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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2006 and Newer



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    To answer one of your questions, the Eclipse is a hatchback like the TC and the 240SX. The subwoofer does take up some space but it won't make or break a trip since it takes up the same space as a small square duffle bag would. I'm also pretty sure the Eclipse's seat is height adjustable, but it probably makes more of a difference in the tilt of the seat rather then just a plain up and down. My Lancer wagon has this and it does raise the seat a good bit. The TC will have more back seat room but the Eclipse is wider which should make it feel roomier in the front.
  • skifast22skifast22 Posts: 3
    Although I am not familiar at all with the TC, I test drove an 06 eclipse GT just yesterday. While it's not the exact model your looking for, the interior volume should be the same for both models. With that said, I can not see how space inside of the car will ever be a problem. I normally run into problems because I'm tall, and on alot of sportier cars my knee will hit the steering wheel when I go to shift. I was amazed yesterday when I sat in the car, reached down to put the seat ALL the way back out of habit, and couldn't reach the pedals! I don't think I've ever been in that situation.

    For those that are Eclipse fans as I am, this car drives like a dream. I currently own a 2000 RS, and before that had a 1990 plymouth laser RS, the 2006 GT is obviously a night and day driving experiance compared to those other 2 cars. Acceleration was fast, and the gears shifted smoothly. I even got the chance to test out the brakes because someone in a minivan thought they could beat me as they made a left turn out of a side street. The car slowed very nicely and I was able to make a quick turning manuever to avoid the van. This was nice because my biggest complaint with my 2000 RS is the brakes. That car just does not want to stop due to it's rear wheel drums. The interior of the car is much nicer than the 2000 model, and appears to have a much higher quality. The seats were extremely comfortable, and while the seat did have height adjustment, I think I read somewhere that is not available on the GS. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    There are a couple things I did not like about the car. The first being the gauges. They seemed much smaller than the older model, and a little hard to read. I've seen reviews that mention they are much easier to read at night time when they are lit up. I also did not like the placement of the side view mirrors. To me, it just felt like I had to turn my head too far to the left to see out of the mirror. I did not have any trouble seeing out of the rear view mirror, but there is a huge blind spot when looking over your left shoulder to change lanes. I feel it is even larger than the blind spot in the last version of the car.

    I had narrowed my new car search down to the 06 eclipse and the 350Z. The eclipse costs about $2K less, and comes with a substantially better warranty. I test drove a 2004 Z last spring, and while the Z outperforms the new eclipse, take a look at the 350 Z forums and you'll see they plagued with a variety of problems. Factoring in my previous good experiances with Mitsubishi (I've driven the 2000 RS for 111,000 miles with no complaints), the better warranty and price, I will probably be calling up the dealer tomorrow moring to put a bow on it for me. The dealer was asking MSRP for the car and will not offer any deals on it, other than the manufactures $500 loyalty discount if you already own a mitsubishi.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well cost wise, if the Z is within $2k of the Eclipse, in the long run, the Z is cheaper. That should be easy enough to predict for resale values. Have you looked at, or in anyway considered a Crossfire? I do not like the blind spots, but I think the two cars you are looking at now kinda have the tall doors and think B pillars. The Crossfire should be sub $30K now while the year end close-out is on. It is truly a unique one of a kind look. OK, the Eclipse is too. The Z had some issues with tire wear. Be sure that was fixed before ever considering buying one. Those are not cheapie tires it was eating. The Z is very much a performance car though, and if it is real close in price, it may prove to be the better value. As for the Eclipse, it does look cool - they did a pretty good job with the design. Also be sure the dealership in your area for Mitsu. looks sound, as in being around for the following years. Looks wise I like all three, but the Crossfire has that something special look to it. As for the Z, I prefer the 300ZX of 1995 looks wise. I think it is a cleaner look. Really liked the look of the Dodge ( Mitsu.) Stealth that I owned many years ago. I had the first one in my area. I did have some problems with it though.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    is the use of your car. Is it your daily driver or a weekend play toy? I too was a 350Z fan, but when I actually went to buy, I had to be somewhat practical and look at something other than a 2-seater. I still love the 350Z and admire it's looks every time I see one, but I just couldn't do the deed when it was time. The tire issue also got me - I can manage to afford a pricey set of tires that have worn according to expectations, but I can't afford them at the rate some folks are needing to replace them.

