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Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 and Newer



  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I haven't test driven the '06 MC SS yet, but did test drive an '06 Impala SS. The torque-steer was very strong when I mashed the pedal. I launched it at a traffic light and left plenty of rubber behind. It started to veer left towards oncoming traffic, so I immediately backed off on the gas. I told the salesman about it, but he changed the subject. The Impala SS is very fast, so I think the MC SS should be too. BTW, the dual exhaust sounds great! Reminded me of my '66 Nova with the 327-350 horse engine. Thanks to Chevy for bringing back the V8, even though the cars are FWD.
  • Ive heard many people complain about the same problem with the Grand Prix's with the higher performing engine. Hoepfully they will correct this problem with enough complaints.
  • The '06 is Monte is starting to show up in Ontario dealerships. Took a silver LTZ for a short drive today. I think the front end looks better than promo pictures are showing. This one had a very very light colored beige cloth interior just begging for dirt. The 3.9 is a bit stronger than the 3.8 in my '02 Grand Prix GT from a stop.Its noticable, but nothing spectacular. Passing should be somewhat quicker too. Cant seem to find anything in the GM camp that pulls like my lightly modded '87 Buick Grand National did in its day. No Vettes for this guy and we cant get the GTO here yet. Did drive an '06 Impala SS two months ago, but the saleperson directed me through an area where conditions were not there for a wide open throttle run, so I'm still looking to see how the 5.3 compares. Another day. Anyway, just like the Impala LTZ, the Monte LTZ just has the just bare tailpipes. They'll look like crap in a year or so just like earlier Monte SS's did without the chrome tips. Would be nice if they did something to class that up a bit. The side of the car looks very "big" and plain. Needs something to break it up, perhaps even just an emblem. Could be just the light color, not sure. The SS may not have that same issue with me. Drives very well and its a possibility for my next car early next year.
  • Anyone found a website where the tu-tone version of the new SS is shown. Or any other sites showing something other than the Mfg own photos?
  • Whats the tu-tone version? I havent heard anything about that. Is it a two tone paint scheme?
  • I suspect he's talking about the ground effects being silver like in previous model years.A black SS was supposed to be delivered to a dealer in my area this week with the black/silver paint. I'll snap a few pics if its there. There's a "tu-tone" interior available as well, gray and ebony combo.
  • Took a look at the Black SS today that was listed as being Black/silverstone Metallic, but it was all black. Salesman didnt know why GM's website listed that particular car has having that color combo. Absolutely gorgeous with the black leather.
  • Sorry for the delay in responding, yes I was talking about the ground effects being silver. I have an 04 Supercharged SS in the Dark Grey Metallic, with the Silver ground effects. I really like the look with the contrasting colour. I haven't been impressed with the colour choices GM has offered for the past few years, and then for them to restrict the ones you can pick really sucks. I like to try and make my ride stand out a little but GM seems to want to put us all in the same box. They need to offer more exterior options where you can personalize the car to suit your taste. Anyway, I just wanted to see what an 06 would look like with the contrasting ground effects, it is offered in the brochure, but not a picture anywhere. :cry:
  • In your opinion, does the 06 look all that different from the 04-05's? I haven't actually seen an 06 in real life yet but they don't look all that different to me. By the way, GM is offering what looks like a really nice optional polished, triangular spoked wheel. Does anyone know if this is a factory option or do they make you buy these over and above the wheels that come with the car. I know they offered the 20" wheel on the Silverado, but they stuck you for both the wheels and then you had to buy the 20" tires to go with them. What a joke some bean counter at GM must have dreamed up this idea, thinking it was a good way to get another 2 grand out of the customer, and make him buy 8 wheels instead of 4.
  • Here's a few pics I snapped at the dealer the other week. I apologize for the quality..showroom was cramped, photographer inexperience..yadda..yadda. :P

