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Mercedes-Benz C350 & C280



  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    I'd try for at least 90% off MSRP, incl. leather, Xenons, moonroof, etc. :)

    "I signed the paperwork on a C350 three days ago . . . but the price shows up as $444,444, meaning that MB hasn't released the pricing."
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    MB is having a lease support sales event that was initially until end of June but now is advertised as through August 1. Hope that doesn't hold up the C deliveries.

    My Euro deliver C280 4matic is set to pick up the last week in july.

    And for whoever said the price of a loaded C320 is only $1000 more than a C240, that's just not true. It's nearly $4000, not a small chunk of change, especially when the 2006 C280 is about the same as the 2005 C320 in engine. It's why i went with the C280. The C320 was good enough car for me, so why spend the money and gas on a C350?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I was looking at an obsidian black c230 which has a MSRP of $36,870. Invoice on this car is $34,340. The dealer says he can sell it for $34,870. Which is essentially $500 over invoice. I know the 06's are coming out in a month or so, should I wait or try to get the dealer to go lower than $500 over invoice?
    Also, it has the entertainment package which I really don't care about. How is the entertainment package anyways? Is it anywhere near close to the 1 grand price or is it worthless??
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    " . . . especially when the 2006 C280 is about the same as the 2005 C320 in engine. It's why i went with the C280. The C320 was good enough car for me, so why spend the money and gas on a C350?"

    Apparently, you'd at least spend less on gas. According to the current published info that I have seen, compared to the 320, the 350 is said to get 5% better fuel economy (with the 7-spd trans), even with big increases in hp and torque. :surprise:
  • tisherstishers Posts: 4
    I was in the Vance AL plant yesterday, the company I work for sells them their Siemens control systems for the manufacturing line. It is an extraordinary place. I have been in the Saturn plant in Spring Hill TN. I tell ya, the Mercedes workforce is highly motivated and very proud of the cars they manufacture.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    "compared to the 320, the 350 is said to get 5% better fuel economy (with the 7-spd trans), even with big increases in hp and torque."

    You missed my point. The C320 was good enough for me, and since the C280 is closer in performance to the old C320, while the new C350 is more than I need, I went with the C280 (C320 performance but with a new, more efficient engine).

    The C350 is NOT 5% more efficient than the C280. The C280 is more efficient than the C350, as it is the same drivetrain, but smaller (3.0L vs. 3.5L). The C280 is more than 5% more efficient than the 2005 C320 as well.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    Mine's ready end of July no matter what, but I am wondering where the 2006 C cars are? Still only 2005s on the website, and the C230 lease offer runs through August 1.

    The CLK as well is still stuck on 2005. And the one we weren't expecting to see first, the 2006 SLK280, has shown up.

    Go figure.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Where are the cars?

    Good question. I just knew they'd be here by now, but the local dealer here still has a good number of 2005 C's so it might be a little while longer.

  • duke3636duke3636 Posts: 3
    Where are the cars?

    My local dealers (Naperville, IL and De Kalb, IL) told me Mid July 2006 C's will arrive...
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    that's what mine told me a couple weeks ago. However after driving a c230 I probably won't be buying a C due to the location of the power window switches. Didn't know they were near the door speakers. Very inconveneint.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    My local dealers (Naperville, IL and De Kalb, IL) told me Mid July 2006 C's will arrive...

    Hey those are my local dealers too!!! Well Naperville is.

  • billp8billp8 Posts: 56
    ...because I am not crazy about their "new" location either. In my 2000 C, the window switches are on the console. That took a while getting used to. I didn't realize until sitting in the 2005 C (whose interior I otherwise like) that, when I drive in my "preferred position" (left knee propped against the door) my shin presses against the window switches. I have noticed in a lot of new cars that the "footwell" space seems to be shrinking (partly because center consoles are getting wider to accomodate navigation, etc.) I may need to rent a new C for a day or two to see how I feel about the switch layout long term. A minor point, I know--but in a narrower car like the C, every extra inch counts!
  • billp8billp8 Posts: 56
    ...if any of you Benzers are free the weekend of July 16 and 17 and happen to be in Pittsburgh, PA, be sure to check out the PGH Vintage Grand Prix. Other than the races, there are plenty of great cars (particularly German). The Merc, BMW, and Porsche cars are generally in the same area. Each year there is a "featured marque"--this year, it's the Ford Mustang. I live in Northern VA now, but grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and like to make it back to the GP whenever I can.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    They are in a bad place. But they are not that bad. Having owned my C for 4 years, I have yet to get used to them, but it is not a deal breaker on an otherwise great car.

