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GMC Sierra: Problems & Solutions



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Glad it worked for you. Besides wiping out your radio settings and clock, also wipes out whatever data is stored on the truck...sorta like rebooting.
  • I have a 2004 GMC Sierra, recently the windshield washer fluid hasnt been coming out, i can hear the pump running but nothing coming out, then sometimes the pump doesnt work, then other times it does work and still nothing coming out. Does anyone know what this might be?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    sounds like:

    -out of fluid or
    -leak in line or
    -leak in pump or
    -any combination of the above

    also using the pump when there is no fluid may lead to premature pump failure.
  • I have a 1995 Sierra 1500 4x4 extended cab pickup. Today when I tried to engage the 4 wheel drive it did not engage. :cry: The floor shift lever would pull back into 4 wheel high however the lights on the shift lever did not light up to show that the front wheels had engaged. Which they had not as I was spinning and slipping all over the road. :mad: I tried 4 wheel low and it did the same thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this problem? :confuse:

  • I just bought a 99 gmc z71 I have the same problem. when I start it in the morning theres a knock for a couple of seconds then it goes away.
  • I have a 96 GMC Sierra (6cyl. std. shift). Was at deer camp and when went to leave truck would not start. It would turn over but was not getting fuel. Ended up towing it home. Would appreciate any help!!!
  • 97gmc97gmc Posts: 1
    I recently bought a '97 GMC Sierra (K 1500). Everything runs great (except that the check engine light is on for now reason at all, nothing shows up on the diagnostic machine which has been put on it twice), it has a VERY hard 1-2 shift, but only after it has been continuously run for 30-50 minutes (without shutting it off). I suspect a worn spacer plate, but I don't want to commit to pulling off the pan, solenoid, etc. unless I have to. I know it's hard to diagnose with so little information, but if anyone has any advice, please share.
  • Just had the same thing happen.. apparently when they go .. they go ..wear and tear.. I replaced one rear and one front 600$.. New tires too 1000.00$

    But now I get like a rolling vibration at 70+ kph
  • we have a 2000 Sierra. standard shift..this is the problem...truck starts fine in the morning ...after being idle all night...but when you try to start it different times during the is difficult...battery sounds just has a hard time have to try it 3 or 4 times...any suggestions of things we should checkout..thanks for any help
  • Is this truck a diesel? Does the light look like 2 loops tied together? It sounds like the glow plug indicator light for the duramax, I look at it every day startin mine up.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    Knock or tap? If it's a single knock, then it may be a rod bearing or a wrist pin. If your description is tapping, then it may be a hydraulic lifter. If it's multiple knocking then, it's probably the infamous Cold Start Knock, (CSK). CSK is said to be caused by poor piston design. It doesn't show up until carbon build-up on the top of the piston causes an imbalance which in turn causes the piston skirt to come into contact with the cylinder wall. Once the cylinder walls are thoroughly coated with oil (clearances filled) the knocking stops. GM apparently fixed the problem in 2003, but for the rest of us they call it 'normal' because the problem is so enormous it won't take the responsibility to fix it.

  • The brake warning light on my '93 sierra keeps blinking (repeats: 9 fast and one slow). Anyone know what this means??? The brakes are working fine right now.
  • An up-date on my "Wheel Bearing" problem! To make a long story short, it was a scolloped tire problem not a wheel bearing. The left front wheel bearing was replaced based on all the correct symtoms but that did not eliminate the problem. The problem really started with a factory defective left front shock absorber which I did not know about at that time causing a scolloped tire wear. I rotate tires front to rear so both left tires became scolloped. After much switching of tire locations, the (2) left tires with the scolloped edges are now on the rear. The noise is hardly detectible now coming from the rear. I'm satisfied with it this way until time for full tire replacement.

