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Honda Accord Brake Questions



  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Yes, my 92 EX had rear disk brakes, and ABS (which saved me a couple times). You would need rotors, calipers, and probably different emergency brake cable hookups and hoses. If you could find an old EX in a junkyard, you could get the parts cheap.
  • hello i have a 06 honda accord and i too have a pop noise from the floating calipers so says the dealer how can i fix this issue
  • Thanks a lot elroy5. I'll check around on the website and junkyards.
    Here in Hawaii, we have just a few junkyards and they charge a hand and leg for the used old parts.
    I'll start looking on ebay first.
    Oh! by the way, what does the ABS look like. Since I hav'nt owned a car with an ABS system. It's good to have but, i'll just go without it if it is possible.
    Thanks for all the help in the past with my automatic transmission.
    I know quite a bit about A/T and how it works.
  • Its not something that's ever been "fixed" for me. Its not a problem, really. I consider it just part of the normal operation, sort of like the ABS buzz at 4MPH after each start up. My dad's 03 and 05s did this too. No brake problems to speak of whatsoever; I have 51k miles on all 4 original pads, with plenty of life left.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The ABS conversion would be difficult. There are a wide range of parts (sensors wire harnesses, etc.) that would have to be changed/installed. It would be much easier, to just do the disk brake swap, and be satisfied with that. Hope you get what you want.
  • I've read a few postings here and complaints else where. It seems that several people are having the same problems. I've only had my car for 6 months (I have app. 18,000 miles) About two weeks ago I started hearing a squealing sound while driving only. I never heard it when I braked. Very strange if you ask me. I took my car back to Honda and I was told that I needed to replace my rear brakes. I have a far commute to work everyday, fighting traffic etc. and I was thinking that maybe I did need brakes already. I also got a second opinion, just to be safe. I found that I'm in need of rear brakes but only on one side. I have a 97 Honda Accord that I drove to work everyday for 5 years and I never had to replace the brakes that soon. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I'm just comparing the two.

    My husband and I are really trying to monitor the issue. I'm going to get the brakes fixed at the dealership this weekend. If anybody wants to reply and share their issue or experience, please do so. Thanks! I'm just upset that I haven't had it for year. :confuse:
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If your 97 Accord had rear drum brakes, that would explain some of it. The 08+ Accords are obviously wearing the rear pads quickly. Has the dealership offered some discount on the brake service, since it's so early? If the rear brakes didn't last at least 20k miles, I would consider aftermarket pads, and maybe rotors too.
  • My 2008 Honda Accord has 19,000 miles on it and the rear brakes are very noisy. After reading a long term wrap up on an 08 Accord in Car & Driver magazine they had to replace the rear brakes after 20,000 miles. I know that they are probably metal on metal but I do not have any cash to fix them because I have only made 14 out of my 60 payments! What ever happened to making it to 3 years before they started costing major maintenance cost. You had better look out Honda because if you you are going to build this kind of crap I am going back to ford.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I suggest checking with the local dealership. They may be willing to help you with the cost. Most dealerships are.
  • wise1wise1 Posts: 91
    It's true , Honda is not making high quality brake parts anymore. Brakes are an ongoing problem for Honda. Many complaints of pads wearing out prematurely. My 07 Se recently made a loud metal on metal scraping sound. I took it in and they said my pads were 80+ so I figure it must have been a stuck caliper???? Anyway so far no more issues with the brakes. I drive very conservatively, so when it started that horrible scraping sound I was very shocked to learn it was likely a brake issue. They didn't find anything wrong. The car had about 20K at the time. :surprise: :surprise:
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Brakes last longer on Accord hybrid.
  • Well I went to the Honda Stealership yesterday. I told them to check the rear brakes because they are probably toast. They were worn out at 23,000 miles. Front brakes were great 7mm left. The service manager told me if I would have brought it in with less that 20,000 miles that Honda would have paid for 1/2 the cost. She told me that because of the class action law suit on the 08 rear brake problem that Honda can not pay for any of mine because the would go against the law suit. I told her that I have not heard about the class action because if I did I would have brought it in at 19,000 miles. So anyone out there with noisy brakes and less than 20,000 miles take it back. The Honda dealer I was using is Honda East in Cincinnati. I asked for the district rep and got the run around on that also. I have had it with Honda and will not buy another. Too bad for them considering I have bought 3 new Honda's since 2005. I swore I never buy another GM in the 80's and look at them now.
  • While I was waiting for the arbitrator to arrive to discuss the engine on my 2008 Honda Accord, the Honda factory rep asked if we'd had any problems with the rear brakes yet. He stated that the vendor that provided the brakes did not meet Honda's specs for metal content and that the brakes are wearing out prematurely.

