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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • I own a 2005 E320 CDI and so far I'm underwhelmed by the fuel mileage I'm getting. Took delivering in mid-September 2004 and have put about 3,500 miles on the vehicle. Generally I'm getting around 22 city and 33 highway. No where close to the advertised 27/37. Per the trip computer my avg. speeds are about 22 mph city and 65 mph highway. Tire pressure has been maintained at the manufacturers recommended 32 psi. Allegedly there's a break-in period for diesels when optimum mileage is reached. Haven't seen any improvement yet. Does anybody know how long this break-in period is? Previous posts have noted much better mileage than me. Do I have a lemon? I'm keeping good records for ammo w/ my dealer if things don't improve. Other than the mileage issue I absolutely love this car.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    While I have never driven a diesel car, I have driven MANY German cars, including many MB cars during my 2.5 year stint with MB-USA in the mid 1990s. One comment I can make is that their highway mileage seems to improve with both the number of miles on the clock (at least 10,000) as well as the speed at which those miles are driven. Said another way, 65 mph sounds too low for optimal mileage. My 530i easily exceeds the EPA numbers (by over 3 mpg), however, I have to maintain speeds north of 75 to achieve that.


    Regarding your city mileage, with an average speed of 22, your 22 mpg does not sound too out of line to me. It will be interesting to hear what other E320CDI owners think about this.


    Best Regards,

  • I own a 2005 E320 CDI and now have 4313 miles and have used a total 152.12 gallons of diesel for an average of 28.35 mpg of mostly city driving. The mpg has varied from 21.74 to 35.5, the highest being mostly highway driving at about 70 mph. The lowest being almost all city driving here in Houston, Texas. No problems yet.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Faster speed = lower mileage. A 530i will use less fuel going 60 mph than 75.


    On the benz - remember that true highway mileage includes no sidetrips in the city. They will bring down you average very quickly. Fill up, drive 300 miles at 65 on the freeway, and you will get the EPA numbers or better.
  • I live in Houston & frequently drive to Dallas, Texas which is about 250 miles. I will try your suggestion but I don't think I will ever get the EPA estimated 37 mpg! It is better than my previous E320 with a gasoline engine but so far it has never been as high as the EPA estimated 27/37 mpg. I hope it improves as I drive more miles but?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Sorry, but that is definitely not my experience.


    The sweet spot for mileage on my 530i 5-Speed is somewhere between 72 and 77 mph. I've plotted the mileage of every one of the dozens of NYC/New England runs that I've done over the last seven years (going back to my 1995 Passat GLX 5-Speed and my 1999 328i 5-Speed days), and in every case the best mileage numbers have always been somewhere north of 70.


    True, there is more wind resistance at the higher speeds, however, to offset that the engine (which was designed to be efficient at WAY higher speeds than we routinely see here in the U.S.) is running more efficiently. In fact, while I was in Europe (I took delivery of my 530i in Munich), I noted 24 mpg at about 120. Not too shabby. ;-)


    Best Regards,

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • Anyone with insight regarding M-B importing the e-320 CDI Wagon to the US? If so, when?
  • My wife is considering the purchase of a 2005 MB E320 CDI. Now that the E320 CDI has been out for a number of months in the US and Canada, we would like to know what kind of fuel mileage owners are experiencing with what mix of driving.


    Thank you very much.
  • njpaguy,


    I did read about a year ago that MB was planning on bring the E-class diesel wagon to the US but I have not seen anything else on it. Of course, my wife is not interested in wagons so I have not been trying to find out anything on it.


