Nissan Titan vs Chevy Silverado

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I been surfin around on different sites mostly Edmunds on the Nissan Titan compared with the Chevy Silverado 1500. I've found that the Titan is a good deal cheaper within compatible models and has higher horsepower and torque. The Chevy beats it out a hair in fuel economy but they are pretty equal otherwise. The specs would seem to suggest that the Titan is the better truck. I love the Heartbeat of America but i'm not above saving a little money for a superior truck. I built and priced a Titan XE King Cab 4x4 with the off road package and additional features and wound up with a $30k dollar truck. I've never been on Chevy and gotten that. What do yawll think of this. Is there any experience with either of these trucks or mechanics that know the problems with them.

By the way, I'm 79CustomD, i look foward to posting and being an active member, any input on the above topic will be appreciated


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    I think you will be able to beat that price without any difficulty plus there is currently a $2,000.00 rebate on the KC. Make sure you test drive both trucks before deciding. There is no doubt you will be impressed with the Titan! On the other hand don't sell the general short. They (GM) are on the ropes but are coming out swinging with the 2007 models (if you can wait). I'm assuming the Chevy's exterior and interior will mimic the Tahoe which Edmunds has done a good job of tracking. The interior is definitely a huge improvement along with a strong line up of powerful engines (albeit OHV).

    What would I do? Well... I couldn't wait, so I ordered a Titan which won't show up until mid-February or later. I did this after test driving all competitors and carefully considering real world experiences posted here. But, I firmly believe the 2007 Silverado 1500 will be a great rig.
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    Continuing the research I have determined that the Nissan Titan is one heck of a truck! The Titan SE Crew Cab 4x4 with the 5.6L V8 accelerates faster, 0-30mph, 0-60mph, 1/4 mile faster and at a faster speed, Has class leading ground clearence, Has class leading towing capacity and it has class leading Standard horsepower, torque, towing capacity compared with compatible Chevy, Dodge, and F-150s. This is one mean machine here! I'll wait it out awhile but when I get ready to buy, That is gonna be a serious canidate! Tuff truck!
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    79customd is 14 years old--he has plenty of time to wait! :D Unless paying cash, he's not even able to buy a car or truck until he turns 18.

    Also, 79customd, if you want to talk about 0-60 times, you need another style of vehicles. Trucks have good power, but they are not made for acceleration. They are made for towing.
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    Just being 14 makes you unablt to read? The stats are ther to suggest that the Titan might be better than the up held F-150. Every time I find something that makes other trucks superior to this one, its not important. :confuse:
    Well than I won't pick on you grownups and your herolded trucks since everything there is to compare it with the other trucks suggest that its three steps behind the others. Than it must just be perfect.

    Also, you mean to tell me that you never drove a car until you were 16??? Never researched cars until you were 18???
    Maybe thats why you wound up liking the F150. :blush:
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    No, of course you can read. It just shows that you have no experience and have no idea about how to judge trucks. You have read about Ferraris and its competitors, haven't you? Are you skilled enough about them to have any idea what they are like--of course not. Also, the 18 year old reference is due to the fact that you can not sign a contract--not that you can not research cars.

    Hey, which bikes are the best? The ones at Target or Wal-Mart?
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    Isn't it about time to get to work on your science fair project?
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    Whatta ya think of what I [non-permissible content removed] up with?

    Yawll" target=_blank>link title
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    Been driving trucks for 30 yrs. All makes and models.The 4x4 LE Big boy takes the cake in all areas.I have been driving GM for 10 yrs.and love my USA,but nissan hit the jackpot.My 04 Titan has been flawless,1-one minor issue,but none of problems I`ve read on this site & others.The truck has 41K,towed everything,climbed a lot of things,can`t just tear it up and been run hard! Some people may not know how to drive,who knows? Can`t say enough about the titan.
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    Actually i think this is a great topic, surprised it took someone this long to come up with it even a 14yo but thats not the point. I have a 01 silverado that gets 15-16 mpg mixed driving summer or winter. A neighbor has a Titan crew cab that gets 12mpg consistently. Just makes me wonder if it can get better or if 12 is what most people are getting. Both trucks are 4x4 btw.
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    The Chevy dominates the class in real world fuel economy. In a family of three GM trucks here are the mileage figures.

