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Mercedes-Benz SLK Prices Paid



  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Pls let me know which coupe board you recommend & how to get there.Have SLK.Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Yeah try that one the SLK board on in the Coupes Section:

    merc1, "Mercedes-Benz SLK" #47, 5 Apr 2005 2:34 am

  • I was wondering if anyone in the snow belt has recently purchased a new SLK. I'm in the Chicago area, and am finding dealers are pretty much sitting on the MSRP. This is a markedly different situation than with the Z4, where you can buy below invoice with dealer incentives. I prefer the SLK, but the price difference is probably going to push me into the BMW...
  • elevanelevan Posts: 1
    Advertising "charge" is common. Generally, it is requested by dealers in an area and it goes to dealers' ad agency or ad group composed of dealers. The fee cannot be imposed by the factory (would be illegal). "dealer doesn't get the money" only the most technical, unrealistic sense. M-B might be different but I doubt it.
  • lizard1lizard1 Posts: 3
    I just put in a deposit for a slk 55 at my dealer. It was placed on order for some one else but he dropped out. With all the options it included, the vehicle is listed for about $67,000 on My sales man is quoting me the ball park of around $61-63 k. Is he just blowing smokes or can it possibly be truth? What's everyone experiences with ordering a vehicle? Is the price they quote you in the beginning ends up being the price at delivery?
  • jetsfan901jetsfan901 Posts: 3
    I had a SLK350 on order from a dealer I purchased my CLK from last year. I then stopped at another dealer just to see what they had in stock. They had a SLK55 coming in which was a cancelled order. The 55 came in a few days later, and they called me to see if I wanted it. They refused to negotiate anything off of msrp. In the couple of hours that I tried to decide which car to get, they sold the car. A few days later, the SLK350 came in that I ordered, and I was able to negotiate a couple of thousand off msrp. Anything off on the SLK55 is definitely a great deal.
  • russ2662russ2662 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a SLK350. Looked at the Boxster, but the look of the MB really changed my opinion. I wanted a 6 speed, but the prospects of getting one here on LI was nearly impossible. Shopped several dealers, but landed at MB of Huntington. The MSRP was 53,235. Paid 50,500. Around $1,000 over invoice. Wondered what others had paid for theirs.....
  • amgnutamgnut Posts: 16
    I paid 1000 over msrp for mine at Mercedes Benz of South Bay (California). A good deal when I saw 3 - 4K over at other dealers. If you can get 4 - 6K under on a 55SLK its a steal!?! Why?

    On a limited production vehicle, 1000 - 1500 to the U.S. for the current year's production. You could buy and re-sell on e-bay for a profit.
  • lizard1lizard1 Posts: 3
    thanks for the replies. The paper work from the dealer stated the price quote as ABOUT $63,000 so I'll probably end up paying pretty close to MSRP anyway!!.Does anyone know how much is the typical taxes and tags fee? 1/2 grands?? It'll worth whatever it is. I have a 350 right now and can't wait till July when that 55 comes in. The reviews on it has been spectacular.
  • amgnutamgnut Posts: 16
    Tax in So Cal = 8.25%. My registration was $ 504. You will have to go thru the finance office to get out the door. You should consider the extended warranty if you plan to keep the vehicle outside the factory 4 year warranty. Repairs could kill you. Mine had the tranny replaced with less than 2K miles (see other SLK board). I also went with lo jack & the wheel protection. You can add $4500 to the total price quickly.
  • lizard1lizard1 Posts: 3
    This is my first time owning a Benz. What's the maintanance cost like? Are the scheduled services free? if not, what's the typical charges for them? How are Mercedes compare to other brand when it comes to service/reapir costs?
  • pfeifferpfeiffer Posts: 4
    I bought my SLK 350 in February. $56,354 plus doc fee, tax, irg and registration. Registration in CA was $442.74. Diamond Silver with red leather interior, AMG Sport package, Entertainment package with DVD Navigation, Heating package, Lighting package, Premium package, Comfort package, Run-flat tires, Vavona wood trim, and 7-speed automatic trans. Love the car, but it has been a lemon so far. Looks like we will have to negotiate a buyback. See my postings on the general SLK forum...

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    If money shouldn't be an issue, why would your first post in Town Hall be in the "Prices Paid" forum?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jjmslkjjmslk Posts: 3
    Just put a deposit down on an August build 280 for my wife. Managed to get dealers interested in our business and ended up with the winner giving us $1000 off MSRP and upping his trade offer (already $800 over Blue Book) by another $500.

    As I said, it's for my wife and it will have the 7-speed. Hope the tranny works better in this car than in earlier models!
  • Has anyone considered taking European delivery of their MB? If so I'd love to know how they felt about it and the price paid.

