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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Don't hurry, one of the dealer came back with invoice price. It was the one that told me a few weeks ago, they sell for MSRP.
    Also watch the dealer installed options and the doc fee. (I have seen doc fees of $100 - 398). That is where some dealer make a lot of profit. In addition, look at a dealer (in certain states) that is located outside the city limits. You may safe 2% in taxes.
  • I received the following offer on a 2009 RL with tech today as I was having my 2005 RL serviced:

    MSRP: $50,660
    Customer Discount $4,259
    Selling Price: $46,400
    Tax $2,874
    Tag/Reg $350
    Dealer Fee: $599
    Balance due: $50,233

    MF: .00119
    Residual: 49%
    Residual $: $24,823
    Cap: $46,818
    Payment: $745 (w/tax) with $0 down for 36 mo/12K miles

    This was the first offer I received. I have not presented a counter. According to Costco Auto, the invoice is $45,940.98 so this offer is around $1,000 over invoice. I don't know what kind of hold back Acura is paying but with the dealer fees the profit is at least $1,600. Shouldn't these cars be going for well under invoice considering how lousy they are selling?

    Thanks for any thoughts and Happy Holidays!
  • your price looks ok except don't pay the dealer fee. It's one of those hidden profits and they only tell you about the fee when you are ready to pay. Today, the last day of 2008 they should be hungry enough to wave it. Not every dealer is charging it.
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    I bought an 09 tech for invoice and 0.9% financing. The lease payment on the 09 was $200 a month more than I paid for my 05, even though the price and interest rates were similar.

    Residuals are screaming one thing, "we do not want to lease you a car at this particular point in time!"

    Just as well, since I would have kept my 05 for 3 more years if I could have.

    Beyond all that, the 2009 is a far superior product - just drive it and you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • lsemomlsemom Posts: 4
    I want to buy a 2008 Tech Package RL, preferably new. I think there are still some of them out there. I know the 09s are updated, but think that the 08 is still a quality auto and will serve my needs. I typically keep a car until is is worn out - right now I have a 2000 RL with 150K miles on it, and it is still running fine. My problem is I can't get any dealers to give me a really good deal. I am getting quotes in the $40s for these cars and I think that is too high with the 09s already out. And it won't be too long until the 2010 models are out! Am I off base here?
  • I think you are right on. The 09's are being discounted by some dealers to the tune of 4500 from what I hear. You may have to wait until things get a little worse.
  • I own an 05 RL, basically the same as the 08 and have test driven the 09. The 09 is definitely a better car. Not enough better to entice me out of my 05, but if I had a choice between an 08 or an 09, buying the 09 would be a no-brainer for me.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I had to bargain hard with the local dealer however, I was able to purchase an 08 RL with tech for $ 42000 last Feb, i.e. 08. Sticker was around $ 52000. You probably can get them lower.

    I live in Bay Area of Ca, and I sent emails to all the dealers in the Bay Area. Got four or five responses and all offerred about $ 42500, to about 44000. Cost out to door was just under $ 46000 but this included taxes.

    So if my situation helps you I hope you get an excellent deal because jmo, I have an excellent vehicle.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • home4sale2home4sale2 Posts: 16
    Hey all, I recently bought an RL, got new license plates (I wanted to) which I have received from the dealer where I bought this car. I was told that the title would arrive from IL secretary of state's office once the dealer pays off the balance owed on previous owner's lien who had traded the car in just two days before I bought it. The dealer has told me that they have already sent the payoff to the bank and it takes about 10-15 days before the bank releases the title. Once the dealer receives the title, they enter that number with the IL secretary of state along with the license plate, tax, etc. From that point on it takes another 4 weeks or so and the IL sec of state sends me my title. Does this process sound right? Everywhere I have read, I see that I should have not bought this car till the dealer had the title in hand. True? Did I get ripped off somehow or is this process normal? I am told that they can't give me the title from the bank and have to wait for my own copy from the DMV.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 134,082
    I'm not that familiar with Illinois, but a few weeks sounds about right.. Did you buy a car that had just been traded in?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • home4sale2home4sale2 Posts: 16
    Yes, it had just been traded in a few days prior.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 134,082
    Sounds reasonable..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • what is going on - nobody is buying RL anymore??!!
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    And unfortunately, that's pretty much the case: nobody is buying the RL anymore.

    It's a terrific car, but several things brought it down:

    •People with nearly $50k to spend wanted a bigger car, a bigger name, rear wheel drive, and a V8. The RL has none of these. It was designed in Japan for Japanese executive buyers' wants, and didn't fit American tastes as well as the Lexus and Infiniti flagships.