    Kind of explains why Honda Accord didn't make Consumer Reports' list of most reliable cars. (Civic came in next to last in its class size.)
  • ""Kind of explains why Honda Accord didn't make Consumer Reports' list of most reliable cars""

    I am not sure what version of this book you're reading- but perhaps you should put your glasses on and take a closer look. The 2009 CR buying guide still highly recommends the current Honda Accord and Honda Civic.

    On page 127 of the buying guide the Civic received the second highest rating, as did the Accord V6 on page 129. The Accord and Civic are still on CR's "Good bets" list despite your unfortunate and isolated case.
  • Thanks Corkscrew. I filled out the info and asked them for a update. It still makes me sick that Honda is treating its customers this way.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    You'll be fixing more than brakes if you get a GM product at this time. Buyer beware!
    Customer support is really weak for them right now, but then again they are a company that is bankrupt.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    100% agreed with Accordguy.
  • Accord Guy: If you go to and look up a 2008 accord you will find 800 complaints on that model 637 of them are rear brakes. You can look up a 2008 Fusion and there is a total of 1 complaint. I know they sell more Accords than Fusions but look at the numbers. I have had my Honda's back dozens of times for warranty work and they always backed there product except for the brake issue. I believe that Honda and Toyota have cost engineered them selfs into trouble.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I get to keep my eyes on my Accord '08 rear brakes too. Other than that concern, it runs like a greyhound.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Other than that concern, it runs like a greyhound.

    I hope it doesn't pee in your garage. :)
  • What a surprise to replace my rear brake pads yesterday at 22363 miles!!!!!! My wife asked, “Shouldn’t these pads last longer???”. Hummmm . . . the fact that this revelation came to her immediately bothered me even more since I pride myself on taking care of our cars. Searching the internet, I quickly discovered that this problem is a reoccurring theme with many owners (so I’m not hallucinating). I’m not a driver who rides his brakes and I drive defensively enough to avoid emergency stops. So this problem I classify as “PREMATURE WEAR” of the rear brake pads. My mechanic says this is the FIRST TIME he has seen this with a Honda. Usually the front pads wear first and the brakes last a heck of a lot longer. What has concerned me the most reading this problem at various sites is the many responses owners have received from Honda. Like this is the cost of your NORMAL maintenance for this car or that they have not received sufficient complaints to do something. I read there’s a class action lawsuit in progress so possibly they’ll get a redefinition of the word NORMAL. Honda has spent a significant amount of money building their customer base and delivering an above average car over the many years. Just take a look at the Consumer Reports ratings for the last decade – most of it in the red zone (for above average). And I would readily admit that this brake issue is not a reflection on the performance of the entire car. But it’s a dang important item!! Why does it take a class action lawsuit to get this company to focus???? Is it that their reputation will be tarnished from the millions spent to tell me the car is a great piece of engineering? I’d admire the company more for saying . . . OK we messed up here and we’ll get it fixed for you (without the hassles and threats). If anyone at Honda is looking at these postings, I want to say our family has bought 7 Honda Accords over the last 15 years and that represents a significant investment for us. We have come to EXPECT DEPENDABILITY. So when you offer excuses or less than excellent customer service with this issue you are sending a message to me (and many other customers). Just ask yourself, do you think new or long term customers will enjoy changing brakes every 22K miles when your previous cars have done 50K - 60K changes??? Doubt it!!! Help your customers and fix it!!!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hey all - I just wanted to post about my old Accord, and get some comments/questions.

