2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



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    Old news, the article is 100% wrong.
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    Hi bcd79. The $10,000 cash incentive that I mentioned is only for leases of the '08 XC90 V8 through banks other than Volvo Finance. Volvo is providing a cash incentive on leases of the '08 XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD through independent banks, but it is lower...$7,750.

    This cash incentive is not compatible with the special 0.0% to 3.9% financing offer that Volvo is currently providing on this truck. It is not compatible with conventional loans through independent banks either, but $4,250 dealer cash is.

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    To Coopcar:

    Are you paying $349.00 for XC90 V8? This is truly terrific as my 39 month lease on 2006 V8 is $500.00. Anyway, what do you all think about buying proposition for 2006 V8 that I received from the bank: they want me to buyout it early for $26000 under 7.5% interest for 5 years and to forgo my remaining 7 payments? Will be curious to learn your opinion
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    I am looking at a 2008 Volvo V6 with AWD, climate, premium and versatility packages and met.paint-

    2008 vehicle, this would be my third Volvo form the same dealership-

    I called the dealership and have yeat to see the #'s on paper, but right now-

    - Live in NJ, Deal in PA
    - $1526.00 out of pocket/walk away
    -$514.71 per mth 36 mths, 15K per yr
    - they will pay final three mths off current lease

    Please give me your thoughts. I love this site and am glad to finally actively post.
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    Deal sounds good to me, considering that they will be eating 3 payments. Its almost a sign and drive deal.
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    Does anyone have the October lease rates for the 08 XC90?

    I just got some strange numbers from my local Volvo dealership:

    MSRP $42,675
    SP $31,350
    Res $15,624
    MF 0.00217

    36month 12k/yr
    $1512 due at signing
    $558+tax ($597/m)

    Seems like the residual is out of whack.

    Edit: just got word from the dealership. Bank is US Bank hence the low residual.
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    Hi srexy. I can give you an idea of what Volvo Finance's lease program for the XC90 is like right now, but its specific money factors and residual values vary by trim level. You never fully described the XC90 that you are interested in, so for now I will assume that you want an '08 XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD. Let me know if you want something different.

    Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00136 and 43%, respectively in the areas that Volvo is still providing lease support on it.

    If you decide to lease through an independent bank instead of Volvo Finance, you can take advantage of the following cash incentives:

    Base XC90: $8,500
    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD; $9,750
    XC90 V8: $12,000

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    Thanks Car_man,

    the figures I got were on a 3.2 FWD 7 seater - versatility and premium packages

    MSRP $42,675
    Lease Price $ 31,350
    Residual $15,624
    MF .00217

    I guess this was through US Bank and they would eat $982's worth of my remaining lease payments.

    Based on your figures there's more to be had from this deal...
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    I would like to get your thoughts on the lease deal presented to me on a 08 XC90 AWD 7 Passenger, silver w/ black interior, wood steering wheel, includes convenience package. 15,000 mi/yr

    MSRP $47,515
    $1,600 down
    $512 mo for 36 months

    I remember dealer stating Residual around $17,000.

    Also, I am coming out of a 2 year Volvo lease the beginning of Nov. and have gone over my miles. I will owe about $900. I have never been in this situation before. Dealer says over the mileage not negotiable. Is this true?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Lease terms look good.

    Mileage charge is non negotiable. You can use any available rebate to offset the fee. My guess is that all rebates are already applied to the new lease.
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    Hi Car_Man,
    Can you clarify whether the cash incentives mentioned above are incentives against the MSRP or the dealer invoice. My understanding is that they normally come off the dealer's invoice price. If that's the case, then I'll go back to my Volvo salesperson to further negotiate a lease on a 2008 XC90 V8. He told us he could take $14K off the MSRP, but residual is so low ($15,568 - ouch) that payments end up being high (in the $600 range). If Volvo is offering a $12K incentive off dealer invoice, then that means there's more room to negotiate, right?

