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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    While helpful, I'm not sure that having problems reported to NHTSA is an accurate gauge of problems when comparing different makes. I had two tranny failures with a '97 Dodge Ram and my brother had two with his '98, all within the warranty period, and neither of us reported anything to NHTSA. There really isn't any great problem reporting system out there. I'm sure the car manufacturer probably prefer it that way. But while certainly not perfect, Consumer reports consistently rates Toyotas high, most domestics low. But then maybe it's all a conspiracy. Try attempting to buy a 4 year old Lexus LS 400 and still having to pay $30,000 plus if you doubt the perceived/actual value of Toyota products long term. That's if you can find one in a good color that has been well kept. Those usually are snatched up before you can get there to see them.

    All I can go by is what I've experienced, what people I talk to who own Toyotas have experienced(they rave about them), and what I can read in magazines and online. I've had a '95 Celica, a '93 Supra, a '91 4runner, and now a '00 Tundra, and the biggest problem I've had in a combined 150K miles of ownership was having to fix the power door locks on my then 9 year old Supra. A whopping $250. Oh yeah. I forgot. My seatbelt sticks a little when I get out on my Tundra. I'd better contact the NHTSA.

    As for posters here who seem personally attached to defending their particular choice in vehicle, despite the facts, all I have to say is........ didn't build it. You didn't design it. Why are you so darn proud of it? All you did was pay for it.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Dodge recently announced a 70,000 mile powertrain warranty!!! Since the toy boys have been saying the 60,000 mile warranty makes toy the best......I guess dodge had to do something to sell their junk.
  • " You can read about Tundra transmission problems reported on the NHTSA website. Right now Tundra is generating complaints for 2000-2002 models at double the rate of G.M. or Ford "

    While you didn't directly say the complaints were transmission related, I think many of us took it that way since that was topic at time. I for one am not a number cruncher because sometimes the differences are hardly noticeable. Does no good to get all worked up like some, over tenths of seconds and inches.

    I am not disagreeing with anything you've posted. It seems to me that in keeping up with these threads, the Toyota complaints Vs. GM / Ford / Dodge are minor in comparison. Is that to say that NHSTAs numbers correlate, not at all.

    I like to stay open minded about all trucks. Personally i have a chev 1500 rado out front that roomate drives. I like the room it has, like look of truck, and definitely feels capable of going to work. As a mechanic, I've always enjoyed working on GM vehicles, chevy in particular. Engines had some room to roam around and it was a nice change up from the foreign cars that were most times compacted together.

    As far as my postings, I personally feel that Toyota is superior in reliability to all trucks. Will I be able to work the thing like a F-350 super duty ?? maybe not. Yet I dont feel any other truck maker offers a better truck in reliability. I guess when I have heavy stuff to tow and need to work the farm, then i'll give the domestics a look, until then gonna try Tundra.
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    is for all you domestic truck owners to leave our thread ALONE. We only read your thread and we do not post there. PLEASE give us the same courtesy. LEAVE US ALONE.
  • As far as forums, I will have to spend a little more time in Tundra solutions I suppose. I do credit the Chev guys with conducting a decent thread, they certainly have enough to post about.
  • Thanks for the input. Perhaps my disillusionment is attributable to the fact that my expectations are based on my previous (exemplary) experiences with the Toyota cars I've owned. I never had second thoughts about buying Camrys in the new model years (having purchased those in 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002). As long as my wife is happy with the Camrys, and they provide the same level of service and reliability to which we've become accustomed, I'll continue to own them. However, Toyota set the bar pretty high, and my Tundra, in my opinion, failed to make the hurdle. Certainly, if this transmission performs without failure to 100,000 miles and beyond, my opinion is subject to change!

    Having had no previous experience with full-sized trucks of any make or model, I was not aware of the shorter warranty periods provided by domestic manufacturers. This is good information, indeed.

    brucec35, you were right. It was the dealership's call to replace the transmission. I suppose I just figured they were the specialists, and never questioned the decision.

    f1jules...hey a witty, accountant surfer-dude. I can appreciate that, and I bet you're all the rave around the water cooler!
  • You may have already mentioned, but I'm curious as to how many miles you have on truck now, and what total problems you've had with it. I personally think that you made out ok by getting a new trans. while still under warranty. Did you necessarily new a whole new trans, i dont know, possibly not. I think the dealer did an honorable thing in replacing unit free of charge, only a plus.

