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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • I had the noise and it turned out to be my tires - the repalced them - but with the same crap stock ones (crosscontact 255/50 R 19"). I would just go out and get new ones - i have to all over again myself......
  • What is the lowest price that you could get one of these brand new for an '08. I saw invoice was $56.5K but can it be bought for cheaper?
  • im going through the same issues with my Range Rover Sport 06. okease help me im trying to find an attorney to get me through this non sense. my car has 30k miles but has been in the shop 10 times now for suspension faults and issues. they are full of [non-permissible content removed] they try to blame it on everything else everytime. please give me some advice!
  • In the end, I found out that my insurance company had suggested replacing all the wiring harnesses, but the service department never got the message. They spent 5 months repairing wires and guessing. When I finally went down there with a car-dealer friend of mine, he asked them a few questions and then said he'd fix it for me. The next day I called them and said I had a tow truck coming to get it. That very same day, they called and said they replaced a wiring harness and the vehicle was ready. I traded it in the next week on an '08 BMW 335i and haven't regretted it yet. I tell all my friends to stay away from any Land Rover product.
  • kpeterskpeters Posts: 11
    Hello everyone! I am seriously considering purchasing a Buckingham blue RR sport, but affraid the pain upkeep (swil marks showing, etc) will be just like a black, car, is this true? And advice much appreciated thanks!!
  • kpeterskpeters Posts: 11
    I just bought a RRS two days ago! So far love it! I come from a porsche cayenne which was great, but too bumpy, too small and just not as good as the RRS for long road trips.

    I was wondering if anyone else has issues with the lines in the heated windshield? OR do you get use to it? At night, approaching a signal light I see halos around it.. kind of distracting.

    Also, is there any way on the satellite radio to tell which artist/song is playing?

    I assume theres no way to adjust the headrest? It get in my way a little bit..

    Many thanks!!
  • seanl3seanl3 Posts: 5
    Congratulations on the new purchase, I bought mine last June and loved every minute of it. I have driven just about 15K on it (Yes, I drive a lot), and has not had ANY issues, with the exception of getting a flat tire (that destroyed the tire) with 600 miles on it. :mad:

    ok, I did have one issue. The rear windshield wiper is on a screw, it can come loose, especially if you use it without cleaning the snow off. So be careful, mine flew off.

    I see the lines on the heated windows, but I dont have any problems with it. And it comes in handy in snow

    Just press the tuning button in, to see the name, and the song, on the satellite radio.


    Also, check out RangerRovers,net, it is a great resource....
  • I picked up a new 2008 RRS SC about 2 months ago. I like the car but one really annoying problem. At about 50mph to 60mph a vibration in the steering wheel. I took it to the dealer and they "road force balanced" the tires for free. It helped very little so I took it back there. They stated the problem must be a "tire flat spot" from this heavy suv sitting on a lot during the summer. After the some screaming, Land Rover replaced all 4 tires. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. The dealer is now blaming it "low profile, 20 inch" tires that provide a lot of feedback. I don't buy it since the steering wheel vibration is only between 50-60mph. Anyone else had this issue? Could it be the alignment? Could it be the Continental tire design? This issue is driving me crazy.
  • 96ce96ce Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 RRs SC and have noticed the vibration. I have been back to the dealership 3 times and have had the wheel / tires balanced twice. I also bought a new set of both wheels and tires and the issue is still there. Please let me know if anyone has been able to get this resolved. I really like this vehicle, but this problem has really got me down. Thanks.
  • Lucky me - I just took delivery of my new RR Sport SC this past Wed. & on Fri. (119 miles later) the transmission went out. I just barely got into the throttle from a stop to beat traffic and I heard a loud "bang" and the car wouldn't accelerate. The engine rev'd up but the car wouldn't move. I let the RPM's drop down and then it seemed like the transmission was engaging and I was able to move a bit. The car got up to about 25mph or so and then I had to slow for traffic. When I tried to get the car moving again, it wouldn't move. That was it - time for a flatbed. :mad:

    Anyone know what's up or had this happen??
  • Hi, did you figure it out? This happened to me driving from Arizona to Colorado in July this year. I had to park my car in Telluride for 10 days..not so bad..anyway.called my service guy back in AZ. was the super charged coolant pump. If it starts to go out, that is what it does. I had a part shipped to Durango to a guy that said he had replaced these before, drove over there..shut itself down 7 times on the way..not fun at 10,000 ft. He replaced it, but not's in the shop again as I write this because I almost got run over by a semi yesterday when it did it again. Guess what? The guy in Co. did not hook up the wires to it correctly..I have a new burned out pump, being replaced again! Here's an article I found about how it needs to be done for future reference. I love my RRSSC, but being out of warranty really REALLY sucks!
    A possibly related service bulletin (NASF TSB #LTB00041, Rev 2) entitled "Reduced Power Under Load" appeared, affecting the supercharged versions of the L322/LM and Range Rover Sport/LS Sport vin numbers 6A901924 to 7A109767) The symptom was described as reduced power and or a misfire at high engine loads and road speeds, with the possibility of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) P0096 and/or P2601 stored. The source of the problem was described as follows: "The electrical harness power supply and ground for the auxiliary coolant pump may be cross connected in connector C3006. The pump will run backwards causing the Engine Control Module (ECM) to reduce power to prevent damage because the pump flow is low. The auxiliary coolant pump will be degraded under these conditions.
    Action: Should a customer express concern, modify the wiring at connector C3006 to the correct positions:
    • Cavity 1 connected to "-" pump connection Black (B) Brown (N)
    • Cavity 2 connected to "+" pump connection Brown / Purple (NP) Red / White (RW)
    Install a new supercharger coolant pump as part of the repair if either the fault codes or the incorrect wiring is discovered following the repair."

