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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • Hmh maybe someone at the dealership had already bought that particular RRS SE and they were planning to sell it used. The bulletins I have seen listed that only employees could buy an SE Range Sport but that was several months ago maybe they have changed the policy.

    Other differences that I can remember with the RRS SE.

    1. No Bi-Xenon head lights
    2. Standard interior only luxury interior not avalible.

    Thats all I can remember.
  • uscrrsuscrrs Posts: 6
    Thanks for the post, yea the color match does look good, I'm gonna get around to going to a bodyshop and getting an estimate on that eventually, I'll let you know about it when i find out.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    I have searched all over the internet, and haven't been able to find a single bit of information on crash test results for the Range Rover Sport (or any other Land Rover, for that matter!) The only things I found were a few particularly grisly crash photos.

    Has anyone had any crash experience in a Range Rover Sport? I think the vehicle is absolutely beautiful, but I'm worried about safety. It looks like there are a lot of safety features, but I'm a little nervous due to the lack of independent testing, so I'm hoping someone will share some personal experiences.

    Thanks a lot!

  • It has not been out long enough to be crash tested. The LR3 has not been tested yet either independently but it should be soon.

    I have a link to the European crash test results of the Full Size Range Rover.

    Right here.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    Thanks for the link! It looks like the full-size Range Rover is fairly safe, so I'm hoping that since the Sport is an even newer model, it will be even better.

    I have also considered a Mercedes ML500, because the crash test results are exceptional, but I think the Range Rover Sport is a much nicer vehicle.

    As usual, I'm confused!

    Thanks again for your help.

  • bgreigbgreig Posts: 17
    I have the dealer racks and crossbars. You can see how they look at this neat site for UK Land Rover:

    There is some wind noise with the cross bars in place, but no more than in any other SUV I have had. The RRS is so slippery otherwise, however, that you may sense them more since is it so quiet otherwise. I have a set of Yakima kayak carriers fitted to my crossbars, and they do make a little more noise. However, the crossbars are easy to remove when you aren't needing them.

  • I have a Black/Black SC. A Vesuvius is arriving that I ordered before getting the Black. My Black SC has been trouble-free at 3,500 miles. It will cost me approx $9,000. Would I be really stupid to trade for the Vesuvius? :confuse:
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Yes, you would be. :) But maybe not as stupid as the disposable income people that paid $25K over list for the ones around here.

    Anyway, this makes it look mild:

    Land Rover Partners with Troy Lee Designs for SEMA 2005

    LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2005 - Land Rover North America today presents the first Range Rover Sport to appear at the annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) show. Celebrating a successful U.S. launch earlier this summer, Land Rover unveils a concept from the custom paint shop of Troy Lee Designs, a major supplier and designer of premium motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle competition apparel.

    Inspired by the ‘technicolors’ of Las Vegas, the Range Rover Sport Supercharged is packed with details. Completed in Southern California at Faerber Productions, Land Rover’s long-time product development partner, the 10-stage painting process was conceived and executed by Troy Lee Designs.

    Starting with three coats of House of Kolor™ black paint for the base color, the process included over 250 hours – from base coat to hand painted design and finishing. This includes innovative design details throughout the vehicle – most impressively the application of 12 karat white gold leaf for the Range Rover lettering. Using colors ranging from Tru Blu Metallic to Candy Tangerine and Cherry Pearl, the end result delivers a one-of-a-kind creation that immediately states ‘Vegas.’

    “At this year’s SEMA show, Land Rover wanted to celebrate the success of the Range Rover Sport launch,” said Land Rover Brand Manager Greg Gilliland. “The driving concept was a Range Rover Sport for Las Vegas .”

    The 2006 Range Rover Sport’s interior is complete with hand-painted Candy Apple Red trim, and a customized, ultra-premium 1000-watt harman/kardon® LOGIC7™ audio system.

    “Land Rover wanted a vehicle uniquely designed for Las Vegas, so I got out the spray guns and went for it,” said Troy Lee, owner Troy Lee Designs. “The result is a Range Rover Sport with a scheme inspired by the ‘technicolors’ of Vegas.”

  • Regarding Mileage, my RRS HSE currently reads Avg MPG at 8.1 MPG. Is this normal????
  • Got a Silver RRS SC with ACC, PTI, DVD, and Sirius. While there are many shared parts with the LR3, this is an entirely different beast. Wonderful handling, very powerful, very tight. I have no complaints about interior.. I think Land Rover wanted a tasteful, subtle interior. A great, great vehicle!
  • Depends on your driving style so it might be.

