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Nissan Frontier Problems



  • usaf52usaf52 Posts: 70
    The power point info is on 2-20 of the 2001 manual. I called Nissan, and they didn't have a clue also called the local service manager. He supposedly has 30 years Nissan experience..He said he had never heard of it, and also uses cell phones, CB's etc.
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    The printed word is not the same as "chiseled in stone". I wonder what there procedures are to insure accuracy and clarity in the manuals. Another Item I question is on page 10-6, Concerning engine oil. Basically it says you can use mineral based or synthetic, but don't mix them. The instructions on the label of all full synthetic oil says it is fully compatible with mineral based oil. So, is Nissan saying don't use blended oil or just don't blend it yourself?
  • bluesman41bluesman41 Posts: 1
    I recently brought a new 2001 Frontier XE king cab.(4X2) On the average, I commute about 700 miles/week, and have had it for two weeks now.(1475 miles)
    No problems, no sounds,everything is doing fine.
    Runs fine on the interstate- keeps up with the best of them(manual gearbox).
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    I said before I would be honest and tell about any problems I have with my frontier, I have a 98 king cab 5speed 4cylinder 4x2 with 31,000 miles on it, I finally had a warranty claim, last sunday, I noticed that my AC would only blow decent in the fan speed was on position 4, and if it was on recirculate, no air would come out at all on position 1-3! It still blew cold on position 4, I took it into the shop and it was the blower motor resistor, took about 30 minutes for them to change it out. Works great now, just poting this so if anyone else experiences it they can know what it is. Other than that, no complaints or problems.
  • curt3curt3 Posts: 101
    I am now in my third year of owning my 1998 Frontier. I have enjoyed it thoroughly except for what appears to be water leakage. My rear sliding window seal has been replaced twice in the last year or so on account of rain water flowing freely into the rear seat area. This problem seems to be in check now.

    My problem now is a very strong mildew smell coming from both doors only when the windows are down. Have any of you experienced a similar problem?
  • cncmancncman Posts: 487
    Probably when you have the windows down, the wind is going to the back and then coming up front where you can smell it, when the windows are up, the smell stays in the back, take a close sniff of the carpet in the cab area, that is probably where the smell is coming from, if so, have it shampooed or I use febreeze, it works well if you can stand the febreeze smell.
  • tyso30tyso30 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Frontier that started making the same noise. When I was servicing the engine one day I took some time to look into the problem and discovered that it was a bad idler pulley bearing.I also had to jump start a 98 4cyl cc at work and the guy had the same problem. I am also wondering if anyone has had a problem with the light in the radio going out.
  • hootowlhootowl Posts: 1
    Well, I'm gonna make the plunge this weekend and get a 2001 CC/SC/2wd - Looking forward to it. Hope the Frontier works out as well as the '91 Sonoma has, may it rest in peace!

    Any comments on replacement tires? Those 265-55R17 Firestones, I'm sure, are gonna be pretty lousy for my kinda needs so will be looking to replace 'em after a few miles. One trick I seem to be finding out is that the 265/55 seems to be a unique size to turkey Firestones. Not even the Firestone website has info on critical tire specs of diameter/footprint/revolutions per mile. Really would like to avoid messing up much the speedometer accuracy (greater diameter) or causing wheelwell clearance when replacing the Firestones.

    Any comments on tire sizes that work okay or don't?


  • bmsorybmsory Posts: 17
    I got my 2001 Frontier CC SE with 5Sp Manual.
    I installed car alarm with keyless entry by my
    self and many accessories on it. And now it's
    got 2,800 miles on it and I still don't have
    any problem with my truck it's still running
    good and everything is still in working Condition
    I just wonder why many people here seem to have
    some problem with thier trucks...Maybe I've got
    the best one if so I hope it keeps it that way
    and good luck to all of you ! BM
  • woodscrewwoodscrew Posts: 3
    If you own 1998-2000 Frontier KC or CC, the carrier bearing at the center support of the drive shaft is prone to a failure. From 2001, Nissan got rid of the carrier bearing by using one-piece drive shaft. I believe Nissan has known that it IS a defective design. Please check your carrier bearing at least once a month. If you notice the failure, call 1-800-NISSAN-1 rather than going to a local dealer. Nissan has to RECALL this!
  • extoyextoy Posts: 1
    Is this a rubber material ?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Please post what the symptoms are of carrier bearing failure? Does the failure happen only to 4CYL, 6CYL, KC, CC, 4WD, or 2WD, or does it apply to all of the Frontiers 1998 to 2000?
    I have only heard of this happening on the V6 4WD Crew Cabs.
    Please share any information you may have, my warranty is up in 1 MONTH.
  • woodscrewwoodscrew Posts: 3
    Carrier bearing failure is typical to 1998-2000 King Cab and Crew Cab. King Cab and Crew Cab shares the same chassis which has a longer wheelbase. Longer wheelbase needs a longer driveshaft therefore Nissan designed a two piece driveshaft with a carrier bearing support in the middle. From 2001, Nissan got rid of a two piece shaft and replaced with a one piece shaft. Why they did that? I bet you all know the answer.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    So how do you know if the carrier bearing is failing or failed? Does it leak oil? Does it fall off the truck? Does it cause vibrations at 60MPH? Can it visually be inspected or do you have to remove it to inspect it?
    How much does it cost to replace it?
    I asked the dealer about it and they said they have not seen one carrier bearing failure on the 1998 to 2001 Frontiers.
    I asked another dealer in next town and they gave same answer.
    More information please Woodscrew.
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    Go over or and you can read all the complaints. I think only the 4X4 01's have the one piece shafts.

