changing as does the playing field, so it seems. I'm just not sure what all this Mitsu news is really going to mean to the average car-buying joe?
  • fm1966fm1966 Posts: 9
    Hi everyone. As soon as I saw the Endeavor I knew I had to drive it. As soon as I drove it I knew I wanted it. The dealership, however, is not being too cooperative in meeting my price needs. Fist of all they have extras thrown in which I would not have chosen--like the undercoating, and paint protector and fabric protector...another grand added on. It took two trips between the dealer and sales manager for them to *finally* show me an invoice. They insist they want about $1000 over invoice and they want to give me practically nothing for my trade. So far my buying experience isn't great. I'm referring to a '04 new XLS listed at 31,800. They came back with a 29,500 starting price after he brought the invoice out. Then they'd take the $2000 rebate and $3000 for my car trade. TELL me someone that I can do better than that. I live in RI. Tomorrow's the 30th. Should I make an offer? I'd reallly like to pay $275 mo. for 6 years. Bu tI'm probably more realistically going to look at $300. Right now they have me at $402 per mo. Any home for me???? Thanks!!
  • fm1966fm1966 Posts: 9
    Hi Dan..thanks.

    How do I know I'm seeing actual dealer cost?? Should I be content with the invoice and be sure not to add anything over invoice?

    Ocean mits in Warwick has a great incentive--no charge for oil changes, brakes and batteries for the length of time I own the vehicle. They can't offer me any cars without those ridiculous addtions (the clear coat, the underbody coat and fabric protector) already added on. I guess I should look elsewhere and forget the great service incentive?

    Thanks Dan! I appreciate your reply.
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Hi. I would suggest you start over with your process. See if you can arrange financing on your own through whatever financial institutions you have available. Once you have some ideas on that, begin canvassing all the Mitsu dealers within a couple hours drive of you by email, letting them know exactly what vehicle you're looking for and that you're looking for their best price (make sure you know whether they are including rebates, etc, or not in this price). Narrow it down and then respond to the few who do the best for you and let them bid for your business. Given what's been going on with them and some of the buying stories on this board, there's no way I'd pay over invoice for one. Additionally, by doing the financing this way, you eliminate yourself from being what these guys love, and that's a "monthly payment" buyer. You can figure out invoice and monthly payments right here on Edmunds. Just get the dealer to give you a PRICE for the car. Shopping for a payment makes you a victim of the money shell game every time. Research! Plan! Then stick to your plan. Good Luck.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    First of all, the added extra's are what the dealer wants you to buy ( absurdly high profit margins ) and this is their way of forcing you to do so. This may, at times, work on very high demand vehicles, but this is no where that case and there is NO need to purchase ANY of the add-on's and quote frankly, at any price, they are a waste of money. I would not pay anything close to invoice, especially in today's market. Make it simple, you take control and should the dealer call you, don't return their calls immediately. You mention that you live in RI, so here are a couple of ideas..Call Boch Mitsubishi (Norwood) and ask to speak to the sales manager and tell him/her exactly what you want ( be prepared and unemotional ) and let the sales mgr know you are willing to buy today and you want their most competitive, Best and Final, price. Make certain you are buying new, know what mileage is on the SUV ( could be a demo ), make sure it is the color & config you want and, most importantly, make sure you understand pricing before you go to the dealer to close the deal( ie. does price assume you get rebate or dealer ). Do not get caught up in responding to "what price do I need to beat". I purchased my XLS AWD from Herb Connolly Mitsu in Natick, MA. Whoever you call, do not mention that you have a trade until you get there and, if asked, let them know at this point you only want their most aggressive buy price - without trade.

    End of month purchases have some influence, but not as much as end of quarter. If you are a serious buyer, then I think you can leverage end of month today and get your best deal.

    Good luck and keep us posted! By the way, we are truly enjoying our Endeavor. Dan
  • fm1966fm1966 Posts: 9
    Shootered, Dan, thank you very much for the replies and suggestions.

