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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Oh, and one more thing, if they are trying to tell you that you are buying it for invoice, but you have to pay those "fees" and therefore are paying close to (if not exactly) MSRP, then they are mistaken. That sounds to me like what is happening, and while you aren't getting "screwed" by any stretch, perhaps slightly misled is a good label.

    Invoice always includes holdback and reserve, but you'll have to look at the total invoice (the bottom number, not the top) for advertising inclusions, as it varies regionally.

    I don't think anyone is having a hard time at minimum getting MSRP for Yari (the plural term so far at my store haha) though, so again, as a future MSRP Yaris owner myself, it's a good deal at the moment (I literally have more margin in a Scion, and they do NOT negotiate at all, ever).

    Most of all, enjoy the car! An S sedan is a toughy. The deal is just a state of mind... otherwise you'd get a KIA right :P? (Sorry to all the happy KIA owners out there, just pleae please please don't kill me when you try to trade it in and realize how good of a "deal" you got :D )

  • featherzfeatherz Member Posts: 26
    My Yaris Manual Liftback was at MSRP with no added goodies (except mats), but boy do the F&I people get grumpy when you turn down all the stuff they try to sell you (but you NEED a Lojack, Ma'am!!) AND you tell em you are writing a check so no financing needed. I really got the death stare when I turned down the maintenance package - I like to research such things before I buy and if I want it, I know already I can get it cheaper than they were offering (but I didn't mention that, just 'no thank you').
  • austxcyclist2austxcyclist2 Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking all over for a Red liftback manual, and managed to find one ouside of Houston, with *just* the Convenience pkg. I wanted the Power Pkg, plus the side airbags, but apparently manual liftbacks in TX only come with the Convenience Pkg.

    Anyway, I'm really stoked about getting my new car, and should be getting it in the next few days. The buying experience (after calling 10 dealerships all over the state) was actually really easy, and there's no extra crap to pay for--no "Extra Mile of money out of my bank acct Pkg" or anything. Just the Conv Pkg and mats. Drive out should be about $13.3K. We'll see...
  • txn428txn428 Member Posts: 41
    Hi everyone,

    I am in the market for the Yaris S Sedan AT. I just wondering what everyone is paying for this car in the Bay Area, California. Does anyone know if Toyota has any specials APR for this car?

    Thanks in advance everyone!
  • rocketman10rocketman10 Member Posts: 20
    I ordered my Yaris Liftback Automatic in Blazing Blue with the Convenience Package and All Weather Package and carpeted floor mats/cargo mat. For some reason, it also came with an arm rest and a rear bumper protector. I didn't want them but heck the arm rest was only $129.00 and bumper guard was only $65.00

    it took almost 2 months to get here but overall I only paid $13,514.00 which included a $580.00 delivery, handling and processing fee. I got my car on July 6th and I am very very happy. My saleperson is amazing..she had a lot of patience and answered all my questions, gave me at least weekly updates as to what was going on with shipping etc. I had decided to get the Toyota extended warranty to 66,000 miles (I keep my cars around 4 yrs) and put about 15000 to 16000 miles a year on them....I actually had to ask about the warranty..the dealer didn't pressure me for anything. I am very pleased with them and referred my sister to them and she got a preowned 2005 Corolla. I will service my vehicle at the dealer. It is Crystal Auto Mall in NJ...overall, I love my car..and when doing mostly highway I have gotten 42 mpg on the first 2 tanks of gas (75 per cent highway, 25 per cent local) I will see what happens with the 3rd tank which has been about 75 local and 25 per cent highway so far and 3rd tank almost done.

