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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Lease Questions



  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hey Carman,

    I was hoping I could get your input on the following lease quote on a 2012 IS250. I think I can do a little bit better but wanted your take on it.

    2012 Lexus IS250 AWD
    Total MSRP: $43,521

    Sales Price: $41,000

    15k miles per year
    $2,500 down payment

    36 months = $483 a month Buyout (end residual) = $24,806.97
    39 months = $484 a month Buyout (end residual) = $23,501.34
    42 months = $395 a month Buyout (end residual)= $22,630.92

    I was thinking I could better on the sales price, considering someone else just got $4k off a IS. What do you think?
  • Hi Car_Man!

    Can you please give me the residual and MF for August and September for the 2012 IS 250C? Looking at a 36 month lease, both 10K and 12K.

    Also, if anyone happens to have any prices that people are paying on this car, that would be really helpful. I have an 09 IS 250 RWD now with premium and nav. My only negotiation point for the ISC right now seems to be to go through Costco.

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi smarty666. The selling price that you were quoted actually doesn't look too bad to me. I'd say that this car probably has a spread of less than $3,000 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice price, so the $2,500 and change discount that you were quoted is probably around $500 over invoice.

    Just make sure that the dealer uses Lexus Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor of .00065 to calculate your car's payment and you're in business.

    Oh, one other would be better off eliminating the $2,500 down payment on your lease. I always advise consumers to put as little money down as possible when leasing. Consumers who make large down payments on leased vehicles risk losing part or all of the money that they put down if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. Even though it means that your monthly payment will be a little higher, it is much safer to go with a zero down lease.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Certainly greeneyespsu. Lexus Financial Services' August buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 IS 250 Convertible with 12,000 miles per year are .00165 and 60%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka Tier 1+ credit tier.

    The residual value for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year would be 1% higher.

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  • Car_man,

    Great forum! Thanks for all of your help. I wanted to run a couple things by you and get your and everyone else's opinion. Was just at the Lexus dealership and received a written offer for a leased new 2012 IS 250C with Nav and the Lux package...

    MSRP: $50,303
    Invoice: $47,220
    Sale price: $47,290
    After military appreciation rebate: $46,540

    OTD price after TTL: $49,763 with nothing down

    We were pretty happy with this deal, however, they did not have the color combination that we wanted. They were willing to take a deposit and try to find one in the state and hopefully get it shipped over by the end of the week. At that point, we would presumably sign the paperwork. We met with the financial consultant and the numbers he gave us were a bit off from what I've seen on this forum. In a previous post, it seemed as though Lexus financial was offering a money factor of 0.00165. His offered money factor, which seemed to be without running a credit check, was 0.00215 with a residual of 60% (36 months @ 12k miles). My credit score 6 months ago was in the 740s. Plus he had factored in a "dealer acquisition fee" of $700. Both of these new numbers pushed the calculated monthly payment from about $676/month to $728/month.

    We told him that if that was the case, then "no deal", and he seemed to be fine with that. Am I missing something? Is the dealer acquisition fee negotiable? Isn't the money factor negotiable?

    The final verdict was to wait until Sep 4th when Lexus would re-run their financial numbers and perhaps throw in an incentive or change the money factor. I still have not signed any paperwork stating I'm purchasing the car as the car has not even been delivered to the dealer yet.

    What do you guys think??
  • Thanks and you're welcome monkeybaronjr :shades: .

    While at first glance a selling price of right around dealer invoice looks like an excellent deal on this car, in reality there's probably still a lot of room to negotiate here. Lexus replaced all of its special rates on the 2012 IS this month with straight dealer cash. Specifically, I believe that there's something like $3,500 on the '12 IS 250 Convertible. That means that you're still at around $3,500 over invoice on a vehicle that will soon be considered a leftover because the 2013s are likely right around the corner.

    I personally would shoot for at least another $2,000 off and see what happens. The amount of the discount that you will ultimately be able to negotiate will have a lot to do with the amount of competition in your area.

