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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • For those of you who have complained of a clicking noise behind the IP; I am very interested in what has been done to correct the problem by your dealership. I work at the Oshawa Car Plant where the Impala is assembled and concentrate on squeaks and rattles. Please e-mail me the last 8 numbers of the VIN so I can check into what has been done. We've just recently started to see this as an issue with the colder weather, and I want to kill this quickly. Thanks for your assistance.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Hey maku337,

    It's great to see that GM employees are keeping their ear to the ground by reading Edmunds. I don't think this would have ever happened 10 years ago.

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The Toyotas/Hondas have been steadily improving their products every couple years. They watched and learned from the mistakes that the big three bean counters made. They don't dump models only to bring them back a few years later completely different and then have to go through the first couple year glitches. Its obvious the GM white shirts have made a lot of mistakes. They sell too many cars to fleet services, make very little on these, which in turn depress resale values. We all want a high return on our cars when they are traded. The 2006 Impala is no exception. Great news for the used Impala buyer.

    35-40 years of shift work......the workers are entitled to their pensions. Only jealous people would say they are not.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    I work with a gentleman who purchased a new 2005 Honda Odyssey and had so many problems with the car in the first 3 months of ownership, that they ordered a new vehicle for him. So far, so good, but his confidence in Honda's reputation is forever tarnished. It seems he never had ANY problem, other than normal maintenance with his two previous Dodge Caravans!! His story is not all that extraordinary. I've spoke with others who have had problems with their Hondas, Toyotas, Volkswagens, and yes, . . . Mercedes!

    As a 05 Honda Odys owner, I do agree with you on the general statement: all car makers have design and manufacturing screw-ups. For example, a lot of 05-06 Honda Odys owners (I am one of them too) have their vehicles making horrible booming sound at highway speed (60-65 MPH, with 2200-2400RPM). It sounds like the vehicle has a broken tail pipe or leaky air filter housing. Even my rattle-trap 97 Olds minivan sounds more refined than that. On top of that, the vehicle 's dashboard is full of cheap plastic. So the name Honda or Toyota alone does not automatically means better performance or quality. The same is true that not all Wal-Mart items are at lowest price. You have to pick and choose model and check their track record. Remember that Nissan, a hot company, has 3-4 models ran at the bottom of First-Time-Quality study.

  • jz68, I would also like to hear the details of what was done on the repair. I have the '06 3LT and have the IP clicking problem. Because I use the remote starter a lot, I didn't pick up on it until more recently when I got in the car, started it manually, and drove it off cold.

    Maku337, I've narrowed it down to this: When the car is cold, and I have the fan blowing through the top (e.g., dial set to window exhaust), after a few minutes (2-3) the clicking noises begin. If I turn off the fan, the noise immediately stops. When I turn it back on, the clicking starts up again. After a few minutes the clicking stops altogether (presumably because the affected parts have warmed up).

    It didn't sound like the previously posted TSB, as that indicated the sounds should come from the passenger side. In my case, the clicking sounds pretty much come from the center of the front dash, meaning starting from the two center directional vents and moving upward and forward to the windshield top vent. I can't tell if all the clicks come from the same exact location or not.

    While it's more of an annoyance, I am concerned about the long-term effects on the affected components if I don't do anything about it. They may not respond well to rapid heating and expansion.