  • I have a 2004 ext cab Sierra Z71 with locking differential and have been advised by the local service people that changing before 50K, despite what the service schedule says, is not necessary except when truck is utilized in extreme conditions like frequent heavy loads, extreme heat, mountain driving, etc. Have not experienced the hard shifting except when very slowly accellerating up my steep driveway; and then, only occasionally. Under normal driving and hard accelleration have not noticed anything except smooth shifting.
  • mikec8mikec8 Posts: 16
    Only when turning to the right whether at highway speed or making gentle turns on my neighborhood streets, there is sometimes a little extra "jump" in my steering wheel --to the right. It's almost as if the left front tire turns just a little farther than I set the steering wheel to and then just as quickly comes back in line. Another way to describe's as if I hit a very small patch of ice. It used to be pretty intermittent, but is now happening more often, but still not with every right turn. It will sometimes do it twice within the turn if a move the steering wheel a little more to the right to negotiate the turn. I've had the front end checked out. It's aligned and tight. Could it be something in the steering box? Any ideas? By the way, my GMC dealer seems to be experimenting and I don't like that. It tells me they probably don't have a clue so are guessing. Thanks.....Mike
  • I have a 1997 GMC sierra 1500 with a 305 in it and the cruise control does not work at times. Does anybody have any remedies? Also, sometimes when it's cold, the starter does not engage the first time but does the second time. This rarely happens but does anyone have any suggestions to help with these problems?
  • This may not cure your problem but it's worth a try. Bleeding the air from your power steering system is accomplished by turning the steering wheel lock to lock in both directions with a dwell of about 2 seconds at the lock position. My "mysterious" problem was cured one day when I had to turn my truck and trailer 180° in a very restricted space. This amounted to lock to lock steering about (30) times. I had performed the procedure previously with no success cycling about (2) or (3) times.

  • gmc19gmc19 Posts: 3
    Lately while driving my 1998 GMC sierra 1/2 ton, I have noticed a grab in the steering while turning. It seems to do it when turning both left and right. It does it at almost any speed, and is starting to get annoying. It seems to jerk the wheel out of your hands, and steering seems over responsive. Does this have something to do with the speed sensitive steering. All tires have the same PSI, and power steering fluid is in check. Any clues as to why it does this.
  • my sierra did the same thing
    it turned out to be the fuel regulator
  • I had the same problem occur yesterday with my 94 Sierra 1500 4x4 Suburban. I shifted into 4x and the light did not come on and driving in 10" of snow, is was obvious that it was not engaged... I tried both 4x High and low, to no avail.

    Have you had any luck diagnosing your problem?

    Anyone else have any suggestions or can someone recommend an appropriate troubleshooting guide or manual that would cover the 4x4 system? Thanks
  • Found these links helpful...

    Circuit diagram:

    Troubleshooting guide:

    Would check 25A 4x4 fuse first. If this ok, then would suspect TLA (Temperature Linear Actuator); threads into transfer case on passenger side.
  • Mike,

    I had a 1997 Ext. Cab (GMC) 1500. I had the same problem
    you are having and they replaced something called an EVO sensor and it fixed the problem right away. The feeling it gives in the steering is very odd and it is almost like the steering skips. Ask about the EVO sensor/? and see if that can be done to your truck.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    For more info: EVO = 'Electronic Variable Orifice'. Have not determined its function or the degree of difficulty of its replacement.

  • Hi there. I am in the same situation as you were with your brakes on your GMC Sierra. Mine is a 1998 so is not included in the recall so we have taken it to a dealership and paid ourselves to have the maintenance described in the recall to it. It is still not working . Furthermore it has started to engage the antilock brakes when the gas pedal is still being depressed. Did you get your problem repaired? If so, was it done thru the recall or did you go to another technician? I am looking for anyone who may know what else I can do for my truck as nobody (3 mechanics) can figure it out.
    Thanks in advance
  • Just thought I would pass on the solution to a problem I was experiencing after some gasket work done on my engine. After trial and error of everthing from sensors to the computer and all parts in between. It was a faulty pickup in a brand new distributor. A defect from the factory that cost me 11 hours or mechanical trial and error. Goes to show you that even new they break down :blush: Thanks again from Canada.
  • rjflrjfl Posts: 1
    how do you disconnect daytime running lights and does anyone have any suggestions for the headlights in gerneral..they are kind of dim at night
  • mikec8mikec8 Posts: 16
    I had a discussion thread on the same subject but for a '97 Sierra (Mar 05) Due to the helpful advice of people here, I fixed the problem. It turned out to be corrosion on the mounting surface for the ABS sensors. Here's a web link provided to me that explains it all. Good luck
  • Anyone know where the fuel filter location is on a 2005 Sierra with the 5.3HO?
  • 04 GMC Sierra-won't turn over but lights, radio all work. This is an intermittent problem.
    Any clues what I need to check?
  • When the weather temp is hot/warm (S. Texas) it is harder to start than when the weather temp is cool (S. Texas).
    It is harder to start in the am before it is driven.
    After the vehicle is driven, it may or may not, start right up.
    Does this sound like a fuel delivery problem or throttle position?
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