    05 Chevy 2500 HD w/ Duramax desiel
    AVG 15-20

    99 GMC Classic 1500 w/ 350 V8
    AVG 14-21

    79 Chevy C10 w/ 4.1L I6
    AVG 16-22

    Other experienses with family has been my uncles new F-150 averages 13mpg?? Whew! Freind of mine drives an 2002 Dodge Dak w/ 318 V8 and he can barely get 18mpg on the highway when the true highway capability of the trucks we own in over 20mpg. Thats ashamed the Dak don't do any better than that on mileage and it aint even full sized. Another freind has an 02 Ram 1500 who averages 15 no matter what, hiway or city.(360 V8)

    Point made is that the GMs have always had the nod on fuel economy, and no one that I've heard talking says that they can beat that mileage in another brand of trucks. Thats why GM is the best all around truck, plenty of power for best gas mileage in the class.

    Save your gas money, and go hunting w/it :D
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    The Titan looks pretty good, but hasn't been around long enough to tell about long term reliability.

    GM's are better than most on fuel economy. I have an elderly C-1500 (1994) with over 225,000 miles on it. Last summer my son & family moved 150 miles for a new job, and his wife wanted to keep her landscapung rocks.(?) I took three loads down, with at least a full ton in the box each trip. The run was down I-39 with almost no city driving. I averaged 19 mpg loaded, and 18 coming back empty, cruising between 70 & 75 both ways.

    I have no explanation for better milage loaded.

    As I align and repair front ends for a living, I have driven a couple Titans, and they are nice trucks. I prefer the feel of the GM's for handling, but would not try to discourage anyone from the Titan. I don't know how they do for fuel economy in the real world.

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    I guess we should write your name on the board for that, young man. Time for you to go see the principal. ROTFLMAO. Seriously, though, you need to take out some of this frustration on the playground, not on an internet message board.

    14 huh? I am not sure I believe you. You type/spell like you are half drunk, and you have to be 21 to purchase alcohol.
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    Cheerleaders dont hang around old grunts like you so well, I see why your mad. I think my science project is really doin pretty well dont ya think. :P

    Dont be sad ( saddaddy )Theres always single 50 yr old men/women on the market who I'm sure would be happy to hang with you. :surprise: :P
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    I get 15.4 mpg average on my 05 Titan, i've got 19,000 miles on it so far. As far as the difference between the two trucks... The 3 Silverado's i've owned in the past were great trucks, i'm a chevy guy. The main difference between the the two would be the steering/ride. Chevy has that loosey-goosey steering with alot of play. The Titan is the opposite with very tight steering. Tough to steer in parking lots compared to the 'one-finger steering' in the chevy.
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    Haha, I am not nearly as old as you think.

    Didn't you say in an earlier post that you were a hunter? Ever heard of TK and Mike? That's where the name comes from -- has nothing to do with my mood or my family situation.

    BTW, I have always been a Chevy guy, too. However, the pricing and performance of the Titan just about have me sold. If they could bump up mileage a little and cure some of those problems, I would be on board.
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    That is about my back and forth to work milage. Six miles one way, four country/55 limit and two in town/5 stop signs, 1 signal.

    Looseness in a GM truck is very often a worn pitman arm. The service life of these seems to be about 100 k miles if greased regularly, or about 50 k if never greased.

    The second replacement on mine has about 30 k on it.

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    The Titan looks like a solid vehicle, but it is relatively new to the market ... so time will tell ... I will not consider a Titan or a Tundra until I can get a 2500 series (or 3/4 ton) vehicle ... Toyota and Nissan cannot be taken seriously until they make a vehicle that can compete ...

    Additionally, I wouldn't put too much stock into that 5.6l engine until its been around a few years ... 32 valve, DOHC? And it is just barely beating my 6.0L (which I might add is detuned for my vehicle ... Actual stats on engine are 325hp and 375ft/lbs) stats?
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    Compete? It may be hard to swallow, but the Titan competes very well with the small v8 equipped 3/4 ton domestic trucks. In overall "heavy-dutiness" so-to-speak, the domestics usually win out. However, the 5.6 Nissan engine itself is right on par with Chevy's 6L, Ford's 5.4L, and Dodges Hemi and 5.9L, which are their mfg's respective small v8s available in 3/4 ton trucks.

