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2013 and earlier Volvo S60 Lease Questions



  • That is a great deal. Did you buy in California?
  • amoszamosz Posts: 38
    I think I am close to deciding between this and an infiniti g sedan (see a few left over g25s here locally, although it would be for purchase).

    Considering leasing a S60 T5 Premier or Premier AWD. I think I have a monthly calculation of ~$330/month. (AWD isn’t necessary, just a nice feature..)

    Tax is 8.25% on the cap cost of the car :( ….

    Assuming MSRP of 36945 (climate package) and sale price of $30792.

    I plugged in the numbers above (as close as possible) with a MF of 0.00001 and Residual of 65% for 24 months. I assume I would qualify for best rate.

    Not sure what other fees would be included (1st time leasing).

    Does what I say above sound about correct?

    Thank you
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Dear Amosz,

    I am still on the notification list for this forum although we leased our S60 T5 last summer. I can't weigh in on the leasing data since I reviewed these figures so long ago, but after 10 months with the S60 and having owned a G, and driven my cousin's G25, I thought I'd offer my advice if you need help deciding between the cars. While the Infiniti is a very good vehicle, the S60 is a vastly superior car, with a much stronger engine AND better gas mileage.

    Good luck with your car shopping.
  • ranjohnranjohn Posts: 17
    Hey Carman:

    I'm considering a S60 T5 AWD Platinum +Blind spot + Climate = 42,245 MSRP. What's the approximated monthly payment, MF and RV on a 36/12 0 down, top credit lease?

  • amoszamosz Posts: 38
    Thanks for the advice. I think we are decided on the S60 at a 24 month or 36 month lease. Attracted to the utility of the xc60 though, but don't want to get into a lease that expensive at this time.

    It will be a 1st lease for me, but I'll put money aside in 2-3 years to purchase a car we want.

    Major reservation is the lack of space if we start a family, which is 1 reason I think a lease works out better for us.

    My other hesitation is that I'll be about 2 hours from the closest volvo dealership.
  • therastheras Posts: 66
    Good luck amosz! We have a 6 year old who fits well in the S60, and the trunk is decently laid out. Sounds like you have a great idea with the short-term lease.

    I've only been back to the dealer for the first year maint, but ours is 2 minutes away!
  • eve4tmweve4tmw Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    Hi CarMan,
    I am looking to lease an S60 T5 AWD, Premier Plus with Climate package, and was quoted a price of $36,813 (they say it is 750 below invoice).

    For a 2 year lease, 10k miles per year, they are quoting a money factor of .00026, residual 68%
    asking for $1500 down.
    Payments with monthly tax (8.5%) are $509.17

    Also charging a bank fee of $995 and Disposition fee of $350 (is that normal with Volvo finance?)

    I feel like it's high, and really could use advice on if this is a good deal, or if I should keep looking, and what monthly payments I should be asking for with this package.

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi ranjohn. The dealer invoice price of the $42,245 MSRP S60 T5 AWD that you described is $39,764. There's a $500 loyalty / conquest cash offer and probably around $500 dealer cash available on top of that, lowering the invoice price to around $38,764.

    According to my calculations, if you were to lease this car at $500 over invoice minus incentives through Volvo Finance right now for 36-months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would be around $440 assuming that you qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi eve4tmw. You can verify if the selling price that you were quoted is really $750 under invoice by looking up this car's invoice price in the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    The disposition fee is normal, but the dealer is marking up Volvo Finance's normal $695 acquisition fee. Make sure that you take this mark-up into account when evaluating this deal.

    The money factor that you were quoted is too high as well. Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for a 24-month lease of this car is only .00001.

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  • kjboydkjboyd Posts: 4
    hello: appreciate all the info above: but can you tell me what the numbers are for 13 S60, T5, 24 and 36 month lease, 10,000 miles per year?

    residual? looks like .00001 for the 24 month.
    money factor?
  • gusbufgusbuf Posts: 50
    Hello Carman. I was wondering if you have the June MF and residual for an S60 T5 AWD Platinum package with 12k miles/yr for both 24 and 36 months. I am in the Buffalo, NY area, 14221. Thanks so much!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi kjboyd. Volvo Finance's June buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 S60 T5 with 15,000 miles per year are .00001 and 67%.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are .00001 and 54%.

    The question is what is Volvo Finance's low mileage adder for leases with 10,000 miles per year. My guess is 3%, but it's a relatively new bank so I'm not positive.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi gusbuf. Volvo Finance's June buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 S60 T5 AWD Platinum with 12,000 miles per year are .00001 and 65% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are .00009 and 54%.

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  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,959
    Pretty aggressive MF from Volvo.

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Yes, the money factors are very attractive.

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  • dadas1978dadas1978 Posts: 8

    Do you happen to have any info on Volvo Finance's July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 S60 T5 AWD Premier Plus with 10,000 miles per year who qualify for top credit tier. I am being provided a MF of .00016 and being told the change in MF from last month to this month is due to Volvo's Summer Sales Event and the 3 months.

  • dkeane17dkeane17 Posts: 1
    The Edmunds True Value calculator is quoting a price of $36,240 for a T5 AWD with Premier, Climate, Metallic Paint, Blis and a spare. We are using Costco so we get A-plan pricing less $750. A-plan pricing according to the dealer is $37,400 (includes $895 destination). Then there are the $500 loyalty and $1,000 dealer incentive. Does this mean I should be asking for $37,400-750-500-1000=$34,633? We are being quoted: $35,150+895=$36,045 which includes all incentives. Seems we can do better,no?

