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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • According to the website, the money factor on the 4matic wagon is a lot higher than the money factor on the 4matic sedan. If I multiply the mf by 2400, which I believe is the correct way to determine an apr, the sedan comes in about 1.9% but the wagon is over 9% !!!

    Re the fleet rebate, based on volume of sales, etc, that could explain why the Smithtown dealership is ran some kind of invitation-only event today - wanted to pack the house and get as many cars as they can out.

    I won't go to a dealership on Saturday. I'll wait until the early part of next week and stop in and see what they will do for me.

  • I almost leased the xc70. I did not do it because the volvo just recalled the 2008 xc70 for the air bag issues. Also, if you check xc70 safety discuss forum, previous xc70, v70 also have air bag issues.

    The lease rate for xc70 is not bad, i got:

    2500 out of pocket (ny tax included)
    premium, climat & convenience, nav , blis
    24month, 10.5k

    E350 wagon is not for lease, MB want you to buy it and that's why MF is so high.
    I am looking R350 right now. the money factor is 0.0006 !
  • I also saw that item about the XC70 airbags, which raised a big question in my mind as to whether I should keep considering it. I also see the residual on the XC70 is around 69% for 24 mos vs around 61% for the MB. No wonder the Volvo lease looks so cheap.

    When we were looking this spring for a new minivan for my wife we looked at the R350 and weren't that impressed. She wound up getting a Sienna instead.

    Thanks for the input.
  • jyeh74jyeh74 Posts: 10
    This is the best deal I found in So cal.

    08 E350
    P2 Package, Wood Trim Steering Wheel
    MSRP 55k
    24 month
    15k miles/year
    $1250 drive off (0 down)
    $650 per month including tax

    Feel like its still not a good deal.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Sounds like it would normally be an OK deal on a $55K car except others are posting payments $100-$150 less for the same thing in New York and New Jersey.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    I got a deal from LA dealer

    E350 BAROLA RED 08
    MSRP 56270

    PAYMENT $570 including tax with $4955 total drive off(this include lease ware and tear protection plan)

    IS this a good deal? Let me know I need to make my decision soon.
  • Lease wear and tear protection plan? New one on me. How much and what does it cover? Is it offered by Mercedes Benz?
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    It's like $799. It covers tires(if there require new ones they will replace with no cost to me) + scraches and so on. Nut much of a thing but I guess I'll take it. What do you think of the deal? Can I do better? They are saying the money factor is 1% and residual is 66% for 24 months with 15k. Is this true?
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    They are saying the selling price of the car is $48270. Thats like $2500 less than the invoice. I guess they are getting a rebate but he did not tell me after I asked him several times. He told me that more cars they sell, MB will take good care of them.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    What is the residual and MF on a E350 for 24 months with 15K miles an year?
  • mankumanku Posts: 64
    I just bought one this afternoon, 350rwd, 55k list...

    I paid 750 month with tax, 1200 out the door for 24 months/12k.

    I probably paid too much, but they paid off the last 5 payments of my crappy old e320.

    Funny thing, I wasn't really gonna buy a car, didn't do any research and now I'm seeing how dumb I was.

    I figure I could have saved maybe 50 a month, at best. The advertised rates (579 + big down payment) work out to about 720-730 when you amortize it. I see some of the east coast quotes and am baffled at how they can be so low - my negotiated price was 48k, and i'm only paying 2500 in interest over 2 years ... thats less than 2.5% per year!

    Anyway, the car is awesome and blows away my 2004 e320.

    Good luck.
  • jyeh74jyeh74 Posts: 10
    manku, where did u get the deal on the 08 e350? What did u get? P2? Parktronic? I am going to get a lease in so cal too within 2 weeks and i am deciding where has the best deals. Trying to get a 08 with P2 package and parktronic with no down at 15k miles/yr and 24 months for mid $600 a month.
  • mankumanku Posts: 64
    jyeh74 -

    I don't know if you're gonna be able to do that, at least here in socal.

    i got p1, ipod, sports, metalic paint. grey/grey.

    basically, from what i see in advertisements, it all works out the same...your total cost is gonna be around 18500 for 24 months (that includes aquisition, licensing, taxes etc...)...whether you want to put more down, or less, that's your total cost...or about 770month all in for 24.

    btw, things i just noticed (boy do if feel stoopid!) - a 1095 aquistion fee (why is it 400 more than on adverts - california?), and a 500 "missing docs" fee - if i lose the instruction manuals I get charged 500! i may go back today and ask them about this.

