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Dodge Durango



  • Here is whats new for 2001...
    Running boards are std on SLT+ models
    SLT & SLT+ models, new Special Appearance Group(Pewter accents on front and rear fascia, pewter colored bodyside molding, pewter running boards, pewter painted wheels)
    New 15x7 & 16x8 cast alloy wheels
    New exterior heated auto day/night mirrors
    New Std dual zone climate control
    New rear A/C with HEATER
    New interior cloth seats, instrument panel
    New electronic shift transfer case (dial system)
    New overhead console with Homelink
    New Power PASSENGER seat with POWER Lumbar
    New Heated Leather seats
    New std 6 speaker system
    New load shedding battery (battery saver)
    New Variable intermittent rear wiper
    New Aerodynamic large mirrors with tow package
    New Sentry Key Immogbilizer Module
    New Seat Belt Pretensioners
    2 New Colors - Lt Pewter Metallic (replaces driftwood) and Dark Garnet Red (replaces Aquamarine)
  • Sorry, no sunroff or rear flipper window glass this year.
  • We really like the Durango, however our next SUV will have a sunroff!!! I heard that a sunroof is not possible with a durango because of the rear air cond. Has anyone installed an aftermarket sunroof on their durango?
  • Actually it is possible to get a sunroof. Without the A/C it isn't a problem a friends neighbor had it done and it looked great. with a rear A/C I have been told that it can be done but the A/C unit sits lower blocking your rear view. There is a FAQ section in the site with the manufacture of the power sunroof.

  • While shopping for a 2000 DD leftover at Reedman's Langhorne Pa, I saw four DD with an aftermarket electric moonroof and rear AC. The dealer sends the DD out to have the moonroof installed.
    The dealer option cost is $1399.00. I'm sure it can be had for less.
  • I'm planning to buy a 2000 DD SLT leftover with: 5.9 V8 Pref Equip Grp 28G, Security Grp, Thirdseat, Pwr fold away mirrors, rear AC w/o heat, running boards, AM/FM cas, cd, equal, 8 infinity speakers, 31x10.5R15 OWL, matching spare wheel, wheel flares and 15x8.0 aluminium wheels, cloth interior. Is this a good price???
    MSRP 33075
    Dis 2805
    Rebate 1500 (with .09% loan
    2500 without .09%)
    I can purchase it for 28777
  • Question on responce #314. With the sunroof installed w/ the Rear A/C was the A/C unit lowered noticable to obstruct rearview? I am 6'1" and was curious.
  • 2 site found so far w/ 2001 pricing & Sorry Edmunds. Giggo comes up with pricing working out cheaper than 2000 models and is easy to use and carsdirect is higher and a little confusing. Anyone out there with additional input please post.

    Thank You
  • Is there a place on the vehicle to see what factory options are installed ? I am looking for a preowned Durango and don't want to trust the dealer. If there are, where on the vehicle are they and where can I get a list of what the option is that matches the code ? Thanks
  • q8740q8740 Posts: 12
    Look in the glove box , thier will be a sticker listing all the options

    Scott Q
  • msjrmsjr Posts: 13
    Can someone please tell me what Ball Joints are and where are they?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (msjr) These are actually "ball and socket" joints. (like the bones in your arm-to-shoulder joint.)

    Although there are numerous 'ball joints' on a vehicle, I beleive this discussion is about the ones that hold the front wheels in alignment. (2 joints on each wheel, one at top and one at the bottom) This allows the front wheels to steer and go over bumps all at the same time. There is a LOT of stress on these joints. Typically they last for over 100,000 miles if your roads are smooth. Potholes and dirt roads will shorten the life of ball joints. The DC shop manual calls out a grease fitting on the LOWER ball joint that needs to be lubed regularly.(on SOME vehicles)
  • elmo15elmo15 Posts: 1
    Recently purchased 2000 4x4 Durango:
    Invoice total was $29,851
    MSRP- $32,725
    Has the SLT Plus decor package, leather, CDw/cassette,security,fog lamps,flairs, 26Gpackage
    We were given $12,000 for a '97 Dodge B250 hi-top Conversion van ( front air only, no power seats,powerbed, TV/VCR, limo lighting, good body condition, 71,000 miles)our bottom line was $17,450(We opted for the $1000 cashback and 5% 60 mos. financing)We also purchased a 4 yr. 70,000 mi
    extended warranty because we put so many miles on our vehicles, (It cost $1100) Good Deal???
  • I was looking at the sticker on a 2001 and the horsepower was rated at 230 not 235 on the4.7.Was it a type o or did Dodge reduce the HP ?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (jercl66) Did this vehicle have the "Border States" emision package? The 4.7 has ALWAYS been rated a bit lower with the triple catalytic converters that this package has.

