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Scion xA Prices Paid & Buying Experience



  • radtech2radtech2 Posts: 2
    Okay, how reliable is Edmunds TMV? Edmunds and show MSRP at $15,170, that includes freight charge. Adding tax, tags and doc fees should only add around $700, so this car should easily be under $16,000, but these crooks are trying to quote me $16,800. They also keep including $554 of options(upgraded stereo, etc) that I tell them I don't want. BTW, this is for the Manual model. They are saying that the MSRP is $15,3 and then they add on $714 delivery, proc&hand. Are they trying to screw me? I'm really getting upset and am almost willing to go back to the Fit, but it's only a couple of hundred dollars less, but it also has less options than the Scion XD and the XD is sharper in looks. What is everyone else paying for they're XD Manual?
  • sad_chairsad_chair Posts: 13
    From Edmunds, I'm seeing $15,350 MSRP plus freight of $620 for a total of $15,970 before taxes and TTL. Very, very few dealerships will come off that price; it's what 99.5% of the Xd owners are paying. Scion sells itself as no-hassle and no pressure, so if someone is trying to push options on you that is not cool.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Edmunds TMV is notoroiously high. But in the special case of scion they like to (are greatly discouraged from the factory from selling under list) Some may sell under msrp . Get 10 bids last week of the month via email detailing your trade and asking for kbb or nada fair condition (give them some leeway there sight unseen) have them compete on the difference owed, and financing (compared to that your can secure yourself)

    If you have a trade or specify their (overpriced) options they may overallow your trade (factory can't really specify that) or toss in a number of items for free or 2/3 s off. Obviously the dealer you talked with upon receiving your bid request may ingnore it or give the same mediocre deals as they may be having a great month. Only the responses to the bid requests will fish someone out.

    Technically I would want 400-1000 off a xA, 2000+ off a TC (it depreciates fairly quick). If they give you 1000 for a junker not worth $100 then they've discounted 1000 without the factory the wiser. 1.9 precent for 36 months may be worth 1500. I've seen some ads below list too, so I don't know how reigned in dealers are in certain areas.

    Good luck
  • jayhopjayhop Posts: 4
    I don't know where you are located at but I just bout a XD in the Central Texas area. I paid 15,997.74 otd. That included the $715 delevery charge and a $50 doc charge. The salesman/manger were pretty good about the whole deal, just asked what I wanted and didn't try to sell me anything else. Even fore warned me about the finance guy. He said if you don't want any of the extended warrenties or other stuff just tell him that. The dealer was pretty good. They had to order what I wanted but since they were bringing in some more XD's at the time, they still gave me a $400 in stock discount. It was a base manul with no options. All scion's come with a full tank of gas and the first two service's are free too. Atleast that's what it says in the manual.
  • radtech2radtech2 Posts: 2
    okay, I feel a little better knowing what others have paid. I don't have a trade in. I just got an email from the guy I've been dealing with and he said that he would give it to me for 16,100 OTD. The "option" that he was trying to include apparently gets put on all 2008 xd scions. This aggravated me because it shouldn't be listed as an option if it's automatically put on. I told him I wanted him to order me one without the upgraded stereo. I don't need a $400 upgraded stereo. Well when he emailed me with the lower price, he then called me and said that it would be that price for one that had the upgraded stereo and that he would get the car on Monday. I'm nervous that when I get there, it will be a different story or they will try to screw me on the financing. We'll see. I'll walk out the door and he knows it. Can anyone tell that I have a grand opinion of car salesmen? Thanks for the info everyone. I'll post what happens.
  • jayhopjayhop Posts: 4
    I just have the basic radio/single cd player in the XD. I ordered carpets, spoiler and swaybar off a scion part store on the net. Much cheaper that way and it takes 10-15 mintues at most to put them on. Carpets take less time of coarse.
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