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Honda Civic Real World MPG



  • Understanding Tire Pressure and Load Limits

    Tire inflation pressure is the level of air in the tire that provides it with load-carrying capacity and affects the overall performance of the vehicle. The tire inflation pressure is a number that indicates the amount of air pressure– measured in pounds per square inch (psi)–a tire requires to be properly inflated. (You will also find this number on the vehicle information placard expressed in kilopascals (kPa), which is the metric measure used internationally.)

    Manufacturers of passenger vehicles and light trucks determine this number based on the vehicle's design load limit, that is, the greatest amount of weight a vehicle can safely carry and the vehicle's tire size.The proper tire pressure for your vehicle is referred to as the "recommended cold inflation pressure." (As you will read below, it is difficult to obtain the recommended tire pressure if your tires are not cold.)

    Because tires are designed to be used on more than one type of vehicle, tire manufacturers list the "maximum permissible inflation pressure" on the tire sidewall. This number is the greatest amount of air pressure that should ever be put in the tire under normal driving conditions.

    image of tires
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    The wilderness tires exploded because they were underinflated. Lower pressure means more heat, and heat is what destroys a tire.

    41 psi is no problem.
  • Yep ur right,,, the tread separated on the tires because ford recommended 26psi on them instead of 35psi
  • but i'm still not gonna run 41psi in mine,,, i like all of my tire tread to be on the pavement instead of just the center
  • Hey, guys!

    Please read this website. You will be informed correctly.

    Btw, if you want to read a cold tire pressue, you need a dial pressure gauge w/ air release button($8 at walmart 2yr back) and a small air compressor($10 at walmart).

    P.S. If you read 26 psi at the gas station(probably), the cold tire pressure would be around 20~24; insanely low.

    Use a dial pressure gauge for accuracy. The stick gauge is not enough.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Good stick gauges are within 1 or 2 psi, and the digital gauges are within 1 psi. The bad ones are off by 3-4 psi.

    Consumer Reports tested them a few years back.
  • Does anyone living in the Texas area that owns an '06 LX Coupe have any MPG numbers? I'm trying to nail this down as the last bit of research before deciding to make my purchase.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    You might want to read pages 3 through 6 in this forum for 2006 Civic owners' recorded mileage figures and plenty of information directly relating to your question.

    You won't find too much variation in figures between southern and other owner's experiences. Clearly, warmer winter driving will yield a couple more mpg than driving in snow country.
  • mholtzmholtz Posts: 1
    I have a 98 civic ex with a manual trans.and the standard engine, not a v-tec. I get the same mpg as most people I have read about. I have heard you can install leaner running injectors and re-program the computer to get better mpg. Where can I find info. on this.
  • civicex05civicex05 Posts: 42
    OK, it's time to revive this thread. At 16,000 miles, my 2005 EX Sedan with automatic is consistently getting 34 to 35 MPG in a 40/60 mix of City/Highway driving, and 38 to 39 on road trips (assuming that I set the cruise control at 72 MPH).

    I'm curious to know what the '06 Civics are getting after they have been "broken in".

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    To answer the questions, I try to keep the RPMs low and I don't floor it from a stop. However, driving in NYC is not like in other cities from what I have seen. They don't drive any faster but there is no shoulder on many of the highways and the lanes are curvy and small. You have to drive aggressively at times even if it isn't your preference. So there are plenty of times the RPMs hit 3K and above!! That probably accounts for my lesser mileage.

    Oh, no wonder you don't quite achieve EPA numbers; you're in the Big Apple! That is a little different from most "cities" where I've been (I've been to NYC several times, I love it...except for the traffic!). I'd bet you'd get GREAT mileage driving normally in MY town, Birmingham - Alabama's capital for urban sprawl (though not actually the STATE capital).
  • ny1911ny1911 Posts: 11
    My first tank on an '06 LX sedan 5MT got me 34.5mpg with about 75%/25% city/highway.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    First 2 tanks, 100% non-highway driving:
    1) 30.5 mpg
    2) 33.1 mpg

    We are very happy with this mileage!
  • bman64bman64 Posts: 14
    My '06 LX 5MT sedan mileage, 1500 miles on the car so far.

    First 5 tanks:

    1) 32.6
    2) 31.0
    3) 32.4
    4) 31.5
    5) 31.2

    Average comes to 31.78 MPG so far. :)

    I average about 9 gallons per fill-up, I don't run the tank near empty. I always use the same pump at the same station and top off the tank the same way, adding fuel to the nearest $0.25 increment after the initial 'click'. I always check my fuel mileage on all my vehicles using this same method, it's very accurate.

    Miles are 95% city driving, but not highly congested. It's been raining a couple of days a week since I took delivery a little over 2 months back, this hurts fuel mileage a bit.

