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Mercedes-Benz R-Class



  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I was given a bulletin from MB dated September, 2005 stating that due to the infrared windows that customers might have a problem with garage door openers, toll transponders and radar detectors. There are 3 places on the windshield that will allow sensors through. Two are on either side of the rear view mirror - the one on the left (looking out) is very small. The one on the right is a bit bigger. There is another one on the very lowest part of the middle of the windshield. You can tell because of the light brown square you can see in the windshield. Now that I know this I still don't know what to do! I, too, have my old remote, but I have to open my window to get it to work! Homelink has been no help. Mind you our other car (2007 Lexus) works great...
  • I learned the hard way about these pass-throughs with the EZpass. Now that I place it properly, I don't have any problems with the NYC tolls. If you are still having problems, I would suggest getting a new tag. (I believe they have batteries that do run out) Here in NY, we have the option for an exterior tag that mounts on the license plate bracket.

    As for the garage remote, you know it works. It just doesn't work well. I have a 20 year old unit that works fine with my 2006 R (Panoramic roof). The fact that the handheld remote does not work in the car leads me to believe that much of your problem may be the reception in the garage. Either have your repair man extend/repair the antenna or replace the unit.
    Before doing that, you can run a test at a friend's or neighbor's house. Take their remote into your car and see if it opens their garage.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Good thinking! I will try someone else's garage. I can see a new opener in my future, however!
  • Also you may want to check the manual on how the remote works with openers that have random codes (safety feature of most new garage openers). I dont have my manual handy but I remember that there are different ways to program. For reference I can open my garage door from a house away and my driveway is fairly long...
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I'm still looking for help in locating ULSD fuel for a trip from MD to FL. I have made many, many phone calls to stations along the way, and have found 3 stations. I need a station in the Gainesville/Ocala, FL area. I may not need it, as I am counting on great fuel mileage, but it makes me very nervous to think I can't just stop anywhere to fill up. The fuel in stations is very scarce despite the fact that it should have been there starting - October 1, and then December 1st. Now it is being moved again...
  • REPEAT. ONLY ULSD can be legally sold ANYWHERE!!!!!! Many stations have NO IDEA what they are selling.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    The good old handheld works fine inside the R, it's the R's rearview mirror mounted Homelink that hasn't worked too well.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    If you had made as many phone calls as I've made looking for ULSD you would not be so sure in you're remarks. It is not the only diesel out there. Stations are not forced to have it. Maybe later, but not now. The fuel is very scarce at stations. Stop telling me, or anyone, that it is the only legal fuel. It is illegal to put anything other than ULSD in a 2007 vehicle, but that is the only illegal thing at this point. I don't know why it's illegal, but surely it'll gum up a 2007. Stations say they are changing over, many stations don't have a clue, but without the label being on the pump, I'm not going to take a chance. It is NOT mandatory for a station to carry ULSD. It may be the only thing they'll be getting shortly, but they DON'T have to have it. Check out the government fuel website....
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    recently i've not seen anything but ULSD in the northeast and all the way down to Orlando. but with ~600 miles per tank (TDI), i don't have to refuel all that often.
    greasekid1, i understand that you are incorrect in the first sentence your REPEATED statement, and correct in the 2nd sentence.
    wopel, i think your statements & concern are exactly correct and i sympathize - your concern is why i opted to stock up on 06 VW TDIs for my family "fleet", instead of looking at any rare 07 diesel models.
    as for it being "illegal" to refuel an 07 diesel with non-ULSD, that seems absurd and totally unenforcable. i figure there MUST be folks out there who have done that, and i wonder if anything bad actually happened to their vehicle as a result - i think it's *doubtful* that anything bad would happen, but if i had an 07 diesel i would surely go out of my way to find ULSD if at all possible/convenient.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I made my trek yesterday. I tended to fill up when I could, (when the dogs were emptying their tanks) if a station had the ULSD. Due to fear of not finding the fuel, I filled up twice at 3/4 full! My last stop was in Brunswick, GA. I can tell you that at least half of the stations I stopped at did not have the ULSD sticker on their diesel pumps. If there were more than one station at an area, I checked them out. I had good luck with Shell. I got a good list from Travel Centers of America showing their stations with ULSD. I was told by BP that all of their company stores have ULSD but "jobber" stations probably don't. Exxon is hit and miss. I know things will change, as the ULSD will take over. The sticker is laughable about being illegal to use anything but ULSD in a 2007. I have driven diesels for many, many years, and was excited about getting a "big" car with good mileage. I just didn't plan on being ahead of the fuel to get the good mileage. I'll bet by the time I head back north, more stations will have the ULSD. I will blame the government for moving the "must have" date back, and back, and back. When I originally planned on this car the date was in the fall of 2006, but...
  • Everything that I have seen in the media stated that Oct 1 was the deadline to have ULSD available;but I won't argue the point.