    also, i got for 800, the 5000 wear and tear warranty - which covers all damage, incl. tires, up to 5k - considering every leased vehicle has had at least 750 in turn in damage, i think its a no brainer.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    My total cost for a E350 4matic with P1 and ipod with 7.5K miles a year is $12.9K for 24 months, which includes $2.5K upfront (all fees, first payment, etc.) and 23 months at $450. I also have the $500 missing doc fee which the dealer was upfront about and just said don't ever remove from the car and you will be fine.
  • The world's largest Mercedes dealer is Fletcher Jones, in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa. Ask for Mike McMullen. They sell/lease as many cars/month as most dealerships do in a year. Huge selection.
  • This is not a advertisement. The best deals in the northeast are to be had @ Prestige Motors in Paramus, NJ. The gentlemen you want to speak to is Keith DeYoung. I leased a 2008 E Class and a good friend of mine leased a 2008 S Class. Keith beat everybody's numbers. The E Class was a 24 monh lease, 12,000 miles per year, 1720 total at signing, 4 matic, parktonic, P2, Panaramic roof, MSRP $59,625 @ 632.00 permonth which included PA lease and sales tax. My friend leased a $96,000 S Class @ 39 months, 12,000 miles per year, 2650.00 total due at signing @ 1580.00 per month which included PA sales and lease tax. Very simple and quick. they also have a huge selection to pick from.
  • I'm familiar with Prestige, or at least I think I spoke with them a while ago.

    What about service? Can you have service done at any Mercedes dealer? Suppose it involves warranty repairs? I can't be stuck going to Paramus when I live on Long Island. Simply not worth it no matter how good the deal is.

  • Service Question. I live in Pennsylvania and have my service and warranty work done at a local dealer. Any Benz Dealership is ok. Question? Do you think a Mercedes Dealership would turn you down for service when they are making money on you? There, your problem is solved. Go to Prestige and tell them that Mark & Tina from Pennsylvania sent you.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It would be outrageous for a factory warranty to be good at only one dealer. They area not fixing your car "for free," they are being paid by Mercedes.

    What if the car broke down on a vacation road trip? Suppose you bought a Mercedes and moved across the country the next year? You would have no warranty if that was true.

    You will likely lose "perks" like free car washes and loaner cars that the dealer you purchased from might have offered to their customers.
  • jyeh74jyeh74 Posts: 10

    I spoke with dealerships in so cal but they said PRestige is a broker and dealerships cannot and will not match their deals.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    That doesn't even make sense. A broker would have to buy from another dealer first, add a markup, then resell/lease. It seems unlikely that a dealer cannot just sell to the customer directly for the same or less than going through the broker.
  • Hi
    I got a quote from a dealer in Orange County, CA E350, Premium P01 package, Ipod, Headlamp washing system and iidium silver, MSRP 55320 for $4,900 total drive off, $519/month, $595 tune-in fee, 24 month, 12K miles/year. Total of payment is $17431 (include wear n tear up to $40,000 and theft protection up to $5,000)
    Please let me know if it's a best deal so i can pick up the car ASAP.
    Thank you
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    How exactly do they make money if you are free to cause up to $40,000 worth of wear and tear damage for an $800 premium?
    If you buy the insurance, you are going to spend $800 on wear and tear whether there is anything that qualifies as excess wear or not.
  • Hi
    oh, i checked and found out that they will waive or reimburse me maximum $5,000 only for limited physical damage charges defined as following at the time I turn in my vehicle:
    What is considered excess wear and use?
    Our lease-end process, The First Class Finish provides guidelines used to evaluate the condition of your vehicle. Here are some of the conditions that would be considered excess wear and use:
    - Damage to major driveline components (engine, transmission, differential).
    - Damage to the vehicle's frame.
    - Damage to the interior or exterior that is beyond ordinary wear and use.
    - Missing or broken parts and accessories, including optional factory equipment identified in the lease.
    - Missing tires, tires of unequal size, tires that have sidewall plugs, cuts or exposed cords.
    - Wheels that are broken or cracked.
    - Stars, cracks, holes or plugs (regardless of size) in the windshield, or other glass or lenses.
    - Failure to maintain the vehicle according to manufacturer's specifications (the maintenance must be documented).
    - After market alterations not installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer.
    - Any condition that makes the vehicle either unlawful or unsafe to drive.

    Because parts and acessories of MB are really expensive, so i think this cover is worth to pay.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Or just don't do those things that are covered by the insurance.
    Your auto insurance covers accident damage to the frame etc..
    Doing the scheduled maintenance, not altering the vehicle, broken rims, missing/bald tires etc. are common sense.
    You should be able to keep your car looking good for the duration of a 2 year lease. My car is more than 5 years old and doesn't have any of the problems you listed.
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Just to let you know you are not getting a good deal, why the drive off of $4900? You want just drive off(bare minimum-dmv fee,doc fee,first month..), make sure to focus on the selling price of your vehicle and not the monthly payment.
  • Can you explain Prestige being a Broker. I am under the assumption they are a dealer. Mark
  • Check them out on the internet, they're clearly a dealer. Just go to the MB USA website and plug in "07652" as the zip code and they pop right up as a MB dealer. Sounds like the dealer who said they are a "broker' is just lying as to why he can't or won't compete on price. Can you believe that? A car salesman lying to a customer? Guess there's a first time for everything.
  • jdhjdh Posts: 19
    I am thinking of leasing a new Mercedes. My current lease is up in February, but like the current lease offered by Mercedes. Does anyone know if they will have a similar lease sale in February.

  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    You can go to Any MB dealer even now and lease a car. When I spoke to my dealer about my lease, which expires in July, he said they can easily eat 4 payments of my current lease and it does not affect your payment. Try it. Good luck.
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