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GMC Sierra: Problems & Solutions



  • nick14nick14 Posts: 1
    i'm baffled at this, when i start my truck i get no fuel indication on the gauge and the low fuel message appears on the message center. now from here i can put the truck into any gear and if i remain parked my fuel gauge remains at zero. if i put it in any moving gear, drive for insatnce and start moving it stays at zero, but then, while still moving if i stick it in neutral the guage will go all the way to full. regardless of how much fuel i actually have. so then i go back to drive and slowly over the course of my trip the guage will drop to the appropriate fuel level. where do i start with this.
  • gmdrvrgmdrvr Posts: 1
    My break problem started at 60K. I asked my service shop about a fix. I was told it could be fixed but would be costly. He then asked me if it did the same with a load. I didn't notice it all the time, so that could have been why. He told me it is common about 1 in 3. I am looking at a new Yukon XL. I asked for trade value on my "98 K1500 Ext cab long bed. NADA list for $15,000. On the trade-in sheet the tech noted ABS issue. They would give me $7000. I told the salesman, I will be back with a check for $14000 after I sell my truck. They know about the problem, they know it's not an easy fix. Did we hear about any recalls? NO! It seems like a safety concern, they are avoiding.
  • I have had this problem with my 2000 Sierra. Dealer replaced both wheel bearings with sensors built in to them. Corrected problem. $450.00.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Its a coil pack. I have replaces two on mine at 60K already. Hook up a scan tool to figure out which pack it is.
  • Intermediate steering shaft needs replacing.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Classic symptoms of a bad fuel sending unit or wiring/connection therein. If you have a wiring diagram, you can trace it, but likely, the sending unit will need to be replaced.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • shiftlessshiftless Posts: 40
    ABS Brakes activated at slow speed (just before stop). This problem on my 2K GMC was corrected by the dealer cleaning one of the front wheel sensors. There was no part replacement!
  • jimmy05jimmy05 Posts: 3
    With the price of gas going out of sight I would like to change my 3.73 rear gear to 3.25 or 3.08 does anybody know how many rpms I will drop, going to 3.25 or 3.08 I have a 2005 GMC 1500HD with the 6.1 motor.I do not use this tk. to pull trailers or haul heavy loads, basically I use it as a office on construction jobs.
  • 99launch99launch Posts: 1
    --My truck has a whining noise that is coming from the right side of the truck, and no its not my girlfriend. As the truck passes through the 800-1000rpm range it makes a whistling sound, it also does it when the rpms are around 2000rpm. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great, thanx.
  • 2theedge2theedge Posts: 3
    ok I have been in contact with a company called, ESIS/gm central claims unit. I had to give all the info about the fire and all the items inside the vehicle. This company is a third party company for gm. I just hope this doesn't take forever ya know.
  • rustywrustyw Posts: 1
    I have a 99 gmc c1500 ext. cab 2wd with 5.0vortec, When applying the brakes at low speed, like in parking lots, there is a clunking kind of a noise, but me or my wife could not isolate the noise, but it doesn't do it at any other speeds, nor does it do it regularly. I have checked the front, hub, caliper, all suspension, nothing seemed wrong, but I dont know if it is in the front or the rear. We have a trip coming up in May, And I would really not like to have there be something wrong with the brakes, so any help soon is appriciated much.
  • Same problem on my 2000 Gmc Sierra, Have used JB weld in 3 different spots already to control leaks, after close inspection of back cover which is made of magneesium, I feel they had a casting problem and the case has been casted to thin in some areas, probably a way to save money. I sure would like to find a way for gm to recall this problem it seems to very big.. any suggestions??
  • Do you have a copy of the TSR or a web site or link where I could get this TSR, I have the same problem on my 02 Sierra.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Is from June 00 GM # 00-02-35-003 for the steering shaft fix from GM.

    You will have to use the search function to look in the old Silverado problems thread for full description post #1543.

    Unable to cut and paste here for ya!
  • Keep us posted and let us know how it all turns out.
  • We have a 01 Sierra with over 60K. When the AC is running it feels like the transmission is slipping, has anyone else experienced this?

