Will the Lincoln Mark X concept car ever be produced?

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Hello all!
Glad to be here. Just wanted to ask a simple question that no one seems to know the answer to... when is the Mark X coming out if it is?
Check it out!
http://www.autointell-news.com/News-2004/January-2004/Jan-2004-3/- - Jan-14-04-p2.htm

Go here for picture of this baaad machine!

or here: (this one looks like the older(first)concept model)


My dealer and I had worked it out that when the Mark IX came out it would be on order. But then Ford changed up and discontinued the idea and came out with the Mark X instead, which was neater and sleeker and had the fold up hard convertible top. I thought that design super, but it had no back seat to put stuff. Plus they took away the wheel hump which everybody knows, "a Mark isn't Mark without the hump."

And now there isn't anything else on whether they are going to build it or not. Just more of those family vans and SUV's and junk like that for married guys who's wives want them to settle down and be nice guys now.

Where are the luxury power cars for real guys?!

The Mark was superb! Itt was sleek, it was manly and it was FAST! Like a rocket with cat feet!

So waas up with the production of a Lincoln for the young or young at heart male. A man's car that looks like a man's car, and not these wimpy family wagons they keep putting out?


Shoot the reason I have my Mark now is that the original owner's wife had a kid and MADE him get one - a SUV, literally a Van! That's all they are... family vehicles.

And his beautiful automobile got sold to me on the internet - and it runs as well as it did two years ago when I bought it! Aside from minor maintainence - heater, lights (yeah, that ballast thing combination was a trip) and the door locks sticking sometime. But other than that I will never get rid of this car... until they come out with another coupe like it. And I wish they'd do something about the Mark X cause that did look sharp. If they could just put a "seat" (you know where you could at least set stuff) and replace the "hump" they'd have it going on!


"Write long... and write well."

(Note: I really apologize for any vulgarity or displeasure with the original post. This issue just sticks in my craw that more coupes aren't being built and all these vans and truck like vehicle keep comeing out.)


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    All I can say is it isn't ruled out yet.
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    The Mark IX or X, either one, is a beautiful concept, and I love them both. But even from here, it looks like they're built on the DEW98 platform, which has a really short contract with Lincoln and is going home to Jaguar exclusively, I've heard. So, that being the case, something else would have to be done, and I just hope, they don't try to schlepp out something built on the Mazda 6 platform like the Zephyr is going to be, with FWD, and try to sell it as a performance coupe. It won't work.
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    The Mark IX and X are beautiful vehicles and i would love to see either of them built. The DEW 98 platform is an excellent choice for this vehicle. Ford has already done mods on the platform and has already tuned the chassis for a convertible, ie. the Thunderbird. All it would take is a little sheet metal to build it. I personally wouldn't mind seeing the Mark VIII put back into production, the `98 still looks very attractive even 6 years after Ford put it to rest. Are you listening FMC Execs? Fire up the old production line and get us another Mark!!!!!!
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    The answer is a big ol NO! The Thunderbird is dead again. Ford has learned yet another lesson... Retro is a no go!
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    "Retro is a no go!"

    True, if you're the T-bird perhaps, although that car was never expected to sell much more than it did I'm told, nor for more years than it did.

    The Chevy SSR is another questionable application.

    Retro seems to be a go for the PT Cruiser though, with no end in sight! Just Convertibles, and turbos, and soon stretched ones, and who knows what else.

    I think the secret to retro is, make it cheap, make it low tech, make it practical, universal, and make it affordable.
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    Yes, Ford didn't intend to sell it very long but I've heard that it just isn't selling so they ended production earlier than planned. The SSR is sweet but priced WAY too high to sell well. And I've heard the PT is running outta steam, so who knows what will happen there.
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    The funny thing, is Consumer Reports actually recommends the Thunderbird - largely because of the light depreciation I think, but not that many Fords make their list. Strange that would.
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    I think the biggest mistake was the 10K jump in price, with the dealer gouging on top of that. If FoMoCo had only knocked the price of entry up to...say 28-30K for starters. Well, they may have sold as many as they could make.