    All this is one reason that I bought CDI which can use either type of diesel.

    Reason that Bluetec cannot use old diesel is because it will not meet the new emmision regs and may also damage the Bluetec filtering system itself. Aside from all that it will probably work----at least for a while.

    I use Shell.
  • If my memory serves me right, at this point, the only area In the US where ULSD is almost exclusively required to be widely available for delivered to gas stations is in California (and the surrounding area - Nevada border, etc - here fuel is sourced from California refineries). Even in California many station will not yet have guaranteed ULSD because they have to have enough refills of there diesel tanks to bring the parts-per-million (PPM) of sulfur down to 15 PPM.

    Generally, stations will only put out the ULSD emblems once they are certain their co-mingled fuel is at or close to 15 PPM. All refineries in the US are actually making all new ULSD at 8 PPM because they know the co-mingled fuel will pick-up old sulfur contaminants. ULSD is also being imported in addition to being refined in the USA since Canada started their conversion somewhat sooner and ULSD has been refined for Europe and elsewhere for sometime now.

    The one observation you received from a station sounds about right in that they have to go through at least 3 refills of their tanks (if not 5 or more) before enough of the old 500 PPM fuel is flushed as it is co-mingled with the new 8 PPM fuel.

    I believe that most high volume retailers are going to have to be producing the ULSD by January 2008 and it therefore will be available in most of the US the way it is in California right now. However, the US Energy Department and EPA actually are allowing that "up to 5 percent of the market could delay making the transition to ULSD until 2010".

    The good news is that in population centers and on major roadways the availability should be quickly getting better as stations continue to get better. The misconception arises with the significant difference between what can legally be refined versus what is available in retail outlets. Where as about 90% or more of the diesel being currently refined and imported is ULSD, the gas station that sells very little diesel fuel could take a year or even more to adequately flush out their old diesel. This is why the process is so slow at some stations. I also believe that many small ownership stations will wait to put out their ULSD emblems until they are absolutely convinced they have had adequate time for the natural flushing.

    BTY, the MB R-Class and ML are not Bluetec diesels only the E-Class is currently. Since the R-Class and ML are classified as trucks for fuel economy ratings they do not have to employ the Bluetec engines for emission purposes until 2010.
  • wopel -

    I know you must love the mileage of your new R-Class diesel but I am really curious about the adequacy of the power given its weight. Does the diesel engine really have the power to smartly move the R? And what about when it is really loaded with passengers and/or cargo?

    I guess I am skeptical given the size of the R-Class.

  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I drove from MD to FL with the car completely packed and a very large cargo box on top. It had not problem with pick and/or speed. I wasn't too hard on it, however, since it was very new.
    I sweated it out with the ULSD fuel. Some stations had no idea what I was even asking for. I filled up at every possible chance, and usually didn't need too much, but the fear of not finding it was quite high!
    Now that the cargo top is off and the stuff out of the car I'm getting about 23.5 +/- mpg. Not bad for it's size. I still have no idea where the front of the car is!
    I'm getting to love the nav system.
    There's still a lot to get used to. I've been driving in the comfort mode and it ain't bad!
  • I am in the process of purchasing an R320. I have yet to find a dealer who is very knowledgeable about the facts of the CDI/Bluetec engines. I have asked several of them about the difference between the CDI as in the ML and R vs the Bluetec as in the E-class.

    The only answer I have received so far, is that they are the SAME (although HP specs are different?). I've been told that the NAME "Bluetec" is only a marketing device which is applied to the E-class alone. In Europe it means the use of the urea additive. That urea additive (adblue?) will supposedly be used on future E-class models in the US to make them viable in all states.