    Also read about the popping or bumping noise when turning, does anyone know if the dealer will fix this even if the vehicle is out of factory warranty since there is a TSR on it?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The dealer will not fix any TSB without charging for a vehicle out of warranty. A manufacturer's recall is another story.
  • I have two current issues with my '99 Sierra 1500. The digital odometer sometimes does not come on when I start the truck. Typically, if I hit the trip reset button it will come on, or over time it will return.

    Also, there is a grinding noise coming from the front passenger side of the truck. At low speeds (parking lots, city corners, etc.) I hear a sound like something rolling around in my glove box or something grinding. The dealership didn't know what to tell me but "didn't think it was anything serious" because they couldn't get it to happen all the time.

    Any help on either of these issues would be much appreciated.
  • 2runner22runner2 Posts: 1
    where is the cabin filter located? how do you change it on a 2002 sierra 2500hd?
  • bordoxbordox Posts: 1
    My 98 Sierra 5.7 L developed coolant leakage at the rear of both heads and at mid-block on the left head at 93,000 miles. The problem was not with the intake manifold gasket. I pulled the heads, had them checked for warpage (there was none) and had them resurfaced. With new head gaskets and plenty of sealant at the appropriate places, I have gone several months with no recurrence of the problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    One thing I don't like about the head-bolt torquing procedure is the instruction to torque each bolt to 22 ft-lbs and then to turn each short bold an additional 55 degrees, each medium bolt 65 degrees, and each long bolt 75 degrees. Seems to me you could get a lot of variation at only 22 ft-lbs for the initial tightening on bolts of that diameter, and to go from there using degrees could result in inconsistent final torque values. I'm wondering if the leakage, which occurred in short-bold areas, was due to this torquing procedure, assuming it used in the factory.
  • jstrongjstrong Posts: 2
    The truck is a 1994 GMC Sierra 1500 truck w/approx 170K miles on it.

    I would appreciate any feedback on my problem...
    I have had emissions problems for a few years now as can be seen in the following emissions transcript...

    Emissions Inspection 6/4/2002
    Hydrocarbons (HC) – Inspection 5.3095 – Requirement 2.7000 FAIL
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Inspection 35.3126 – Requirement 60.0000 PASS
    Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) – Inspection 0.4853 – Requirement 5.7000 PASS
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Inspection 476.3944

    Work Performed 8/2002
    - Adjusted Timing to 0 TDC
    - Replace Oxygen Sensor @ Catalytic Converter
    - Replace Spark Plugs
    - Replace Ignition Wires
    - Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor
    - Replace PCV Valve
    - Replace Air Filter

    Emissions Inspection 8/2002
    Hydrocarbons (HC) – Inspection 0.1880 – Requirement 2.2000 PASS
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Inspection 1.9014 – Requirement 60.0000 PASS
    Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) – Inspection 0.0070 – Requirement 4.2000 PASS
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Inspection 73.1697

    Emissions Inspection 7/13/2004
    Hydrocarbons (HC) – Inspection 6.7361 – Requirement 2.0000 FAIL
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Inspection 62.4512 – Requirement 60.0000 FAIL
    Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) – Inspection 0.3481 – Requirement 4.0000 PASS
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Inspection 599.9200

    Work Performed 11/2004
    - Adjusted Timing to 0 TDC
    - Replace Spark Plugs
    - Replace Ignition Wires
    - Check and Clean Distributor Cap & Rotor
    - Replace Air Filter

    Emissions Inspection 7/13/2004
    Hydrocarbons (HC) – Inspection 4.6401 – Requirement 2.0000 FAIL
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Inspection 18.6279 – Requirement 60.0000 PASS
    Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox) – Inspection 0.2441 – Requirement 4.0000 PASS
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Inspection 609.0446

    Work Performed 11/2004
    · Check and clean EGR valve. Valve seemed to be fine, but cleaned.
    - Two cans of GMC Top Engine Cleaner have been sprayed into carb and left to sit overnight for cleaning on two different occasions.