    I am going to start fresh and shoot for the end of May to become an Endeavor owner. Just a couple things I've noticed when I send out emails for bids--no one GIVES any...all the responses I get are to call for assistance and prices. I will NOT mention a trade..if they insist on knowing I'll say I'm not certain of that yet. That ok? Also, do either of you know of a website where I can type in the VIN and actually get the amount a dealer paid for the vehicle..the ACTUAL dealer cost? Thanks so much!! I'm very appreciative. One last thing--what do you think is a FAIR final bid for an XLS 4x4 NOT including incentives and nothing extra added other than the standard features which come with the XLS package? Thank you!! Francesca
  • fm1966fm1966 Posts: 9
    Update to you all. I've decided to buy the '04 Isuzu Ascender/5 passenger. I think I'm going to be quite content with this vehicle. I have the 4x4, and the leather and sunroof package. I should be quite content. Thank you for your help and suggestions on the Endeavor. I truly appreciated it. :-)
  • ironiron Posts: 4
    what's with the salesmen asking for target monthly payment, then going into the backroom and coming out with a magical number with no explanation of how they arrived at that? That is sooo lame and seems so out of the times. Saturn didn't pull that one on me, Lexus didn't pull that one on me, BMW didn't pull that one on me. Well the dude kept trying to negotiate using monthly so i just gave him a low number and did't budge. Needless to say he couldn't take that number so I just left. What else am i to do. Without figures such as invoice, rebates, their own dicountoff msrp, etc, there's no way for me to tell if i'm getting a good deal or not. The only numbers layed out were the loan terms. Maybe they WHERE realy offering me a good deal, but unless I see those numbers I aint going to bite. Oh wells, I think I'm just going to buy over at carsdirect or some other online source, which is a shame because I really would rather have a local sales person make money off a sale.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds like it's good that you walked.

    Every once in a while I reread Confessions of a Car Salesman. It's a hoot (unless it's your money on the table I guess).

    Steve, Host
  • rfmehlrfmehl Posts: 3
    bought 04 limited 2x2 at end of January.

    dealer cost/invoice plus shipping was 30261.

    got 2k rebate and $500 college grad (wife) rebate so net cost before tax/lic was 27, 761.

    Only thing I had to haggle and stand firm on was not paying $300 "advertising fee" over invoice. Sales mgr tried to make me feel guilty'- that he had no profit on the car, but a few minutes later I saw him smiling away as he processed the transaction.

    Overall, very good experience- excellent car, absolutely no problems, doing well on regualr gas (87 octane) and have about 3k miles on it.

    live in Lake Forest (Orange county), california.

    noticed advertising on new mitsu's- they have 36,000 mile all maintenance thrown in (brakes, oil changes, etc. like BMW). Actually got letter from dealer asking me to sell car back to them and buy a new one- would get 1k loyalty rebate on top of all others and main. program as well.
  • jeajea Posts: 3
    My wife and I are undecided about which SUV is better. We are a family of 3, planning on 4 next year. We like the Kia Sorrento and Mitsubishi Endeavor, but we don't know which one is better? Can anyone tell us their opinion about these 2 vehicles?
    Thank you!
  • ironiron Posts: 4
    have you test driven both? The endeavor is a really awesome suv in my opinion. The kia has the price advantage though. Although mitsu's 3 years free maintainence incentive this month may help balance the difference.
  • rureddyrureddy Posts: 3
    Actually, I got my wife the Kia Sorenta a few months back and just purchased the Endeavor for myself not long ago. Would have considered the Sorento for myself but didn't want the same vehicle as my wife. Both have proven to be great vehicles, I think some of the more notible differences would be the Sorento is truck based and the Endeavor is car based. This gives a slight edge to the Mitsubishi in everyday driving and the Sorento when it comes to off road. Also, I preferred the interior of the Endeavor, it seemed very open and I liked the layout, plus you can't beat the 315 watt Infinity stereo. Both have received many great reviews from different organizations, including our one and only Edmunds. The Kia was selected best SUV under $25,000 and the Endeavor won the crossover test. I did a lot of research on both before buying and recommend either one. If you have any specific questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
  • jeajea Posts: 3
    Thank you for all this information. This weekend we are gonna test drive both SUV's again and I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for being available to answer any of our future questions! I think you have two great cars!!

    Actually, I have a question. Does the Endeavor only uses Premium fuel? What about the Kia Sorrento?
  • rfmehlrfmehl Posts: 3
    Have pretty much used regular (87 octane) for 04 endeavor w/o any discernable problems. Have 3.5k miles on it.

