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Chevy Camaro Concept



  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well I am not so sure the replicar idea for car manufactures, other than fiberglass replica builders, is a good thing. I think the New Stang is too, what I call replicar, and not imaginative enough. It is also bigger. The 1994 make over for the Mustang was wonderful. And the car was moving along in transitions of design well enough. To go back in time, and use a '65 looking (cheaper plastic) interior on a 69' looking car, minus the chrome bumpers and higher doors, more fitting the chop tops and Chrysler 300, is not my idea of perfect pony car.

    The New Camaro would look hot, if they lower the beltline, take five to six inches off the width, and don't go crazy on the wheel sizes. Use 17" for the V6 and 18" on the V8 beef model. As for muscle cars, they are the additional cars in every model. The Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, Challenger and such were first a Pony Car, and secondly a muscle car in a modified version of the car. A Pontiac GTO came from more humble, or less aggressive origins.

    Of the GM cars made of steel, the '69 Camaro is still perhaps the most perfect an effort to day. Perfect in form, such a lovely gal. For some reason, I always think of Camaro as the pretty gal, and Mustang was more that mean guy, the junkyard dog. The AMX, 'Cuda and Challenger are most excellent as well. Would like to see the Corvair Monza return. I owned a Miata for three years (may get another again some day) and it has that good looks, low cost and let's play attitude.

    P.S. I did own a '65 & '85 Mustang
  • I saw Transformers With my friends, and, in it, i saw the car of myy dreams!!! OMG! there was a yellow camaro with black racing stripes! HOLD MONKEY!!!!!!! IT WAS AH-MAZING!!!! Ever since i have been looking for places so i can, eventually, buy one. So i have been looking for prices, n such. Anybody know where i can find this stuff?? (and i have been looking for a 2006 chevy camaro concept, all i can find is like, 2002 and under) so yeah. Do they not exist, or something? Because i have seen them EVERYWHERE! in pictures. never once a price quote. If they are gone, and you cant buy them anywhere anymore. I would just cry.
    so, anyone wanna help????? You can email me at:
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILPosts: 531
    Just checked out the latest spy photos of the '09 Camaro. The outside still looks good, from what I can see of it with all that camoflage. While it won't be beautiful like any Aston Martin, it's no Pontiac Aztek. As for the interior, I'm disappointed. I was hoping with the reintroduction of the Camaro, Chevrolet would be able to improve on the interior from the previous generation. With those crazy bulbous gauges mimicked from the concept, to the stereo/HVAC unit that looks like it was stolen from a '98 Blazer, to the completely silly and unnecessary two-tone color scheme on the seats, this interior makes me cringe. I can only hope that this is an optional interior and that the standard version will be more conventional, otherwise GM's already alienated one potential buyer.
  • t00badt00bad Posts: 1
    Where is the new camaro??? They said 2007, NADA, now 2008, NADA...Now they say 2010...Come on guys, sheesh...Do you have any idea how much you have lost to the ugh Ford Mustang? if you gave me 1, I would sell it. Now you sluggishly avoid the Camaro, till the challenger gets all the moneys Chevy will loose....Might as well not come out with it at all, sheesh...Guess chevy will come out with it when gas gets to 5.00 a gallon, then wonder why no one will buy it...Great move Chevy,
    why don't you just keep your camaro and I will keep driving my chevy silverado and corvette...I won't really care in 2010...keep it....oh and drive it yourself!!!
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