    I have heard (just rumor) that for 2001, ALL 4.7L engines will have the triple converters fitted.
    In 2000, only seletetd states mandated this package. It has been discoverd that many people purchase their vehicles from out-of-state dealers thus bypassing the emmisions laws for their home state.
  • We just picked up our new 2000 D SLT+ 2WD 5.9L with virtually all options and love it. The D will replace a 95 Blazer LT that has been less than stellar.

    We had held off buying until this time of year hoping to see some strong discounts, this turned out to be a very worthwhile plan. We drove our D off the lot for $25995 vs a list price of $32,100.

    While I gave up 4x4 that I had on the Blazer, I live in Atlanta and never have time to go off road so I am more than happy to save a little money up front and on maint. So far a great vehicle and surprisingly fun to drive..(when I can get it away from my wife!)
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    hey, check out this list of changes to the 01' durango...

    2001 Dodge Durango Feature Highlights

    *NOTE: The information shown is preliminary and based on data available at the time of publication.


    Special Appearance Group: 16-inch aluminum wheels, body side moldings, running boards and lower portions of fascias all with pewter accents - optional on SLT


    Next Generation 4.7-liter Magnum® V-8 engine and multi-speed 45RFE automatic transmission standard on 2WD models

    NV233HD and NV244 electronically shifted 4WD transfer cases with rotary instrument panel control

    P265/70R16 outline white letter tires and 16 x 8-inch Sparkle Silver-painted cast aluminum wheels in 4WD Tire, Wheel and Wheel Flare Group - available on SLT


    New standard 15 x 7-inch Sparkle-Silver-painted cast aluminum wheels

    P255/65R16 outline white letter all-season tires and 16 x 8-inch Sparkle Silver-painted cast aluminum wheels in 2WD Tire, Wheel and Wheel Flare Group - available on SLT


    New exterior colors - Dark Garnet Red Pearl Coat and Light Pewter Metallic

    Variable-delay intermittent rear window wiper system

    Automatic-dimming, heated, power 5x7-inch mirrors - available on SLT

    New aerodynamic power foldaway mirrors - Trailer Tow Group


    New instrument panel with color-keyed components and surface-mounted controls for radio and HVAC system

    New instrument cluster with engine oil level indicator

    Vacuum fluorescent digital transmission range display in instrument cluster with 44RE and 46RE automatic transmissions

    HomeLink® Universal Transmitter added to Overhead Convenience Group

    New floor console with three cup holders, armrest, coin holder, tissue holder, pen holder, removable cassette and CD storage bin, cellular telephone compartment, 12-volt power outlet and interior lamp (only with bucket seats)

    Woodgrain trim added to floor console - SLT Plus Group only

    New sew patterns and materials on all cloth seats Optional bucket seats for Sport model New colors: Sandstone, Dark Slate Grey and Taupe

    Manually adjustable lumbar support on passenger seat - SLT

    Power passenger seat - SLT Plus Group only

    Power lumbar support on driver and passenger power seats

    Leather front seats include heaters with 2-level temperature control 2001

    All-new interior trim panels

    New standard tilt steering column provides additional positions

    Improved HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system with dual-zone front temperature controls, more heating and cooling capacity, two additional instrument panel outlets and recirculation available in bi-level mode

    Rear HVAC system with separate second and third seat air conditioning outlets and a separate heater