    I've got 204k miles on it, it is 14 years old today (bought 11/12/96), and I've never...EVER...replaced the rear shoes. I replaced the front pads for the first time at 131k. My grandmother owned the car for six years before I got it and did a major highway-only commute. Since then, I've done a lot more city driving, but by anticipating lights, coasting when preparing to stop, etc, I've gotten 73k on the replaced front pads and haven't had a problem with them yet. I was just a bit surprised at my shoes when I went back to think about just how long those things have lasted.

    I wonder, would I know if the shoes were used-up? Do they squeal/screech like my pads do on the discs? I'm having the car serviced today at my local mechanic ($23 for an oil/filter change and tire rotation, can't beat that!) and am thinking of asking them to inspect the brakes. I have no complaints with them, and they'll still lock up if I hit em hard in the rain (no ABS, haha), so I feel like they're probably ok and am almost hesitant to even have them touched.


    PS - Anecdotally, prev. gen Accords wore out their rear pads before the front as a general rule; I have 53k on my 2006 Accord and can see I still have at least 1CM of pad on each wheel.

  • Delgado 39: I talked to Honda Customer service today and the Person was very nice. I told her the whole story about my rear brakes failing at 23,000 miles and she said that Honda knows there is a problem and they have their best engineers working on the problem but they do not have a fix but when they do they will contact me. She also said because they do not have a fix that they are treating this like a normal wear item. I told her that I doubt that I will have any Honda's in my driveway for very long so she did not need to contact me. So Get ready to bend over and pull out your wallet every 10 to 20 thousand miles for brakes. I am already looking for a new car.
  • Thanks for the update hackattack5. Don't you find it interesting that Honda "knows its a problem & they have there best engineers working on it". BUT they still treat this as a normal wear item. Sounds like corporate double speak to me. I fixed my problem by letting my mechanic replace the rear pads with a different brand. They should last longer but will need to check them since I don't think they have Honda's wear sensor on them. If it at least doubled the mileage, I would be happy. Its been a busy week but I planning on also filing a compliant.
  • P.S> If you are also having this problem with your Honda, please call their customer service line 1-800-999-1009, The more people they hear from, the more they will understand that this is a "problem to resolve".
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    I just went back and looked at the paperwork I got when I had my 08 LX-P serviced at 16,454 miles. The front brakes showed 8 mm left and the rears 5 mm. While the majority of my driving would qualify as city, I've gone much easier than I already was on them since I learned of this situation with the brakes.
    What should I say my problem is, since the only issue I've had in the two years I've owned the car was a bad wheel bearing, which was replaced under warranty.
  • I have posted info. in other areas about this problem.
    Honda has acknowledged there is an isssue, and is putting together new brake caliper and pad kits that should be coming out in Dec. This is factual as told to me by Honda of North America during a phone call to them. My dealer also knows about the kits, but, as of yesterday, they have not received all the details on who, what, when, where, etc, etc. My '08 Accorcd coupe has only 6,100 miles. The rear brake pads are at 70%. So, I'm having a wear issue that I will soon apply for the Honda authorized repair.
    To those that are lamenting about the problem, and cursing Honda, etc, etc....and swear never to buy Honda again, etc.....all I can say is that ALL cars have issues.
    Honda is one of the best overall quality car companies, and has always been near or at the top for resale value for many years. THAT should tell you something. I can guarantee you that if you think that GM, or Ford, or whomever is going to do a better job....think again. You'll have some kind of aggravating issue come some point. And, when you go to trade in one of those "other" cars, you'll learn about re-sale value real quick.
    I'll stay with Honda/Acura even if there are some issues at times that have to be dealt with. I've owned many Hondas, a few Toyotas, lots of Fords, some GM's over my lifetime. Over 55 cars owned. Lots can be learned from ownership over many years and makes of cars.
    No car is immune from service problems or issues. Honda/Acura, Toyota/Lexus have always been at or near the top for having less issues per car than most any other car company. The stats don't lie.
    Anyway....each to their own. Jumping ship over one issue....won't get you a trouble free car, nor a better resale value when you get rid of one of the "other" makes.
    Take care.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Thanks V8growl for your well-written advice. Similarly to you, I have stayed with Honda/ Acura even they may have had issues at times. Have your good days & nights.
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