    As far as resale, no mass production car truly holds it's value that much better than another. I bought a 2001 Eclipse, used, for $19K, drove it for 4 years and got $12,500 on a trade. Everyone warned me about Mitsu resale numbers, but that's the best I've ever done on a car. I don't even consider resale when I'm shopping - buyers and the market are way too fickle to predict. Hence, I bought an rx8.

    I'm a big fan of the Eclipse - I like the older ones, the model I had, and I think the new one looks great. I hope to be an owner of the Spyder when it arrives next spring. I'm busting my hump to pay off the 8 so I don't have to trade!!

    Good luck with your purchase!

    PS My Mitsu dealer is selling Eclipses for $1,000 UNDER MSRP.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    spyder as yet? I'm dying to see one.
  • fadilfadil Posts: 21
    Hello, everybody. Today around 11 AM, I went to Mitsubishi dealership – Anderson Mitsubishi in Rockford Illinois to test drive a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Dealer asked me several questions about my plans for buying it. After I told him that I plan to buy a new car in a couple of months and that maybe Mitsubishi is going to offer 0% interest, dealer told me that Mitsubishi is not going to offer 0% just to keep the value of Eclipse. After that, dealer refused to let me test drive a new Eclipse. I was really astonished. This never happened to me before. Usually dealerships advertise to get potential customers come for test drive and this one got me there and refused me.
  • Well that sucks that they didn't let you test drive it. I think it was because you aren't buying it anytime soon so they figure why waste our time. Still they should have maybe let you take it for a spin to see if you like it more and might buy sooner. I never talk about the buying part until after I test drive the car.
  • I bought a 2006 Eclipse and I think it is an awesome car, but I need more. Does anybody know where I can get any after market performance parts for this car? The best thing about this car is the chics really dig it.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, Kozie,

    You might also want to ask in our Aftermarket & Accessories Forum.


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  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    I also had some bad experiences with Mitsubishi dealership in Vancouver.

    In US, the 2006 Eclipse GS is MSRP US$19,399 (C$23,000) and the "Sun & Sound Package" is US$1500 (C$1770).

    When I went to the Mitsubishi dealership in Vancouver, I was totally shocked that they simply add another 10% on top of the US price (i.e. C$25,500) and add another 69% on the "Sun & Sound Package" (i.e. C$3000).

    I showed them the US price & asked the dealership how they can rip-off Canadian customers like this. Instead of giving me any reasons or try to negotiate the price, they simply tell me that it is their company's policy & I can either take it or leave it.

    I was really astonished with the way Mitsubishi treat their customers. I can imagine what will happen if I buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse & have to put up with that type of treatment everytime I take the car to the dealership for repairs or service.

    There are many choices on the market, I don't think I can trust Mitsubishi who treat customers like that. It will be sad to get stuck with them after buying the car from their dealer.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    i visited 3 dealerships just to look at it - i wasn't looking to buy - and 2 of the 3 had market adjustment stickers. one was about $3000 and the other almost $3500 on top of the mitsubishi msrp. the third dealer (this is MY dealer who serviced my 01 eclipse spyder and the one where I bought my current rx8) - they started selling at msrp on the eclipse and within a month or so, they were selling at $1000 BELOW msrp. My point is, it's not solely a canadian thing and I don't think it's a mitsubishi thing, it's the dealers doing it. It is sad and I absolutely won't buy from a dealer that bumps a car to more than msrp.
  • Most of the Mitsubishi car dealers have been surviving on used car sales for the past three years due to Mitsubishi's precipitous drop retail sales. The dealers are making an ill conceived move to take some extra profits on the new Eclipse. The 2006 Eclipse was supposed to generate more traffic in the dealers showrooms for all Mitsubishi vehicles, but I see yet another failed campaign. I live in Southern California and have seen a grand total of four 2006 Eclipses since they started shipping in May. The dealer surcharges won't last long, especially with new sports cars like the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky coming out. The latest issue of Consumer Reports didn't even mention the 2006 Eclipse in their review of new models.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Well there is a demand for the car right now. Honda did the same thing in the 80's with the Accord and added all those adjusment stickers. Chrysler did the same thing when the Crossfire came out a couple of years ago. If Chrysler dealers weren't getting MSRP for the Crossfire they would turn the buyer away. Think about this: wouldn't you wait till 07 when all the first year bugs get worked out of the car and the price is more reasonable? Wait till supply catches up with demand.