    So many folks were used to the much lower price of entry, all the previous years. I really liked the reborn version, but not at those prices.

    Lincoln really needs to get some performance back into their image. Not in the way that Caddilac is going, but ya know what I mean. Take that new 3 valve 289, er ah, 4.6, with its' 300 ponies, and replace the 239 hp 2 valver. That will be a great starting point. And offer the 5.4 as the upgrade, with 350hp, or so.
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    Ford loses money on the LS at their price point as it is. There is too much engineering in that car and platform for the audience it attracts, unfortunately. It's actually a hellova car.
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    When I first saw the LS in the car rags, years ago, I thought, hmmm a more affordable 5 series. I'd happily take one with 6M and the new Duratec 35, V8 would be nicer , but not at the current gas prices VS. my finances. I just hope the Zephyr can hold its own. Cuz I will definitely be shopping the Zephyr. And wife wants the reborn Aviator, as her replacement...or a Volvo. As long as the Z planner is still willing to share the discounts.
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    Build it.
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    I say build it. Lincoln Mark was the best modern coupe ever built. Why drop it? It was a big mistake. Remember the redesigned TAURUS; it was a big flop. Now Cadillac, BMW, Lexus, etc. are reintroducing their coupes. Zephyr wil be a flop; for starter, who can promote a car with that name? I owned a Mark VII and own a Mark VIII(1998) and am waiting for Mark X.
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    Here, here!! I am with you 150%!! I owned a VII, and now a '97 LSC and I agree - it was the BEST modern coupe built! I don't think retro is going to make it where the Mark is concerned. Partially because the Mark VII's and VIII's are STILL so current looking (if not advanced IMHO)! If FMC hadn't been tinkering so much with the T-Bird since it WAS a two seater back in the day, it wouldn't have a "retro" to look back at.! At least with the Mark series you can see a linear progression from the '40's! Evolution beats regression and retro, hands down.!! Not taking anything away from Pontiac's GTO's performance (how can you?) the "new Goat" looks like a confused misstyling at best. And I ought to know, I owned a ' 66 GTO and a ' 69 Judge! I would hate to see the next Mark suffer a fate similar to that! I really like what I have seen in the Mark IX, but I'm not so sure what is on their minds in Detroit - the Mark X looks like an attempt to "overthink" the idea. Don't downsize the darn thing, and leave it with NO HUMP that is a lot of what makes a Mark a Mark!! I'm hoping and praying they get some input, at least survey wise or something from us loyal owners, after all we WILL be the primary market!
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    Dear Writepro,Dlincs, and NVBanker,
    Hello and nice to see a Lincoln thread going on here. IMHO the Mark IX is a better move for Lincoln. I'm not going to get queasy over the platform, as long as it isn't Mazda's. Mazda has gone in the direction of smaller sportier cars, they wouldn't even support the full size 929 which was WAY ahead of its' time and still looks good when you see one today! They don't get my vote if trying to do something for the Mark.