    So any additional information is most welcome, thanks.
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    I may need to buy a car soon and i am struggling with this idea. For the same amount of mony to buy a new impala ($22K), you can buy a 4- or 5-years old top-line Cadillac with 30K or 40K miles. I may need to drive a lot on highway and I am assuming the Deville will be more comfortable than the Impala. But with Cadillac, I may have to use Premium gas and pay more on maintainance. There is also the image issue. So what do you guys think about this? Please give me some input.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    A week ago Wednesday my barber told me she was planning to buy a new Accord or Camry V6. As we talked, I asked what she was driving currently, which was a 1998 Monte Carlo. I asked if she was having problems with it, and she said no, the only thing she'd done was replace the battery once in 200,000+ miles of ownership (she commutes @ 40 miles one-way every day); but she was ready for a new car. We talked at length about GM cars she might consider (including the LaCrosse which has basically the same drivetrain as her Monte), but when I left that day she was pretty much convinced she'd get an Accord. I walked away stunned that a person could have had such a positive experience with a GM product, but when it came time to replace it she'd switch to another brand, based primarily on all the "good things" she'd heard about Toyota/Honda versus traditional American brands. Plus her husband is a "GM guy" according to her, AND she has a GM MasterCard (although she had little saved up on it)!!

    I proceeded to write this up in an e-mail, which I sent to a contact person listed at GM's FastLane blog site. I didn't really expect a response, but wanted someone to hear the story. The next day I received an e-mail from the marketing director of the Impala/Monte Carlo, asking me to call him with info on how to get in touch with my barber, because he personally wanted to give her some facts on the new version of this car and help her make an informed decision. I passed along the info to him, and in our conversation he mentioned that my e-mail had been circulation at some pretty high levels at GM, and they were all very interested in the outcome of this. At one point he forwarded me a string of e-mails, and apparently my e-mail went from the person I contacted originally straight to Bob Lutz, who in turn forwarded it to other folks down the line.

    Long story short, my barber is now the proud owner of a 2006 Impala, which would not have been the case if some pretty high level folks at GM hadn't personally gotten involved. Some might argue that this is a sign of desperation that they'd go to so much trouble to make one sale, but I think (hope) this is more a sign of their dedication to turning things around.

    (BTW - I'm one of the owners of a 2000 Impala who got included in the 2001 Impala brochure through involvement with this Edmunds board. I only mention that because those of us who participated got a cool Impala pin set for our involvement; I'm supposed to be getting Bob Lutz's autograph as a "thank you" for this effort!)
  • The Chevy site says that the 06' Impala will run on E85 (85% Ethanol fuel)... I'm just wondering if they mean all the Impala engines, especially the 5.3 V8 ???

  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    All I know about the repair that was done is that it involved removing the dash and adding insulation to the area where the noises were coming from. I'm not sure exactly where the insulation was added but it's done the job. I was in a hurry to get out of the dealership so I didn't ask for specifics. I was told though that there is a TSB that covers the issue so the details should be available to people with access to it.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    I would email you the last 8 of my VIN but I don't see an email address for you. I'm new to the boards so I might be missing it.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Signature? You should be getting a sales commission! :P
  • rdrrrdrr Posts: 20
    "35-40 years of shift work....the workers are entitled to their pensions. Only jealous people would say they are not."

    I have worked shift for over 25 years and I do not have a pension from my company. I am sure I am not alone. I have to make an effort to look after myself, save and invest in my own pension so it is not jealousy it is really being in the wrong job or the wrong company. How much did GM pay into your pension over the course of employment?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Hey, as long as my barber is happy and I don't have to worry about her letting her clippers "accidentally" slip the next time I'm in there, I'm in good shape! :)

    I don't have the details, but I know they made her a very good deal on the car as a result of everything. They're sending me an Impala shirt for my part; I asked if they could get Bob Lutz to sign it since he'd been in the string of e-mails, but they'd already put the shirt in the mail. So he's signing something else and they're sending it to me. It'll probably be middle of next week before anything arrives, but I'll let you know.

    The person I've been talking with at GM was the product manager on the Impala/Monte Carlo since 2001 before stepping in the marketing manager role, so he was able to give her some real insight into the changes/improvements made to the 2006 models. I do know he specifically directed her to to do a head-to-head comparison of the cars; I'm not sure what other info he provided her, but whatever he said worked. She even found a buyer on Tuesday for her 200,000+ miles Monte Carlo, so everything fell into place for her.