    So, I don't actually KNOW the difference between CDI and Bluetec but have been told repeatedly that they are the same.... FWIW.
  • My understanding is that the "Bluetec" is a CDI with a turbocharger and extra exhaust components.
  • ak_r320cdiak_r320cdi Posts: 1
    I just bought an R320 CDI and I love the power. The torque in the car is almost 400 lb-ft. The thing could pull a house. And when you floor it, it takes off. What's even better is it's passing power on the highway. Don't let the horsepower difference fool you, the proof is in the torque.
  • edpliutxedpliutx Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a r320 cdi in the Balt Wash area (P2 w DVD). I've inched my way up to getting approx $6700 off sticker but the inventory for P2 320's seems to be getting low as the 2008's are phased in. Anyone out there seeing any good closeout deals on 320's or 350's?
  • vicsvics Posts: 10
    :confuse: My area of Massachusetts has a lot of two lane twisting roads and a lot of traffic so I never get a chance to turn on my headlight high beams. My low beams though, are too low which makes fast driving unsafe and causes me to drive about 30 mph to see well.
    I asked one dealer to adjust the low beam a litle higher, but he said that there is no adjustment possible.
    Another dealer said that he could adjust the low beams higher, for a price.
    So, which dealer is correct? Is it possible to adjust? Or is the second dealer wanting to scam me?
    I would think that an over $50,000 auto should have adjustable low beams, don't you?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    First, the headlights are adjustable and your dealer should do the adjustment for free. I have asked my dealer to adjust the headlights as high as the law allows because the poor visibility you mentioned. The truth is the non-HID headlights are really bad for a car that cost over $50K.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    I'm looking to purchase a 3 year, 50K extension on the base warranty. Anyone know how much this costs? Is extended warranty advisable for an R class or have they been relatively trouble free?
  • I've just got a new R class and it's stuck in park, can anyone tell me how to get it out when the battery isn't connected??

    This might sound like a stupid question but where is the battery located, i can't find it anywhere!!

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    katy did - same thing happened to my y2k e320. maybe same cause. there might be a big allen wrench thing in glove compartment or some tool kit.
    it can turn a little knob in the console next to trans shifter - behind a little door. manual control of electronic trans. in the e320 it allowed manual selection of one forward gear (2) and one of the two reverse gears.
    mbenz-rescue-dude showed me this odd technique after the failure stranded us in a boston parking garage.
    a meilleur chance!
  • Hi
    my R350 did not come with the plug in piece for the phone - it supports bluetooth but the salesman told me I have to spend another $400 for the piece that plugs into the arm reast. does anyone know if i need to but one matched for a specific phone (kinda makes the use of bluetooth pointless but i googled for them and sold ones for specific phones) and is there anywhere i can buy one cheaper than $400, maybe a compatible cheaper one or even a used one?

    Many thanks.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I read that there is a recall for the 2007 R320cdi as well as the other 2007 diesels. It's about a crankshaft sensor. Any feelings as to how fast one must get this fixed?

    I also read that MB has admitted they didn't think the R through enough - really?
  • tscott2tscott2 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    i leased a 2007 r-350 in may of 07 i have had brakes done 3x and the light is on again so this would make 4x. i had to have sunroof repaired which was never done to my complete satisfaction. my radio has gone completely out as well as my a.c. not to mention both the head and tail lights have been replaced numerous times. once my warranty ran out all these repair expenses came out of my own pocket. this car has been one issue after the next since i bought it and the longer i keep it the worse my HEADACHE gets i've been wishing i could have given it back a whole year now. one thing for sure i don't think i would ever buy another benz again.
  • ctdanctdan Posts: 34
    It appears that they have not gotten much better on the quality. I am on month 20 of a 32 month lease on a 2009 R350 and it has been in the shop at least a dozen times and on the back of a flatbed twice. Fortunately all of the repairs have been under warranty and the dealership has been pretty accommodating, although they should be considering how often I am there. There have been several times where they have had the car for 5+ days while the figure out what was causing the problem "du jour". I must admit that when it is working it is hands down the best car I've owned as far as comfort, convenience, performance, etc., but the reliability has been very disappointing.
  • Katy,
    I know this is an old post but was hoping you can tell me what the outcome was of this issue.
    My 2006 R Class is stuck in park now and after three days in the shop, no fix.

  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    My 2007 320cdi's engine light came on a few days ago. At the same time I was not able to step on the gas and get any kind of power. It would, however, let me speed up gradually, and hold the speed.
    Took it to a dealer and I have to get an INLET PORT SHUT-OFF VALVE FOR THE TURBO CHARGER. Has any one else had this problem?
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