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2007 Caddy Escalade



  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    -Dr. F-boogy

    They say when You assume that it makes an as s out of U an Me. So for that I appologize. I was asuming that it was pretty much a no brainer, when I stated that the Escalade was the # 1 selling Luxury SUV. that it was understood we were talking about Full Size.....Good luck with your Toyota sales. Oh and Fairly new territory for Cadillac?..... perhaps yes it was new, uh...... back in 99 I would say its pretty safe to applaud now. X^)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I apologize, Kirstie - There should be no reason why your e-mails don't get through, everything else does, I have no restrictions on that address whatsoever.....
    It's my only e-mail account -
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    OK - no prob, as long as it's valid. May have been a server outage or some other bizzare occurrence.


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  • blkcadillacblkcadillac Posts: 47
    The RX330 is the best selling luxury SUV period, however the Escalade is the best selling FULL SIZED luxury SUV. Followed by the Navigator.

    There is a truck for everyone. Some people may like the Navigator better than the Caddy because the interior looks better.

    Price plays another part, Lexus dealers always have discounts and other incentives on the RX330. So thats one reason it sells so well, and IMO I think the styling (RX330) is very nice, a little sporty and refined at the same time.

    Why are people hating on Cadillacs success with the Escalade. Heck if I could sell loads of a product (anything) without putting alot of money in it and getting a fat return I believe everyone on this site would do the same. Remember it's all about the money, and GM-Cadillac have a money maker.

    PLEASE PLEASE stop talking about the location of the clock in the Escalade. Has anyone seen the location of the clock the FX models. If you want to know the time just look down at when you get to red light. Or on your cell phone when your talking and driving.:)
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    ""The Escalade is no RX in market dominance. ""

    That is true. I think that as soon as the Lincoln Mark LT gets rolling we can compare the Escalade/EXT sales with the Navigator/LT sales and that would be a better comparison. I attribute most of the Escalade's success to rap videos. However, it does have a nice big engine and a big grille.

    ""Price plays another part, Lexus dealers always have discounts and other incentives on the RX330. So thats one reason it sells so well""
    The RX sells so well because
    a) it's fairly reasonably priced
    b) it's a Toyota (reliability)
    c) It's a Lexus (refinement)
    And the hybrid version will only help.

    Lexus seldom has to use mucho incentives to roll the RX off its lots. People want it, and they buy it. However, I have seen 5 grand off of Escalades at the local Cadillac dealership.

    I don't think anyone is "hating on" Cadillac's success, but it is fairly obvious that the Escalade's good sales can be attributed mostly to luck. GM has a money maker now, but Lexus will have a new fullsize luxury SUV pretty soon, there's always the Navigator, and the way Infiniti has been cracking off smash hits, the next Q56 might be a good one as well. Mercedes will have the G Class for a bit more. It's going to become cramped fast, and sales of the Escalade may drop because of that.
  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    Again Blk, I appreciate your comments about the KING KONG of Full Size Lux. SUV's the Escalade. I do disagree with one thing though and that is saying that the Navigators interior is better than the Escalades. The 98- till the re-design Nav. interior was just ok. But now its just cheap. Ya know, Its really amazing to me that some people can be smoke screened and blinded so darn easily. Ford throws in a couple new looking gauges in a truck and people go gaa gaa over it. Come on. I challenge these same people to take another look, a real close look at the Nav. interior. When I look I see low grain leather, plastic through out the whole rig in place of chrome and the cheapest wood on the market next to that plastic cra* that they put inside many other suppose "Luxury cars". Now friends.... Its pretty obvious that I'm not too fond of Ford products. But I will always give credit where credit is due. I am always fair no matter what my personal feelings may be. In other words....... I am no Hater, unlike a few individuals that I've recently run across.......oh that reminds me I was dissapointed to see Dr F-boogy's last entry gone from the forum. I was very much looking forward to being (cough).......nice. Unfortunately, I dont remeber any of his kind "words o wisdom" except one thing that did stick out to me. It was something about no one laying out cash like GM.........."NOBODY" Yeah, your right Boogy no Manufacturer lays out cash like GM and the reason is "NOBODY" can. X^)
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    But this isn't the first time, nor will it be the last. Lies can beat truth out here. It's all in how you phrase your misinformation.

    Hate to correct you, as you seem to seek truth here, but 'Yota has more coin than even mighty GM. They are just tighter than pantyhose two sizes small!

  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    - F Boogy look!!! : First Time in 47-Year History Toyota Reaches two million in Sales...........I found this heading on the I-net for you and thought you might like it. By the way, Congrats on the success you and.. Tota. I bet your jumping for joy. I can really only imagine, but I'm sure GM was as excited as you are... when they reached 2 mill. in sales their first time.. and probably when they did it the 2nd time too.....Mmmm, I dont know but they probably did'nt get as excited the 3rd time, I'm sure you kinda get use to it after a while. Any ways, you are right..... what I should have said was up until "recently" no one could. Now, you can clearly see Boogaloo, I'M not too big to admit when I error..... It still doesnt change the fact that the Cadillac Escalade is still the #1 selling Lux...whoops sorry "Full Size" Lux Suv in America. ;^)
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    I like things corrected. That's all. :D

  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    -Hey Chris
    Boss here, just curious with regards to sales; how is that Lincoln Blackwood doing?