    It just bugs me that when someone drives an import for many years/miles, it is assumed that ALL cars by that manufacturer are capable of the same (at least if properly maintained). But when someone achieves the same thing with a domestic car, it is seen as the exception instead of the rule. I just couldn't idly stand by and let someone who'd had such a positive experience make this switch without a fight.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I worked 10 & 14 hr shifts for 30 years on a large fire dept in Ontario. I retired at 51, 5 years ago. I also worked 30 years doing part time work and invested my money wisely over the years. Before that I worked full time in a grocery store. I knew at 19 no future in a grocery store for me, so I made a decision and got out. You have to start planning for the future when you start working. You have to look at your benefit package. Will it be sufficient for my future or retirement. Decisions only the individual can make. The Auto workers have great benefits and wages, but thats all part of belonging to a union. I don't always agree with unions and often they are too aggressive but they looked after my interests. Most Canadian/American companies that have been in business more then 30 years have legacy costs. Thats all part of doing business.

    GM has planned poorly for their future. They have known for years that lucrative contracts settled with the workers would come back and haunt them.

    25 years no pension--wrong company wrong job? Thats the life choice you made, and every individual makes his, and I made mine.

    Rumours are flying that the current Impala will be updated in 09/10 as either a FWD or RWD. It will be interesting.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    35-40 years of shift work......the workers are entitled to their pensions. Only jealous people would say they are not.

    Yes, they are, both parties agreed to it. Yet, companies do go belly-up, when such contracts become null and void.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Yes, some poor managed companies do go under, and many successful companies with good strong management continue on indefinetly.

    The last few years and even more now many US companies have moved operations overseas where workers are paid 30 cents an hour instead of $30.00 an hour. I don't think there are too many US workers ready for that standard of living yet. With millions of illegal aliens tunnelling into the USA every year soon the illegals will have all the low paying jobs covered in America. Within a few years it will be Mexico North and Mexico South.

    The only way to get the minor issues corrected with the 2006 Impalas that have been posted here the past few months is to make your dealership aware of them. Thats the only way GM will know there are problems that need to be corrected.
  • You can purchase a 2005 Base Deville for about $28k. A 2004 will run you about $20k depending on mileage. You may have to pay an extra thousand dollars for the "Certification" which gives you a GM bumper to bumper warranty for 100k miles and 6 years (from the time the car was first put into service). If you purchase one from a non-GM dealer or private owner you just get what is left of the 48 Month 50k miles factory warranty unless the car had already been certified when the previous owner bought it. The Deville gets about 27-30 on the road on REGULAR fuel (for the non-DTS models). The difference between the Cadillac and Impala comes from city driving. The Cadillac gets 14-17, the Impala should run around 20. The Cadillac is a GREAT road car. If you are planning mostly highway trips it is a better buy than a new Impala especially considering the extended warranty. Maintenance is about the same as the Impala except oil changes cost a few dollars more because the Northstar engine uses more quarts of oil. I already have a 2003 Cadillac that we use mostly for trips. I have ordered a new Impala mainly for town/local driving. It runs about the same as an upscale Malibu and is wider and has a nicer interior. If I had to choose between a used certified Cadillac Deville (less than 30k miles)and a new Impala for all-around driving (long distance highway commutes with some town driving mixed in) I'd go with the Cadillac. The first year's depreciation is already gone whereas your $22k Impala will be worth $14 in less than a year. Frankly I like the idea of the Cadillac being covered with the factory warranty for 100k miles or at least 4 more years. At 36k miles with the Impala you are on your own.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    The Deville will cost you in repairs, IMO. Always go for the new with warranty provided it's a reliable model.
  • day9day9 Posts: 57
    Thanks, this helps alot. So if I purchase a car still under basic factory warranty, can i still purchase the extended warranty?
  • Sure but it costs more than getting a "certified" car from a GM dealer. Any GM dealer can sell you a GM Protection Plan even though you bought the car from a Ford dealer or private owner. Don't buy anything other than a GM Protection Plan. There are lots of extended warranties out there. Your best bet for selection of a late model Cadillac is going to a large big city Cadillac dealer.
  • maku337,