    I did it with my BMW and found the experience to be very positive. You pay European MSRP, which was/is about 10% below US MSRP. It was almost enough savings to pay for a 2 week vacation driving around Germany. And I got to break my bimmer in on the Autobahn :-).
  • rayfer99rayfer99 Posts: 1
    i got a slk55 loaded with everything available but the nav system. i got some hot balck wheels that the dealer put on with chrome trim.. car looks great and i have had no problems, it has about 3k miles on it.

    heres the question, i want to sell it as it is just too small for me. i am on a purchase and feel if i sell it now i know i will be upside down. i am wondering whether to just drive it a year and make the payments and then sell it with about 13k miles. does it make sense to sell it now or after a year of payments on a 48 month loan?
  • dgm4488dgm4488 Posts: 8
    Curious about the wait time for a new '06 55, order date to delivery. Also, I am under the impression (I hope correctly) that there is not a lot of negotiation on this model.
  • dgm4488dgm4488 Posts: 8
    This may be very old news, but it is my impression that the appx. 7% one saves on ED may be pretty well eaten up by the strength of the Euro.
  • dgm4488dgm4488 Posts: 8
    What are the estimates of delivery times from order date to dealer delivery on the 55? Wondering too what the order backlog on the 55 is in Germany. Comments welcome.
  • Hi i'm lookin to buy a slk350 real soon, what kind of pricing have you guys received lately?

  • I just finished the deal on my euro delivery 2006 Slk350. I paid 59075 and this price includes the 1,300 Black Forest Package that gives me an extra 4 nights in Germany. My Slk is completely loaded it has every option. It has the premium, AMG, Heating, Tire Pressure, Phone System, Ipod kit, Entertainment DVD, Lighting, and CD Changer. I leave for Germany on the 15th of January. It has the mars red exterior and beige interior. The discount that I got was a little over 4,000.
  • gassedgassed Posts: 1
    I just ordered my SLK55 in the USA at a 7% discount on everything including the gas guzzler tax and destination charge. The total price, including everything but sales tax and tags was $62,723. Options are Paint, Premium, AirScarf and Entertainment without Nav. So, if you want the choice to use your ~$5000 discount for something other than a trip to Germany, it can be done.

    Looking forward to an outrageous new ride.
  • slk280slk280 Posts: 2
    I am in southern California and want to lease this vehicle for a term of 36-42 months [whatever will get me the best payment] at 12,000 miles per year. My questions are: (1) what should I expect to actually pay [cap cost]; (2) what kind of residual percentage is appropriate for this car [I hear it has the highest residual for its market segment]; and (3) what kind of money factor can I expect for a deal completed by march 31st?

    While this may be off-topic I was hoping for some additional input. My trade is a 2003 Acura TL Type-S in pristine condition with only 27,500 miles, brand new Michelin speed-rated tires with a little under $20,000 owed. My research shows that I shouldn't have any trouble getting out of the vehicle with out rolling anything into the lease and may be able to actually get $500 towards the SLK. Any thoughts to the contrary?

  • Im in Los Angeles I just leased a 06 280SLK for thirty nine months with the AMG package , 7 speed automatic, 6disc CD changer rear spoiler Black /Black through the March special lease offer MSRP 49,555 paid 46,300 they paid off the last 4 months of my 03 230SLK of $412 dollars a month plus no turn in lease fees wih $6,000 down
  • My payment was $550 a month
  • lahermanolahermano Posts: 16
    I am going to look at a
    2001 Mercedes SLK320 Hardtop convertible, sport edition.
    which has 38000 miles and the asking price is 26k. Good condition

    My questions are :
    1. Is it a good deal ?
    2. Does the std warranty for 50000 miles still hold good ?
    3. Can i buy ext. warranty from the dealer ? and how much does it cost.
    4. What does the kbb numbers weigh for the vehicle ?

    pls pls respond asap. I need to make a decision soon.


    the kbb says
    Excellent $24,230
    Good $23,020
    Fair $21,255
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    You should post this question over in the smart shoppers forum-trade in value discussion.
  • jerseyaljerseyal Posts: 5

    Have been on this site for about 1 1/2 years, envying
    everyone elses cars. Well by tonite {picking it up this evening}
    I'll have one of my own!

    Was browsing at Prestige Motors here in Paramus, NJ and
    for kicks, just thought I'd inquire about the SLK280 and its
    money factor, thinking it had increased. Well the money
    factor has FALLEN to .00165!! I could NOT resist.
    My monthly payment is 620 with ZERO down.

    Color is Obisidian Black.

    I've got the

    -Comfort Package
    -Heating Package
    -Lighting Package

    This was the MOST HASSLE FREE Buying experience EVER!!
    I hope my ownership experience is similiar to the buying experience.

    WOOO HOOO!!!!
  • Kind folks, I would truly appreciate some insight from you on the following opportunity:

    2005 350 SLK (diamond silver) with 4k miles for 41k. It is the base package with automatic trans and multi CD player. I will have them install after market seat heaters.

    The records appear very clean on Carfax and it mentions that it was a fleet car from California.

    I am in the midwest and this seems to be a very appealing price for a 350 with so few miles. Could I be missing something or is this a solid deal?

    Any thoughts, comments or caveats?

    Thanks so much for any info you can provide.

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