    As for Consumer Reports not reviewing the Eclipse I don't think they have even test drove the 2006 Eclipse because its new and it just got on the market. I heard Hyundai dealers were demanding MSRP for the new 06 Sonata when it first and nobody is going to pay that for a Sonata.
  • The latest Consumer Reports has a general article on the new cars for 2006--this is not one of the test drive articles. Mitsubishi was probably left out because their sales are becoming insignificant, which is why Consumer Reports had to put an asterisk next to the Mitsubishi Cars in the latest reliability ratings. The note next to the asterisk said that they didn't receive enough responses.

    I'm sure there's some pent up demand for the 2006 Eclipse from current Eclipse owners, but that's it. The 2006 Eclipse has received mediocre reviews which is why I've probably seen so few people driving them in Southern California. Eclipses were popular 3-4 years ago because Mitsubishi literally gave them away with the now infamous 0-0-0 financing. Many people literally walked away from the cars when they had to start making payments. Others were furious when they found out how much upside down they were on their car loans when they tried to trade them in after a few years. Consumer Reports said that the Eclipse has one of the highest rates of depreciation for any car--something like 75% in five years.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "The latest Consumer Reports has a general article on the new cars for 2006--this is not one of the test drive articles. Mitsubishi was probably left out because their sales are becoming insignificant, which is why Consumer Reports had to put an asterisk next to the Mitsubishi Cars in the latest reliability ratings. The note next to the asterisk said that they didn't receive enough responses."

    The Last CR issue I have is from from late last year. Does CR have the new book out already for 05 reliability ratings? I know 04 models CR did not have enough data to rate the Galant, Eclipse, and Outlander. They did however have a picture and a review from the Galant for the new Eclipse. The Galant and Eclipse are based on the same platform.

    "I'm sure there's some pent up demand for the 2006 Eclipse from current Eclipse owners, but that's it. The 2006 Eclipse has received mediocre reviews which is why I've probably seen so few people driving them in Southern California."

    Well the Eclipse gets the citicism its not the hot road machine that it was in the 90's. I know about the 0-0-0. I didn't see the high depreciation rate of the previous Eclipse in CR magazine. Reviews of cars are sometimes are misleading. Alot of Mazda's get great reviews but that doesn't equate to alot of sales except for the 3. Nissan gets the critcism for cheap interiors in their current cars but they may break the 1 million sales mark for the first time in their history.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and alot of the mags report. They survive on advertising just like everyone else and the big spenders probably get the big reviews. I read them occassionally just to see what's new and what's coming up. And, let's face it, most drivers are not so into their cars that they give a crap about some of the things they bash cars for (the 0-60 time, stopping distances...). Most folks want a reasonably priced, reliable car that looks good to them. For some that may be a honda, some may want a mitsu, and any company can make a lemon or a car that will last for a long time.

    As for depreciation on mitsus, i bought a 2001 eclipse spyder gt used in dec 2001, paid $20,000, drove it until march 2005, traded for a 2004 rx8, and got $12,500 for the eclipse on trade. I don't think that's too bad. You wanta talk depreciation, go out and buy one of these super-mass-produced so-so cars (like a grand am) and see what resale is. When there are a few thousand to pick from even in the smallest of areas, they are worth squat minus 10 !!
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    These ADMs are not from the mfr. The individual dealers set their own prices. If a dealer is tacking on an ADM, I'd look elsewhere, especially with so much power in your mouse.