    I understand the somewhat of a let down after so many other quality Toyota vehicles you've owned. The funny thing is, that you may feel a little cheated in having a trans problem at 52,000 but if you look through the other domestic threads, youll see that trans probs at 50,000 miles are not a fluke but more of a common issue. I'm not talking just the overdrive going out either, more like partial / complete failures. That isn't meant as a knock against non Toyota trucks but it seems to be truth. This isn't based only from the threads, but from my personal experiences as truck owner and mechanic.

    Im interested to see how the rest of your truck has performed. By your own admittance you haven't owned any other full size trucks so you might not know exactly just how well Toyotas quality and reliability differ from the others. Toyota makes a heck of a product for most part, but its a whole lot easier to set themselves apart, when the domestics continue to fall short of mark.
  • Why are there so many problems with Chevy, I guess they could care less about quality! Their problems got me ROFLMAO!! is that the cool computer thing to say. I hope I didn't ruin any GM owners weekend.
  • Now that I have over 1000 miles on my second Tundra, I can make some points.

    Gas mileage is roughly the same. (as in the V6)

    Short bed / Extended Cab gives mysterious feeling that something is always in the blind spot.

    Automatic transmission much smoother than manual.

    Since the extended cab V8's are more popular, I do not have a unique vehicle anymore.

    Rear seat is tolerable. Perfect for one adult, Tolerable for two.

    Front seats are very comfortable. (Captain Chairs). The V6 bench was just as good except the height adjustor.

    Passenger front seat is much better than one piece bench seat. (Wife shorter than me)

    Towing will be tested soon.

    Short bed is also tolerable. I really would like to see Toyota offer long beds on more models. ( I miss the long bed.)

    I am hoping the truck will get louder over time. The V6 did. (This is a good thing.)
  • On your post #1382 you stated Dodge powertrain warranty is this, Dodge recently announced a 70,000 mile powertrain warranty!!! Since the toy boys have been saying the 60,000 mile warranty makes toy the best......I guess dodge had to do something to sell their junk. It is not a 70,000 powertrain warranty. The new Dodge powertrain warranty is 7 Years or 100,000, Before you make a comment make sure you have your facts straight will you please thanks.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The poster who incorrectly stated the Dodge warranty was an unfortunate Ford Stuporduty owner.

    I admire Dodge (actually Daimler-Chrysler) for stepping up to the plate with a fantastic standard powertrain warranty. Now the pressure is on Ford and GM to upgrade their measley 3yr/36k powertrain warranties.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    From all indications it's only available 'till March. So based on the toy boy's way of thinking, the dodge will be better than toy......for at least another few days anyway!!!
  • Dodge has upgraded their warranty in an effort to instill confidence in skeptical customers because the company has had such a notoriously problematic history.

    Toyota, on the other hand, has built for itself a reputation of quality and reliability, then puts the icing on the cake with a great warranty.

    Mod's words:

    "So based on the toy boy's way of thinking, the dodge will be better than toy......for at least another few days anyway!!!"

    Well, based on the Chevy boys' way of thinking, their knocking trucks with the upgraded 100K warranty ought to be better than anything else on the road!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    cblake2 "Engine Sludge? (Discussion Re-Opened)" Jan 5, 2001 6:13pm

    The best part about it is that the powertrain has the 60K mileage coverage....but what is that worth if Toyota denies coverage and blames it on the owner?

    Good luck on this one now!!!
  • Isn't is strange that obyone, by his own admission, owns a bonafide lemon-law qualified Chevy that spends 4 months a year at the dealer but seeks "vindication" for his plight by brooding in Toyota threads at Edmunds Town Hall?

    What a source of embarrasment this must be, obyone spending $30K on what Chevy convinced him was "the best built, longest lasting truck on the road."