    •The Acura TL was cheaper by $15,000, and so good that nobody -- not even Acura salesmen -- could really make the case for paying more. In fact, the RL was better built from better materials, rode better and had the world's most sophisticated AWD system. But that's all subtle stuff and didn't impress the neighbors.

    •Acura overreacted for 2009 and slaughtered the styling of the car, most notably with its buck-tooth grille that everybody hates. That grille probably looks even worse on the RL than on any other Acura, partly because it's grafted onto a car that wasn't made for it.

    •Now there's a new TL, and it steals whatever thunder the RL had left with an option package that borrows the RL's trick AWD system. With the RL itself demoted to an ugly nose outside and fake wood inside (except on the very top trim level), there's now officially pretty much no reason left to buy one.

    Buying a USED RL, however, is a screaming deal. They're not ugly like the new one, and the car is so underappreciated that the price has dropped like a stone. That's where the real sales action is today in RL's.
  • stma1stma1 Posts: 40
    I just put a deposit on a 2010 Acura RL without nav , which I do not need, MSRP 47680, paid 40,400 incl 2.9 financing, drove the TL, TL does not compare to the RL, RL feels much more solid and the interior is much higher quality, I am ok with the outside, at the price I paid I feel I got a great deal.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I concur with stma1, although I purchased my 08 RL with nav, sticker price was a bloated $ 52000, I got the final price reduced to $ 42500.

    I sent out emails to dealers in my area, i.e. Bay Area CA. and had numerous emails trying to get me to "come on down"! So I got the one closest to my domicile.

    Wrote a check and drove away. So far, NO mechanical problems and I love the long trips with my wife and intend to drive from Ca to Ill this fall to see our family.

    Discounting is NOT a given, as the buyer should do his/her homework.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I forgot to mention, my 08 RL was the purchased spring of 08, not 2010. Almost 20 % savings can be had if you are a hard nosed buyer. Also watch out for the low ball on any trade in. Utilize Kelly's BB.

  • Hi,
    Seems not much activity in this thread.
    Anyone recently bought an RL.
    I am planning to get 2011 ACURA RL in dallas
    Heard it is changing body style in 2012, but seems the best AWD in this class.

    Appreciate feedback.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Hi capr

    This my way of negociating with dealers. It may not fit you or other readers. I hope it helps you.

    I buy a new car about every 8-10 years. However the 08 RL I bought was purchased in late Feb of 08. That is because sometimes dealers get a little jumpy at the end of the month due to quota considerations.

    First i sent emails to all the dealers within the bay area and down the central valley asking for their best price.

    Next waited for replies. I got back about 11.

    Then I paid about $ 18 fee and got the price of an rl in Consumer's Reports automoble section of their monthly magazine.

    Then I asked my BMW buddy what the percentage was for selling a vehicle. He said about 15-20 %.

    Then I got the trade-in price for my current car from Kelly's Blue book.

    And finally my wife and i went down to the local CA dealer and gave them an offer which they said was to little. My wife mentioned that it was time to leave, we got up and as we began to leave, they gave us what we wanted.

    I didnot try to get them down to rock bottom as they should make some money. Its not the amount they wanted but they got one more car sold to meet their goal and we got a new rl for 18 % off their STICKER price. I.e.$42500 and not $52000.

    Good luck to all and stay safe. I don't sell cars, and I dont work in the industry but I do have a good idea how to play the game. (And I hate it too)

    jensad :) :D
  • Thanks Jensad. Appreciate your post.
    I am waiting till March to make a deal. As there might be some Incentive on the 2011 as 2012 expecting new styling. On the 2011 they only have 2500 dealer incentive. Also seeing some 2010 RL's on the lot.
    Will keep you posted. :shades:
  • michael0137michael0137 Posts: 58
    edited April 2011
    RLs are being discontinued according to my dealer - -and why not? You can get a TL with SH-AWD now. Acura going for a higher end flagship to compete with Lexus. Grab one now - they are sweet cars and you can get bargains. Just bought used 2008 with 18K on it for $26k. Carbon Gray Pearl/Taupe interior, 5/80K extended warranty. Immaculate. Love it - handles great, and cruises at 90 without breaking a sweat. Why is there a governor??? :mad: Our 1988 Legend would do 135. This is governed at 130? Without a governor I bet it would hit 150 easy, just by the power it has.

    PS - If anywhere within 500 miles of Chapman Honda/Acura in Tucson, AZ talk with Matt Dixon - INternet Sales Manager and tell him Larry Gorman sent you. He'll get you a great deal!
  • wweewwee Posts: 1
    Hi, I am being offered $29K + TTL for a 2010 RL tech @36K miles w/ about 9 months warranty left. Is this a good price to trade in my 2010 TL?
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