    If I had to get a 1/2 ton for strictly towing, the Titan would probably get the nod. Just stating the facts.
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    Theres nothing hard to swallow about it ... Im sure the Nissan brings those groceries home quicker than my 2500HD, but not much quicker ... In overall heavy-dutiness, the domestics always win out. The Titans payload is less than one ton (I think around 1800#'s)... My 2500HD has a payload of twice that! ... Also I can tow more ... All Im saying is that I paid less and got more brute strength than the Titan offers ... And I bet at 14.5 - 15.5 MPG, I get better mileage ... Thats the facts.

    Seriously, the Nissan meets or beats the domestics in most categoreies of comparison ... but it has no track record, which is my point ... When I start seeing em replacing all the domestic trucks that are used for heavy hauling, Ill believe the hype ...

    As an addendum, for serious towing you need a 2500 series truck (Im not talking about 3500 - 5000 # trailers ... they are right in 1/2 tons wheel house) ...
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    The Titan payload is about 1500 lb give or take, and in no way does that compete with a 2500HD or F250. But, it very much holds it's own against any of other the 1/2 tons, in terms of power, gas mileage etc. In terms of overall driveability, creature comforts, general utility, etc. IMHO the Titan easily wins out against the other 1/2 tons.
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    Drivetrain wise, the Nissan is right on par with the small v8 offerings for 3/4 ton domestics -- irrefutably. Heavier brakes, suspension, etc added to the titan and you essentially have a 3/4 ton Ford, Chevy, or Dodge equipped with the smaller v8. It is not far behind them, unless the diesel availability enters the picture.

    This said, I am still a fan of the domestics.
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    Saddaddy, I've heard this before, the Titan is a good truck, but then this bias in favor of the domestics takes over.

    I drove all three of the domestics, 3/4 ton models at that, and then bought an 05 Titan. My only minor complaint is payload, but it is a 1/2 ton truck, and doesn't pretend otherwise.
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    The Titan is a new truck and and the DOHC desighn is very problem prone and the 5.6L V8 is a brand new desighn for a former all compact car maker so saying that the Nissan is ever gonna take major sales away from the Chevy/Dodge etc, not likely. The market today is so filled with trucks from Chevy to Isuzu, its gonna be tuff for Nissan to build an empire with a brand new platform with no loyalists. Chevy and Dodge and other makers have loyalists since they have been making trucks since 1918( Chevy ) and so on. Also Chevy has made mistakes on past desighns and has improved on them to make the next desighn and on to the next over the years. Nissan has taking off with a truck that is brand new and expecting it to rival the domestics, seriously?? I would totally go with the 6 liter over the Titan anyday b/c it is a proven desighn and is made with Pride in America by the one and only general. The Titan being desighned in Japan and shipped over. That just aint the same thing. I'm an all Americaan and I expect my truck to be made with American pride and dignity.
    Like I said at the begining of this discussion. The Tian is superior in acceleration and in most of the other catigories. but all that don't matter if your broke down on the side of the road all the time b/c your truck aint reliable.( Talk to the F-150 guys :P )
    I dunno, it may be the Titan may be better than the domestics, but with GM and Dodge etc, the chances arent high.
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    Compare the degree to which the Chevy and Titan are American built. I think lots of Silverados are made in Mexico. Titan's are built in Canton, MS. The new Tundra plant is in S TX. The whole "American made" argument is done!

    Check out the growth of Toyota's sales in the past 12 months and contrast that to the plummet of Chevy new car sales. Rest assured -- loyalists or not -- the best truck will win out. Right now Chevy is holding its own in that category.

    Of the problems the Titan is having, none, that I know of, have to do with the DOHC engine. What is unproven about these. Toyota has been using the DOHC in the Tacomas for over 10 years now. There has to be something said for companies stepping up to the plate with more advanced designs, especially when some (Chevy) still use the pushrod.
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    piston slap. Does one have anything to do with the other? Not sure but the GMC and Chevy trucks do have it...both the pushrods and the piston slap.
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    for a few months while it was hot. Don't particularly remember the diagnosed cause, however. Don't remember if it had to do with the use of pushrods or not.
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    Absolutely not. The valve design has no influence or bearing on piston slap.