    Are you flooring it around every corner and from every stop light and doing almost no highway driving.
  • Only city driving at the moment. I keep my RPMs under 2.5.
  • 18" wheels on the se as well (19 on hse, 20 on sc)
  • Thanks I knew there was something else.
  • I've currently got around 400 miles on my RRS and am at 8.5 mpg. I do a lot of city driving unfortunately most of the time in traffic, and also a lot of driving through the Hills. I figure the combo of the two plus no driving on the highway is why my mpg is so poor. It's a good thing gas is so affordable these days!
  • When I got my RRS SC, it had 7 miles on it. I just put my first 250 miles on it, and got 12.1 mpg. I was not driving hard, but was pleased with the mileage on this first tank.
  • I have to rant for a bit about the ridiculous contraption Land Rover calls the tow hitch receiver. Shared with the LR3, they've come up with a removable hitch receiver that fits into a slot in the undercarriage. I'm sure they are patting themselves on the back for the wonderful piece of engineering that went into the removable device, but it's usability is called in to question. For starters, it sits back about 7 inches from the front of the bumper, making the purchase of a hitch extension (around $70) practically a must. And more annoyingly, it sits so darn low (only about 11" off the ground on the RRS), that bike racks etc. that are plugged into it allow the bikes to sit dangerously close to the ground. I'm now searching for a *rising* extension to get the rack higher at least 5" or so to where it should have been in the first place. That'll probably be another $70 on top of the $300 it cost for the hitch receiver itself. I've embarrassed myself one too many times by sneaking around parking lots with a tape measure seeing that the average height of a hitch is around 16-17", half a foot higher than LR's.

    What were they thinking?!?!??! Besides, "We don't want to ruin the lines of the Sport by installing a more permanent solution. " Has anyone else used this thing and found any solutions to raising it up?
  • after 1900 miles i'm getting around 13 mpg. I've got in to the habit of leaving the average MPG display on to remind me to ease into the gas pedal and coast to stop lights.

    i'm finding myself overly gleeful with each tenth of an MPG I gain. :)
  • Once you get a few more thousand miles on the clock the MPG should go up a little bit. At 1900 miles the engine is pretty much broken in but the rest of the drive train is not.
  • Does anyone know how to activate this service? Is it useful?
  • I am signing the papers today, RS w/ Lux, Sat, PTI rubber mats, rubber loadspace mat and cargo cover.- $57,500. This is the GM's car w/ 1,000 miles on it(not titled). comments on pricing are appreciated.

    Has anyone got the info on the Motorola V710 PTI Cradle.
  • acole10000, regarding the Motorola V710 there is no cradle available from Land Rover (and I would not hold my breath for one, considering the PTI system is manufactured by Nokia.) But, as long as you have the latest software, 8700_01.40.0R - available at no charge from Verizon if you have an older version - the phone will work fine via PTI's Bluetooth interface, with the known limitations of BT vs. cradled phones of course. I use a V710 every day.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    I have the vesuvius and really enjoy it. DO NOT sell yours to the dealer. Sell it or the Vesuvius to someone else and do not take the hit. Dealer in CA Rockville(?) has a black SC for $84k. I have driven into 3 other Rover dealerships who only got one Vesuvius and even the service people come out and look and comment on my SC.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    You might think about some lower profile wheels and tires that should help. Mine has the Dynamic system and it is awesome but my last truck was much improved by changing the wheels and rubber.
  • lexi4lexi4 Posts: 8
    I fought with the 650 and the bluetooth. Upgraded the treo software 3 times (latest for Verizon anyway 1.04) but I finally gave up.
    Bought a #3 cradle and went to Cingular so I would have a world phone too and tried phones. They had one, the Nokia 3120b. It works great. So I have a treo and the nokia which stays in the car until I go out of the country. Pretty cool seeing everything phone book, received numbers, missed calls, and voice dialling through the radio and system. Calling restaurants from the nav is ok too. Not perfect but better than having the treo not get anycalls when I pretended to have in paired with the truck.
  • is there anyway to hack the computer system to maintain the low ride over 25 mph? although the car does lower itself about 1 and a half inch on highway, but is it possible to lock it in the low position at all time?
  • I have had this happen to three customers now with bluetooh integrated cell phones. They have phones that do not have an option to disable call waiting and so when a call comes through and they try to switch over to it their phone to car link is scrambled.

    If you can't disable call waiting on your bluetooh phone then just do not pick up the incoming call it will scramble your phone and possibly do other funny things to the cars systems.

    If you do happen to pick up a call by accident and things get scrambled you can probably correct the problem without bringing it to the dealer. Simply shut off the car and then disconnect the bluetooth phone from the car. On your phone somewhere there is an option to drop bluetooh connection. Once you do that it should descramble the connection and you should be able to reconnect the phone. This should also shutdown the navigation screen if it was staying on with the car off. I have seen that happen a couple of times and seems to be a side effect of trying to use call waiting with bluetooh connection.

    I am reposting this on all Land Rover boards.
  • british_rover, I can confirm that disconnecting and re-pairing Bluetooth connection seems to fix occasional hang-ups in the BT interface, at least with my Moto V710 (Verizon). In fact, I have added a short cut to the "Land Rover" Bluetooth connection on the main menu of my phone, specifically to be able to quickly unlink and reconnect without scrolling through the phone's sub menus. I can do that without even looking at the phone...

    Call waiting is a good example (and I have learned on my own that trying to answer a Call Waiting always wreaks havoc with the PTI, so I just don't do that anymore). Disconnectng and reconnecting always fixed it for me.

    Another hiccup that has occurred a couple of times is that while the "Phone Attached" message appears on the radio's LCD when I start the car, when the phone does ring PTI does not pick it up, or I get the "Phone not fitted, Command Cancelled" response when I try to voice dial. In those instances too, unlinking and relinking the Land Rover Bluetooth connection from the handset seems to fix things.
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