    Email address?
    Drop me a line I will sent you my VIN
  • My car is on order - Hope they fix the clicking noise at the factory when they are building the cars. Glad to see the interest by the factory guy.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    FYI - I got my shirt and autograph today from Chevy. I was expecting some type of t-shirt, but instead got a very nice blue dress shirt with the Chevy logo on the chest (brand is Tehama, which is Clint Eastwood's clothing line, which makes it even cooler!).

    I also got a 1:25 scale 2003 Indy 500 SSR model autographed by Bob Lutz! They'd asked me what I might want autographed other than a shirt, such as a model. I mentioned several ideas, including the SSR (which my daughter really likes) and an interst in the IRL (they mentioned a NASCAR replica initially, but I'm not a huge fan). I've tucked my pin set from the 2001 Impala brochure away somewhere, but once I find them I'll have a pretty cool display with the pins and the autographed SSR!
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Hi again

    My LTZ with the 3.9 litre engine has the same problem again after the dealership reprogrammed the PCM. Does anyone out there that owns a new 06 Impala with the 3.9 litre engine have a problem with the Engine Hot A/C off light coming on thru the Driver information Centre. This problem occurs even when the car is started cold. The engine fan comes on and stays on. Please can someone come up with an answer. The dealership can not.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    I have the LTZ 06 Impala 3.9 litre and it also makes the clicking noises. IT is driving me a little crazy. It sounds like its coming from the centre of the dash as well. I don't have the answer for the rpoblem either but I hope someone can solve the mystery and let this forum know. I am also concerned about the long term effects.
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I've had zero problems with my '06 LTZ. I'm up to about 2500km and I love this car more every time I drive it. Was on Hwy 401 for the first time in clear dry conditions this afternoon. I had a BLAST taking it from 100kph to 140+ and pushing it through the on-ramps. Very stable, lots of pick-up, and smooth as silk.

    Sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you axle52. I've had cars in the past with difficult-to-diagnose problems. It's extremely frustrating. Hopefully your dealer (or another dealer) will be able to find the problem soon and get it fixed.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36

    I have a LTZ that has the clicking noises as well as a problem with the Engine Hot A/C HOT light that comes on thru the DIC. IT started about a month after I got the vehicle and has been back to the dealership twice already. The first time they told me it was the Thermostat staying open so they replaced that. The problem can back a month later. They reprogrammed the PCM but the problem came back 3 days later. When I start the car cold this Engine Hot A/C light comes on and the fan under the hood come on and stays on. PLease see if you have heard anything in the plant about this problem. The last 8 digints of MY Vin # is 69166928
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Thanks for your concern bhooo1. Hopefully the dealership will come up with a solution. The light came on again today so the dealership said they would get GM involved this time. I'll let everyone know how things turn out.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    You must have missed my earlier posts.

    The problem was found to be certain electrical components behind the dash getting cold and then popping and clicking as they warmed up. The dealership removed my dash and put in additional insulation. I'm not sure exactly where they put it, but so far it has done the job. My service tech said that there is a TSB that covers the issue.
  • I've just had a look through the bulletins issued for the Impala and could not find one covering the electrical connectors in the IP. Perhaps I missed it, and if anyone has a number, please post it.
    The clicking has been a difficult problem for us to diagnose because it only happens on vehicle warm up and not every Impala does it. We have two ideas on how to correct it and are trying out both ideas at the moment.
    I thought registered members would be able to send me a message or look up my E-mail address. I hesitated doing this, but trust it will be used fairly. My work address is . For those who have had the clicking in the IP, please send me the particulars on your vehicle. I would like at the least, the last 8 numbers of your VIN.
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