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Lexus VX 470

setzersetzer Posts: 127
edited March 2014 in Lexus
Has anyone heard any news on the Lexus VX 470, and if it is actually going to be built. Motor Trend's website claims that it is going to be out in 2006, but I'm not sure if Lexus is still planning on releasing it.

It's supposed to be a "luxury version of the Sequoia" and it's replacing the LX 470. I think this would be great to compete with the Cadillac Escalade and the new Infiniti QX.

If this VX 470 comes to production, I would like to see a nice big engine, tons of new standard features, and distinctive styling that makes it differ from the Sequoia.

Anybody have anything else to contribute??


  • It's probably gonna be called the VX550 since toyota, from what I've heard, would currently be working on a new, powerful V8 engine to put in its next GX, VX, 4Runner, Sequoia and Tundra. But I think GXs, 4runners and Tacomas (if it gets a V8) will keep the 4.7, because they're smaller and lighter. It is sure that it's gonna be at least a 5.5 liter because of Nissan and its 5.6. It will probably be good for 330 hp if I take the example of the 4.7 that does 60 hp/liter. And I think it's really gonna be a 2006 that will appear in 2005 because if you look at the 2005 LX and Landcruiser, they don't get any engine changes (a boost in hp, like other toyota products that have the 4.7) and that probably means it's gonna be replaced very soon.
  • I sure hope it's 5.5L! From what I've heard, it's going to be a 300HP+ 5.0L...
  • setzersetzer Posts: 127
    When do you think Toyota will reveal it to the public? They've been known to keep things secret until the very last moment. Do you think we will see it at Detroit?
  • rctennis3811,

    Actually, what I have heard from some friends of mine(Toyota Connections) is that Toyota is serious about a Ford F-250 Competitor. That means not a 5.5L but more like a 6.0 L. Also I heard Toyota is targeting 400 HP and 450+ ft-lbs of torque.
  • Sounds nice, but this new SUV will no doubt sky rocket well past the current LX470's price of 70 grand. I'm not cheap, and Toyota makes good products, but no way will I shell out an extra 30 grand for a jazzed uped Sequoia. The current Sequoia is priced from the mid 40's to mid 50's, and I think it's quite reasonable, but what is Toyota truly going to do to a Sequoia to warrant a massive price jump? Slapping the Luxas name on that truck isn't going to impress me. I'll stick with an escalade or something caparable.

    A freind of mine told me that lexus isn't going to price to far ahead of an Escalade, in fact it'll be pretty close so as to compete in the market, but i'm skeptical of this, and know come 06 that this Vx or whatever it'll be called will be well above 70 grand, no doubt close to 80. No Thanks.
  • Who is the competition? Lexus has primarily targeted Range Rover with this vehicle, since Mercedes fields no competitor. The Range is $70k+.

       A Sequioa is much larger than a Range, a better value in size. If Lexus matches or exceeds the power/features of the Range, expect a similar price, with the extra value of more room/tow/pass capacity.

       I would expect a shade below $70k, an a new Sequioa the same year, maxing out at $55k for a loaded Limited.

  • I guess slapping an Escalade ESV name on a Yukon XL truck impresses some people..... 70 large for ESV (Platinum) vs. 50 for Yukon XL (Denali) Somehow that's much different than a Lexus Seq.....?
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    yeah I dont understand that either. At least Lexus can in part justify the cost with best in class materials, something Cadillac has never been able to do.
  • I would expect they'd price it below the current LX 470 by a little bit. Remember the LX 470 is based on the LandCruiser which is priced in the $55-60k range as it is. I'd expect the VX470 to be in that range probably competitive with the Infiniti QX56.
  • You're right about that...Lexus/Toyota execution, quality and materials are always light years ahead of Cadillac.
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    A 6.0 liter V8 is expected. Since the current 4.7
    does 60 hp/liter in its most powerful version (282 hp), the new one will surely put out a minimum of 360 hp. If weight doesn't increase a lot, acceleration could be way better. This new engine will probably be derived from Lexus' new 5.5 V8, that'll be built to be used in the future GS, LS and SC. That one could easily make 400 hp and that'd be perfect for the next V8 GS that'll probably get the new, very powerful 3.5 of 280 hp, in its V6 version so the 2 won't be too close in hp like the 3.5 and the 4.3 that probably will in 2006.
  • A Lexus version of the Sequoia? Sounds awesome!

    Where will it be built, Indiana?
  • I tink you are mixed up here. The 5.5 V8 is a Toyota Truck engine for the next Tundra, etc., not a car engine. Toyota doesn't need or want that big a car engine (feul economy), especially with their advances in hybrids. If they need more power, they can add it while increasing economy, not with displacement. That ain't happening.