    One of GMs approaches to decreasing fuel consumption is to reduce internal friction. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to increase mechanical tolerances that have the greatest influence on friction. GM increased the tolerance fit of the piston-to-bore relationship. It must be noted that until GM made this change piston slap was not an issue with the very same motors, as its not been on Chryslers, Fords, and other pushrod designs.

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    I've heard very little complaint about the Nissan 5.6 motor. Other than one complaint of exhaust leak, I have not seen or heard of any failures that required replacement or tear down.

    I think that Nissan deserves a lot of credit for bringing a new design to the market with whatever problems they've had. Unfortunately, the Titan does not appear to be the reliability champion that domestic haters and Nissan flagwavers crowed about.

    Brakes issues continue to plague the Titan. I have seen three Titans with the front differentials replaced, a couple of failed automatic transmissions, and transfer case problems. Quite a few rattle and noise issues, too. I don't believe the Titan is ready yet to claim superiority over Chevy, Dodge or Ford. And nearly every Titan owner I've spoken to has complained...sometimes bitterly...about the lousy gas mileage. Since even Nissan cannot violate the law of physics, there's a price to pay for performance.

    Nissan has played the numbers game nicely, ensuring that many of the objective areas that attract the typical American truck buyer they beat the native American brands, sometimes by only a minuscule and irrelevant amount. However, that is not all that makes a truck and the Titan is noticeably absent in the commercial service use area. Perhaps after the Titan establishes a record to be judged on that will change, too.

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    with the Titans is the rear diffs. Reading at, those things are dropping like flies -- even newer models that have some sort of update installed from the factory.
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    Nissans are not even close to being competive with the others, and the mileage and reliability is very poor in comparison.
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    For some reason Nissan just can't catch a break in trucks. It was the first to hit our markets with a Compact truck and now everyone out sells them in that market. Now they are late to the dance with a full sized truck and it looks like they will never meet market projection with that either. In fact I was reading in Autoweek or one of the other car mags and it said that Nissan is cutting back on production of both the Titan and Armada. If anyone has a chance at taking on the domestics in full sized trucks maybe the new Toyota if it gets its act together but for now it doesn't look like the Titan is going to cut it.
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    Good post and interesting take. I think Nissan has not been able to seel consumers on quality control like Toyota has -- warranted or not. I don't think any Toyota trucks have ever had as widespread and severe of problems as the Titan has with breaks and rear diffs.

    Its funny to me that, to hear everyone else tell it, Toyota was the one "late to the dance" with a full sized truck as it is yet to even arrive. Alot of people bash Toyota for not having a full size truck, as if they made some kind of mistake when they released the smallish Tundra 6 years ago. However, they have met sales demands every year. How is that a mistake? And they are now the company poised to get a big(ger) portion of the market with this 07 Tundra. We will just have to see.
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    And I agree with that as well. I am not a big fan of Toyota and Nissan trucks because of the Japanese idea of offering the options "they" think we need rather that offering the options we might want. When you buy a Domestic truck you have a choice of several engine sizes as well as truck configurations. That is one reason the Domestics dominate this market. Truck buyers want options and Import trucks want to limit options to maximize profit. Nothing wrong with that idea if the customer is getting what he wants. But if you want a 3/4 ton truck made by the same company you got your 1/2 ton from where do you go. How about a 1 ton? If you want a diesel? If you want two tanks from the factory? How about a dulley? Wasteful is the Asian way of thinking. They sure didn't have to worry about all of this when they got in the car market. But truck buyers are different and it looks like Toyota is getting the idea. The customers have been telling them they like the idea of a full sized truck for years and until now they have come up short. If the new Toyota starts to sell well it may encourage Toyota to offer even more customer wants and then maybe became a real player in the truck market. Yes it will be at the expense of the domestics but it also looks like it will be at the expense of Nissan. It seems far more likely that the new Toyota will take market share for newer truck buyers looking for a full sized from Nissan than from traditional domestic truck buyers. If they do gain market share then Toyota will become one of the traditional trucks of choice and Nissan will do just what Nissan has done in the Compact market. Hold down last place. IMHO.
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    79customd: you make the point that Chevy, Ford, and Dodge have loyalists because they've been around since the early 1900's. And because they've been around that long, they've had time to change mistakes.

