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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • commexcommex Posts: 2
    Thats a REALLY LOW miles/year allowance, you sure you only drive that? I know I can drive double that without a sweat, but it would probably up your monthly payment alot, just wondering since youll probably have a hard time staying under that
  • calbear05calbear05 Posts: 6
    Probably even less than that. My lease on the 2006 M class is coming up on expiration in August and I had an allowance of 12k miles/yr and after 2 years have a total of only 9000 miles on it! I guess its because I have 3 cars so I keep the mileage low on all of them.

    Dealer mentioned that its actually a great time to lease the E because with the model change in 2009, the mkt value for the current E should fall which would result in MB Financial trying to be even more aggressive in adjusting the residual value for a potential buyout. The residual on my M class was close to 39k but they offered to knock off $7500.

    While I'm not sure what the mkt or status of the economy will be in 2 years, even at the current residual I can still buy the car for the same amt if I had purchased today since they knocked $8500 off the MSRP.

    There are rumors out there that MB will increase the incentive to $5,000 (from $2000) as well as instruct dealers to offer the AMG package for free (since it will replace the sport package for 2009) to move the last of the 2008 models.
  • doctorleodoctorleo Posts: 2
    So just wondering if you think the following is a good deal or not.

    2008 E350
    MSRP: 57,040
    Negotiated price: 50K
    33 months
    12k miles per year
    MF .00085
    Residual value 57%
    $3k drive off
    $605 per month
    In southern California with 7.75% tax
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Looks like a pretty good deal. You'd be ~ $645/mo (including tax) with no down, just drives (1st mo, dmv's, acquisition fee, etc.), so it looks like ~$1200-$1300 of that $3000 upfront will be ultilized as a down payment/cap cost reduction. They could have structured it slightly different, but it looks pretty solid to me.

    The residual is correct. They are giving you the buy rate money factor. You have a very aggressive cap cost.

    Just have them itemize (clarify) what the $3k at signing includes. The majority should be inception fees. If you can live with a slighly higher payment, I'd say keep the additional cash in your pocket, but that's up to you.

    From this perspective though, I'd say go for it!
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Who is the dealership? Penski?
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    I'm considering whether to replace my 2004 Audi A6 w/ the E350 within a few weeks (my lease expires July 2nd) or to get another A6. Audi is offering an extremely aggressive lease deal right now. The MF is .00018 -- which is less than 1%. I see that Mercedes is offering a sweet rate on a purchase -- 1.9% for up to 72 months. But I can't seem to find a breakdown on the advertised lease deal.

    Can anyone tell me: (1) the MF on the lease deal; (2) the residual values for a 10,000 lease; and (3) whether there's any cash or other incentives for dealers right now?

    Also, I've heard that 2008 is the last model year for the E350. That doesn't bother me but I would think it would mean that MB and the dealers are psuhing hard to clear them out. Can anyone confirm?

  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Can anyone tell me: (1) the MF on the lease deal; (2) the residual values for a 10,000 lease; and (3) whether there's any cash or other incentives for dealers right now?

    '08 E350 Luxury
    27 M -- Residual 64% -- .00085

    '08 E350 Luxury 4-matic
    27 M -- Residual 63% -- .00030

    Should be a $2000 lease cash incentive. Call local dealer to confirm.

    Also, I've heard that 2008 is the last model year for the E350. That doesn't bother me but I would think it would mean that MB and the dealers are psuhing hard to clear them out. Can anyone confirm?

    The new generation E-class will be introduced as a 2010 model in the fall of '09. It won't look much different from the current model - some cosmetic tweaks and and the SLK's 3.5L V-6 rated @ 300hp.
  • audi42audi42 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if there are any incentives (like cash) for an 2008 E350 4matic. Also can anyone give me rates (MF and RV) for 33, 36 and 39 month leases. I'm in the market and did not know if I should buy now or wait for the 2009.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    You are wrong about 2010 E-class. It is going to be an all new model (code name 212) with much more advanced mechanics and electronics and will look somewhat like a new C-class introduced last year.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I suggest you go back and read what I wrote - carefully.

    I never said it wasn't an all-new model, I simply mentioned when it would become available in the states for sale, and then commented (briefly) on the styling changes and engine upgrade. Mercedes did in fact style the vehicle very similarly to the current model as to not upset the desire among the loyalists.