    EVERY car has some ergonomic quirk. And despite the great placement of the center switches for who knows how long, car magazines (who usually hate MB) ALWAYS would complain about the center location as being "confusing."

    Anyway, I see the CLK350 Cabrio is HERE! They are still selling the CLK320 coupe, but cabrio is a 2006.

    Destination charge has increased from $720 to $775 for 2006.

    And just as a side note:

    The 2006 CLK350 Cabrio is only $155 more than the 2005 CLK320 Cabrio, including the increased destination charge.

    So that is very good news for those who were afraid the C350 might cost more than the C320. Price should be about even.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    That's the same position I'm in, with the leg propped against the door. When I did a test drive, every time I wanted to get to the switches, I had to move my leg and lean forward. I had a 325ci with the switches in the center and although they were different than all other cars I've owned, I got used to them pretty quick.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    A while back I test drove a legacy GT or what have you, and the door switches stuck out so much I couldn't think of getting the car. The MB C-Class isn't nearly that bad. The only thing that bugs me about them is the reach to use them, not the knee intrusion, and I'm a big guy.

    I prefer Audi's switch location, which is like most Japanese cars.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    So talking to my salesman, he said that he had talked to New Jersey and still no pricing on my car. It is already built and sitting in Germany, with a VIN, waiting for me to come get it. But no pricing until middle of July. And no information on any introductory lease programs either, but he promised to keep on them about this, since I have to decide between lease and purchase soon, since my trip to Germany is coming up.

    He also looked through his computer and saw that there are no 2006 C-Class in the ports in California yet, and the ones headed for his dealership aren't scheduled to arrive there until July 21.

    Add to this the lease support on the C230 runs through August 1, and his belief is that the car won't be available officially until August 1.

    He said he has no C320s or C240s for sale right now, and hasn't for a while, but has about 25 2005 C230 models remaining. But he said this has been their top seller anyway, and with lease support, he doesn't see a problem with selling most of them before the 2006 arrives.
  • jwilliebjwillieb Posts: 1
    Dear ikramerica -- I have read thru several postings and am coufused -- is the C230KZ staying with the turbo 1.8L 4 or is it going to a 2.5L V6 (presumably non-turbo)?

    I take euro delivery on a C230KZ Aug 25 and like you have no pricing nor do I know about the engine situation, although the dealer's info is that the 1.8L remains even as the 240/32- change to 280/350 and 3.0/3.5L.

    Our son is doing what you did, opting for the C280 and getting a 2006 cheaper than a 2005 C320 with same or better performance. Good move.

    WHat do you know about colors? We wanted Orion Blue but it is no more so we took Mars Red. My son wanted Obsidian Black which today he was told is no more?

    Viel danke, jwillieb
  • benz14benz14 Posts: 2
    Hi, just here wondering when the new C's are actually gonna come out. Wondering if anyone had a solid date for delivery. Getting tired of waiting wanna see how the new engine will perform. Thanks, Benz :confuse: :)
  • dbranddbrand Posts: 21
    I have a 2006 C280 4Matic on order. Build date is August 20 (a Saturday--hard to believe) and the car should be deliverd to my dealership (Portland, Oregon) no later than the end of September. Since this is a new model, of course I'm anxious to see the car. My dealership said there's a very good chance the first 2006 C280s will be arriving here by the end of July.

    Through the fleet vehicle manager of my employer (Fortune 500 company), I was put in touch with the MB dealer in Buena Park, California. They gave me a written promise (faxed to me) that they sell sell me any MB new model, whether from their inventory or by special order, for their invoice plus incentives and holdbacks. If anyone works for a large company with fleet vehicle department, you may want to check to see if you can manage the same kind of deal.

    I live in Oregon, and the CA dealer would ship the car to me so I would not be subject to the CA sales tax. The transport charge would have been $400 we estimated.

    However, I wanted to buy my car from my local dealer, who has sold/maintained all of my previous Mercedes cars. I showed them the fax promise from the CA dealer and my local dealer matched it. I have ordered my C280 4 Matic (black/ash) with every option except navigation, and my sales contract indicates the price (not yet published by MB) will be dealer invoice. No holdbacks or incentives are being offered by the factory as this is a new model, and apparently will be a big seller.

    The dealer (general manager and personal friend for many years) said the prices hadn't yet been released by MB for the 2006 C280, but he had heard that they would be about the same as the 2005 C240. He said it wasn't a very good seller, and many buyers felt that model was underpowered. MB listened and the result is the 280 for the 240 price.
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    I was told by my salesman that pricing has been released in a half-arsed way. Since they now have cars on boats with VINs, the dealer can look up it's invoice price. Matched against options form last year, a new price can be found.

