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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    "Rwell funny you say ignorance is bliss you sure must know that pretty good"

    Toyota Tundra owners: Rate your truck......... Takes an ignorance induced bliss to post repeatedly on a tundra owner topic, when you don't even own one!!!!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Ok Rwell ill leave u and Bama alone to talk to yourselfs
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    and that was his neighbor's truck that he keeps posting.....
  • I towed a trailer with my Tundra from NY to LA and kept the speed over 75 in the rural areas. In some places I hit 100 without any problems. The truck is strong and stable. In the rockies I could hold 65 up any mountain on I70.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    That's impossible!!!!!
    You can't tow over 45 with the Tundra or it explodes. Plus, your limited to 2000lbs or less :)
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Better listen to what Rwell says about limiting your speed in the Tundra when towing, he has obviously read his owners manual. Any vehice will do more that it is rated to do - it will just wear out faster and you run the risk of major mechanical problems down the road.
  • 26000 miles and no major breakdowns, towed over 45mph, with over 2000 lbs and it did not break, hauled at its payload several times and it did not break,

    I guess I have been one of the lucky ones

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Towing at 100 mph? Toyota doesnt put a speed limiter on their trucks?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    With only 26,000 miles your truck is still new. As long as you don't overload it on a regular basis you will most likely not have any breakdowns. Problems won't show up until you get past 60K anyway.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    The tacoma is governed at 105 MPH.

    Tundradude, observe all the warnings in your owner's manual. And heed Z71bill's information about the onset of problems after 60K miles. This is the established limit for error-free operation as proven by the latest J.D. Powers 2000 Dependability Study and 5-year Dependability Study.

    Oh, and don't look directly at the chrome handles on a sunny day as this has been known to cause blindness.
  • Yall just ain't right!

    Happy New Year to everyone!
  • ratboy3ratboy3 Posts: 324
    but just got back from NJ. Someone actually attached a plow on a Tundra. Didn't see it at work, it drove by like the rest of the plows that drove by. But it didn't look good making the Tundra look like a 'work' truck! :o)
  • I love my Tundra....hated my Chevy ( total piece of crap!), Ford was a decent truck till things started falling apart after 80, least it got that far unlike the Chevy, I still can't believe what a total piece of crap the Chevy turned out to be.

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,180
    I bought a new 1994 Toyota PU. The clutch went out at 12k miles not covered by warranty. Engine fell apart at 60k. It still looked good so I found a sucker to buy it. I bought a new 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser that was also a piece of carp, valves burnt up every 12k miles. The only good Japanese truck I ever owned was a 1970 Datsun. That was a dandy little truck. My last 4 trucks have been Chewy 3/4 ton 4X4's. All fine trucks. For me I'll buy something I can get fixed for a decent price. I don't like being held hostage while parts are shipped from Japan and priced like it was for a Rolls Royce.
  • webbdwebbd Posts: 176
    How is it that your clutch was not covered by warranty if, as you say, it went out at 12K miles? Could this be because the dealership discerned that there was no possible way for a clutch to go, under normal wear and tear, at 12K miles and refused to fix what you had abused?

    And specifically, what on your engine failed? It, too, would have been covered under warranty (powertrain warranty is 5 years/60,000 miles) unless it was discovered the owner abused it by perhaps over-revving the engine every hour.

    Did you buy the Landcruiser in 1964 or twenty or thirty years later? You know vehicles built in the 60's aren't exactly exalted for their craftmanship.

    What is carp? My dictionary defines it as a "long-lived freshwater fish of sluggish waters."

    And, in case you haven't been to a dealership this decade, most parts are not "shipped from Japan." They may be more expensive, but then so are Toyota vehicles, in general. How can an owner who is willing to pay more for a quality vehicle feel cheated when the parts are more expensive than those of competitors? Cheap parts for cheap vehicles and vice versa.

    I'm not denying you your negative ownership experience. You are more than welcome to it. I am just trying to assume some clarity from your ambiguous claims.
  • I bought a new toyota truck in 93 and have put 200,000+ miles on it. In that time the only thing that has going wrong with it was the timing chain broke at 100,000 miles. Everything in it is still original (execpt for things like sparkplugs, distributor, and filters). I still have the same clutch pad in it and its still going strong. It baffles my mind that you could wreck a truck that fast. As far as saying something bad about chevy I can't because I don't know anyone that owns a chevy truck. (3 dodges 4 fords and another toyota but no chevys :)
  • A couple historical notes make the conversation interesting, but when discussion starts to turn into a history lesson..., then it's time for your friendly reminder to please stick to the subject. ;-)

    Let me also remind people that this discussion was created for Toyota Tundra owners to discuss/rate their truck. So let's please try to respect that.

    And by the same token, if Tundra owners post messages here that include disparaging remarks about other makes/models, they should be aware that they'll be encouraging owners of those other makes/models to respond here.... Understand?