    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic1
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic2
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic3
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic4
    2006 Monte Carlo SS pic5
  • I would agree that it doesnt look all that different aside from the front end and the dash. The front end does look a little "retro", circa 1999, but I like it. People have said that they dont like it but it looks different in person than it does it pics. The pictures really make it look big, when in reality its not. It appears that there isnt a body moulding across the doors available which would be nice on some colour combinations, like the silver one I drove. The side of the LTZ looked like it was missing something. It was just a sea of flat sheetmetal. Looking through the brochures, '04 had this moulding where '05 didnt. Correct me if I'm wrong. Black looks great without it, but then again it had the SS emblems on the door. As for the dash, it looks cleaner, more up to date, but I liked the previous model years too. The individual 4 gauge cluster with temp, oil, fuel and volts was nice in previous years. Its all combined into one large gauge now. Chrome exhaust tips are still a great touch on the SS. The LTZ just had the bare pipes which will look rather crappy after several months of being in the weather. There's a different black Monte SS at a dealer near me now I see thats listed as tu-tone. I'll check it out this weekend to see if in fact it has the silver ground effects.
  • Hey-nothing wrong with these pictures, they look fine to me. I notice there seems to be a small emblem or something on the front quarter near the SS nameplate. This wasn't there on previous models. Are you serious, there isn't any door moulding at all - holy door dings here we come. Just another way to save a few bucks I guess. If I was getting an 06, I would add one, it sure must look like one large slab of sheet metal without it. My 04 has a moulding, the same colour as the body. I don't know if the 05's had it or not. The wheels look like great big pie plates. My 04 has 5 spoke diamond cut (whatever that means)17" aluminums, but they look a lot better than these things on the 06. As I wrote in a previous post, the "Optional" tri-angular wheels look good, but it will probably cost an arm and a leg to get them. The wheels on the lower trim models look better to me than "Standard" ones on the SS. The rear ground effects on the 06 looks very plain, with the exhaust tips just hanging below. My 04's ground rear ground effects sort of integrates the exhaust tips, which are an oval shape, into it. Looks a lot classier I think. Anyway, maybe with the tu-tone job, the rear will look different. Thanks for posting the pictures. Let me know what you think when you see a tu-tone SS.
  • The small square emblem just has GM inside of it. I've noticed it on a bunch of '06s. I'd be curious to see those chrome rims too. But seeing as I rarely see any year Monte Carlo on the streets here, chances are slim. What happened to times like the late 80's and early 90's when everyone and his brother had an 84-88 Monte..hmmm..I think they all bought the last generation Grand Prix's :) It would be nice if they were somewhat more plentiful here in Canada where you could actually see all the colors at once and see what the SS cloth interior is like. All the cars on GM's vehicle search show up as having leather for the several regions I did searches on. Seems like the dealers at this point, being still early in production, have just ordered loaded cars. I guess those are what sell. My lease is coming up to the 6 month window on my Grand Prix where I can get into something else easily, so I'll be giving my guy a shout and crunching some numbers soon. I'll find out from him some dealers with the different coloured cars since its too time consuming trying to find exact dealers on GM's site. They want you to shop near where you live and not know where specific cars are.
  • The other night I FINALLY found an 06 Monte on a dealers lot. (FYI, the vehicle search option on the Chevrolet website isnt always that accurate). It too was black on black. So far that seems to be all that people are finding. Maybe they are making a different color each month and the 1st month is Black? Anyway, I was able to pull right up beside it and was able to make the small comparisons with my black 2000 SS. I have to say that I agree that it looks better in person than it does in the promo photos. The new front end seems to flow with the rest of the car better than I thought. Ive also noticed that they did revise the tail lights as well. Rather than having 2 cirlular units behind a clear bubbled lense, they are 2 red units behind a red flat lense, which looks a little cleaner. The interior also looks cleaner and a little more upscale. Especially the new console which adds an additional cup holder over the old one but less storage room under the dash. Over all, I think I would consider trading up for one. I am however still sad by the fact that Chevy once again did away with the Knight crest emblem and the "Monte Carlo" script. Its also odd that they chose to make the "SS" emblems on the car white vs the red that they have used for many many years.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    GMs announcement of plant closings.

    GM announced that it will be dropping the third shift at its Oshawa plant #1 at end of 2006. Personally I believe that will be the end of the Monte Carlo. The Impala has had great success and the Monte Carlos sales are dropping like a stone. Chevy pumps hundreds of Millions into Team Monte Carlo in NASCAR racing and it isn't paying off. Now that Ford is going to use the new Ford Fusion for their racing program 2006 I believe after 2006 the Monte will be dropped and the successful Impala will be the new NASCAR Chevy entry. The Dodge Charger & Ford Fusion are both 4 door sedans, the Impala would fit nicely as a replacement.