    The Mark X even in concept stage already looks too much like other existing sport coupes, and less in line with Lincoln heritage than the IX. The IX retains at least a nod at the Mark series while also looking fast forward. It has the same "forwardness" that the VIII did when succeeding the Mark VII. I think Lincoln just kind of "let's hurry up and copy" the retracting roof idea a 'la Caddy, Lexus, MB, et al. The futuristic curving design of the IX also gets my vote. It looks like a futuristic LSC at least. Again, let us stay reminded of who the buyers are going to be!(previous owners and loyalists first!!) The Mark X looks a little too much like "this is where we should have gone with the T-Bird", not thinking us Lincoln owners are not looking for the next T-Bird, but a Lincoln all our own. The concept Continental that was introduced in 2001 with the IX would have made for a marketing coup by FMC IMHO as they would have complimented each other - yet maintained the Mark/Conti separateness. I do believe there will always be room for the type of car the X is - I just don't want it to be the next Mark. Perhaps Ford will rethink it as they did the Probe - which was supposed to be the "new Mustang" - until Mustang fans found out and really railed against it. Opinions please.
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    I am with you. Now, how can we make Ford aware of our preferences? Let start a Mark IX Fan Club. Any more ideas?
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    Hello Anders,
    How are you? The first thing is I haven't a clue who FMC/LMC even listens to! I was on the LOD website (real cool if you are a Lincoln owner!) and it appears that their heads are really deep into the sand.! Some folks are speculating whether or not they may even continue as a company! That is stupid, but when you look at the fact that they own several foriegn brands they are trying to push (Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover) I wonder if they are even noticing the resurgence at Chrysler, or the performance looks Pontiac has been getting! Last I checked GM and Chrysler were still USA (albeit the GTO is Australian) brands, if you call say that nowadays! IMHO there will always be a market for American Muscle, even up to and including Lincoln!! Just make it innovative and competitive. The Mark VIII was world class when it was around, and the IX or X (ugh!!) can (should) be as well if you are chasing the other segments of the market. There are more than Mustang lovers out here! Just give the sport/luxury person something to want to own.! There is NO way that you can sell me on the notion that FMC can't build a 21st century car and NOT bring it in under the pricing of BMW or Mercedes! If they want to stay in the $60,000 and up range, then they must live with the market in that segment. Perhaps they feel that an up-level world class Lincoln will take away market share from Jag, or Volvo. I think Mazda's crowd is younger and different. Lincoln vs. Cadillac has always been a serious back and forth (I'm over 40!!), until recently as it seems that LMC gave up! Yes, the Navigator is there, and I respect the LS even though I am not an ardent fan of the car (they chased the wrong market, as any good look at who buys and drives them will show you). Caddy seems to still be aiming at the sport/performance/luxury crowd, and coming in at nearly $15,000 LESS than a lot of the competition doesn't hurt.! Run this through your head quickly: a Caddy/Lincoln owner is not going to just jump into a GTO, there's not enough luxury there, is there? In fact other than straight performance - going to Pontiac would feel like a step DOWN to the Caddy/Linc club. If going sportscar, ok, then maybe Corvette :) Although Caddy dropped the ELDO their offerings still suggest full size lux/performance, wouldn't you say? Hard lined 21st century, but still lux/performance. No more Conti, no more Mark VIII - mantle to be held by LS? I don't think so. Your Mark VIII or Conti owner is NOT your LS person. Granted that they have to consider that they would have to come up with something GREAT to be profitable, one reason I love my Mark VIII is that less than 150,000 of the whole series (93-98) were built - total! Shucks, they make more Mustangs than that in a single given year!!! So they are selling to a select crowd. I do believe with more support and better marketing, the Mark VIII could have done better, but FMC was already looking elsewhere by ' 97 ! So in my only concession to them, perhaps they are gunshy! But the Mark and Conti owners are still out here! I have a few small mods that bump me up to about 300 hp from the LSC stock 290, and there are a ton of aftermarket things one can do. I don't know if FMC is aware that an upscale fighter plane Mark IX would sell.! I am on the lookout for any forum that would reach them, keep me posted or pm me if you'd like. Right now I don't think FMC even knows what they are going to do, as I firmly believe the same design team is working up the next Mark as was on the T-Bird retro. and we all see what a dog that pony turned into! and rether than reach out to John Q.ublic Lincoln owners, they'd rather keep silent and do nothing. Good talking to you. Now that I've got my rant off, I think I will go for a drive in my soon to be fully upgraded and soon to be garaged Mark VIII. :D
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    I've been in Lincolns since 1990. I'm not interested in owning a coupe at this stage of life, but I have rented a lot of Mark VIIIs, and they were an amazing car. Problem is, they didn't sell well enough to keep them profitable, and after the platform they were built on was retired, so was the car. There is still the love at Ford for the Mark - unfortunately, some bonehead used the name on a truck recently. That concerns me more than anything at this point.....
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    In a nutshell, that is just what happened, although the details are a little deeper. The car wasn't marketed as well as it could/should have been. There are a lot of reasons attributed to that depending on who you talk to. Some say FMC wasn't fully committed to taking on the competition for various reasons, some say they overestimated the market, some say they didn't want to build a car that would take sales away from other segments of their lineup, and so forth. I think a little of each is likely true, and some reasons blend into others. I, for one, think it adds to the exclusivity of the vehicle, and will be keeping mine.