    Nobody should pay over retail for this car. It will drop like a lead hawk the minute the rubber touches the street.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Mitsu is not a prestgious or exotic car manufacturer & Eclipse is not a limited edition car. Nobody in their right mind should (or would) pay over retail for this car. I also agree that the price will drop like lead once we see more Eclipses on the street.

    However, that is exactly the point :
    You have to understand the reason why I want to buy the new Eclipse in the first is not because the Eclipse is a good or reliable car, it is not because it has good resale value, it is not because of its performance......

    To tell you the truth, the only reason why I was attracted to buy a new 2006 Eclipse is because it (in its own way) looks a bit "unique" & "handsome"....and I am a lusty kind of guy who want to be the first to own the first Eclipse when there is only very few of them on the street.

    To be honest, once its new car smell is gone (i.e. if I see more Eclipses running around on the street), you will not be able to drag me into the dealership with a thousand horses.

    In the past, I was a Mitsu fan. It is sad that Mitsu got lousy & greedy dealers in Vancouver. My lust to own the car has already been turned-off by their greed.
  • The Eclipse is in for some serious competition once the Solstice starts shipping
    in volume. And next year the Saturn Sky starts shipping, and that is one sharp looking
    sports coupe. Mitsubishi will end up having to discount the Eclipse by thousands of dollars.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    with the eclipse gs (the wimpy 4 cylinder), but I don't think that the folks interested in the gt with 263 hps will change their minds and go for a 179 (????) hp car? My mitsu dealer says they are selling the gt's and very few gs's. I know I'll take a hard look at the gt spyder when it arrives next summer. I like the looks of the solstice but have had enough experience with pontiac plastic (and our local dealer is BAD to work with) to bypass it.

    I think the biggest hindrance to mitsu sales is the fear that the company will not be around much longer (entirely possible) and the lack of excitement for the company and it's cars at the moment. I have to say that I was very pleased with my 01 eclipse and my first dealership was a bad experience on service, but the 2nd was great to me and my car.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Anyone know how many 2006 Eclipses have been sold? I saw one the other day, and maybe one a month or so ago, which is not too many sightings on the road for the Central Coast of California. Around here, in the good ol' days for Mitsu, the latest Eclipse was spotted everywhere once out. My guess is that the dealerships are dissapearing, along with the customer base. I give it a few more months at this rate for Mitsu. I could be wrong, and I am sure for the sake of Mitsubishi and their customers in USA, I hope I am wrong. The company will be around, but possibly not here in the States.

  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    2,324 for the month of August. That number includes closeouts of the remaining 05's.

    YTD '05 is 12,499, and again contains a fair number of closeout '05 sales, while YTD last year was 9,195.
  • Most of the people that I see driving around in an eclipse seem to be in the
    25-30 age category. Can they afford a 2006 gt, which with tax and license is going
    to cost them $27-30K? I think that one of the primary reasons for the eclipses popularity
    before was that it was a relatively inexpensive sports car, especially with the 0-0-0
    financing for anyone with a beating heart. Mitsubishi sales started their precipitous decline in 2003 when Mitsubishi had to stop selling cars to people with poor credit histories. We'll have to see what the sales are like over the next few months, but I'm remain skeptical when I can count on one hand the number of 06 eclipses that I've seen so far. And what happens when Mitsubishi needs to start diverting some of its meager advertising budget to the new Raider? Right now it seems that they can only afford to advertise one car at a time. I agree that the biggest hindrance is that many people don't expect Mitsubishi to survive in the US. That includes several friends of mine who work at Mitsubishi headquarters and have either sold or are in process of selling their homes.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    32, 33, 34... Slightly older crowd (I'm talking about 2000-2005 body style) and those models were at roughly the same price as the 06 models. My 01 spyder gt would have retailed for about $30K had I bought it new. and, they only had 200 hp's and 210 in later models. the 06's are a much better value, in my opinion. I have to say, though, I have not driven one, I'm simply stating that based on numbers and what's on the car.