    The C280 is $900 more than the C240, from what he determined. This does not include increased destination cost for all MB models. The C350 will be somewhere between $100 and $1000 more, but he didn't check specifically because he has no orders for them as of yet.

    My car is already built and sitting in Germany waiting for me. I go into the dealer to write the check and sign papers on Friday, but will not pay that $900 extra without firm numbers. I'll make it clear that when they can show me the real invoice, I'll pay the difference from 2005-2006 of the base, as agreed to.

    While the CLK350 is only $100 more than the CLK320, he said they are all arriving with rear side airbags, which costs buyers another $400 or so. The C350 could come the same way.

    As for the C230, the only way you could be confused is if you skimmed the thread. It is clear if you read through that the 2006 IS a 2.5L V6 engine. I have the 2006 spec sheet right here, including comparisons to 2005. Further, the C230 never had a turbo. But if your dealer is saying you will be getting a 2006 with a 1.8L, he doesn't know what he is talking about. This information has been available for months now. Be careful they aren't giving you a 2005, unless you want one, in which case bargain more on price...
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    both for domestic and euro delivery.
  • dbranddbrand Posts: 21
    I have a 2006 C280 4Matic on order with entertainment, lighting and sunroof packages, and heated seats. It's black so no up charge on color. I just received an email from my dealership saying they have the MSRP price on my car, of $39,075. I have a contract to buy the car for dealer invoice, which will be about $36,500. He is mailing a copy of his invoice to me. My dealer confirmed that the markup is 7% over invoice.

    One thing has me a little concerned--don't know if this means there are problems with the new engine, or if they just have so many orders they can't keep up, or perhaps there are supply issues from other vendors. The build date was to be August 20 with a delivery date in mid-late September. Now the build date has been changed to the first week of September with delivery in early October.
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    The C350 (MSRP $38,925 with 7-spd auto and leather inserts apparently as standard equipment) is now on the MBUSA.
  • jb_mbjb_mb Posts: 1
    the 06 C-class pricing is $800 more than last year's pricing.

    I work at a dealer and the '06's just rolled in. I haven't had the opportunity to drive the C280 yet since the first 2 came in sold, but here are my impressions on the others:

    C230WZ: Much smoother acceleration than the supercharged 4 banger and quite a bit quieter as well. Not a big difference imo between the '05 and '06 as far as quickness. Fuel economy ratings are 3mpg worse in the city and 2mpg worse on the highway than the 4 cylindar.

    C350W4: We got a 4-matic in with the 5 speed tranny and the power was fantastic. This car is going to be a hit for performance enthusiasts and BMW converts. Smooth acceleration with a punch when pushed. I can only imagine what the 2wd models with the 7 speed will feel like, but my initial impression of the car was that of a much quieter and more comfortable SLK350-like feel.

    Bottom line: Go drive one, the new engines are very impressive!
  • kronogoosekronogoose Posts: 116
    On the 230, did you have the manual or automatic transmission? I'm wondering what the new seven-speed auto is like.

    So, was the tranny with the 4Matic an automatic or manual? Can you get 4Matic with a manual?


  • dbranddbrand Posts: 21
    Do you have the 280s in yet, too? Wondering where your dealership is located and if all dealers will receive their cars at about the same time.

    My 280 4Matic won't be delivered until early October and I'm anxious to see the 2006 version. Local dealer (Portland, Oregon) sez they won't be in until end of this month.

  • tisherstishers Posts: 4
    I too was given a delivery date in September for my C350W4.

    I went the full route with every option checked on the MBUSA page.

    With TN state taxes (and Nashville), after some negotiation it came in at $49,900.

    Mostly because I was stubborn and wouldn't pay for it if it was over 50.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I just read a couple of your posts in the E-class section and saw that you ell MB's. I am considering a used E, maybe 03/04 model for around $40k or so with approx. 30k miles. Do you think it is a good buy since I've seen so many bad posts about electrical problems in the E. Would a dealer do a VMI for me if I bought it from a non MB used car lot? Or would I have to know someone there? Thanks!
  • ikramericaikramerica Posts: 101
    I can't speak to delays, as mine has been built for 2 weeks and is sitting in Germany waiting for me to pick up.

    These cars have been on sale elsewhere in the world already, so hopefully any problems have been worked out. The 350 engine is now over 1 year old, and has made it's way into other models first. The 3L and 2.5L are just different versions of the same engine, and the 3.0L has already been in use as well.

    Invoice for your car should be: $35,619 + $775 destination. Euro delivery price is invoice price, so if you want invoice prices, just visit and configure the car through Euro delivery.
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