    On another note, yes it bothers me that the marketing boneheads put the Mark name on a damned truck!! It seems to me if they didn't learn with the Blackwood, that putting the Mark name on an otherwise F-150 isn't the wisest thing they could do.!! :mad: What made the Mark the car it has been for decades has always been its' uniqueness and difference from other cars out there.(shared parts nonwithstanding) Hopefully when a new Mark car is unveiled, it will be something us Mark owners will be proud of and raring to get. (FMC if you are listening, see the reception the next generation Mustangs and Corvettes got!!)
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    As someone who is a fan of the idea of a Lincoln truck (But not it's current execution)
    I agree misusing the Mark name was a terrible mistake.
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    I have no problem with a Lincoln truck, even the current one doesn't offend me, although I would add a couple things. But putting the Mark name on it was unconsionable. Should have named it Navigator LT.
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    Hey guys,
    I am a fan of the idea and concept of a Lincoln truck too!! I haven't the slightest idea why they would put the Mark name on it, perhaps for marketing or to attract first time buyers. I think the whole deal is to begin offering trucks under the Lincoln name in general. I just think if you are going to offer a truck, especially a LINCOLN one you have to offer up something good, something original,and not just try to stick your toes in the water. In today's "give me a reason to buy it" world you better come with it, or not come at all!! There are just TOO many offerings out there, and the truck market is fierce. I live in the South, and trucks down here are NO JOKE! It had better be good, it had better have some power, it had better look good from the factory, and it better be FUNCTIONAL! Look at how upscale the recent players from Japan (by way of US factories) have had to be just to get into the fray.! You have to do better than essentially an F-150 clone with Lincoln badging. At least the Blackwood was original, and had a range of options and perks. That truck today with the right engine would market. It made an emphasis on being a LINCOLN truck.! Hey, I'm a car guy, and even I was looking at that truck! :D
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    With the Mark name on a truck now, if they were to produce the Mark X, it would have to be renamed, and that would also be a mistake, IMO. Just wrong, if you ask me.

    some focus group really screwed up this time on naming this well intentioned truck.
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    The Mark name has been on cars for over five decades and I don't think they would be stupid enough to just remove it to put on their truck line, when they don't even know where they are going with it! I imagine they will still keep the name on the car when it comes out, and try to make a truck more worthy of the badge. But you are very right about some focus group screwing up on naming the truck. Maybe they wanted to tap into the support for the name, or hope that people would go for it because it had the name, who knows?? :mad:
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    There is, one mistake after another. Maybe FMC/LMC should change the focus group. From what I have read in this forum either one of you could be the best advisor to FMC. I intend to keep my MARK VIII LSC 98 for years to come(42K miles and no major repairs). I hope MARK IX comes out to the market not too late.
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    I was part of the focus group that named the Aviator. Ford wanted to call it the Navigator 4.6 - the focus group (all Navigator owners) objected vehemently - and Aviator was the result.
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    They actually use focus groups for these things? How do you get invited to one???
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    I was in Toyota's focus group when they were choosing between T-100, T-150 and Tundra. I also did one for Nissan when they were developing the Armada.

    I sure wish I was there when someone proposed "Mark LT".
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    Oh, yes they don't make a move without a focus group!! That's why I can't believe they chose Mark for this truck!!