    As i said earlier, I will consider the 07 spyder when it hits the market. My buying or not buying will depend on: the reputation of the car at that point, the status of the company overall, and, of course, what the convertible looks like.

    Yes, I think people in that age range can afford them. I'm 36 and have an rx8 which retailed higher and I am OLD for this car!!
  • Can they afford them without the cheap financing that existed before? 0-0-0 was
    zero down payment, no payments for a year, and 0% interest rate. On top of
    that, you could qualify for the loans with a less than stellar credit rating. Remember,
    Mitsubishi's sales dropped like a rock in 2003 when they had to stop offering loans
    to people without good credit. The credit side of the company had to write off over $1 billion in bad loans, and ended up laying off virtually everybody, as well as selling most of the remaining loan portfolio at a huge loss. Needless to say, Mitsubishi can't afford to offer those same deals anymore.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    that can afford the Eclipse Gt without the 000 financing. Like I said, I have a mid-range rx8 (about $31K), I'm old compared to most 8 owners, and these youngsters are buying the loaded 8's and then swapping out wheels, adding turbos... They seem to be able to afford them. However, these are exactly the "kids" that the Eclipse does not appeal to because of the FWD, weight...

    I agree with you that the 000 probably attracted people who truly could not afford them. They see they can drive the car for a year for "free" and by the time they have to start making payments, well, something really good would happen by that time and they could make the payments when they had to. Not so = bad debt. And, i suspect the people who could afford an eclipse realized how stupid it is to not make payments on a car for a year while it's depreciating rapidly.

    Ok, so when we look at all this, whatever possessed Mitsu to make such a stupid offer? To move cars? It doesn't take a Harvard grad to see that moving cars but getting no money is not smart. Seriously, what was the motive behind the 000?
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    It may sound cynical, but "desperation".

    Now you know I like Mitsu, but there is no secret about it: Mitsu USA is in deep, and has been for some time. Looks like it's continuing too, from those early returns on the Eclipse. It's maddening, considering what they can deliver.

    The are directionless right now, and the new car, IMO, really emphasizes this. Ithas no idea what it's supposed to be. What's underneath in no way matches what's going on outside. The outside is slippery-stylish and recalls a real sporting image, yet what underpins it is mostly Galant ES in character, which is not all bad, but not a match either.

    I wasn't keen on it when I first saw it, but this looks like something they could win a few hearts and minds with (from Autoweek):

    Most likely, Europe will get it in early '07. If the current company trend continues, we'll never see it.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I like Mitsubishi, loved my spyder. But, I know the grim reaper is knocking at their door. And, likewise on the eclipse - it's like something homeless wandering around. The Sportback really grows on you and has some potential if they could get it here.
  • Why would Mitsubishi make such a stupid offer? Put an ambitious CEO in charge of both sales and credit. Sound like a conflict of interest? Gagnon thought that he had the credit risk under control. His sales slogan was "500,000 by 2005". The focus was entirely on increasing sales. In addition to 000, fleet sales became huge--sometimes 30-40% of total retail sales for a month. When Mitsubishi started selling cars in Canada, they rushed to open dealerships all over the place. I heard that some places were literally parking lots.
  • Just thought I'd post this to guage a response and get opinons. I'm in love with the new 2006 eclipse but sadly won't be buying one because of horror stories i've heard from people i've spoken to first hand about problems with Mitsubishi's service department/warranty repairs. I simply do not trust them or the 10 year warranty and that's sad because i'd happily spend the money on one otherwise. I haggled with the salesperson at my local dealer and agreed to $500 over invoice, yes invoice but when I spoke to the manager and to the service department to get a sense of where they were coming from I felt a strong sense to stay away from them completely. slimy is the only word i can think of. Instead I'm going to opt for the 06 Honda civic si even though I wanted a hatchback and I'm not thrilled with owning another Honda (boring). I'm not worried that Mitsubishi will be a dead company in a year or two like some people are...more that while I do own the car I'll have one headache after another and after all, who wants to date the hottest girl in the class if she's going to cheat on you?
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