    I hope obyone sticks around in our Toyota threads, however. Despite his best efforts to criticize Toyotas, he provides the ultimate example of why Chevys should be avoided.
  • One important difference Pluto, is that G.M. honors the warranty they do provide. Obyone is an example of that. Toyota pays you lip service and a piece of paper. And hasn't done a thing to bring your personal 1 Star side impact Taco wrapper to the updated safety standard (what, 2 stars? LOL!) of newer Taco shells.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    besides writing the stuff you write, ever bother to read anything? Read the sludge thread...then you'll understand why you still drive a one star side impact rated truck. What will it take for Toyota to correct that? I guess they don't think to highly of the lives of OLD customers now do they......
  • How many bonafide lemon-law qualified Tundra owners do you see in the Silverado threads doing their best to stir up trouble? NONE. And if one existed, would the Chevy guys take him seriously? NOPE.

  • ratboy3ratboy3 Posts: 324
    Star adjuster and trailer wiring problems taken care of... that's it so far... almost 24k miles now.

    Might have to give up the ride if I dont get a job soon... got laid off 3 weeks ago... and IT want ad is pretty thin.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    "f1jules...hey a witty, accountant surfer-dude. I can appreciate that, and I bet you're all the rave around the water cooler!"

    Hmm, personal attacks. How mature. You must be all the rave at your preschool playpen.
  • I thought the guy was trying to pay ya a compliment ... maybe i missed something.
  • I've only been visiting this site for a couple of weeks, since I bought my Tundra. But I think it's pretty humorous that the domestic owners come in and try to stir up hate and discontent amongst the Tundra community. All the commotion has me logging back in to see what else they're slinging. In fact, this type of behavior parallels another type of vehicular predjudicism: Harley Davidson owners and NON-Harley Davidson owners. Being an current owner of 3 "[non-permissible content removed]" or "rice rocket" bikes, and many others in the past, I've experienced negative vibes and slander from PROUD HD owners. But I just laugh at them cause I know that my bikes are technically superior and will out last and out perform the HDs for less money.

    Yeah, sure, Toyota's aren't perfect. In fact, all vehicles and mechanical devices in general are a compromise between cost, function, and reliabiliy. Of the places I can think of off the top of my head that leans more towards reliablity than cost are NASA and Nuclear Power Plants. And I think even NASA had to swallow their pride a couple of years ago when the budget mission to mars ended up a total failure. What a waste of $350 million dollars!

    Good Luck on this one now!!!!!!!!!1
  • I also thought he was trying to compliment you.
  • So has that lemon Tundra fell apart on you yet ?? I hope you didnt overload it with groceries, the suspension will sag ya know. Not to mention all that weight from the food will cause brakes to warp and fail. Now why dont you run along and be a good truck owner and get yourself one of dem american ones, for plowing dem fields. Lol, hope trucks working good for ya buddy.
  • After reading all the negative Tundra sayings I'm getting really, really paranoid and will likely go back to the dealer and demand my money back because they're knowingly selling a defective product. That's fraud. Then I'll take my money (with interest) and buy new Dodge truck with the "enhanced" warranty. How can you go wrong with a 7 yr/100M powertrain warranty. How bad can things get???

  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    Gee krez what's your take on this? Were ya complimentin' me or not?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    When in doubt, always go with your first's usually right. Better not to second guess yourself.
  • f1julesf1jules Posts: 288
    Oby-I'm not second guessing myself-I have other people here to do that for me. Thanks though-hehe.
  • grazkgrazk Posts: 18
    Does anyone know what the upgrades are going to be for the 2003? I read in Motor Trend that there are going to be SIGNIFICANT updates for the 2003 model year. I know about the 5.4 engine and the possibility of a quad cab (which I don't want), but is there anything else?

    Does anyone know what the ratings would be on a 5.4l vs. the current 4.7l. What kind of hauling and speed (0-60) difference would there be?

    I am VERY tempted to purchase a truck now. I'm tired of borrowing my boyfriend's truck. I would like to get the truck in the next couple months. I have a bunch of projects planned for my house this year and I would rather not wait on the 2003s if the changes to the truck are insignificant to me.

    Also, there were posts here earlier about someone putting better shocks on their Tundra to make it handle more like a BMW. How true is that? Is it really possible? I have a BMW 330ci and I love the speed and handling, but a truck is more useful to me, especially if it could handle almost as well as my car.

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