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Dodge Durango



  • 1998 Durango - 5.2 engine- These models have a defect in the cooling system- They develop a leak where the engine temp guage mounts to the intake manifold. Usually a very small leak that is very difficult to detect. The gasket should be changed.The dealer states that it should cost 120 to 150 for repairs. Do it yourself !!! The housing can be squeezed out with out removing anything from the front of the engine. It took me an hour. Mostly cleaning the old gasket off the manifold. Good Luck
  • I have a 2000 Durango 4X2 and I absolutely love it. It has a wonderfully smooth, quiet ride. I guess I was lucky to get "the good one" on the lot.

    Prior to purchasing it, I tried a Ford Explorer (rough ride) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee (the driver's seat is uncomfortable and I felt like I was sitting high up on a pedestle).

    The Durango has wide, comfortable seats. It also had lots more leg room than even the Lincoln Navigator did, especially in front of the 3rd seat.

    One thing I really like about it (and maybe this is because it is a 4X2 instead of a 4X4) is that it sits up a little higher than a car, but not too high. When I hit an uneven place in the road, I don't get the wobbly back-and-forth motion I have gotten in other trucks and SUVs.

    I couldn't be happier with a car.
  • 4bolts4bolts Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 D and at freeway speeds (mostly all its driven) the air noise coming from the windshield area is unacceptable. My husband opened the hood and taped some gappin areas on the plastic and stuffed foam in other areas. It only made the sound different. I am taking it to another dealer soon for evaluation. I have also tried the setting controls to no avail. If chief finds out a solution from the dealer please post it.
  • danm8danm8 Posts: 5
    Got a 1999 5.9 Durango in December 1998. Pluses were: interior capacity, towing ability, with the big tires never got stuck in snow, fairly good acceleration,styling seemed progressive. Negatives: very poor quality of finish inside (metal dash seemed 30 years out of date), expensive for the obvious lack of quality, front passenger leg room poor due to big transmission hump(this was the killer-wife forced me to get rid of it), driver window stopped working. In August of this year got a 4.4 BMW X5. A lot more money but in my view better value and way more fun and performance.
  • jrmdemjrmdem Posts: 1
    YES YES YES someone else has it. I'm not hearing things on this $36000 vehicle. about 35 mph it starts, the faster the louver. dealer says nature of beast. dealer suggested bug shield. has anyone tried. had glass shop check for seal leaks, didn't have any. several other Durango owners in my town have other noises but no wind.

    husband is a mechanic. when we had to replace our 95 grand Cherokee limited because of too many repair $, last was a new transmission because of design flaw, I wanted a wahoo. he has always been a am guy. however since the fleet of wahoos
    that he constantly repairs for minor and major problems, he would only take me to look, he wouldn't even get out of the car! we had previously owned an 80 gmc jimmy, full size. a rag!

    we finally agreed on the Durango, 2000. wanted the extra seat that stayed in the vehicle but folded flat. good choice. love the room in the front. husband 6'4", big guy, me 5'4". suits both sizes perfectly.

    back seat is no where near as roomy. seats tend to be to upright.

    enough blabbling ----all in all love my durango...
    hope to get the same service as with our 85 dodge pickup. won't get rid of it ever! not pretty but that's "da goat".
  • I just purchased a 01 SLT Plus 4x2 w/ the 4.7 engine. It has the optional 3.92 rear axle w/ limited slip differential, but not the towing package. Does anyone know of the advantages or disadvantages to having the 3.92 over the 3.55 - Gas milage, performance, etc.? I don't plan on ever towing anything. Thanks.
  • Muhammed, $34000 is way too high. My 2000 Dodge has all the same stuff as the one you are looking at--leather seats, the 3rd seat, the SLT package, the running boards, EVERYTHING except 4-wheel-drive (which I just didn't need) and I paid $27000 for it brand new. Don't give in!
  • Today I took my 2000 Durango to my local Jiffy Lube like I do every 3,000 miles, and when the kid took off the oil fill cap, he looked at his boss and said "Another one",. He then told me that every Durango that has the 4.7 Engine that comes in has a layer of white sludge that is in the oil fill cap. It appears that water is somehow getting in. I plan on bringing it back to the dealer for his opinion, but before he tells me that I am Crazy I figure I'd check with the masses. My I has 16,000 miles on it and runs great, has anyone heard of or seen this problem?
    Chris Carlino
  • mrboostmrboost Posts: 32
    It is only condensation in the tube. I believe there is a TSB to fix it.

    Go here if you would prefer to discuss things in more detail with fellow D enthusiasts at the Durango Club Forum.