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    There is also Volvo Loyalty money $500 that goes towards purchase or lease if you currently own a Volvo. Anyone who is in South Florida area I can give them more info via pm.
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    Hi DaisyR . The aforementioned cash incentives are completely paid for by Volvo and have nothing to do with your ability to negotiate a dealer discount. Shop around and negotiate the lowest possible selling price that you can on the XC90 that you want and then have the dealer subtract any available cash incentives from that.

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    Hi there, long time viewer first time poster.

    I was quoted a 2009 XC90
    MSRP: 44.8k
    QUOTE: 35,362
    DOWN: 2944.00

    LEASE: 39 mth/12k miles for 500.00
    silver ext /black int
    pkg: climate & premium
    addon: ipod/bluetooth

    when i go to the volvo website i see a MSRP of 44.3k with the following:

    Convenience Package
    Climate Package
    Premium Package

    iPod® Music Interface
    Park Assist Camera
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Bluetooth Hands-Free System

    Can someone help make sense of this? I am very confused, could i use this information to my advantage?

    thanks for the help
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    Hello Car_Man. Thank you for your message. So given that it is close to the end of the year, what can one expect to pay a dealer for 2008 XC90 V8 with the following:
    Real-Time Navigation
    Convenience Package
    Climate package
    Bi-Xenon headlights
    Dynaudio stereo system

    MSRP is $56057, Invoice $51708. Can we ask for below invoice price and then get the $12K cash incentive on top of that? We are in Marin County, California.

    The current sales price we were quoted for a USBank lease was $42708, residual of $16256, MF 0.0025, $1000 loyalty rebate, $5000 partial trade-in. monthly payment of $589, exlcuding sales tax. My inclination is to ask for Invoice less the $12k cash incentive for sales price of $39708. Any thoughts?
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    Would anyone be kind enough to comment on the following lease? My wife and I wound up in the dealership with two young children and we've only bought cars outright in the past. We went into the Volvo dealership not having a clue about the XC90, liked it quite a bit and decided to take the plunge. Recipe for disaster?

    2008 Volvo XC90
    6K mi. (loaner car)
    6 cyl.
    Met. paint
    Climate package
    Blind spot protection
    Premium package

    36 month lease
    10.5K mi./yr

    At signing: 1579.52 (incl. tax) + 795 bank fee + 486.62 1st month + misc. small fees = 2928.64
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    Here's a so-called "give-away" offer from my local dealer.

    08 i6 3.2l Versatility and Premium package:

    12,000 miles per year
    39 months
    $474 per month plus tax
    $1,475.72 Due at signing

    I've yet to hit him up for the sale price MF and residuals yet.

    We'll be test-driving the XC90 & Mazda CX9 back to back tomorrow. Personally I'd rather go w/the CX9 due to the $$ available on that car but my wife will be the one to make the call ultimately.

    It's ironic that I find myself shopping for a Volvo again. We did this 2yrs ago, and my preferred choice was the XC90, but we were lured away by an amazing lease on the M-B R350
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    You're welcome, daisyr. If you lease the XC90 that you are interested in through Volvo Finance then it is not eligible for the $12,000 cash incentive, it only gets $4,000. If I was in the market for this truck right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price that's withing a couple hundred dollars of invoice and then have the dealer subtract the cash from that, again four grand for a Volvo Finance lease and $12,000 for a lease through any other bank.

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    What are the residuals for a 2 or 3 yr. lease on this vehicle and the money factor? Any rebates on the 2009?
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    Hi zachman1. Volvo Finance's lease program for the XC90 varies by trim level. You never provided any details on the exact model that you want, so for now I will assume that you are interested in a 2009 XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD. Let me know if you want something different. If you were to lease this model through Volvo Finance right now for 24 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value would be .00132 and 54%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00182 and 46%.

    Other than a $500 incentive for loyal customers, Volvo is not providing any cash incentives on leases of the '09 XC90 through Volvo Finance. It does however have $4,750 to $7,750 in cash incentives for leases of this vehicle through independent banks.