    The carrier bearing is easy to see on the CC and the AR because thay sit higher off the ground. Go to your local dealer, on Sunday when the attack dogs are at home eating chicken dinner, look under the truck from either side near the back of the front door. The drive shaft runs from the back of the transmission to the rear differential. There is a brace between the frame beams just about a foot aft of the transmission. If it has a carrier bearing it will be attached to this brace and the drive shaft goes through it. I Understand the problem is with the rubber that holds it in place.

    I have a 01CC 4x4 with the one piece shaft. but I have looked under A 4x2 just to see what all the fuss is about. The two piece shaft on the 4x2 is much longer than mine. Actually I don't think this design in unique to nissan. Other truck manufactures use a two piece shaft. the carrier bearing is just there to keep it from flopping all around.
  • woodscrewwoodscrew Posts: 3
    Soggydog is correct in a sense that the two piece shaft is not unique. Tacoma ext cab even has the two piece shaft. What I am pointing out is, I have noticed the carrier bearing failure is typical to 98-00 Nissan Frontier KCs and CCs. I heard about the carrier bearing failure on Tacoma when Taco was lifted and the driveshaft angle was changed. Again, there are so many carrier bearing failure reported among Frontier owners. Check Yahoo! clubhouse and any Frontier related homepage. One owner got his carrier bearing failed at 1,000 miles. Another owner replaced this bearing five times in one year. I encourage moparbad to talk with Nissan Customer Affairs to replace the one piece shaft with a new 2001 one piece shaft, which I have been working on.

    Check out this homepage..
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    The posting of the link to nissanoffroad with the pictures is just what I needed. Went and took a look at my carrier bearing and it is identical to the picture of the failed bearing.
    Only one month left in my warranty and I will be taking the truck in this week. Unfortunately, both of the dealers in my area deny any problems with carrier bearings and both have been asked to check my bearing this year and both stated it was fine.
    Armed with the knowledge gained from your posts I will get my bearing replaced.
    Thank you everyone who takes the time to share their knowledge and experiences on this and other forums.
  • 4907549075 Posts: 1
    I have 2001 frontier sc king cab that cuts out at 95 mph and won't run ay faster? any ideas or is this as fast as the truck will run? is this a sign of trouble to come [other than a ticket or a trip to the pokey? :->
  • onlyoneonlyone Posts: 39
    Blame it on the Federal Government. All regular production light trucks are now governed to ~100 mph by law. Limited production stuff (i.e. SVO Ford F-150 Lightning) are not. My Desert Runner SE cuts the fuel injectors at exactly 100. I'm sure she'd top out the speedo if it weren't for stupid laws. My dad's last two Chevy fullsize trucks (a 98 Ex Cab and a 99 Silverado) both cut off at 100 as well.

    Somewhere someone knows how to fix that...
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    Yesterday I started ny 2000 CrewCab and was unable to shift out of Park. The damn thing was stuck and I could not get it to move. After trying for a couple of minutes I turned off the engine. With the engine off it allowed me to shift and I shifted into Neutral. I then started the truck and was able to shift it into Drive. I started the vehicle a couple of other times during the day without a recurrence of this problem.

    Does anyone have an idea if this is something that I need to have checked out?
  • onlyoneonlyone Posts: 39
    That is a known defect in auto tranny frontiers. Go to the NHTSA website ( go to the recall database and search for Nissan Truck, Frontier, 2000. It will tell you what to do. Until you do get it fixed, make sure you use your parking brake since it is possible for it to pop out of Park.

    Good luck.
  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    by at least 25 mph? I believe the stupid one is you, not the federal government.
  • onlyoneonlyone Posts: 39
    This board is not for namecalling, cb70. I said stupid laws because there are some instances where 100+ mph is legal in this county (i.e. drag strips, out west in the boonies) I will have you know that I never normally drive in extreme excesses of the speed limit. It IS very unsafe and I do not condone the act. Yet it is interesting to know the straight line max speed of your automobile, and the only time I ever test that is way out in the middle of nowhere on the straightest piece of road I can find. The reason the federal government enacted the "stupid" law is for "stupid" people who think they can drive their big, easy to tip over SUVs or trucks at those speeds in any other direction but a straight line. I feel it is stupid because it is another way that the government is trying to circumvent natural selection. Make what you want of that...
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    I thought there were still some states in the Western U.S. that did not have spped limits on certain stretches of highway. I don't know this for a fact but have heard it mentioned.
  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    and they put back the limits in 99.
  • tructtruct Posts: 2
    I bought a 2001 Nissan XE king cab 6/23 and already AC failed on me. Anyone else has this problem.
  • tructtruct Posts: 2
    My AC failed on me now I found oil dripping from the trans. I wonder if I can exchange for another car. Can anyone tell me thanks much
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Does anyone know of any good Nissan message boards. The edmunds site tends to focus on newer pickups and mine isn't new.

    Thanks for any help
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