    Should get a bit better with some more break-in miles, I'm very happy. :shades:
  • gpkgpk Posts: 38
    My first tank on my '06 EX was 29.45 95% city. I am happy with this I will let you know more when the engine breaks in.I have less than 500 miles on it so far. :shades:
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    1st tank,32.5 2nd tank 34.5, 3rd tank 35.0, had 2 hybrids and find the cost of ownership way to expensive, 5K for the large bat. o n the prius and the civic was not much better...the prius always calculated it own MPG , when I did it it was much lower......
  • tlccar1tlccar1 Posts: 3
    We have a 2006 Civic EX Auto Sedan. On long trips we have recorded 42.1 MPG and 41.6 MPG, and during normal weeks with stop and go traffic and highway travel mixed in we have averaged 32-33 MPG consistently. It is an awesome car and I am very pleased with the gas mileage, considering the size and comfort of this car.
  • Its great to hear you are getting the EPA posted mileage on long trips. What speed were your going and did you use the AC on these trips? How many miles do you have on the car? Does it have the LUG BUG issue? Squeaks and rattles? Hope you have many more happy miles!!! :) ;) :shades:
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Today's fill-up showed about 35 mpg in mixed driving of suburban roads and some highway. Highest so far. Will be doing a road trip next week so I'll finally get a pure highway reading. Car ('06 EX auto) has about 7000 mi. on it.
  • sab3313sab3313 Posts: 1
    I have a '06 civic lx 5spd sedan and just finished a long road trip of just over 500 mi through the canadian rockies. I had only one bar left when i pulled in to get gas, considering the mountain climbs and passing vehicles on a two lane highway (one each direction) for at least the first 300 mi doing an average speed of 75mph (about 3400rpm in 5th) then when i hit the last 200mi i set the cruise control at about 71(3100rpm in 5th). I am very pleased with the fuel efficiency with this car considering i could have gone at least another 25mi if not more and that i filled my tank up with about 14gal;I got 37.8mpg I've put on 4350mi to date
  • jimbos99jimbos99 Posts: 1
    Our '06 LX Sedan his returning great numbers, both city and highway. We've already made several long trips (to Minneapolis and Syracuse (2) from Springfield, Il) and have posted Hwy averages of 40 - 46 MPG (mostly interstate @ 70-75 MPH). Consistent 35 MPG in the city. With ~ 9K on the odometer, we're averaging 37 MPG. Only complaint is that %&($ Lug Bug!
  • bulldogrobbulldogrob Posts: 2
    2005 Civic LX Special Edition, MT, 28,000 miles
    I am a contractor, driving about 30,000 miles/year
    speeding - 75 mph highway - 36 mpg
    sipping - 60 mph highway - 44 mpg
    stop and go City Driving - 34 mpg
    normal - 70% Highway 30% City commute - 37 mpg

    I keep the tires at 40 psig, checked weekly.
    I run only Mobil 1 5w20 since new.

    I bought the gas Civic because the majority of my miles are highway, the Hybrid won't pay back on the highway.
  • mycivicmycivic Posts: 6
    Total Miles 313
    Total gallons 13.21
    Average mpg 23.69
    40/60 city/highway.

    I ran it practically bone dry before my first fill up. I filled it as much as possible. I hope my mileage improves before I drive down to Hilton Head in July.
  • boonedogboonedog Posts: 1
    2006 EX Civic Coupe 5 Speed Manual. My coupe has 10,000 miles on it now. Just filled up today ($2.80 a gallon in Madison, Wisconsin) my last tank of gas got 39.95 miles per gallon. I drive 35 miles each way to work, 80% 4 lane highway, the rest city.

    I use my cruise control whenever possible, drive close to the posted limit, and watch my acceleration and braking to avoid wasted fuel. The absolute worst I have ever gotten with this Civic is 32 MPG, and that was basically driving like an idiot, just testing the car in "real world conditions" like most of the people in the Madison area do.

    This is my 4th new Honda in 18 years. My others were a 1989 Honda Accord Ex Coupe, a 1990 Honda CRX Si (the most fun I have ever had on 4 wheels) and a 1994 Honda Civic EX Coupe. I never checked the mileage on the '89 Accord, but the CRX did 38 to 46 MPG consistently, the '94 EX Coupe got high 30's to low 40's always.

    That one thing that has impressed me with Honda over the years (besides the quality of there cars) is their ability to achieve a MPG higher than what is stated on the window sticker, I have always been able to do better than what they say the vehicle will.
  • my 98 has almost 150,000 in it and i just took a road trip to mich from carolina 881 miles best tank 36 worst tank 34 all highway anywhere from 65-90 mph.
  • keswickkeswick Posts: 3
    first tank from the dealership 44.99mpg. mixed 35%city, 65%highway. temperature in 90's with air set at 71F, on recycle. some cruise control at 70mph in the hill country central texas. i am very pleased so far. :)
  • beetlebatbeetlebat Posts: 11
    Just filled up after the first oil change, 37mpg on my commute. I leave early and miss some traffic, but still spend about 10 minutes in school traffic dropping off junior. Then lots of stoplights and some heavy traffic with some cruising between from 40-50 mph. About 25 miles to work, then usually go out to lunch. Average day with Walmart trips is 75-90 miles a day.
    I had hoped for 35, very happy that under 6k miles I'm getting this mileage. Still room for improvement as it fully breaks in. Not much a/c yet, so we'll see what happens when the brutal summer heat arrives.
    My mileage has been 30 mpg or better since new. Going up to 32, then 35 after a trip, now 36.5 and 37. I would have expected mileage like this only with a manual trans.
    So, I'm happy, love the car. Just need leather and power seats!
  • casifancasifan Posts: 7
    yeah my totals are close to yours also. i dont know how every one else is getting such great gas mileage :cry:
    and i dont drive crazy or anything.
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Finally got some pure highway numbers for my '06 EX automatic. Heading from NC to Pittsburgh a 400 mile stretch came in at 42 mpg. On return leg a 280 mile section showed 44 mpg. The average speed was about 65 for both. Light load, one person, no A/C needed. I was kind of amazed that it actually exceeded its EPA rating.
  • Just wanted to ask does your Civic have the "lugbug" and do you find it annoying. Does it increase in vibration as the car gets more miles on it??? Hope you continue to get good mpg's as the break in period continues. :) :shades: :D
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