    You might try the Web site for possible info. I would also just call the MB 800 number off their Web site. I once found them to actually respond to a question on a future model that was close rather then sandbagging like most all of the manufacturers.
  • I took delivery of my 2005 E320 CDI last June or July and at my last re-fueling I had a total of 5109 miles on it, mostly driving here in Houston, Texas with two or three trips to Dallas, Texas. Overall I have used 183.7 gallons of diesel for a 27.8 mpg (calculated average). The highest was 35.5 mpg (calculated)driving at about 70 mph between Dallas & Houston. The on-board computer indicated 33.3 mpg. I hope this helps.
  • I had just bought a '05 Passat Wagon GLS TDI in January '05, but I was and still am interested in the '05 Mercedes E320 CDI. I like both cars very much. My Passat has leatherette which I prefer over the leather because I think it is stronger and no animal has to be sacrificed. Although I bought the Passat TDI, I'm not over the E320 CDI. I'm thinking of trading it back in to get the E320 CDI. I would lose about 2k for doing this. This really does not make good financial sense to me, but I want to be in a car that I love to drive for a long time. I traded in my 95 S320 for this Passat TDI and I miss my old S320. If I were to get the E320 CDI, it would certainly lessen the pain. The E320 CDI costs twice as much as the Passat TDI which is one reason why I bought the Passat in the first place.


    Can anyone convince me to keep my Passat TDI or to trade in for the E320 CDI?


    BTW, I'm already a MB fan since I have owned '85 190E, '95 S320, and '99 S500, and currently own '05 ML350.
  • Any body knows where the oil filter is located, I'm planning to change the oil this week-end,


  • Sorry to disappoint you but the E320 CDI is a much better car, more powerful, I just got mine few month ago (European Delivery) and the car is fantastic, good luck in your decision
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    How was that experience buying in Germany? It sounds like a nice way to vacation in Europe.
  • I agree that E320 CDI is a better car, but is it worth the extra $25k-$30k. In 5 years, IntelliChoice says that this car will depreciate by $24k compared to the Passat Wagon TDI depreciating only by $12k. So, this means in the first 5 years, it'll cost you $4.8k per year to own E320 CDI and it will only cost you $2.4k per year to own the Passat Wagon TDI excluding all other expenses.


    My Passat Wagon TDI GLS model has comparable safety equipments as the E320 CDI. The results from the safty tests are also comparable. According to, 10-year old E-class mercedes cost about the same as the 10-year old Passat.


    So, besides having the prestige, style, and maybe a little bit more comfort, having the E320 CDI does not make a lot of financial sense. If E320 CDI maintains its value at 60% or better after 5 years then it makes good financial sense. Remember, I already like E320 CDI a lot, I just want to find good reasons to justify owning it.


    I also consider buying the E320 CDI through the European Delivery Program once I can justify owning it.
  • Gagrice,

    This was my second experience over there, and booth time I had a good time traveling Europe for two weeks, free insurance....exct