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    Car_man can you post all known offers in one place when you have a chance?

    Both 2008 and 2009


    Volvo Finance MF/ Resid/ Incentives (rebates/ Cash back)

    12000 miles and 15000 miles on 5 pass non AWD

    From what I see from your earlier posts:

    15K miles on a 2008 with 24 month lease 2.5 5 pass AWD - .00132 and 54%
    15K miles on a 2008 with 36 month lease 2.5 5 pass AWD - .00182 and 46%
    Incentive on 2008 7 pass awd is $ 7,750
    2008 5 pass AWD for 3 yrs 12K miles is .00136 and 43%,

    Other Banks (and their name) with MF/ Resid/ Incentives (rebates/ Cash back)

    12000 and 15000 miles on 5 pass non awd

    Here are the incentives you listed from independent banks:

    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD; $9,750

    What bank are these from and do you know the MF & Resid?

    Thanks in advance for doing this. You do great work. Its just hard to follow all the possibilities and would be great to have them summarized once a month (if time permits).

    PS can you get the 500 loyalty if you own a volvo and trade it in but use an independant bank? Also see there is 4000 in marketing support - any limitations on that?

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    Lease would be based on 36/12K with only inception fees for the 3.2L with the following options:
    Premium, climate, versatility, RSE and maybe the convenience package.

    Any lease incentives with Volvo or independent banks on the 2009?
    Loyalty incentive? Costco incentive?
    Money factor with Volvo and independent bank? Residual with Volvo and other bank?
  • zachman1zachman1 Member Posts: 19

    This is what I was recently quoted:

    $620 per month for 36 months on the 3.2model with inception fees of $1700 and 12K.

    Options include: AWL, premium, climate, versatility, DVD, convenience and metallic paint.

    residual was 40% and interest rate 5.4%

    Is this a good deal?
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    $620/mo & 5.4% are too high - it's not worth it unless they give you the car when the lease is over. Shoot for a lease < $500/mo.
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    Anyone have November lease info on Volvo XC90? I'm helping a friend who is turning in an XC90. The more info the better as he hasn't decided which model and options yet. Thanks!
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    Good luck with that. AL those deals are gone.
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    I was offered the following:

    2008 xc90 SE $ 31792, 48 months lease with 12k miles per year is $ 485 per month with $4500 total out of pocket. This is a demo model with @ 500 miles on it. Any thoughts on this deal?

    The same car is being offered by two local dealerships. One is a demo with a sticker of $37995 and the other is new with a sticker of $36547. The lease offer is for the demo as I said and I am currently looking to see what the other dealership is offering.
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    Not a very good lease deal at all. You should be able to get a much better deal on an '09 with that much money down. There is $2000 loyalty money for current Volvo owners regardless of the model year, $750 holiday gift money that can be used towards the deal and also if you have a Costco membership that's another $1,000.- If anyone wants a reality check if they are getting a good deal or not.. Just pm me I may be able to help.
  • patriot21patriot21 Member Posts: 10
    thanks serdarfl.

    Are you saying I can get a better deal on an 09 SE? I thought $31792 is pretty good price for a car that has an MSRP of $46595. I'm still trying to get the money factor and residual so I can calculate things myself.
  • patriot21patriot21 Member Posts: 10
    I got the lease figures this morning.

    2008 xc90 SE

    price: 31792 (still need to get the 1k costco discount)
    money factor: 0.00248 (5.95 APR)
    residual: 26% after 48 months ($12114 at lease end)
    money down: $4500

    $485/month for 48/months at 12k/yr

    I'd love some help negotiating this if anyone can offer some advice. It seems the residual is low considering the 46% for 3yr/15k I read in an earlier post.
  • zamozamo Member Posts: 122
    residual: 26% after 48 months ($12114 at lease end)


    I am in for the buyout at month 48!
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    Hi zachman1. Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Volvo XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00197 and 47%, respectively.

    For November, Volvo introduced a $750 Holiday gift card on this model that is compatible with all other offers.