    Still notice low throttle, low RPM miss (seems to get worse as engine temperature increases). There is a slight hesitation upon acceleration from stop. I have no noticeable problems at higher RPMs. After engine warm-up and when truck is parked, holding the accelerator slightly so that engine revs around 700 – 900 RPM (a guess), the engine will stall, revs will decrease, engine will recover and surge back to 700 –900 RPM, stall, and repeat in a cyclical manner.

    I'm hoping that someone can give me an idea as to what could be the cause of my problems...I have less than two weeks before my emissions re-inspection.

    I'll gladly reply if further info for diagnosis is required...Thanks
  • I Have a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 shortbed with a 4.3L engine and about 15 miles on the truck. I drive 35 miles one way to work, mostly interstate. I am only getting a little better than 16 miles per gallon on the highway. I took it to the dealer for a chek-up, but was told thiat it was ok. Anyone have any suggestions on improving the gas mileage?
  • I have the same problem with my 04 sierra. My dealer also thinks I am hearing things. Did you ever get the problem resolved?

  • I've always had good fortune using Mobil One synthetic oil, K&N air filter, and 2 psi over on all four corners. I get 19-20 mpg highway with my 2001 Sierra xcab 1500 5.3.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I don't remember it, but there is a formula for determining rpm based on gearing. Try a 4WD or hot rod magazine. They're always chaging tires and gears, might be an easy place to start. I don't think it'll make that big of a difference. Gaining 1-2mpg for the cost of swapping gears might take awhile to recover costs. I swapped in a lower thermostat in my Safari because my company van ran at 165 and out of the box my van ran at 195. I went through all the trouble and while it ran at 165, it didn't do anything to help the van that I saw. Just some food for thought.
  • mars1mars1 Posts: 2
    Just saw your post. Yep, every once in a while both signals come on. I am at a loss...did you find out an answer? TIA,

  • jeffbondjeffbond Posts: 16
    I have a 99 GMC 1500 5.3l with 96K & 3 annoying problems, 1, the service 4WD light comes on and goes off about once a week, 2, my cabin fan motor works only in #3,4,5 speeds, 1&2 seem to work only while driving. And 3, when it drops below 18 degrees it runs rough, SES light comes on, I turn off the truck for 15 minutes re-start and it seems fine but the SES light remains on for a couple of days. I have replaced the throttle airfoil, fuel filter plugs etc…anybody experience this? Are there any quality brake pads on the market that will get this truck to stop faster than it does currently? Thanks,
  • I have a 98 Sierra and am experiencing a vibration as well around the 50-60MPH while lightly accelerating. As soon as I back off or "step on" the accelerator, the vibration stops. I recently had the rad changed and it started after that. The garage said that our tires were worn, so we changed those, still there. Changed the tranny fluid, still there..
    It used to do it only while in OD, not in 3rd, but now it appears more often. I've tried to sustain the vibration, but it cuts in & out, like a fan turning off and on, or something trying to "kick-in".
    I tow a trailer with heavy equipment and want to get this fixed, but nobody seems to know what the problem is.
  • I had the same problem on my 01 GMC Z71... Not sure if the 97 is the same way, but the speed sensors in the ABS sensor (for each wheel I believe) were faulty or very dirty. I was fortunate that I had just gotten the truck a week before, and I told the dealer to fix it.. Not sure what it normally costs though.. Same symptoms, i'd be on dry pavement very low speed, not even jamming on the brakes.. and the abs would kick in.. I crapped a brick and almost through my truck in park once cause I couldn't stop and almost re-ended someone in a traffic jam where we reached all of 10 mph at best.. it was a scarey trip!! Good luck!
  • mpearcempearce Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Sierra that has a loud clunk noise, It is usually right under the center of the cab part, I had the transfer case off and taken in for inspection but it turned out ok, Now the clunk is mostly right under the 4WD shifter and it moves the shifter back a little when it clunks, When you hold the shifter, you can feel it , Its like something hits it hard, Ok thats when its in 2WD, then when I put it in 4WD, the clunking is in the back, Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks,
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