    I agree with that to an extent. But my problem is that seeing how many times they've had to get things right, you'd think they would be flawless by now. American made trucks should come with minimum 75k mile warranties and hardly have any problems because they should know the game better than anyone else.

    But Dodge, Chevy, and Ford are STILL plagued with problems that you rarely (IF EVER) see on a Toyota/Nissan type. So why is this? Because repairs = money. The more parts/repairs out the door for one of these companies the more money they make. So what's the incentive for building a quality product?

    And I've heard some balk about how few options you have with the foreign builds. But if you can't get a simple setup to work, why would a company be able to make a truck with 10,000 options more likely to work.

    That's GM's problem now. They've tried to put their hands in too many cookie jars. GM's motto: make as many cars and variations as possible no matter how crappy they are. Now they're having to have HUGE cutbacks in order to just turn a profit.

    In short, my argument is, why go on complicating a product even further until you've worked the kinks out in the simple design? Doesn't make sense....
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    Don't know why domestics aren't perfect. My 98 F-250 diesel had to have the water pump changed and it only has about 160k on it. I gave my 78 f-250 4x4 to a friend of my sons and he drove it for the last two years and called the other day to say he bought a new truck. Wanted to know if I wanted the old 78 back. It is running fine with the 460 but it might need a new front axle. Wonder how many 78 Asian trucks are still running around? Seeing as how they are so simple there must be plenty of them.

    Just teasing.

    But if the Nissans are built simpler why are they having problems selling? Seems strange they are cutting back on production of a superior truck?
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    my uncle has a 2004 f250 superduty that could not pull a 10000 pound trailer up the hill at my house. hooked it up to my 2005 titan 4x4 w/offroad package went right up hill
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    i am an automotive tech i work on all vehicles i know that if you looked at the vehicles a little more you would notice fords made in mexico gms made in canada and titans made in usa
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    i have the locking rear diff which is not subject to the rear end problems others may have
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    i currently work in a auto body shop and know if you have a gm a type of minor rear end accident done by a gm results in the frame bending right behind the front susp were the frame naturally is curved if its a 4x4 and a ford a little bit harder of a accident will transfer through your vehicle and some how some way 9 out of 10 times crack the transfer case housing seen titans in worse wrecks no major damage besides the cosmetic was a chevy fan until titan came out and recommend everyone go drive one it drives like a truck unlike the chevy and dodge i have noticed rattles and such in some titans but not mine
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    So you are saying Nissan executives are fools for cutting back on Titan production? Are you also saying you are an auto tech and yet the towing capacity of a F-250 with a gas engine is 12,500 pounds with a 2900 pound payload,the GM is similar, and it can't pull 10,000 pounds? Not even with the diesel and yet a Titan with a 1387 pound payload and towing capacity of 9400 pounds can?

    What school did you go to? Must have missed the part about exceeding the load limits on a non heavy duty truck.

    Nissan doesn't even had a heavy duty model nor does it make a long bed crew cab. Limits your choices a bit doesn't it? In fact isn't the limited choices one of the cons listed by Edmunds in their review of the Titan? That might be why Ford sells Close to 900,000 F series trucks and Nissan can't sell 100,000, or even 90,000 and will cut back production because they can't make projection? At the very least Toyota makes projection.