  • husky92,

    I think you are missunderstand, the cost of new SUV doesn't base on it platform of other suv are selling. Yes, Sequioa is cheaper than LandCruiser, because it less technological, and at lower price to attract new custome to Toyota full size suv family. It won't be a suprise if the new VX 470 it more expensive than current Lx470. If it have bigger engine and more technological.
  • I agree about the quality and materials in the Lexus over the Cadillac, however Cadillac has something Lexus has not been able to do with a full size luxury SUV and thats put style with it. And please don't hate Cadillac Lexus's current SUVs hp is just a whimp..It's like 235 hp or so on such a large SUV (LX) is really sorry, and head to head ESV Platinum Ed 70K for the Caddy is better theres more room, power. Features like heated and cooled seats, two DVD players for second and THIRD ROWS!!! power adjustable pedals, 20" wheels, etc, however it's your money :)
  • Did you forget about Mercedes G500?
  • So you're telling me the 5.5 is the next Tundra engine? I thought Toyota wanted to build a 6.0 so that Nissan's Titan doesn't have a bigger, more powerful engine. And what will happen to the next Lexus cars V8? Not sure they're gonna keep it like it is. They're surely gonna make it bigger, I don't know, a 4.5 or 5.0?
  • actually on the motor trend web site it says 5.4 liter for the new tundra.Also my godmother works for lexus, and she told me a year ago the IS will have a coupe, convertible. They will also have a supera like sports car that will be 90 grand with a hybrid V10 engine that will be optional on the LS, to compete against S600 and 760iL. There also developing a AMG/M like programe, but it wont be as huge because lexus is first a luxury car.She says all will happen once lexus is developed in japan as a seperate brand as it is here.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    This new truck is mentioned in an article about Lexus in this week's Automotive News, an industry trade magazine. All it says is that the truck will be called the JX 470, be based on the Sequoia platform and arrive in spring 2006. It is not certain whether it will replace the LX 470 or supplement it.
  • Thanx for the crystal ball view of Lexus! This heresay makes sense, as Lexus will have a sports car to replace the NSX as THEY standard in Japanese performance, and still stay a strong value at under $100k.


      Using a hybrid V10 for both the sports car and LS makes sense, as a V12 is no longer necessary, with Hybrid Tech.


      If you get any more info, please send it down!





      I wouldn't go breaking my arm patting myself on the back about the Escalade becoming stylish. If rappers didn't put dubs on every Escalade, in every rap video, and give Caddy all that free exposure, it wouldn't be half as popular. When the hottest thing about your truck is the wheel wells....GM can't thank the ghetto fast enough!


  • this question has been asked several times already, but here goes again!!!!!!!!!!


    When will this thing be on sale, have got the bug.......cant hold out much longer.....need a fix.......
  • The Toyota Group is planning on redesigning or introducing 18 models in the next two years, or something like that. I bet that the JX 470 will be around by early next year.... I hope. It sounds like a nice alternative to the Escalade, which is NOT a good looking car. My friend's mother has one (she's pretty old, the car is gigantic to her) and it is very gaudy, not to mention that the interior looks like a Trailblazer. But that's not my point. Since the Sequoia is a good SUV (from what I gather) it would figure that its Lexus variant would be very good as well. Anyway, the segment needs a more utility-minded Lexus, because the LX470 is a tad weak for its size,and it shares its engine with another SUV that is much cheaper
  • LX OR VX doesnt matter by name
    but i think if there is really VX sharing wheel base with sequoia i think there will be also new gen LX sharing the wheel base and mechanics with the new land cruiser
    TOYOTA not silly to delete the out roads cabability of the landcruiser from lexus catalogue
    just think about it
    how want space with good price go to VX
    and how want the true out roads cabability with luxury welcome in LX
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    There's no guarantee that Toyota won't cut the Land Cruiser when they introduce the new FJ, and that would cut the LX off right there. I think that they will make the GX the off-roader, the VX a 65,000 Escalade killer with lots of space and the LX the super-plush 78,000 do-anything machine.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    If Rap Artists didn't put them in every Music Video they produced, and if basketball players stopped buying them in droves and "pimping" them out with spinners and outrageously large rims, the Escalade would probably be like any other GM vehicle- a ho-hum rebadged truck with extra features and carrying huge incentives.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    Even as it is.... I think that Escalades are worse than the competition. A Navigator is more luxurious and bigger on the inside, a Range Rover has a lot more panache and really good off roading credentials, the LX470 is also not a bad off roader and is a very sturdy machine. And the QX56 looks funny....

    If I was a rappa (hey stop laughing) I would pick a navigata ova an escalade.
  • Lexus definitely needs to redesign their flagship SUV on the outside. The current look has been around since like 1998. Lexus needs to do a better job of differentiating the LX470 from ordinary Land Cruisers. Otherwise, why pay extra? The interior of the current LX is perfect the way it is. For the redesign, Lexus should bring in a new engine with 300+ horsepower so that it can really run with the Navigator, Escalade, QX56 and Range Rover. Towing capacity should be bumped from 5000 lbs to 8000+ lbs. Lexus should also make bigger third row seats like all it's competitors.

    However, the one thing I want to see Lexus do most is give the VX/LX styling that is it's own not derived from another vehicle.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    If I were a rap artist I'd go for either the LX470 or the Range Rover.
  • The LX/Land is probably discontinued, as the 4-runner/GX are still truck based and called the Land Cruiser Prado overseas.

    The new LX will have a much bigger and more powerful engine, Toyota is not fooling around with the trucks/tundra again.

    It will be Sequioa based.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    I don't think Toyota will kill the Land Cruiser. The name has too much history, even in the US and it's still a good seller. I can see maybe Toyota using a shortened Sequioa frame for the Land Cruiser and Lexus LX.
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