  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I don't know. But it has a good shot at doing better than the Caddylanche :P
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    The Mark LT has sold 599 (March and 687 (April)

    Similar to Escalade EXT (623 in May), but this is after Escalade's hot start in 2002-3, which would dwarf the LT sales at it's launch.

    Ford seems married to this idea of a F150 as luxury liner, but if at first you don't succeed, swing and miss again.

  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A TV reporter is hoping to talk with someone who wants to purchase a Cadillac. Please respond to with your daytime contact info by May 31, 2005.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    *eerie silence*
  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    (chuckle)............Im sure it will little c........ Im sure it will. And hey, since we are hoping here why not wish for bigger.... maybe it can out sell both put together! haha.

    X^ )
  • caddys4lifecaddys4life Posts: 15
    well the mark f-150 oh i mean the mark LT will sell like crap compared to the 'Slade ext. but still i think both models are dumb to have been built. they dont produce a lot of revenue.
  • Hey caddy, can you comment on a few of the specific new interior features of the new Escalade? ...such as...will they have power full fold down rear seat...similar to the Navigator?....I hope they leave the gearshift on the column...and do not move it to the the Navigator. All that does is get in the way. Anything else of interest. I have been delaying getting one....hoping that they would improve the interior features. Today, we have a Lexus...and I really like the GPS navigation system. Will Cadillac improve theirs? My wife is rather short...and would like to see the automatic extending running board to help her step up into it. Anything on that?... What about back up safety camera? My Lexus has it...pretty useful.
    Thanks for any info you might have.
  • hey Turbid-times, the Escalade looks great vast improvements in all areas. I cant give u specifics because i have only seen a brief video on the exterior and interior. The exterior looks excellent, it had a more classy feel to it while still maintaining that no nonsense look. and it will have great power like in the old one. The interior will blow you away. It looks more like a car interior. it's just so nice and luxurious. Greatly improved from last's years version. im not sure about the rear camera but i would think that they will keep the rear sensing system in. And they did leave the gearshift on the column. I would definetly wait for the Escalade to come out in EARLY 2006. It is so much better than the one out right now. I hope this helped.

  • vettez06vettez06 Posts: 2
    You've seen a video? How in the world did you manage that?
  • My dad is VP of communications for GM and he got me a the design video of all the new SUV's coming out next year.
  • vettez06vettez06 Posts: 2
    Well then, feel free to forward a copy to my house. :-p
  • I own both cars. I totally researched the Nav before ordering. I THOUGHT the auto running boards, fold down seats, and auto lift gate were a must. I also THOUGHT all of the storage in the rear console would be needed (I have 5 children). I couldn't be more wrong, it is only
    taking up space. All of the "extras" work when they want to.The suspension system failed and the car dropped down the tires- looked awesome but couldn't be driven. Gas mileage is horrible and it will not get out of it's own way. The interior has a cheap plastic look and the front interior lights need to angled for better visibility, and at night you can't see a thing in the front console. It just doesn't seem right that you pay 58+ and have so many things below par. :lemon: My caddy on the other hand is great! I can't say enough good things. After reading about the 2006 model changes, I can't wait to get mine! If anyone has pics I'd love to see them.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "well the mark f-150 oh i mean the mark LT will sell like crap compared to the 'Slade ext. but still i think both models are dumb to have been built. they dont produce a lot of revenue."

    Actually, they do produce quite a bit of revenue. The Mark LT broke even at 2000 units precisely because it is an F-150 under there, with more profit built in as well as wood & chrome. I'm sure the Escalanche did similarly years ago when it was introduced, and has been making gravy ever since.

    Now, would anybody like to tell me if the 06 Escalade is going to have any of the following features available?

    Air Conditioned seats
    Independent Rear Suspension
    3rd seat that folds into the floor.
    Unique interior from Silverado.
    Low Range 4WD
  • the 06' escalade will have a much better interior that looks more luxurious than the current model of the escalade and navigator. im guessing there will be a navigation system and the interiors of the silverado, tahoe, yukon, and escalade will not look a like, like they do now. i dont know the specifics of the escalade because i only saw a short video and pics of the interior and exterior.
  • Hey Caddys4life,

    #1 If recall, and correct me if Iam wrong. Didn't you say that new Escalade will have the front as Sixteen concept.

    #2 According to some of my sources at GM, they are suppose to have Granite, and a higher grade of wood also.

    #3 Would they have black leather in them. I am a sucker for one. I am going to see if I can pre-order one.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Unique interior and navigation is it? Disappointing. I'd like to see the interior shots when they come out. For me, how the cabin is appointed, the seats (which are excellent in the current model, except they're not cooled) and how the car feels on me when I get in, is the #1 thing for me when I buy a new car.
  • i did say before that the escalade would have the sixteen concept grill but that was a video i saw over a year ago. the updated video i saw doesnt have all the crome like the sixteen but does look very similar.
  • have a 2004 lease ending end of month. want to wait for 2007. GMAC and dealer will not extend lease. dealer wants me to lease 2005 0r 2006 for two years. Have option to purchase for $36000. would have to finance. am afraid will not receive much of trade in when 2007 is available. Would be gratefull for any advice anyone can give me. Do not know best thing to do. Thanks
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