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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • they are crazy. The miles determine if a car is used, not the title.

    that is only useful in getting new car lease or financing. The price should be a used car value. they are trying to pull one on u.
  • ditto....they're trying to play you.....just call around....plenty of dealers wanting to do business with you in the Southeast and ship you the car as well for better price!!! remember, the economy is hurting all the dealers, so play them on that info.....side note, the MDX is selling below invoice easily now, whereas it used to be an MSRP or above car! haha, shows them the economy will dictate the prices!
  • lsemomlsemom Posts: 4
    Thanks. I now feel that my sanity is not in question. Frankly, I was rather insulted when I was told that 6K miles made no difference and I would be buying a new car. I know that buying a car is a game, but come on!
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    JMO, I think that dealer's offer was a slap in the face. I purchased a 08 new RL in Ca, aka Disneyland, in Feb 08. I played the game and got the price down from $52000 to $ 42500 plus tx. They tried to play me "low ball" with my trade in, however, I got middle blue ala Kelly's bb which was what I expected

    Suggest sending emails to about six or seven dealers in it can be done in the area where you reside. I sent 7 dealers in the area I live in, with the other dealer's names and emails address on my email. Got one from 30 miles away for $ 41750. Decided to stay local for 42500. Almost all of the quotes were about 42k to 43k.

    Good luck to you and all others and stay safe.

  • lsemomlsemom Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice. I actually am in a small GA town but am centrally located in the state. I will have to buy the car out of town anyway, so I will be shopping most of the dealers in GA and maybe even some in SC. The Macon dealership was just my first stop and I haven't bought a car since my 2000 RL, which I bought new in 2000. I was just a little alarmed with this quote and wanted get some feedback from those who have had some more recent experiences buying RLs. This forum has been very helpful. Thanks to all!
  • I haven't been able to find an 09 RL with the CMBS. The largest local dealer can't get one until March. Acura doesn't seem to want to build many of these.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    ... He said I has one in stock, but when I told him, that's not much of a choice he immediately closed the chat window.

    If that's how he said it, you should have been the one who immediately closed the chat window! :P
  • I have the feeling he is frustrated too. He has now two 2009 and all 2008 are gone. This is a large dealership.
  • I am now about ready to purchase a 2009 RL. Has anybody heard if the marketing support will be back for December 2009?
  • I've tried to order an '09 RL with CMBS and Pax from Pohanka in Chantilly, VA. The order won't go out until December with delivery in March. I spoke to the dealer initially in September. I think that configuration is especially difficult as the demand is less than the regular tech package.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    09 RL with Tech - $45.9 all in - 0.9 financing for 3 years.
  • Hi desert_rat. Unfortunately, Acura is not providing any dealer cash on the 2009 RL in December. It is only providing 0.9% to 2.9% special financing or a special lease program on it.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • What's going on. The dealerships seem to run out of RL. Someahe 1 and some have none. Is Acura preparing a US assembly line and they are late? Would make sense with the high Yen/$ exchange. The TL is getting assembled in the US already.
  • I heard through the grapewine, production has been halted and the next shipment is not coming in before 10 weeks.
    Has anybody else heard more specifics?
  • How much off MSRF do I expect to pay for a 09 MDX with Tech and Entertainment Packages in Los Angeles Area?
  • This is the RL discussion site. Go to the MDX site.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    Very Quiet forum... noone buying a 2009 RL or not getting any good offers I take it?

    What do you guys think of $41,000 for a 2008 RL with Tech Package?
  • If it is a brand new 2008 I will take it and run.
  • looks good. I have seen $11,000 off MSRP. This is much better.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    Well.. We started doing the paperwork and it turns out that 0.9% Financing for 2008 RL's has expired on Dec 10th 2008. The lowest I'm able to find is 6% Interest (Thru Dealer or Acura both). Since we were in so deep into negotiations and excitement, The Dealership has offered me $500 over invoice for 2009 RL w/ Tech. (yes, RL, not TL).