    The residual value that you were quoted looks right, but this month the money factor should be more like .00170 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The $700 acquisition fee that the dealer is charging you is right on the money. Lexus Financial Services charges this fee to everyone who leases a vehicle through it.

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  • Thanks for Ty reply, Car_man.

    According the Dealer, Lexus is offering a $1000 dealer cash for the car, which they are passing on to me. I know I'm still getting gooned with the money factor, slightly. Thus, the sale price is $46,200 (MSRP 52,903)

    Do you know where I can find what the Lexus incentiveREIT dealer cash are? You made it seem like you werent quite sure what they were. I'd feel pretty silly if they offered me $1000 but really they were getting $3500. Ideally, I'd sign the paperwork next Monday or Tuesday.

    Thanks, again for your help!
  • Correction: the final price will be $45,450 after the military appreciation rebate, which they said they would still honor. MSRP: $50,903.

  • You're welcome, monkeybaronjr. Here's a link to a page that lists $2,500 dealer cash on this model right now: rr_section=marketing_support_irr

    This car's dealer cash may vary by region. What state are you in?

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  • I am currently leasing a 2010 is250, have had for about 2 1/2 yrs, lease is up April of 2013. My lease is for 10k miles per year, i will be over about 8,000 miles when the car is due(approx.$2,000) ;( I am paying $414 a month which is becoming a little steep for me now that i unfort. had to change jobs with a lower salary. I absolutely love my car and dont know what to do. Should i finance it which should be around $27,000 or pay the $2,000 for going over my miles and maybe leasing a pre-owned older model or should i try finding someone to take over the lease? im very confused
  • Car_Man --

    I missed out on going to the dealership this past month and think I totally screwed myself. It looks like the $2500 dealer cash is now off the table, is that correct? I don't see it listed on the incentives page. My lease is up (already extended 6 months) on Saturday and I'm heading to the dealership to check out the IS 250 C in 3 hours.

  • Don't worry about it, greeneyespsu. The $2,500 dealer cash is still available in October on the 2012 IS.

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  • Thanks Car_man! I actually went to my Lexus dealer a few days ago and they offered me a decent deal on the ISC, but not good enough because I wasn't in love with the car. They offered me a really great deal on the sedan IS also and I was totally planning on coming back the next day and leasing it, but I stopped at the Mercedes dealer on the way home and ended up driving off in a fully loaded 2013 SLK 250. They offered me a deal I couldn't say no to (better than the ISC and the SLK costs $10K more). I'm totally in love with my car. :D
  • You're welcome greeneyespsu. It sounds like you made a wise choice. Enjoy your new SLK :shades: !

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  • Do you happen to know the current money factor and residual rates for the 2012 IS250 AWD? Thanks.
  • Yes I do lexusnj. Lexus Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 IS 250 AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00170 and 56% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Even though there is not any money factor support on this model any longer, there is $3,000 dealer cash on it that you should take into account during your negotiations.

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  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    how about with 10K mile/yr
  • Has anyone bought/leased a 2013 IS350C? Wanted to see what lease rates and if any incentives? Thanks
  • Hey Carman:

    Can you give me the most recent money factor and residual value on a 2013 IS 250 RWD for a 36 month lease at 10k miles per year. Are they having a 27 mth lease special at the moment? If so, the figures for a 27 month lease, 10k miles per year also.

  • Hi jjt1234. Lexus Financial Services' November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 IS 350 Convertible with 15,000 miles per year are .00170 and 58% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Lexus is not providing any cash incentives on the 2013 IS Convertible right now.

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  • Hey mmenard. Lexus Financial Services' November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 IS 250 Sedan RWD with 10,000 miles per year are .00170 and 63% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Lexus is waiving the first month's payment on leases of this car right now.

    I am not aware of a 27-month lease special.

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  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Car Man, is there still dealer cash incentive on this lease? thanks
  • Hello all.

    I used this site 3 years ago to get advice on leasing my 2010 IS 250 (with Navigation) and everyone was so helpful that I thought I should come back for more help!