    Just my opinions......
  • I hope to God that GM does not drop the Monte Carlo again. If they do I will be finished with them for good. If they are not happy with sales, then they should come out with a cutting edge new generation. Its been virtually unchanged for the past 5 years and the 06 isnt really that much of a change. But I do have to say that I see alot of Montes out on the street and not a whole lot sitting on the lots so I think they are selling. But time will tell.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Chevy didn't go near far enough to freshen the Monte for 2006. The current platform looks dated, when I see pictures of the new Dodge Challenger coupe thats coming. I think Chevy blew it!
  • I havent heard about this new Dodge Challenger but Im sure it will be a hit like everything else they have brought out over the past couple of years. I dont know why it should be so hard for Chevy to do the same thing. They can totally come up with some fun and innovative designs that still retains the automibiles heritage as far as styling cues amd image. But yes you are right, they didnt go far enough with the 2006. This was something they should have done say 2 years ago and then roll out a while new generation for 2006.
  • I agree that the Monte Carlo isn't anywhere near the numbers the Impala is in unit sales, but I think the Monte was specifically designed for the NASCAR circuit. I don't think the Impala even comes close as far as the aerodynamics of the body are concerned, and unless GM is prepared to abandon their NASCAR presence, they will continue with the Monte nameplate. Whether the particular vehicle itself sells in great numbers or not isn't the issue. The advertising for the Chevrolet division is the big thing, and it has taken many years to make the claim "The winningest name in Nascar history". It would be hard to throw that away.
    That being said, I do think Chevy is way to conservative with the styling and they better wake up soon. The buying public (Me and people like me) aren't going to continue to support same old, same old. I have owned a 2000 SS and now a 2004 SS. About the only difference between the two is the 04 has the Supercharged motor. Nice but the car is virtually the same. Same as the 06 V8 power, nice, but what else is new. Sure some minor modifications but nothing I can see that really turns my crank to cough up another $10 - $15 grand to trade up.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The 2006 Monte Carlo just doesn't cut it. I am not being negative to anyone who owns one but it is a dated style and chevy blew it. NASCAR racing is huge. But win on Sunday sell on Monday doesn't work anymore. For the 10s of millions Chevy pumps into Team Monte Carlo it isn't paying back dividends of higher sales.

    With the newer 4 Door Dodge Charger, and next year the new 4 dr Ford Fusion in NASCAR the Monte Carlo will be out of place. Its still based largely on the old 00-05 platform style.

    Its time Chevy got exciting again. I was around in the 60s when stylish 2 door Impala SS, Chevelles, Novas, Camaros ruled the streets. High performance/trim packages could be ordered through Chevy. Everyone knew a Chevy model from blocks away,........not today!

    Check out the website pictures of this new Dodge Challenger coming it will make the current Monte look like a Model T Ford.

    Chevy, you have to take a chance to get a chance.....make some bold moves and become performance/styling leader like you were 40 years ago. Boring Cars/Trucks just don't cut it anymore!
  • I'm thinking about buying a Monte Carlo in 2007 (I never buy the 1st model year that a car is made or revised). I test drove the 2005 version, and found the seats very comfortable, with good outward visibility (rear visibility is not that good, but stick on blindspot mirrors will alleviate that), and it's decently priced.

    Does anyone know which of the 3 models or engines are most dependable?

    LS/LT: 3.5 V6
    LTZ: 3.9 V6
    SS: 5.3 V8

    The only features I really want are the side airbags, OnStar, XM Radio, and antilock brakes. This car will be replacing my 2003 Civic sedan. It's a great little car with 36 average MPG, but it is so underpowered that it is dangerous to drive in my mostly uphill commute. :sick: I'd rather sacrifice fuel economy for more power. :blush:
  • All the engines you list are "New" for 06. The 5.3 V8 has been used in the GM truck line for years, although not with the cylinder deactivation system. I had a 2001 model SS with the 3.8 V6 200hp and now have an 04 with the supercharged 3.8 V6 These engines have been bulletproof, but they should be, considering the length of time they have been in service with GM. I do know the extra 40hp the 04 has is a big step up from the previous 200hp model. Whatever you choose, I think you will notice quite a difference from what you are driving now. Although I'm a bit partial to the power of the V8 (comes from my love of the old muscle cars of the 60's I guess), I would think the 3.9 in the LTZ would be a good overall choice. From what I have seen, I looks to me the LTZ with the 3.9 as the standard engine is a fairly reasonably priced rig when you add up all the features it has. Should be as quick as my 04 Supercharged SS as well since the HP numbers are the same. 36 MPG average is good mileage, you won't get that but overall I would think you should see around 22-25 mpg average.
    All in all, you will have a three year warranty so let the General take care of any problems. Hey, who knows, my dad just got a new 06 Buick Allure (Lacrosse in the US) and it has a 4 year warranty. Mabey Chev will up their warranty for the 07 models. Good Luck, I'm sure you will like the Monte, I expect to get an 07 myself. That will be 3 in a row for me.
  • Thanks, revitupfast. I was thinking about getting the 3.5 or 3.9. I can't imagine having a V8. That would be overkill for me. Super-fun, but too expensive on gas and insurance (my commute is 250 miles/week!).