    Upgraded base and Infinity® speaker systems


    Battery saver system to prevent inadvertent battery discharge

    New 160-ampere heavy-duty alternator


    Front seat belt pretensioners Sentry Key™ engine immobilizer added to optional Security Group
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    ps...a side note. was also looking at the new features on the grand cherokee. chrysler is now making a 5 speed automatic for the jeep (dubbed 545rfe). it apparently has a second overdrive ratio for improved highway fuel economy and lower engine noise and seems to come only with the 4.7l v/8. sure hope this modified 45rfe makes its way into the durango lineup soon!
  • On AUG. 21st I bought A totally loaded black Durango 5.9 R/T for $5635 off the sticker price including all incentives/rebates etc. This vehicle not only has an awesome appearance but also is a blast to drive. I was impressed with the amount of refinement this vehicle has along with great handling. I am currently getting 14.5 miles per gallon according to the trip computer. I traded a 1996 Explorer V8 ALL WHEEL DRIVE and there is absolutely no comparison. The sound of the high performance exhaust is enough to give anyone a big "O" and certainly gets attention. I commend Dodge for a job well done.
  • I am getting ready to order my 2001 Dodge Durango R/T. It looks like there are alot of new options, and that makes me happy! :) Thank's for the info!
  • What is base sticker price for Dodge Durango R/T 2000 model loaded, please help. Thanks,
  • Are you actually looking for the base price or the loaded price. They are two different things.
    A totally loaded R/T stickers for $36,525 then you get $615 discount for a SLT discount and customer preferred discount. This brings it down to $35,910. Dodge has a mark up of approx. $3,000 and no matter what the sticker dollar figure is, you need to target $3,000 less as your final price to get a good deal. I found one that I received $5635 off after a week of wheeling and dealing but this also was a demo so I did better than anyone else could offer since it was the only demo within 100 miles from my home. A 50+ year old Sales Manager put all 3800 miles on it so I feel it was treated right during break-in. You would be amazed at the difference in feel while driving the R/T over the other packages. I am sure this model will be in higher demand down the road to help keep the value up. It definitely has a following unique of itself.
  • Anyone had issues with overheating? In recent weeks in very hot outside temps, our 98 durango has been overheating. It seems to happen mostly when you have the car in drive with your foot on the brake for an extended period of time (e.g. in the drive through of a slow mcdonalds).

    The check gauges light comes on and we find if you put it in park or drive off, the temp will quickly drop from 260 to 200 in a matter of a few seconds - its as if the fan is not kicking on appropriately, but when it does all is well.

    i see a couple tsb's out there but not sure of the content - anyone know? i noticed a few comments about bad fan clutch assemblies on the nhtsa sight.

    similar experiences anyone?
  • Howdy y'all. Geez, 3 1/2 years in Texas can really mess you up. Here's a question for you guys. I've got a problem that randomly crops up in my 98 and I wanted to know if many people have had this problem. The controls for my air conditioner/vent/heater would not change "positions" when I rotated the knob or would take a while before for example the vents would change from the dash to the floor. Yesterday I discovered a new twist. I had my A/C going and when I went to shut off the air it decided to keep on running. It's kind of funny feeling cold air blow in your face while the A/C is off until you realize you have to make another jaunt to your friendly Dodge service department. Well, at least it isn't the windows again.

  • Why don't you try asking your questions on the Durango Owner's Club forum:

    There are well over 1000 members that may have insights and information.
  • We want to desperately buy a 2000 Durango SLT but am having a tough time getting a deal we like. I live in the Binghamton ,NY area. We looked at one today which MSRP at 31,500 and they were giving us a price of 30,000 and made it sound like it was the deal of the decade. I read on the forums here where people are getting these at a little over invoice. Is my area the reason we cant get a deal ?
    any insite would help us please !!!!!
  • gilesgiles Posts: 16
    Take the sticker price and deduct 10%... that's a ball park figure of the invoice cost. Negotiate from there. You should be able to get the $31,000
    Durango for $28K minus the $1000 rebate the factory is offering. I wouldn't pay any more than $27k for that 2000 D.
  • Car seats in the Durango...well they are NOT fun. The will fit in the third seat if you don't put the arm down (where it is supposed to be) or if you fold the seat down in front of it. The only way they will fit in the second seat is with the seat in front of it WAY forward. If you stick it in the middle of the second row, both the driver and passenger seats have to be forward.

    Once they get to the over 24 lb seat, they are NO's just the rear facing seats that take up too much room to be comfortable in the Durango.
  • Since many asked this question, I would encourage owners to post price info.

    I struck a lease deal in Northern CA. 2000 Durango 4X4 SLT MSRP $31,655 including destination (edmunds invoice $28,597.)

    My final sales price was $27,182, I got to use the $1,500 rebate also, towards drive-off. So no money out of my pocket, 60mo. at $360/mo. plus tax. I think it is a very good deal. Basically $6,000 off MSRP if the rebate is included.

    It is 4.7 motor, but enough juice and better gas mileage. I was surprised at how smooth it ran both city and on freeway. Knock on wood it turns out to be reliable also, since I always had Toyotas before. I will report my actual mileage later.
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