    In my case, I was invited to participate in the Aviator focus group because I was an owner of a Navigator - and they wanted to guage if they would offend Navigator owners, by making a family of them with smaller models. Turns out, they would. We all, without exception objected to a smaller Navigator - we wanted the respect for ourselves. In retrospect, I'm not sure I would vote the same now, having seen how closely the Aviator resembles the Navigator. I didn't know it would be a clone at the time.
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    Dear nvbanker,

    That is very interesting news. I'm not sure what makes them tick at FMC. Right now ALL of the automakers are hurting so I would imagine a little thinking out of the box wouldn't hurt them at all. I think as is usual with most automakers, there are at least several trains of thought. FMC is thinking beancounting (which does have its' place, but need not always be dominant) and not with their autophile hats on. I, for one, think there IS a market for a Lincoln SUV that is smaller than the Navigator, and will sell no matter what the name. As soon as they give the darned thing a little more of its' own personality, watch it go!! Okay, marketing and production may have dictated making a Navi clone to begin with, but it doesn't have to stay that way. But the badging of a truck as a Mark is another story entirely. Just think of your reaction if they used the Navigator name on a car! It just wouldn't have made sense, like the Mark name on a truck doesn't to us Mark owners. And to boot, you notice they went against 50 years or more of tradition to do so. I grant that possibly 2/3 of their r/d team probably never even knew a Mark if they are under 35, so tradition and history wasn't in the picture. I just hope they do better in the future. As I said, I'm keeping my Mark - I hope they new one is something I can buy. I will reserve judgement and new purchases until then. :D
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    Can someone answer the question from dialm4speed? At my age I can know something about "good, bad and ugly " auto names(Zephyr?) and designs(family cars looking like racing cars?).
    I will wait for the clone of my MARK VIII.">
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    I agree the Mark X is gorgous. Lincoln really needs to produce it! But, it does needs to have a back seat and the hump DOES need to be there to be a Mark and not the wimpy one they had on the Mark VIII. I don't know about your original post. But the reason they are not making coupes is no secret. THEY DON'T SELL!!!!! They have to sell enough to warrent making them. They are in a business and have to follow the trends of the BUYING public.
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    won't be made - it's on the platform the Thunderbird is on, and that's going away. But how about a new Mark built on the Mustang platform? I hear that's a reality in the making....
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    Isn't the Thunderbird built on a modifired Mustang platform?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,285
    The current Thunderbird is built on the modified DEW-98 platform, same as the Jaguar S-type and the Lincoln LS. The new Mustang is made on the DEW-LITE platform, a derivative of the DEW-98, heavily modified.
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  • mg11mg11 Member Posts: 29
    Hey out there!!Is anyone still around on this site? If so, let's hear from you. This is mg11, proud owner (and restorer) of a 1997 LSC. If some of you old posters are still here, I guess we haven't chatted in a while, so how are you, what's been up, and how are your Lincolns doing? If any of you have been on the other forums, hello to you too. I had the chance to test a Zephyr, nice car, but no Mark VIII by any means. I think there is a place and a market for it,as long as they don't get it stuck in the minds of folks as just a rebadged Fusion. when i drove it, I thought it was more than that, but I have to really go push a Fusion to be conclusive. Any thoughts?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,285
    I'm here. Was just at the dealership this morning, would have liked to test drive a Zephyr, but the salesmen were all leaning on it, and that was just too much intimidation for me. Turned in my Navigator, lease was up, miles were gone. So, I'm Lincolnless at the moment. First time since 1992, no Lincoln in my garage. Anyway, I don't care for the Zephyr. I like that they sort of designed the dash like my Navigator, but they cheaped out in so many placed, including the damn PROP ROD for those who are listening at Ford, it just doesn't feel like a Lincoln used to, or should to me. It's too entry level for me, and too Fusion to be a Lincoln, IMO.
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    Hey NV,

    So THAT's why you've been absent from the TC board! No more Lincolns! We miss you over there.