    I am glad you have one of the trouble free Titans. Hope it stays that way. Unless you continue to exceed its towing capacity.
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    Check again. The locker-installed diffs are the MAIN ones blowing up! Some without are also having problems. Check the paint on the diff cover often to see if it is being burnt off. If so, you got a problemo -- big time!
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    f-250 had the 5.4 the hill is about 5 miles long with about the same grade the whole way the 5.4 got the trailer moving but after about 1 o 1.5 miles the ford was already past the normal operating temp and started to lose power. A diesel come-on i did go to school along with gm factory training i also teach drivability diagnostics.
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    i thought of the mileage as a set back but a friend of mine has a 06 silverado 1500 4x4 6.0 vortex max accordind to his trucks driver info gas mileage is 10.2 my titan is 10.8
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    strange my locking diff has over 13000 miles on it while being in its locked up state there are after market wiring diagrams to make the diff lockable all the time while keeping abs and traction indicators working normal
  • autotechautotech Member Posts: 8
    o6 silverado 4x4 6.0 votex max 10.2 mpg runs almost neck to neck with 05 titan 4x4 10.8 mpg
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    Still the max towing rating on a Titan is 9400 pounds. 600 less than the 10,000 pounds you mentioned. The max on a F-250 is 12,000. Maybe you had a bad experience with a Ford or even a GM 2500 but I don't want to be the guy that gets a titan after you have had it if you are going to exceed the towing capacity like that. And once again What engine options does Nissan offer? The F-250 and the GM 3/4 ton both have a Diesel option. You do show passion but a lot more buyers seem to disagree on you choice. And Nissan sales last year hasn't impressed even Nissan management. By the way we pulled a Jeep and two axle trailer all the way to denver from LA and averaged just a touch under 21 MPG in the F-250. You get what in the titan? With full on boost we have had a low of 12 in town with a load of dirt. I know it is not apples to apples but that is what Toyota is learning. If you want to sell trucks you have to offer more options. That is why they are gaining in sales and are making projections. Nissan took their best shot and missed. So they are cutting back. It was a good try and not a bad truck. But like I said about their effort in compact trucks, they just can't seem to get it just right and look like they will be last in big truck sales like they are in Compact truck sales. Unless something changes pretty soon that is.
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    Are you saying that you have driven that truck for 13000 miles while the rear differential was LOCKED? I hope that your lack of punctuation led to this misinterpretation??? However, there are many differentials needing replacement on Titans of every year model and every configuration. You, sir, are not out of the woods, yet.

    In fact, if you actualy drove it while locked for 13000 miles, I would be very worried. Unless, of course, you have offroaded your 05 titan for 13000 miles. BTW, what did anything I say have to do with modding the electrical systems to retain operation of abs and tc?
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    Think about what you just said. GM should be flawless by now since they have been around so much longer than anyone else??? Sure, if they made as few vehichles as they did back then with out all this goverment required polution mess and having to burn unleaded fuel. The thing is times have changed. That explains the flaws that you have brought up and why. Also, my point is that the GM( Dodge etc) desighns have been tested and improved over an extended period of time while the Nissan and Toyota are still fairly new concepts. Time will tell wheather or not the Toyotas and the Nissan will hold up against the Proven Chevys, Dodges, and other domestics in the long run. :shades:
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    I would like to say That I did not see a gm Half ton pick up do anything superior to a Nissan Titan ..But you compare the titan to a F-250 with a deisel and says it blows the titan write of the map, that is like compareing a 379 peterbuilt 18 wheeler to the F250 with a diesel . I promise the Peterbuilt will out tow and out pull the F250 or any other 3/4 or 1 ton pick up. That is how ridiculus that is. If thier is a better 1/2 ton pickup then the nissan Titan I say buy it . I bought the 05 Titan King Cab
    and have been very pleased with my purchased. But if you think a ford chey dodge is better in the 1/2 ton size please buy it Chevy and ford need the sells to help with the lay offs and restructuring. By the way if nissan sells only one truck per year that is one more sell that they got from the competition. They surely arenot going away they are not laying off or forcing the american worker into retirement. thanks for listening ---Speed safely :shades:
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    If the topic has shifted to heavy duty trucks, ya cannot beat the Chevy 2500HD 6.6L Duramax Allison T1000 tranny. Awesome performance trailering. Went up to almost Maryland to grab a pony over this last weekend and averaging about 55-60mph we got 15.3mpg. Thats towing 4500lbs. We got this thing at the end of 2004 and here we are 36k miles later and are still loving it. However the interior is cheap but no other truck is any different( the girls usually notice this ) And off-roading with 605 ft-lb of torque is a challenge for the untrained foot. I said it once, and I'll say it again, Fight over the 1500 series truck b/c GM has the lock on the HD pickup market. :D;):D
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