    look at the MB site for all the details, this summer I'm planing another trip to pick up the new BMW 3 series, but this one for me
  • I just stumbled upon your posting. I am on my thrid CDI since May. My first car would avg 34, the 2nd was 32, and now with this one, I have put 13.5K miles on in three months, on my trip back at 84, I was showing 35mpg. I don't know when the mileage got better for me to be exact, but I know it was upwards of 10K miles. Mike
  • I am on my third CDI since intro. My current car has 13.5K miles since November and has been rather problematic with little things, seats, teleaid, instrument cluster, recalls.
    Do any of you current owner ever hear your turbo making a rubbing noise at low speeds, like in parking lots when you take your foot off the gas?
    Second, do any of you find that when the car has sat overnight that it takes a while for the transmission to engage into drive from reverse?
    Any comments would be appreciated. Dallas, TX
  • I now have 5508 miles on my 2005 CDI and so far I have not had any problems like you mentioned, actually I have had no problems. However, my mpg is not as high as I expected, certainly not the 27/37. It is more like 23/33. Were all of your CDIs 2005 models? You mentioned "recalls"- what were the recalls? Houston,Texas
  • I have 5000m on my car, so far no problems,........ Hope It will stay that way, as for fuel millage 35 highway, around 27, 28 city
    In Germany at 90mph I got 35m/gal...
  • sailsail Posts: 17
    Have 70,000 miles plus and mileage consistent with both city and highway 34 MPG. No trouble with this car at all. Front brakes pads @60K. Each mark on fuel gauge exactly 150miles, can appreciate how perfect the German design is. 600 miles per tank.
  • txecditxecdi Posts: 3
    Yes, all of them were CDI's. I had recall notices for the brakes and the tele aid. The brakes would fail causing more the need for more pedal pressure. The tele aid notice said that the system would stop working. Both have been repaired.
    Sometimes the mileage is higher than the 23/33 you mention and others it is low, it does vary. I run injector cleaner through about every 2K miles, seems to help.
  • sfeldmansfeldman Posts: 4
    I picked up my E class CDI 2005 Benz at Stuttgart factory in October 2004. I have 4000 miles on it and it is the best car I ever had. Nothing compares to it or even comes close.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hello sfeldman. if it is convenient for you, please post every few months to let us know how it is going with your E320 CDI? i'd love to try a Benz CDI but previously owned a 2000 E320 AWD 4matic wagon - it was the least reliable car i have ever owned - out of about 15 new cars - including 4 or 5 *chevy camaros*, a model not known for reliability! the features of the E320 were astounding however - and i do miss them. i didn't really like the handling but the ride sure was smoooooooth. :) best wishes!
  • In Europe you can get the 320 CDI with particle filter. Does anyone know if and when such filters will be available here. Also, any news about the E 320 wagon with diesel ?
  • My husband picked up this car in Stuttgart to drive over in Germany for several months. Since delivery he's noted several issues with this car. This is the list he sent me.
    1. The rear window defroster is malfunctioning
    2. The memory for adjusting the seat(s) is not working
    3. The steering-wheel positioning does not allow an upward movement
    4. The break peddle rattles when the car is started
    5. The windshield wipers go crazy at times
    6. The navigation system does not work correctly
    7. When I turn the heater on, the A/C light comes on
    8. The entire inside windows covered in a layer of ice.
    I wondered if anyone experienced these same problems or has any suggestions. Talking to the German dealer has been frustrating and nothing seems to get fixed. At this rate, we are even hesitant to have it shipped over here to the states. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Welcome to the Forum. I was considering the E320 CDI myself. It sounds like your husband has a lemon. I would not ship it here until all was working correctly. He should be able to get someone over there that is capable of handling the issues. It may be one computer module causing all the electrical problems. How does MB handle warranty on cars bought in Germany? If it was bought through a dealer in the states you may get them to address the problems. I would not want to take the chance. Good Luck,
  • sfeldmansfeldman Posts: 4
    ADAC Breakdown Statistics for 2004

    Mercedes-Benz is one of the winners in this year’s compilation of breakdown statistics by the German motorists’ association ADAC. The brand’s passenger cars received top marks in three automotive categories.
    The Mercedes-Benz A-Class was the winner in the “Lower Mid-Range” category, making it the most reliable compact car on Germany’s roads, according to the breakdown statistics compiled by ADAC. The average breakdown rate for the 2004 models of the A-Class was only 2.3 per thousand.

    Equally impressive was the performance of the M-Class, which won top honours in the “Off-Roader” category. The average breakdown rate for the 2004 models of the M-Class was only 2.5 per thousand.

    The experts at ADAC were especially pleased by the models of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the S-Class, whose extremely low breakdown rates won them top spots in the “Upper Mid-Range/Luxury Class” category.
  • sglausersglauser Posts: 4
    Of course, NOW the price of oil starts going down! Doesn't matter, the torque on this car makes me absolutely giddy. I traded up from a Lincoln LSE and, while I miss some of its' handling characteristics, the CDI is close enough in that area except when I really wanna throw my car into a curve. The Benz makes up for it in the overall powertrain refinement (I do NOT miss the LSE tranny.. yecch.)

    A couple of nits: Having come close to a "panic" stop twice now - the rear brakes actually sound and feel like they are locking up. I've not stood on the pedal long enough to find out if that's a problem. What are the panic braking characteristics that you've noticed?

    Also, can't DCX give me a rearview mirror compass? Navigating the Atlanta cow trails called "roads" I used to rely on a compass to get me out of the tree canopy. I suppose I shoulda popped for the nav system...
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