    I know the power of the 3.8, and boy, can a car fly with that engine. It's what I have in my 2001 Firebird (my weekend car). The average I got with the Firebird was 23-25 mpg. If I drove like a granny, the highest I got was 31 mpg.

    I guess I'll just have to wait and see which of the 2 new V6's are most reliable. Thanks again. :)
  • Another FWD? A lot of good points made on other posts. It does come down to preference and where you live. As the New Yorker said, RWD with Blizzaks and a driver who knows how to drive is all it takes. My take on the Monte for the past 10+ years is Chevy has failed horribly by using the name 'Monte Carlo' on the product delivered. The name is associated with a powerful race car that eats the road. Trying to combine luxury and sport didn't work so why have they stayed stale for so long? The Monte should always be a step ahead of the Mustang, if not, don't call it a Monte. They don't take 2nd or 3rd place overall on the track and yet on the road...way behind. They should start by firing the design team for continually delivering a car that seems suited for seniors. The Intimidator was a gleam of hope and also any custom Monte's I've seen show what they should deliver from the factory. The V8 should have always been an option but they also need to stop making the car as big as a boat if they want them to sell. People no longer want or can afford full size cars...get up with the times. Regardless, I still support them but I wonder how much support they've lost with their lack of innovation. Like another post mentioned, the 06 platform should have been released in 04 and by now we should have seen the meanest looking Monte in a decade...the best example I can remember was that concept they had at the '98 auto show...that was a nice Monte...check it... /Taz.jpg
  • Does anyone know if Chevrolet is going to produce a 2006 SS Signature Series Edition for the Montre Carlo ??? Just like we had a Tony Stewart one for 2005, a Dale Jr for 2004, etc...

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    With Toyota declaring they will enter NASCAR racing in 2007 fielding Camrys, 2006 might be the last year that Hendrick Motor Sports fields Monte Carlos. Rick Hendrick owns the largest # of Lexus/Toyota dealerships in the USA and he would be hard pressed to continue with GM. My prediction is that Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and other Hendrick teamates will be driving Toyota Camrys in 2007. The Monte Carlo has fallen on hard times the last few years with dwindling sales. What to do?
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Test drove a 3LT today - I was very impressed with how tight & quiet this car was. Very good pickup, and ride was smoother than I thought. Only negative (for me) - I do not like a spoiler on the back. Test car was a fairly loaded cloth-seat model (sticker was around 25.5K) - I found seats to be comfortable, back seat comfortable once you could get in. Trunk space is great. This is a lot of car for the money. I would like to try a 3.5 v-6 for comparison - but I want to make sure the engine is a u.s.-built 3.5 and not one built in Mexico. Any input on 3.5 vs. 3.9 liter engines?
  • hdmontehdmonte Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 Monte Carlo 3LT 2 months ago.

    So far I have racked up 3,200 miles and already done the first oil change.

    I am completely satisfied so far and have no complaints. The car is solid and very smooth. The power of the 3.9L is great. I test drove a 5.3L V8 and was unimpressed. I may have based some of my feeling on the 5.3L SSR experience I had, which was uninspired to say the least. It just didn't seem to have a great deal of grunt.

    For me the only positive about the SS Monte I tested vs. the 3.9L I bought was the exhaust note at start up and idle. I also liked the exhaust tips better than the stock 3.9L ones but that has been remedied already with a set of 2.5" dual wall Stainless aftermarket versions.

    I think that the '06 Monte is a great choice compared to the armies of Lexi, Camry and Accords that are all to numerous on the roads.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    With a new Camaro in the wings as the NEW two door sport coupe, I believe the low selling Monte Carlos will soon be deleted from the lineup at the end of this run in 2008/9. With tremendous publicity and millions spent on NASCAR and sales still falling like a stone I don't think it would be in Chevys interest to carry on with the Monte. Get one while you can.
  • doctuckdoctuck Posts: 1
    Be sceptical of the 5.3 if you want, but it is nothing to laugh at. I have one, and it will MOVE!!!
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