    Update January 2010: Owners continue to experience this problem. Peter White reports his recent experience with his Range Rover Sport Supercharged HST (late 2006 model): "Engine fault warning when accelerating/overtaking on motorway. Happened 3 times in one month. Immediate power loss to limp home mode – very dangerous! Temporarily solved by stopping the vehicle, turning off and removing the key. Dealer suggested software upgrade but later suggested both a software upgrade and replacement supercharger coolant pump and associated wiring following a diagnostic check."

    Note: Turning off and removing the key for 10 seconds resets it, but doesn't fix it!!! :sick:
  • We have a 2010 RRS HSE which has wheel wobble and vibration from new at 400 miles the suspension collapsed and had 4 other faults we returned to dealership for correction of these faults but on collection of the vehicle it still had wheel wobble and vibration that Land Rover now say it is representative of this marque of car rubbish we disagree as we have owned RRS HSE from new for the past 4 years we have nowissued court proceedings Land Rover have obviosly got a major problem with these vehicles
  • We have a 2010 RRS HSE which has wheel wobble and vibration from new at 400 miles the suspension collapsed and had 4 other faults we returned to dealership for correction of these faults but on collection of the vehicle it still had wheel wobble and vibration that Land Rover now say it is representative of this marque of car rubbish we disagree as we have owned RRS HSE from new for the past 4 years we have now issued court proceedings Land Rover have obviously got a major problem with these vehicles
  • Have you had any success in getting this resolved? I bought a new 2010 Sport and have had steering wheeling vibrations right from the start. It has been to the dealer several times (had the wheels road balanced twice), replaced two of the tires...not much change. It is going back to the dealr this week. I notice that it does not vibrate all of the time, so I am suspicious it is in the steering mechanism.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I bought a '11 GT Limited, and had the same wobble. I had a polite and long conversation with the Service Mgr and Technician. I insisted (based on research) that balancing be done on a Hunter road-force balancer, and that a visual inspection during rotation be done to ensure the tire carcass was not off.

    Turns out I had 3 out of balance tires (.5 to 3 oz off from factory), and 1 Michelin tire was deformed. Once this was resolved, the technician also checked hub centering once remounted on the vehicle. Apparently, the self-centering hub is not perfect, and the wheel needs to be pulled and and rotated to find true centering.

    No problems since except when I took tires off myself, and then remembered to play around recentering the hub-wheel orientation. Seems like the engineers could do a better job, at least I am satisfied with the results.

    Still no problems at 10k miles.

    Regarding road conditions, there is feedback to the steering wheel which also mimics woble. If I simply hold my hand lightly on the wheel, it goes away. I think the steering is very sensitive, and the steering wheel mass is very light, providing this sensation on certain surfaces.

    The difference between bad balance/carcass, and road feedback is that previously, my hand would shake. Now, it is only sensation.
  • glennbuckglennbuck Posts: 1
    Hi i have a 2007 range rover sport 2.7 td6 it keeps going into limp mode at first it read water in fuel my mechanic put his computer on it and it came up with the fault low fuel pressure he is convinced that it is caused by contaminated fuel so first he change the fuel filter still no good the he changed the high pressure valves still no good so then he dropped the tank and said it had water and sediment so he cleaned it out and put a new low pressure pump in in it when i got it back the rear parking sensor and cruise control had stopped working but after a while they worked again I drove the car for 1500 miles and the fault going into limp mode stated again with the same problem now he has said he will change the high pressure pump as it is a process of elimination it has cost me £2000 so far does anyone have any idea what I should do
  • mibnymibny Posts: 14
    When i first purchased my RRS 06 it had a 4 year or 50k maintenence warranty. Now its a 1 year or 12k. How can a high end SUV offer such little protection ??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited July 2012
    Our specs say the warranty is still:

    Basic: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.
    Drivetrain: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.
    Roadside: 4 yr./ 50000 mi.

    Do you mean you got "free" maintenance on your '06 for the first four years? I thought Land Rover only did that for 15,000 miles, one year.
  • mibnymibny Posts: 14
    Yes, i had Free maintenance on my '06 for 4 years. BMW and Benz still offer it. RRS is only offering a year or 15k.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited July 2012
    Must have been part of the fall-out from when Ford sold Land Rover to Tata in 2008. Seems like reliability has been getting better since then too.

    Sales of the brand are doing well, especially with growth in China. Guess they figure they can afford to lose a few customers over it.
  • mibnymibny Posts: 14
    Im not sure if its wishful thinking on their part. After I sold my '06 in 2011 and it only had 17k miles with service records, the buyer called me a few months later that he took it in for service and they raped him for $4200 on a noise he thought he heard and it really wasn't that serious.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,698
    It's extra cost at Mercedes now... Very few include maintenance, besides BMW, and most that do (VW and Volvo, for example) don't do it to the level of BMW..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • mibnymibny Posts: 14
    Its extra for a purchase at Benz. Free maintenance is included in leases at Benz and BMW. Land Rover only gives you a year. That was shocking to me.
  • westindianwestindian Posts: 18
    Anyone know when we can expect to see some at the dealerships available for purchase?
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