    There also is $500 owner loyalty cash on all deals.

    Volvo is providing a $4,750 cash incentive on leases of '09 XC90 3.2 models through independent banks.

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    Hi jmcbmw. Here's Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factors and residual values for a 36 month lease of the 2009 XC90 with 15,000 miles per year:

    XC90 5 Passenger 3.2 AWD: .00182 / 46%
    XC90 7 Passenger 3.2 AWD: .00197 / 45%
    XC90 5 Passenger 3.2 FWD: .00169 / 44%
    XC90 7 Passenger 3.2 FWD: .00185 / 44%
    Base XC90 3.2 FWD: .00004 / 41%
    XC90 V8 AWD: .00122 / 44%

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  • serdarflserdarfl Member Posts: 13

    The loyalty money applies to XC90, XC70, V70 and S80 only. It is $2,000.- Costco money($1,000) applies to XC90, XC70 and V70. Just want to clarify. For the Costco money you need to be a Costco member as of October 31,2008. You can't just open an account and take advantage of it in another words.
  • serdarflserdarfl Member Posts: 13

    What is the invoice on the car?
  • rameshrrameshr Member Posts: 3
    Hello Carman,
    I would appreciate if you would please evaluate the following deal.
    MSRP: 47,225 (Includes following options - premium, versatility, climate, metallic paint)
    Sale price: 35,533
    Term: 39 Months
    Total out of pocket: 3,418
    Customer Rebate: 1,750
    Miles per year: 10,000
    Purchase Option: 19,834 (i guess this is the residual?)
    Cap reduction: 0
    Money factor: .002708
    1st Payment: 489.13
    Base pmt: 498.13
    Sales Tax: 8.25%
    Dealer: Hassel Volvo in New York

    Thanks for your help.
  • silverspork1silverspork1 Member Posts: 5
    I'm considering leasing an 08 xc90 AWD, and I live in Denver. I have been quoted $37k on 2008 3.2 ($45k MSRP) and $41k on a v8 (MSRP $50k). I have three questions that I would appreciate any opinions on:

    1) is the 3.2 too underpowered, for example for trips to the mountains. Or is it sufficient
    2) I am reading so many bad things about reliability, if I buy a 2008 can expect a maintenance nightmare? Note I am thinking of getting the 3.2 because the reliability issue has scared me to the point I think I should limit my investment
    3) do these purchase prices seem reasonable?

    It's too bad I read all of these posts about reliability and maintenance issues because before I read them I had no reservations about this car choice.
    Thank you
  • patriot21patriot21 Member Posts: 10
    The price on the '08 xc90 SE is $37995.

    I've gotten the $485/mo down to $457 after getting a $455 price from Lexus on an 09 RX350. Adding NAV I got $495 for RX350 & $515 on the Volvo.

    I'm really not sure which to get at this point. Any suggestions?
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    I have read in earlier posts that Volvo is offering incentives for non-Volvo finance leases on MY2008 XC90's. It was my understanding that the figures were $9750 for 3.2 and $12000 for V8 models, as well as $4000 dealer cash and $2000 loyalty rebates. I am also a Costco member, but in looking at their promotion online, it seems to be valid on 2009 models only.

    I emailed a local Volvo sales manager (my current XC90 is from his dealership) to verify these figures. He told me the numbers are as follows for independent bank leases:

    3.2 Base 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $4,750
    3.2 Non Base 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $6,000
    V8 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $9,250
    Residual/Money Factor for 36 month lease/12K miles/year
    MY 2008 33% .00254

    He also mentioned that Volvo is offering special lease rates on the 08 (not combinable with the $4000 dealer cash) ranging from .00001 to .00164 depending on term and model (I have asked for specifics on this, but haven't had a reply just yet).

    Do these numbers sound correct to you? My current lease of a 2006 XC90 is over in April, and I was thinking about leasing another one sooner if the deal was significantly better than what I am currently paying. ($450/mo for 7 pax FWD w/premium & versatility pkgs).