    1. Should I go with the 2008 RL (Tech Pkg) for 41K and 6% Interest..... ORRR...
    2. A 2009 RL (Tech Pkg) for ~46K with 0.9%. (The difference in Tax doesnt concern me too much).
    3. My only other choice is to go with a 2008 TL w/ Navi which would be about 30K ..... but no choice of color.

    I can certainly use some help from my fellow Edmunds friends. I love this forum!!
  • I'd do the 09. Many nice changes to be found inside and out. Also, account for the extra year of depreciation with the 08 on resale.

    What color choice do you have on the RL. I think dark colors look better with that new grille.
  • I agree. For only $5,000 difference between an 08 and an 09, for me it would be no-brainer. I really liked the 09 - not enough to trade in my 05, but if I had a choice between purchasing an 08 or an 09 I wouldn't hesitate. There are enough little differences between the two.

    And definitely don't forget the extra year of depreciation. Many people forget that one of the main reasons last year's model is cheaper is it's truly lost value, even though it's never been driven. That loss of value is permanent as you'll find when you get ready to trade it in on your next car.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    I'm behind the wheel of an 09 RL after returning my 05. This is a much improved car. I'd don't think I'd buy the 08 if I could swing the 09.

    The 09 is smoother, silkier and far more quiet than was my 05. Just an all around great car. The nicest thing about the RL is the feeling it gives you when you drive it. With the SH-AWD, the bullet-proof navigation system, the flawless vtec engine and the solid suspension - you feel like you can go anywhere in this car without the fear of breaking down, getting lost or not making it back. It is the most trusted vehicle I have every owned.
  • I test drove the '09 and agree with everything you say. I've ordered one with the pax/CMBS and have been waiting for three months. Last word from the dealer was March sometime.
  • I went to a dealership to look at some low-mileage Honda Accords. While there I couldn't help noticing a 2005 Acura RL with 86,000 miles for $15,995.

    What do you guys think? Is this a good price? Although I current vehicle is a 1992 Civic with 230,000 miles on it, I'm pretty wary of spending that much money on a car with that many miles on it. How reliable has the RL been for those of you with higher miles? I know it's Acura reliability, but it just seems like there's so much that could go wrong on a car with that many features.

    Other questions: Does the real time traffic require a separate subscription? How has gas mileage compared to the EPA estimates of 18/26? I apologize if this info is listed elsewhere, but I'm new to the forum and not sure where to look.

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts that you guys have.
  • I have a 2005 RL that is coming off lease. I leased the car the first month or so they were available. There were a number of issues in the first 6-8 months but most were taken care of. A good site to check on RL issues is RL forums. There have been some issues since as well. I would make sure it comes with or buy a full warranty just to be safe.

    Yes the NavTraffic is a separate subscription from the regular XM radio subscription. My gas milegage is worse then the mileage you stated. I get 15-16 in town under normal driving. Maybe 17 if I baby it. I get 22-24 in highway driving. It also requires premium fuel.

    Hope this helps.
  • >>>>>>Dilemma:
    1. Should I go with the 2008 RL (Tech Pkg) for 41K and 6% Interest..... ORRR...
    2. A 2009 RL (Tech Pkg) for ~46K with 0.9%. (The difference in Tax doesnt concern me too much).
    3. My only other choice is to go with a 2008 TL w/ Navi which would be about 30K ..... but no choice of color.

    With the difference in interest, the monthly payment will probably be about the same. That alone would push me to the 09.
  • I would suggest the '09 RL. You will be paying more principal, less interest. And the 2008 RL resale value will be horrendous as compared to the new model.
  • Has anyone gotten a RL tech lease offer that is better than the Acura advertised RL lease deal? Please share if yes. Thanks. (no real activity in the RL lease forum)
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    I've now been offered $100 over invoice on 2009 RL w/tech. Let's see what happens when I step into the dealership. I'll keep you folks updated. Thanks again to everyone that responded to my questions. :)
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