  • I have now owned a 1998, and I now have a 2000
    Durango. They have been both 4x4. I live in
    Michigan, and live in a rural area alot of snow
    and I have yet to get stuck. I actually owned one
    of the first Durango's in my area. I am very
    proud to own one of these suv's. I have however
    been subject to the noise of the wind over my
    windshield too, that was on my 1998. My 2000
    sounds much better. Only one thing that bothers
    me. It needs better insulation, gets cold too
    soon when you turn down the heat. But I LOVE IT.
  • I have read where a couple of people have had their windows (mainly the driver's window) stop rolling up and/or down on their Durangos. I was talking to a mechanic yesterday and asked him about it.

    He said he has to replace the Regulator, which is part of the Motor that rolls the window up and down. He said he takes the door panel off and has to replace the whole Motor because it's all kinda one thing.

    He said if it sticks, but then it works fine when you take it to the shop and you can't recreate the problem, just get it replaced anyway and that should fix it. Sorry, I didn't think to ask how much the Motors cost.

    Hope this helps somebody.
  • On my 98 Durango, I have been thru the window course, I think my motor on my front window has been changed at least 3 times, just last month they again changed all 4 window motors, plus both upper & lower control arms and U-joints, estimated bill would of been around $1800, but warranty picked it all up. Since the front end work, I have noticed it takes along time to come out of 4WD Full Time to 2WD. Had it back into the dealer, they say nothing is wrong, it's normal, then showed me the book on page 98 where it says there may be a delay if uneven tire wear exsist, the uneven tire as they say is 7/32 on 1 tire and the other 3 are 8/32........I shook my head and walked away, it was like talking to a brick wall, I told them I had about 2 yrs of warranty left and that they would see me again.........other then the windows it has been an alright vehicle for first 50,000 miles......
  • Hey, most people say not to buy extended warranties, but we had a situation where one really saved us.

    At the time, my husband and I had a 5-year-old Jeep Cherokee and in July we had gone to Florida on vacation. To make a long story short, a part (can't remember exactly what it was now) on the radiator broke off and we ended up having to have a new radiator and some other gadgets put in.

    What would have ended up costing us several hundred dollars only cost us the price of a new thermostat because that extended warranty I had gotten 5 years before didn't run out until the end of that very month. We felt so lucky and it saved our vacation!
  • My Durango has black leather seats.

    Is there something that I can/should put on them that will keep the leather soft, but that won't come off on my clothes? Or should I just leave them alone?

    Do a car's leather seats ever get dry and sun-damaged, or do they pretty much last for the length of time most people own their cars?
  • He Everyone,

    We have a 1999 Dodge Durango and didn't have any problems with it until now. The entire engine needs to be replaced! My sister was just driving down the interstate when it stalled. They towed it to the shop where they told us a push rod had gone through the engine wall. We have always had good luck with Chrysler products, but will not buy one again. It is not that the engine just went out but because of the dealer as well. They are being no help to us at all, and said it was our fault because it was couple hundred miles past due for an oil change, which has never been a problem in any car we own. By the way we have the 5.2 engine.
  • I have a 2000 R/T. It has 8500 miles on it and has not been to the dealership once. I have no noticeble wind noise. I get 14-17 MPG consistently (no highway). It has the computer option so I always see how it is doing. In fact, it has all options and I paid $31,565 back last August. Can't beat that! Anyway, here is what I did that helped the mileage and acceleration big time. I swapped out the stock air filter and put in a K&N. I drilled a heck of a lot of 1 inch holes in the air box on three sides. I did not drill holes on the side facing the motor so it does not suck the really hot manifold heated air. I added two bottles of Water Wetter to the radiator which helps keep it running cooler. You can see the difference on how quickly the temp gauge reacts to the thermostat opening and closing. Next, I added Energy Release (ER) to the engine, transmission and power steering pump. I also use Mobil 1 synthetic.

    All this added together gave me a constant 2 MPG better plus better performance.

    This vehicle is a total blast to drive, gives me a big "O" every time I start the motor and hear that manly snort from the exhaust. Nothing else like it!!!!!

    As far as the gears, it has the 3.92s. If you don't do a lot of extended 70mph driving, I would always opt for them if you have the chance. In many cases, you would get better mpgs out of them due to not pressing the gas pedal down as far to get the vehicle moving in start and stop traffic. Sounds strange but it is correct. Highway mileage will suffer slightly.
  • I can't believe there isn't more to your story than what you are telling. What was the length between the changes? Also, if you pushed the limit, did you not check the oil level between changes and was it several quarts low? I can't imagine any dealership going that route on a 1999 unless there was enough evidence there was gross neglect.
  • crumj1crumj1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. MrBoost said there was a fix for it TSB. what is that
  • TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin. What that means is there is a re-occurring problem they are aware of and it tells the Dealership mechanics what the problem is and how to correct it. You need to discuss this with the Dealership and tell them you were told there is a TSB for the fix.
  • He everyone.