    I consider going from round headlights to square headlights a "minor" cosmetic tweak, but that's just me. ;)
  • rtenrten Posts: 3
    I can give you figures for 33 month lease on the E350 4matic:

    12k miles/yr Residual = .57
    15k miles/yr Residual = .55

    Money factor = .00030

    you should get $5k - 8k off MSRP
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    Thanks rten. Do you (or anyone else) know whether the .00030 MF is available for longer terms than 33 month? I'd like at least 36 months and ideally longer. Also, do you know the residual on a 10,000 mile lease?
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    After going back and forth for a month between the E350 4Matic and the Audi A6, I just pulled the trigger on a 33 month lease for the Mercedes. The lease was nearly $200/month cheaper, primarily because the residual on the Mercedes was 9% better. FWIW, here are the details.

    E350 4Matic
    Black paint
    Black Interior
    Sports Package
    Premium 1
    Burl walnut

    MSRP -- $56,410
    Invoice -- $52,552
    Cap Cost -- $49,660
    Monthly payment -- $591.92 ($538.11 + $53.81 use tax)
    33 months
    MF -- .00030
    RV -- 58%
    Inception Costs -- $407.97 (1st month + license fee + doc fee - $500 dealer credit)

    I know I probably left a few bucks on the table, but not much. Hope this helps.

    Also, if you're in the Washington, DC area, I recommend Euro Motorcars in Bethesda. Very professional. Contact me off line for the name of a salesman.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    What are the incentives available for a E350 NOW? I see people are saying you can get $8000 off MSRP. But I was told by the dealer that there is only $2000 incentive. What other money is available?
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    I'm not aware of any special incentives beyond the $2,000 lease cash (it's $4,000 if you buy the car and don't take the subsidized MBF financing). But MB also pays the dealer a holdback of 3% of MSRP, which may be part of the explanation. So the real cost to a dealer on an E350 is nearly $4,000 less than the supposed invoice price. And I bet there are other payments we don't know about.
  • br1973br1973 Posts: 1
    What kind of numbers should I be looking for on a 24 month lease of an E class diesel in CA?
    And does anyone have any recs on a good place to go? Fletcher Jones quoted 1100 dollars a month with no wiggle room. That seems insane to me.

    Thought about going through leasetrader, but they seem to want your firstborn before you can even contact a seller.
  • msc5msc5 Posts: 21
    My lease on my 2006 E320 CDI is up in mid August and am going to begin looking for new 2008. I like the diesel but the cost of diesel gas is even more than gas right now. Don't know what is going to be happening to cost of diesel compared to cost of gas in next few years??? So, having tough time deciding whether to concentrate on E350 or E320. Even with diesel gas costing approximately .50 cents more per gallon than unleaded gas, given the fact that I only fill my diesel tank 2-3 times per month---I figure I'm still saving money over filling the tank more often with the lower mileage non diesel E350 vehicle??? Anyway, I'm still debating and need to go drive the E350 because I know it drives differently than the 320 CDI which I currently drive.

    So that I am prepared when I go into the dealerships can you please provide the June residuals/MF for both the E320 and E350 cars for both 10,000 and 12,000 miles. I am in Arizona. Also, does the $2000 dealer cash also apply to the E320. I'm going to start shopping now so I need the June numbers. I figure that if I can't get a deal finalized in June and end up in July that the numbers and incentives will hopefully only get better as we get closer to the 2009 cars being released. If I'm still shopping in July I'll post for the new July numbers---when do these become available? Thanks for the info.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I'm not sure that leasing a 320 for two years makes any sense. I understand the savings in diesel over premium gas, but I'm not sure that the savings makes up for the difference in cost between the 350 and the 320 on a short lease. The one who's making out is the person that buys that 320 that you only leased for 2 years.

    I would bet that your TOTAL lease cost for the 320 is higher than if you leased a 350...when you add in fuel in both cases for the length of the lease. Sure the 350 uses more fuel, but it costs less than the 320. You don't make that up in 24 months.

    I would think that leasing a 320 may make sense on a 3-4 year lease....because I think the break even is 3 years.
  • msc5msc5 Posts: 21
    I probably am going to lease for 3 years this time around. Last lease was for 27 months only because it was a special they were running and cost less than the 36 month lease. All options remaining the same, the difference for the E320 over the same exact E350 is $1000 more. However, I am thinking about the shorter lease only because the model is supposed to change for 2010. Still can't decide what to do. Last time I leased I had worked out the deal for an E350 and due to a screw up at the dealership (car being traded to another dealership by someone who didn't realize it was virtually sold) they gave me the same exact car in the 320 CDI model for the same price I had worked out---even though the 320 was $1000 more---I ended up making out better. This time around I probably won't be so lucky. So, with a $1000 difference---over the life of a 2-3 year lease---and the approx. .50 more per diesel gallon---but less gas over a month's time than the non diesel E350---do you think the 320 still ends up costing more???
  • bpwyattbpwyatt Posts: 2
    I live in the DC area and am also looking at the E350 4Matic. So the Cap Cost was the result of incentives? Did you put any additional money down? Also, how many miles did you negotiate? Thanks.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    08 Mercedes E320 BlueTec Diesel (June Rates)
    24 M – Residual 65% of MSRP – .00150
    36 M – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00225

    Residual value based on 15k annual miles.

