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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,051
    What's frustrating is that of all the variables involved, the money factor is supposed to be static, set by IFS and non-negotiable

    Who says? Car dealers have been adding back ends to lease and purchase deals for a long time. In the past few years the Internet has allowed people to compare the captive finance rate and what the dealer is offering so it has become less prelevant.

    In my round of shopping last year I found a Lexus dealer doing it. He admitted to the fact when asked.
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  • spk55spk55 Posts: 4
    I received this message from a Los Angeles Infiniti dealer today on a 2009 G37 sedan:

    "I wanted to follow up with updates on March Money factors and Residuals
    from Infiniti Financial Service. 12000 miles per year, 36 months is 57%
    residual. Money factor of .00206. 39 months is 56% residual money factor
    of .00226."

    Is anyone aware of better rates being offered on this car?
  • corndawgcorndawg Posts: 21
    Infiniti does not want to sell their G37 sedans. It seems as though the MF went
    down, but they are quoting higher numbers than last month. I dont get it. I have never seen one on the road, and I dont think I will for a while.
  • stumc1stumc1 32832Posts: 22
    I agree, my local dealer still has the same '09 G37 Sedan that I looked at over 3 weeks ago along with 36 more just like it. Don't know how these guys plan to stay in business.
  • mtw76mtwmtw76mtw Posts: 17
    My dealer is sticking firm to his "money factor for March is .00339" line, while just in the last page there are multiple posts to the contrary.

    Anybody got the official word from IFS yet for March?

    Also, is it reasonable to expect to get a 09 G37 Journey coupe at or near invoice in March? The deals I've read about here and elsewhere are all over the board, but most seem to suggest that hitting near (or below) invoice is the target. Is that valid for 09s, or was that just for the clearance of 08s?
  • marker70marker70 Posts: 12
    is this the only dealer near you? If not, why don't you shop the other dealers? That MF they quoted you is ridiculously high..I wouldn't even consider their offer.
  • cavok99cavok99 Posts: 3
    I just came back from a dealership in the chicago area and was given a money factor of .00279 fro a 2009 G37 coupe.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 117

    Any word on the March leasing terms for the 2009 G37X sedan? Again, I'm interested in 36 and 39 month leasing terms for 12K and 10K miles per year. Thanks in advance.

  • corndawgcorndawg Posts: 21
    This month is absolutely not the month to lease a G37 sedan.
    Ive visited a couple of dealers yesterday, and none of them wanted to sell
    the G37s. The bad programs that they had have gotten even worse. The
    residuals have changed and the payments are ridiculous. For a base Journey
    sedan, the best price for 12k, 39 month, $1000 TDO, was $540/month.
  • mtw76mtwmtw76mtw Posts: 17
    Think this applies to the G37 coupes, too?

    I wonder what Infiniti is thinking? Last month, my dealer told me not to lease and 09 in February because the rates and incentives would be much more favorable in March. Yet when he got back to me, that certainly wasn't the case.
  • I am turning in my Infinit M lease for a 2009 G37x coupe. G MSRP is 45,875. I am getting a VPP number from a freind that is the regional sales manager for Infinti. Can someone tell me what reasonalble lease terms would be for a four year, 15K mi per year lease for this car? I do get 500 dollars loyalty cash and tax here is 7.25 per cent.
  • lagsunlagsun Posts: 6
    Hi Car Man,

    A dealer in the SF Bay area emailed me this 3 year/12K miles a year lease deal for a 2008 G35X with Premium Package, Trunk Cargo Net, Splash Guards:

    Zero $0 cash due on delivery
    1.MSRP $38,080.00
    2. Cap cost $33,912.00
    3. Residual 51% ($19,420.80)
    4. Money Factor .00023
    5. Monthly payment $476.80 with tax

    Per Edmunds the cap cost is $1K under invoice. Does this deal sound good?

  • nickr1nickr1 Posts: 51
    You are correct, I got the same thing. The G37 AWD coupe is closer to $600/month lease for 36 months with 2,500 down, this is NY of course, the most expensive place to buy a car in the US. The Infiniti dealer here acts like the car sells itself and no matter how many he brings in they go right out the door at asking price. Slow economy, not here.

    It makes me laugh though, what are the odds of him telling me the truth if the truth was that no one was buying or leasing and they were scared and on the verge of losing it. If that was true he would never tell me anyway. We read that GM is going under in the Times everyday yet they haven't lowered their prices, wtf??? Toyota is laying off thousands and closing plants and announced a 60% drop in sales yet they aren't lowering their prices and their lease deals are as high as ever.

    Strange times we live in, some companies crash virtually overnight and others act like it's still a boom time. I'm really confused and amazed, but I'll bet in a year, some truth will come out and the pretenders won't be able to pretend anymore.
  • nickr1nickr1 Posts: 51
    I've just got to say I think this is a terrible deal. 615/month plus 3,000 up front is over 25,000, that works out to $700 per month total. To pay 25,140 for a 40,000 car for the right to drive it for 3 years and then not own it at the end is nuts, sorry. But I will say, the G37 coupe is a sweet car.
  • This seems a little ridiculous

    2008 G37 Coupe lease
    *Premium Package*
    $3000 down, +$3250 in inception costs (taxes was something around 1500, and 'others she said)
    Leaving total down $6250
    10k miles allowed a month
    $375 lease payment.