    Would recommend using both regular and premium and see if you can tell any difference, but I can't and am happy to save the 20 cent difference (4 dollars per fillup).
  • rureddyrureddy Posts: 3
    I use 89 octane in both the Endeavor and the Kia, haven't noticed any lack of power. I actually drove the wife's Kia this weekend to compare it to my Endeavor since it had been awhile since I drove her vehicle. I think the Kia has a slight edge at high end power, I typically drive between 80 - 85mph on the expressways and you really don't notice much difference until you get over this. To me the Endeavor does handle slightly better, though my wife may disagree but the Kia seems to have off roading in it's favour. Still love them both, very happy with their performance so far!
  • jerseyjersey Posts: 1
    Mitsu wont go under, the only reason they can do those ten year warrenties is because in ten years where will we be. probably outa gasoline vehicles so it wont hurt them, they are sayin 2010 for either hydrogen or electric or something so they wont need to keep their promise cuz you wont be driving that car in 10 years
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Mr jersey: I wish I could bet $100 on your theory that we won't be driving gasoline vehicles in 10 years.Even with the China market opening and more and more demand for gasoline, I don't see how the whole thing can change in so short a time as 10 years. I'm no expert, but a bicycle is a better form of transportation then the current crop of all electric vehicles available, and as far as hydrogen goes, it's not going to be ready for the masses for quite some time if ever.Remember some said Electrics would be able to replace the gasoline car by now and they are not even close.How about the Chrysler Turbines of the 60's?
    Something will have to change, but I wouldn't bet against the gasoline engine just yet. A discovery of oil in China or Russia or some where else is just as likely as not.
    As far as the 10 year power train warranty, isn't it more a marketing ploy, then a real purchase advantage? The warranty is for protection against DEFECTS, and only defects.Most of these componets if indeed defective would go bad rather quickly. If they go bad after 9 years of use and the gearbox or whatever has water damage or low/no oil, or is just plain worn out.I don't see any manufacturer stepping up to give you a free replacement componet. Am I wrong?
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    The point is that the company has placed itself in a position (under a legally binding contract) to have to support the vehicle for 10 years. So if Mitsu stopped selling in the US, they would still have to maintain parts and service capability for 10 years after they stop selling. Yes, there's the question of who would provide it if the company went under. I would think the provider would be set up and financed by Mitsu's major stockholders or by the parent company in Japan itself. Also, they could go under as a dealer network but still be profitable as a service provider (for non-warranty work).

    The only real downside would be that resale would be truly horrible - much worse than it is now.

    Parts availability will not be an issue; as long as there are cars on the road, Mitsu or a 3rd party will supply parts. I still see Deloreans, Renaults, and Daewoos on the road (although not every day) so we can infer that parts for other 'deceased' brands are still available; Mitsu would not be any different.

    Really, Mitsu's financial issues, with the exception of impact on resale, shouldn't be a major factor in choosing to buy one of their vehicles.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Thanks in advacne for any advice.

    I'm looking at a used car dealer in Holidaysburg, PA. Thye have several Endeavers, and I'm intersted in either a silver or blue 04 LS AWD. They are both priced at $15,995, plus T+T+L. Tye each have about 18k miles.
  • Hey Karen -


    Your payment request got me thinking. $275/mo for 72 months @ 5.15% interest amounts to $16,836. Adding in 2k rebat and 3k trade, you'd have to agree to a price of $21,836, and that's not including taxes, title, and licensing. You'll have to get 7,664 from somewhere, either them upping your trade or coming down on price. What kind fo trade do you have?
  • novatznovatz Posts: 1
    Relatively small engine, towing capacity <3000. My enclosed trailer and cycle approach that limit. Any concerns?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    For questions other than pricing, you can check in one of our other Mitsubishi Endeavor discussions. You can find them all using the search tools at the left.



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  • Hey guys. I really need your feedback. I am in the market for a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor for my wife. She absolutely loves the SUV. What I am looking to purchase is an XLS model, AWD with the sunroof/coldzone package. I have posted an e-mail quote I got from a local dealer. Please let me know if you think this is a &#147;good Deal&#148;




    Dear Sir:

    &#147;I am giving you a phenomenal price on the 05 Endeavor XLS with a sunroof/coldzone package!! The MSRP on this vehicle is $32,394. Dealer Invoice is $30,480. I will sell for $28680 ($1800 under invoice) minus your $2000 manufacturer warranty. This would be $26,680 plus tax and tags of course!! This vehicle comes with standard side air bags, which would have to added on and 04, or 04.5. The 04, or 04.5 are very difficult to find, and you would end up having to go up in equipment, which is more $$, just to get the 04 or 04.5!!! The actual difference in price between model years is about $380. Obviously the rebate is $2000 different as well. We have black, titanium, dover white, silver, and steel blue all in stock and ready to go for this price!! Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you!&#148;
  • welshmunwelshmun Posts: 3
    Picked up a 2005 XLS AWD w/sunroof and cold zone for $29,000 yesterday. Love it so far but I'll give it a few months before I make a settled decision !!

    Anyone in Chicago-land, I highly recommend Schaumburg Mitsubishi. Very professional and patient. No pushing sales tactics, no pressure.
  • welshmunwelshmun Posts: 3
    Here I am 2000 miles later and I still love this vehicle. Hitting 17/22 MPG right on the nose. Absolutely no problems at all. Great vehicle, great deal, very happy !
  • charles12charles12 Posts: 79

    How can you get this price - much lower than invoce? Where is the dealer?


  • can you tell me the name of the dealer where they have these for sale. thanks tom short
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