    Also, what's the deal with the $500 advertising charge?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I certainly do dadas1978. Volvo Finance's July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 S60 T6 AWD Premier Plus with 10,000 miles per year are .00001 and 67% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Volvo is indeed waiving the first three monthly payments in July. There's a solid $2,500 dealer cash out there on the 2013 S60 T6 as well. Make sure to take that cash into account during your negotiations.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello dkeane17. If I was in the market for this car right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of $500 or so over the dealer invoice price that is listed here at minus the $1,000 dealer cash, $500 loyalty and $750 Costco incentive.

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  • dadas1978dadas1978 Posts: 8
    Thanks carman. I am new to leasing and am being quoted $389 a month for 24 month lease 10k milage on a 2013 Volvo S60 AWD Premier Plus with an MSRP of $Price:$41,790. This is including the Costco A plan pricing and the $750 from that program. What other information would I need to provide you in order to evaluate if this is a fair lease. There is also no money down and about $1200 down to walk out the door that covers NJ tax,titles and fees.

    What other information would you need in order to assist me in evaluating if this is a good lease? I noticed the dealer was using a factor of .00016 and when questioned, was advised that the MF for July changed due to Volvo eating the first 3 months of payments.

    Any assitance would be much appreciated.
  • Carman:

    I'm doing my own lease calculations for a 2013 S60 T5 FWD w/no options . Pls accept my apologies if you've answered this before but earlier posts all seemed to be for S60s in different states of trim with more options, and the residual % seemed to differ based on trim level.

    Could you tell me the residual % for this car on a 24 month lease with either 10k or 12k miles a year, whichever you have the numbers for? And is the MF still .00001?

    As for annual miles, I'm new to leases and wasn't sure if going up or down on miles is accounted for by adjusting the residual % or by purchasing extra miles up front. If it's done through the residual % I'd like to know the % for 10k v. 12k v. 15k per year, again if you have that info. and its not too much trouble.

    Lastly, the advertised lease offer for a T5 FWD w/no options calls for $1,879 due at signing, any idea if some of that amount is meant to be down payment, or if it's all bank origination and disposition fees?

    Thank you very much!
  • I signed a lease for a S60 today and I can share some information that may be useful. I had a very helpful and forthcoming salesperson (can I post name and dealership information?) who openly discussed incentives and lease parameters. For the S60 T5 FWD. 24 month lease with 10000 miles per year, money factor = 0.00001 (basically, 0, pennies per month) and residual is 67%. The money factor has NOT increased due to the other promotions. The car priced at invoice - $750 (costco) - $1000 (dealer cash) - $1800 (extra dealership-specific incentive). I was not a repeat volvo buyer so didn't get the extra $500 loyalty cash and didn't try pushing for it either.

    I was very skeptical of this deal as I was trying to price this out myself and best case I would come up with was $350/month, this ended up much lower, and included premier, climate, metallic paint, 17" alloy wheels, and urbane wood inlays. Overall a very sweet looking and driving car, I can't wait to pick it up later in the week.
  • Hi f4hondaphile,

    I too, am looking into this lease special. Do you mind me asking how much you ended up putting as a down payment? It would be much appreciated.

  • tomc1227tomc1227 Posts: 20
    Hello Carman,

    Can you confirm the MF and residual for a 2013 S60 T6 R-Design for July? I believe the rates differ slightly between the T6 and T6 R-Design, hence the question.


  • goirish2goirish2 Posts: 10

    A quick question about Volvo's fees. I contacted a dealer today about leasing a S60 using the COSTCO Program. I had calculated my lease, based on $0 cap cost reduction, but the numbers I got were substantially higher than I anticipated. I had forgotten the Bank Acquisition fee and the dealer had added in a "Dealer Fee".

    The Acquisition fee was $995.00 This looks to be about $300 too high, based on my research. Is this the case?

    Am I correct in assuming that I should not pay a $695 Dealer fee.? I think I negotiated this away on my last few leases (Land Rover and VW)

    Dealership is in FL

  • austin_brown: I put $2000 down, which included NJ tax, registration etc. My monthly payment is $281, with the first three payments paid by volvo.
  • cnn90210cnn90210 Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    I signed a similar deal yesterday.

    2013 S60 T5 AWD Premier with Climate Package & BLIS

    $38,245 MSRP
    $33,400 Selling price
    $35,222 CAP (includes Acq. Fee, NJ tax, tags & doc fees)

    24 month lease with 10,000 miles per year

    MF=.00001 Residual= 68%

    $3000 down $270/month

    Volvo picks up the first 3 payments.

    I'm not a Costco member so I missed out on the $750 but I'll make sure I join before I lease again to take advantage of it.
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    Just got a quote on a S60 T5 from Roger Beasley in Georgetown, TX that seemed high.
    Ran the numbers myself and found I couldn't account for about $125. in monthly payment.
    Will call them on it today and see what's up.
    They say they really want to sell the car at month-end but I'm no fool.
  • cnn90210cnn90210 Posts: 2
    Did you get a break down on the numbers?
  • wstohnerwstohner Posts: 1
    Can anyone share with me what the residual is in July for a 15k/24 month lease on a 2013 S60 AWD premier plus? I signed a lease on one today with a residual of 64%, but I saw 65% listed on a different website. Just want to make sure my dealer was correct. Thanks in advance.
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