    She didn't give me the numbers she was going off of, but does the money down seem ridiculously high to anyone else since it is an 08 model?
  • Sorry one other thing this is a 39month lease
  • Hi stumc1. Unfortunately, Infiniti did not make any major enhancements to its March lease program for the G37 Sedan. Its current program is very similar to the program that was available in February.

    Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 G37 Sedan Journey 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00206 and 56%, respectively.

    15,000 miles per year is the highest mileage allowance that IFS publishes residual values for. If you need to drive more than this, you will have to purchase additional miles on a per-mile basis. It is less expensive to do so at lease signing than it is to wait until lease-end and have to pay an excess mileage penalty.

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  • bman33bman33 Posts: 75

    Do you happen to have the March, 2009 lease rates for the 2008 G35X? I am getting a quote of $475 (including 5.1% monthly tax) with only 1st month & title/registration due at signing on a 39 month lease w/ 15K per year. For some reason, the dealers won't give me the money factor and residual %.
  • marker70marker70 Posts: 12
    Car Man,

    how about the MF and residual on a 09 G37X with Sport, Premium and Nav for 36 mos/10k per year.

  • nickr1nickr1 Posts: 51

    You know, with that money down factored in you are paying $525/month for 39 months or 20K+ total for the life of the lease. That's a hell of a lot of money and not worth it imho.

    I've been reading this excellent forum for years now and every lease on every model, especially luxury models, is so confusing and so manipulative it just makes me want to scream, or get Congress to pass a law that dealers must show transparency when quoting leases. Right now it's a shell game and purposely confusing to the average buyer. If you are a dealer or a math genius and you think it's all easy, then why are there thousands of posts from confused consumers on every single lease forum regarding every single model?
  • First off, thank you Car_man and everyone else on these boards that I have been following for years.

    I am currently leasing a 2006 G35X that is coming off lease at the end of April. For the past month I have been calling and emailing dealers about leasing a new G37X with nav and premium. They all seemed to be in the $550 range including tax for 39 months with just the bank fee upfront. I went today to Kings Infiniti in Brooklyn (the place was a ghost town) with my future mother-in-law who prides herself on her negotiating skills. The dealer gave me an initial offer of $579 and he would eat my final lease payment on my G35X. I was about to walk out and my future mother-in-law dragged me back to the table.
    Long story short…$515 a month including tax for the G37X with prem and nav and they will make my final lease payment. I am paying the usual upfront costs (bank fee, title, etc) but no cap cost reduction. I whish I could give you the details of my money factor, residual value and most importantly purchase price, but I was very bad and didn’t get those details. I have to pick the car up before the end of the month and have to pick one from dealers inventory.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 117
    nickr1 is correct about the cost of that lease. It seems high. People focus too much on the monthly payment amount and if a dealer asks how much you can afford a month, they will simply raise the down payment so that your monthly payment drops to the amount you want. A dealer can make a $50K cost $500/month with enough of a down payment.

    And that brings me to my second point which I've made over and over again on this board. Any leasing expert will tell you that you should NEVER put any money down on a lease (i.e. cap cost reduction), not even the taxes. Yes, it reduces your monthly payment but if your leased car is totalled or stolen the day after you get it, your insurance company will NOT pay you any of the money back. The leasing company owns the car not you, so your insurance company will pay off the balance owed on the car to the leasing company. If you bought the car, the check from the insurance company would be made out to you and you'd have to pay off any loan on the car and then you can keep the difference. If it bothers you that you're be paying interest on the taxes by putting them in the lease payment, then take the money you would have used to pay the taxes and put it in a money market account or CD and earn some interest back. I know it will probably be less than the interest you'll be paying on the taxes but it's better than nothing. The other advantage to putting no money down is that you will have access to that extra cash in case you ever need it.
  • picklofpicklof Posts: 2
    This is a great deal, fireboy379!

    I'm in the Philadelphia area and I can attest that your deal is not being offered in this market area.
    What is the name of the dealer? It would be worth the drive up to Brooklyn to purchase a car with the deal you mention.

  • Kings Infiniti on Neptune Ave in Brooklyn, NY. Give them a call and see if they will cut you the same deal.
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    That is great deal! How many miles per year? What was your total out of pocket/out the door cost including all? Would you share the name of the salesman? Thanks to all my questions in advance!!!
  • Let me check with the sales rep before I cause him a ton of phone calls.

    Total out of pocket was about $1,300 (bank fee, title, first payment etc...NO cap cost reduction). 39 months, 12,000 miles a year, but I had to take a car they had in stock. I am not picking up the car until the end of the month (that was my choice), and I am starting to wonder if this deal is too good to be true. But I did give them a $500 deposit and have a signed contract.
  • Hi lagsun. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 G35X Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00023 and 51%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi mtw76mtw. Infiniti's March incentives aren't significantly different than its February incentives were. Infiniti usually runs its core incentives programs on a quarterly basis with minor revisions in between. If it was going to make a major change to its incentives on the G37 Sedan, I would expect it to happen in April. Of course, there's no guarantee that its April programs will be any different than its current one.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi spk55. Through March 31st, Infiniti Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 G37 Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00206 and 58%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hey mtw76mtw. The money factor that you were quoted is definitely high. Infiniti Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of an '090 G37 Coupe is only .00279, which isn't incredible...but it's a lot better than .00339. The dealer that you are working with may be marking your car's factor up in an attempt to add additional hidden, back-end profit to your deal.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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