    Add 2% for 12k, and 3% for 10k.
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    I don't really know how we got to the cap cost. I was planning to ask for @$2,000 below invoice based on the incentives, but didn't need to ask. The dealer made this offer straight away (but you should know that my salesman knew me and sold me a GL recently that I negotiated pretty hard).

    I only needed 10,000 miles/year, which saved me 1% in residual over 12,000.

    The only money down was $900 -- which was the first month, tags, and a $100 processing fee that I decided not to fight about. And the dealer had sent me a $500 "gas" discount card in the mail, so that was deducted for a total out-of-pocket of just about $400.
  • bpwyattbpwyatt Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. Looks like you got a nice deal.
  • mbnycmbnyc Posts: 4
    Hi - I am wondering how good this deal is?

    In NYC
    2008 New 350 4M Sport
    Flint Grey/Black
    Black Birdseye
    Ipod kit
    Wood/Leather Steering Wheel
    Voice Control
    Electronic Trunk Closer
    Premium 1 Package

    Total Retail 58,710
    Gross Cap Cost 54,784
    Tax Inc Adj Cap Cost 56,479

    No money down
    Residual 63%
    Money Fact .00030
    27 month lease 749 per month
    Cash Back from dealer by check $3,000
  • lbibumlbibum Posts: 7
    2008 E350 4matic
    Pewter w/ Cashmere
    Designo Burl walnut
    iPod kit
    Wood steering wheel
    Premium 1
    Sport package

    MSRP w/ destination charge $ 57,970
    Cap Cost $49705
    Monthly payment $576 ( 535.81 + 40.19 tax)
    27 month
    MF .00030
    Residual 62%
    Out of pocket costs: Inception cost $795
    Doc fee $249
    1st month $576
    NJ fees (registration, sup titling, tire fee) $ 488.82

    Total out of pocket ---------------------------------$ 2108.82

    I picked up the car today....What do you think of the

  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Wow seems like a very good deal. I asked several dealers in S. california about getting a E350 $8000+ BELOW MSRP. But they say it's impossible and it's not true. They are saying that the $2000 lease cash is not also there. Does anyone know of qa dealer in S. Cali who will be willing to do $8000+ below MSRP?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    According to my local salesman (who may be blowing smoke) MB just introduced an "employee price" deal on the e class..good until the end of the month (better rush). That would give you the car at a 12 1/2% discount off MSRP. The rest of the lease mf and residuals are unchanged.

    You might want to give your dealer a
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Who is your local dealerships? All the dealerships I have been to say it's impossible.
  • lbibumlbibum Posts: 7
    I leased the car from a very large Authorized Mercedes Benz Dealer with two locations in central New Jersey!

    Certain dealer incentives might only be available in the north east region.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey guys, ive been reading this site for quite some time, we FINALLY bought an E-350...with Employee pricing...and it was a crazy good deal.

    The car stickered for $55.5k. E-350 Silver/black interior

    MSRP: $55.5k
    Options . P1 package and Ipod integration

    EMPLOYEE PRICING MSRP : $48.5k (sorry i dont have exact numbers...papers not on me, car being delivered thursday night)

    CURRENT MB Marketing $4000
    So final buy price is $44.5k

    Leased it for 27months....I assumed my money factor would be .00030 like others had...but im guessing since we had employee price...we got it for .00001.
    Monday down: $1140. that is FIRST months payment...and the MB turn in fee end of lease.
    Monthly Payment: $384

    overall im thrilled, and didn't think this kinda lease would be possible, im paying 380 on my DAMN cloth seat 4x4 jeep commander.

    I in NO way qualify for employee pricing, which mercedes benz is offering, if you are a chrysler employee or family of one. But through some miracle, dealer had an extra employee code...and end of month. (i tried soooo hard to find someone, being I live in MI to find employee luck)

    KEEP searcing guys, u can get a damn good deal on this car. It was a beatiful car, didn't wanna leave home without it.

    I live in michigan btw.
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