    My current lease ends on Jan 1st. 3 years ago I was able to put $2k toward taxes and license and get a lease payment of $395 per month (with 10K miles allowed per year). I leased from the Lexus dealer in Oxnard, CA. I live close to my work and am well within the mileage allowance (with quite a bit left).

    Anyone know how things are working for the 2013 IS 250 model? I need to secure a new lease within the next 3 weeks. I am hoping to get the same deal or better. The salesperson that I worked with before is no longer in his position so I feel like I have to start emailing dealers all over again, of course with full knowledge of what kind of deal I should be getting.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!
  • Hi gpb59. There's dealer cash on the 2012 model, but none on the 2013 IS. Lexus is waiving the first month's payment on leases of the 2013 model though as part of its December to Remember promotion.

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  • sgs55sgs55 Posts: 1
    I was just called by the dealer who leased me my Lexus RX 350 Sept 2011. He said they are low on used vehicles and are offering to take back my care and replace it with a 2013 model for the same payment and lease time that I have now (or I can up it to 3 years at same rate). They wil pay first payment and 1 year registration. I have to do it before 12/31. this was my first lease. My monthly is $550 (the MSRP was $43,120.00). Is this worth it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter would like to speak to a woman who is a new Lexus IS owner. If you fit the description, please send your daytime contact to no later than 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET, Friday, January 11, 2013.
  • Hi everyone I posted back in March about my 2012 Lexus IS 250 AWD and just was looking over my contract today and read this forum and saw that I hadn't given enough details for an accurate assessment to be made. I hope that this information can help anyone currently looking for a new IS and result in an even better deal!. This info is posted further down. I appreciate anyones help!

    My 1st year of lease be completed on March 13th and the car currently has only 9,600 and I am anticipating it will be around 11,000 by march 13th. If I do end up being 4,000 miles below my allotted amount I was wondering if the cars value might be higher than the current buy out price on my car.

    I also want to exit my contract was wondering if I might have positive equity on the car which would mean that I could sell it for greater than or equal to the current buyout price offered to me right now which is currently $35,504 (sorry for spelling that out) .

    I am having trouble calculating how they got this amount but this information could help. I know I could use swapalease too but i think the site has already been flooded with too many other posters but who knows.

    Not sure which to use
    Gross Cap Cost= $39,876
    Adj. Cap Cost = $38,876

    Total Lease Depreciation $13,245
    Rent Charge $2,554 or @ 10mnths = $709 or 11 months = $780

    I have paid for 10 months of my lease and my 11th payment is due tomorrow so I'm not sure if that has been added into the calculation. Do they factor in the michigan tax I'm paying or is it the base monthly pmt rate (shown below that is used) w base, 10mth =4380 or 11mnth 4845 or including tax 10 mnth $4,650 or 11mnth = $5,115.

    I leased a 2012 Lexus IS 250 AWD prem pkg. with the Navigation pkg which comes out to MSRP of $42,800. Its a lease of 36 months and 15k miles per year.
    -Paid $1510 for at signing - main costs were 1st month rent $465, Acquisition Fee $700, Doc fee $190

    My monthly payment ended up being $465 a month including taxes.

    Adj. Cap Cost = $38,876
    Residual $25.630 -> is this aggressive?
    Depreciation= $13,245
    Rent Charges= $2,554
    Money Factor = .0011 or I believe an effective interest rate of 2.64%

    Total of Dep and Rent = $15,800 / 36 months = $438 per month +6% tax = $465 month
  • Looking at a 2013 Lexus IS250 with F Sport, with navigation.

    MSRP is at $41,249
    36 mo lease, 15,000 miles/year
    $3,000 down
    $495/mo payments

    Any thoughts on this lease or should I be aiming for something lower?
    This is down in Florida if that matters. Thanks a lot guys!
  • Hi,
    Do you know what the current top credit lease factors are please?

    Separately, can you negotiate for part of the dealer incentive?

  • aongaong Posts: 14
    edited February 2013
    Hi Carman,

    Can you please provide the money factor and residual value for 2013 IS 250 RWD, 36 months, both 12k and 15k miles? Are there any incentives for this model?

    Thank you.
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