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • silverspork1silverspork1 Member Posts: 5
    I haved decided on purchasing a v8 xc90 2008. A dealer gave me the following lease offer through Costco.

    $51,670 MSRP
    money factor .00275
    36 month lease
    12,000 miles per year

    $586 a month (excluding taxes), with $1500 due at signing (increased to $599 for 15k miles).

    Does this sound like a good deal?
  • rameshrrameshr Member Posts: 3
    I desperately need to get a car by the weekend! So, can someone please please help me by replying to my earlier post # 1250.

  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Greetingws Joy. The money factor that you were quoted is not nearly as attractive as the one that Volvo Finance is offering on the 2009 XC90 right now. This probably means that your deal is being run through an independent bank. There's nothing wrong with that, because Volvo is providing special additional cash incentives on XC90s that are leased through banks other than Volvo Finance.

    Specifically, Volvo is providing a $4,750 cash incentive on non-Volvo Finance leases of this model plus an additional $750 holiday bonus cash. Add to this the likely $2,800 or so spread between this model's MSRP and dealer invoice price and you have a total of around $8,300 to play with during your negotiations. Anyhow, the point of all of this was the $11,000 discount that you were quoted looks very attractive. If you like the truck, I personally don't see any reason not to go for it.

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  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hey Joy. Please see my previous post for an evaluation of your deal. Thanks and good luck in your negotiations this weekend.

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  • rameshrrameshr Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your advise. By virtue of having good credit score, I was able to negotiate a better money factor (.002158) that lowered my monthly payments by approx $50. In fact, they threw in 'blue tooth' for free. I tried to increase the rebate but they just wouldn't budge anymore and was told that I have "maxed" out by being enrolled in the Costo program. I would have gotten much higher rebate (over $4k) had I been a prior Volvo owner. Overall, I am happy with the deal :)
    Thanks again.
  • PetemichaelsPetemichaels Member Posts: 3
    Hi Car Man,

    I am thinking about getting the xc-90 3.2 with versatility (3rd row seat), climate, premium (leather int.) and convenience packages (nav system and seat back monitors).

    The lease rate is $549 with $3971 down ($558 first payment, $1991 tax, $351 paperwork and $895 non-volvo bank fee) for a 48 month term. The residual value is $15,314 based on 31% of the $46,440 sticker price after add'l packages. This is based on 12K miles a month and the lease payments are based on $37,000.

    I think the base price is $34,780, plus upgrades, minus rebates and incentives, gets me to $37,000.

    Any thoughts on whether this is a fair deal?

  • PetemichaelsPetemichaels Member Posts: 3
    I noticed a typo. The first payment in parenthesis should have been $549. Thanks, Mike
  • wanapilotwanapilot Member Posts: 8
    I do not know where you live. However, you will be well advised to check with Lawrance Volvo in Walnut Creek, CA. They are offering $13,000 off MSRP from their 08 XC90s (leasing only). On top of that, current Volvo owners get a $2K loyalty discount, a $750 gift card and two ski season tickets.

    Too bad I am not in the market, otherwise I'll jump on it.
  • PetemichaelsPetemichaels Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, for the note. I am in the NYC area.
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    Can you recap for me the final details of your deal? I'm in Suffolk County and I plan on shopping Georgetown, Hassel and probably Volvoville in Massapequa. Thanks! I'm also a Costco member so I wonder if I could add that incentive to whatever your bottom line was.
  • uzhanyuzhany Member Posts: 3

    I am looking to lease a 2008 XC90 V8, and the dealer quote me the following price, can anyone let me know if it is a good deal?

    Trade in: 2006 Volvo XC90 2.5 Liter 36K mile with $16K balance with Volvo Finance,

    Dealer offered:

    Pay off remaining balance of the 2006 car
    $0 drive off
    12K Miles/year
    42 Month @ $615 + tax

    They said this is what they can do through the Costco program, but I have a feeling they can do better than that... any adivise will be much appreciated.
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