    And now back to the subject of the Toyota Tundra. Thanks for keeping it friendly. ;-)

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  • krj2krj2 Posts: 4
    Have had my tundra for about a month and have been extreamly pleased. Time will tell as to its future performance and reliability. Hope its better than my 97 Silverado. I put most of the warantee miles on it bringing it back and forth to the dealer. Nice truck-poor quality.

    One thing I have noticed with the Tundra is that the exhaust system Y pipe connection seems to choak the exhaust somewhat. Does anyone know of a good after market free flowing system for this truck?
  • I am contemplating a Borla cat-back system for my 2000 Tundra, 4.7L. I was wondering if any other Tundra owners have added such a modification and what sort of performance improvements they did or did not see. Manufacturer's claim more HI and mileage. Sure to be a bit of hype in that claim but how much? Also, are there any gotcha's to adding the cat-back?

    Already added the K&N filter. Seems to add an additional crispness to mid-range acceleration (not that the 4.7L doesn't run like a scalded dog already). Found a great site for Toyota after-market parts. Check out

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  • Take a look at

    They have a bunch of exhaust add-ons for Tundras.

  • I had a 1990 4Runner that went everywhere in the world... Swamps of Alabama, tank-trails of Germany, autobahns all day at 120 mph - no tire or brake wear to mention, off-road chasing quail in central California, the Beltway of DC, chasing pheasants and ducks in Kansas and back to Alabama for more boat-towing, duck-chasing, swamp-crawling fun. I traded it on a Tundra in 2000 at 96,000 miles and it was still running like new - and the fit and finish were nearly perfect. After pulling countless Chevy and Ford owners out of the mud in my 4Runner - and jump starting them - and driving them to service stations - I will never buy anything but Toyo! I love the new power of the Tundra V-8 but miss the gas mileage of the 4Runner... I'm getting between 13.5 and 15.5 - but I tow a boat and 4 WD quite often. How's your Tundra mileage been?
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I'm glad you like your new Tundra.

    I have a Tundra 4X4 V8 access cab, and I have gotten up to 19.5 mpg on the highway. I have found that the Tundra mileage increases as it breaks in. I wouldn't worry too much until you have at least 5000 miles on it.

    Some other factors: Oxygenated gas hurts your mileage, Check your tire pressure - I run 32psi front and rear, and put the cruise control on when driving on the highway. ( I know the last suggestion won't work in the city).
  • krj2krj2 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info on the aftermarket site. I am familiar with Bola systems and that is a good possibility, and have literature on order. The only concern is that sometimes Bola systems are a little loud, with some annoying midrange sound. I guess you dot know until after it's installed.
    As far as silage goes, I'm averaging around 14.5 with less than 1K miles on truck. Hope it gets better (too bad it doesn't have one more gear for 65 mph + range). With a N filter, free flowing exhaust and synthetic oil I'm hoping for 16.5 to 17 ave. The silver ado 5.7 got 15, so anything above that is a plus.
  • I bought my 2001 Tundra based on my ex. with 9 previous Toyota's. So far it seems like a good decision. Like the overall quality and looks. Lots of power. Have heard the Tundra's have some teething problem's but haven't experienced them yet. Now if I could just get it to tow like a F-350.
  • I put a Borla cat back exhaust on my 4.7 and am happy with it with the exception of the drone at between 1900 and 2100 RPMs.Some guys have put extra insulation behind the back seat to dampen the noise. That is a future project for me. If I install it soon I will let you know if it works.As far as an increase in mileage is concerned my experience has not shown it to be a significant increase. Performance maybe a little but would like to run it on a dyno before giving a qualified opinion.
  • Having bought my Tundra SR5 in Nov.2000,& really enjoying the looks,and compliments from others on the truck.Runs great,quick , very solid & rattle free.The only problem was is with the dealer,I wanted the alloy wheels that were on the truck thinking they were the factory alloys,Alas they were not ( Prime)I found this out when I ordered chrome wheels from ECPlating in Maryland.The wheels the shipped me were the factory alloys.They did work with me & took mine in on the trade out.My past truck were 96 Silerado, 97 Tahoe,98 Expedition,98 4wdNissan xtd cab.none are as nice and as enjoyable as my Tundra
  • Thinking about buying a V-8 4x4 access cab. What kind of gas mileage are you guys getting?
  • Does anyone know how the Tundra stock rear end compares with a true limited slip differential. Dealer says it the standard "active track" rear end is very similar, but I can't find any info. I want to get the most out a 2WD and would appreciate any facts or advice.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The dealer is fibbing. The Tundra has a standard open differential. There is a limited slip differential available from TRD. You can have it installed and still have the balance of your factory warranty in effect.

    My suggestion would be to bite the bullet and get a 4WD. There is very little difference in gas mileage, resale will be better, and Toyota is known for its bulletproof drivetrains. Depending on where you live, 4WD can come in very handy sometimes.
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