    That is why we are so dissapointed in this car. We take very good care of our cars. My dad takes them in for oil changes all the time. It was a couple hundred miles over the regular interval, but since my mom puts over 35,000 miles on it a year, we go longer between changes than the average person. We had a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that we had no problems with for 80,000 before we sold it. Of course the dealer is going to come up with some stupid excuse to save themselves money, but we are gonna keep fighting till we get what we want.
  • greg116greg116 Posts: 116
    I'm looking at the new 2001 Durango Sports.Does anyone out there own one? Are there any noticeable handling/driving differences from the SLT?
  • Sounds interesting. Just was curious, why don't you go for the R/T?
  • 4bolts4bolts Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 Sport and I love it. Just plain 'ol Durango. Eventually we will put on new wheels and other add ons, but for now....he just stays stock. Handled very well on a recent trip to vegas. No oil useage. We drive it primarily on the freeway. We live 35 miles away from work. Average around 16 gals each fill up. When I used the 87 octain my mileage was 12-13. I went up to 89 and it really improved.
    I have the oil changed by the dealer every 3000 miles. We decided to have them do it after hearing about the paperwork problems. After every oil change the D is brought down and inspected by us for workmanship and normal check over that we do with our other vehicle when we change the oil. We also check the oil/water each fill up.
    We have been in contact with K & N for the air filter. The service tech at K & N that I emailed said they were still working on it for the 5.2. Then it was ready and we ordered thru a parts house. Guess what? they returned our money cause the filter wasn't going to be available for months.
  • You drive it 35,000 miles a year is no excuse not to do oil changes, I have 60,000 miles on my 98 Durango with no motor problems. I have missed my changes by a couple hundred miles before and there has been no problem. With the newer ones they reccommend that you can go up to 7500 miles before oil changes. Didn't anybody notice the oil light?
  • I can't believe that someone would justify a entire engine going out by saying that is was a LITTLE over due for a oil change. You see what happened was that my sister was driving down the interstate and all the sudden the oil light when on, then about 5 seconds later the entire car stopped, so she had to pull over to the side, and she said the steering wasn't working so she just barely go to the side. The bottom line is that this particular engine was junk, and we are very upset with them, but we will get compensation.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    You say a couple of hundred miles over the regular interval, but what is that? If you are saying it had been 3200 miles ago and is documented and the oil was checked every 1000 miles or every week, then you are in the right. If you had not checked or changed the oil for 9-10k miles, the dealer has reason to say it is your fault. As for the light just came on, either something in the oil pump system failed or your little sister was in the usual lala land most young female drivers are and did not notice it until it was too late. Not a knock, but when you say little sister, I assume teenager girl which are notorious for being more concern with their nails than the mechanics of the 4000 lb projectile they are driving. I don't see a dealer refusing warranty for something obvious like a broken oil pump. Good drivers who care for their cars do get screwed by dealers, but I have seen too many idiots that do not take proper care of a $40,000 vehicle and then blame the vehicle.
  • For your information my sister was just driving back from the airport. She had just got back from Spain where she was taking a college class. She is also graduating this year, Suma [non-permissible content removed] Laude, and has a very high paying job in Chigago lined up. She is by no means your typical bimbo. And I had just driven the car in for her and there were no problems, and I would know, I am a car nut who washes it at least once a week. And she was only 5 miles away from where I had left her, so the oil light could not have been on long even if it didn't go off right a way, which it did. The dealer did call us before they actually said the engine needed replacement and said that there was just a pump that needed replacement. Then moments later they called back and said the engine was ruined. We will go after the dealer to the fullest extent of the law, it helps when your dad's a judge. Well thats it
  • I was just wondering, with putting in a new engine in a car with 60,000, does that actually help or hurt the resale value? Just curious
  • Did I still miss something?? How many miles did you go since the last oil change? For someone that is a car nut and washes twice a week etc., how often do you check the oil level? I am not busting on you. Maybe all was fine and the pump went out but when you originally told the story, it had some of us wondering (and I am sure the Dealership as well) if you told them the same story in the same fashion. If the pump goes out while under warranty, there is no issue. Something failed, it caused other damages due to the failure and it is under warranty. How could the Dealer possibly dispute that? Just doesn't make sense.
  • I am really suprised that all you car people don't realize how these dealers work. They will try anything in order not to be put our a dollar. That is why we are so mad, because they come up with this BS excuse and expect us to believe it. We have talked to plenty of people who have had trouble with their cars and their advice was to be very persistant because sooner or later they will give in. So that is exactley what we will do.
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