    I'm visiting here because I need some opinions from the general readership. The wife and our offspring won't drive the Cartier and we need something that we all can drive - although it would primarily be mine. AND, I've always wanted a Mark.

    I'm looking to sell the '88 Cartier and pick up a '98 MarkIII.

    I'll listen to any advice on the III. Good? Bad? Smart? Dumb?
  • mg11mg11 Member Posts: 29
    Hey beernut,
    Go for the Mark!!! First, ask yourself what you want out a a driving machine. Luxury, power, looks, gadgets, you name it. Then see if the Mark fits the bill, and I think you already know the answer to that.!! Your only problem is going to be once the other family members drive it, you aren't going to get a turn again for a LONG time.!! :D Since you already owned a Lincoln, you will appreciate the differences and the improvements. And you can get a vintage, quality machine for a fraction of its' original cost. AS any proud Lincoln owner will tell you - go for the Mark VIII, hands down. It (admittedly like other cars, as well) is customizeable, and there is a large enough Lincoln Mark VIII community out here to help with any needs, problems or concerns. I won't get into my car this or my car that - you should just start out with your own personal reasons for buying one, just like we all did. Once hooked, you'll never regret the decision. Most Mark owners have one complaint, having to give up the car for any reason whatsoever. Happy motoring.
  • beernutbeernut Member Posts: 329
    Thanks for the insight. The guy selling the one I want hasn't made a decision on what he will buy to replace it yet, so I'm still waiting. Getting anxious, though. When the call comes, I'm ready.
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    Okay... my '94 Mark VIII used to be really sweet many years ago, but a lot of miles and a bad accident with an uninsured motorist has left it now just a form of transportation. The inside still have all the frills.

    You're all probably going to think I'm crazy and I must admit that I'm not real swift when it comes to cars, but I thought this might work and then someone who DOES know cars made the same suggestion.

    What has happened is that the front end accident damaged the airline that went between the two compressors or the one compessor and the air bags (not sure if the configuration under there). The compessors still work and as far as I know the air bags are still good, but right now I've got a serious "Low Rider" that is only 2 inches off the ground.

    It is impossible to find parts for this system, especially hoses. I'm also just trying to keep it running good for a few more months or so - CHEAPLY! I had thought that it might be possible to rig up a valve, perhaps similar to a tire valve, to the inlets for the missing/broken airline. Then if I simply air up my bags and leave them, then at least I'll be able to get around town in it.

    Am I crazy? Does anyone have any reference material on where these inlets might be? This hose originally ran from under both front wheel wells and around the front of the vehicle.


    Boy... it used to look REALLY nice. Noww it has a lavender hood...and rides 2 inches off the ground.


    Silly Little Boy :sick:
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    Hi i'am new to this website. I read what you wrote i can't help you with that couse i have the same problem. I just wonted to know if someone answered you ?. Couse my mark 8 is also on the ground an i don't know why it was fine an then it was extra low. I don't know much but i know that to conversion kit is to much for me to buy right now. So i guess what i wont to know is did you find a way to get your car up without paying the price to fix it.
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    I have replaced the air ride system with regular suspension on two Mark VIII. The ride is still great and there is very little differce from air ride. It is much easier and less expensive also relatively trouble free. If you need any other information, let me know.
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    I own a 95 mark that I know I will always own what a great automobile.just wondering if this site is still going since I see no postings since 2007,hope there is still enought interest in these vehicles by folks who feel as I do,Thanks for listening.
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    I have a woman friend who bought a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII in great shape at the end of last year from the estate of the original owner. It now has 68,000 miles but a computer malfunction caused the car to overheat and fried the engine. She doesn't want to spend the $6000 it would take to replace the engine. What is the best way to reach someone who would be interested in buying the car as is? All maintenance logs are available. Thanks very much. Rick
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