    I will buy another Yaris Liftback in 4 yrs and stick with the 2 door..its an amazing car (and I don't miss the power my goal is to keep it simple and if they start doing different levels, I will stick with the base model in Liftback 2 door....its been a great ride, smooth, great sound system, sit up high...comfortable seating....I am 6ft 1 and feel a word...LOVE my Yaris Liftback in Blazing Blue:)
  • rocketman10rocketman10 Member Posts: 20
    I forgot to add that the warranty was $962.00 (i think tax included) and I paid for that separate. what I quoted above was for the car purchase only. I did the theft etching (saved me 15 per cent on collision part of my car insurance) and there was a charge for DMV vehicle registration..all in all no rip offs and no extra charges of any kind. and was an experience that was stress free with a great salesperson....I wrote the Manager to say the saleperson was amazing...and she pressure, honest, and knowledgeable.
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Member Posts: 15
    I've got the l/b in blazing blue, and love it too! Congrats :)

    I wish mine had the rear bumper guard though; I may add that yet.
  • rocketman10rocketman10 Member Posts: 20
    Laurie T..thanks and congrats to you is worth the $65.00 so the bumper area by the hatch doesn't get scratched as you put items in the back (like grocery bags, etc.)

    Good luck with your Blazing Blue Yaris:) :)
  • webshafwebshaf Member Posts: 8
    GOOD LUCK!! I got a quote on a manual l/b white with the only option being the side airbags...$500 deposit and told to wait 4 months(works for me, I bike to work). Now, 2 months later all of a sudden they've got one in just like what I ordered. So I go to get it and it's w/o side airbags...but it has the $150 carmats. I said it wasn't what I ordered, it wasn't what they quoted my price on and I didn't want it. So(a week later) I'm told that Toyota refuses to build a car for me as per the original order. It took them 2 months to find that out?? Someone is not being truthful. Is it the dealership or Toyota? Versa or I come!
  • lucynethellucynethel Member Posts: 81
    It's NOT just Toyota. It's ANY "brand new" product that has captured the publics attention.......Called CAPITALISM. And sometimes it just sucks!
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    I'm pretty sure I know what happened, as I do the "ordering" for my store.

    In reality, Toyota rarely if ever builds something based on an order. According to my owner, with all the red tape involved (yes, they even make printing a special window sticker seem like a pain lol), it would in real time take 6 months or LONGER if they did. What dealers will do is "preference" a car for you once you leave a deposit. Unfortunately, all that means is that the closest thing in the next shipment or "allocation", will be earmarked for that dealership.

    If you check the Toyota website you can get a PDF file of the Yaris brochure for your region which shows the configurations they are building them in. You may be able to find one closer to what you want if you look outside your region, as it IS true that Toyota is shipping different configurations (just not to your state :) ).

    The dealership most likely hoped that floormats and the like wouldn't be as big of a deal as you made them. I guess the side airbags are important, but if you bike to work, aren't you a little more worried about getting hit by a car doing that :P ?

    For the record, mine is coming with the COLD WEATHER PACKAGE and I am in ARIZONA :P . I also am not a fan of $150 mats. Do I care? Not really, because that's the way they are being made in JAPAN, and by the time I paid to ship one from another region, or waited six months, I'd wish I had just quit whining and paid for a few things I didn't REALLY need :D so I could have it sooner.

    The other issue dealers face is impatience. I have the nicest woman waiting on a Highlander I had to preference last month. It will be here in the next allocation but she STILL calls me every day (I really don't mind, but still, imagine if it was 6 MONTHS lol).

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    I'm worried that such a thing will happen with my order. Liftback, white, automatic, side airbags, ABS, cold weather pkg, convenience pkg. That's all I want. The salesman said he thinks it should be fine because, although that particlar car didn't exist "in the world" at the time, it's basically just a safety package.

    This is into the 3rd week now, so I expect to hear something from the dealer any time as regards whether they are going to build it. In fact, I just faxed the salesman a letter reminding him that I do not want any extras tacked on it. When you order a car you sure ought to be able to get what you want as long it's reasonable. I really want the Yaris, but if they mess me around too much I'll just go get a Civic. My brother-in-law gets over 40 mpg hwy on his. I will report back as to what transpires.
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    The only real hang up is the side air bags, and possibly that in combination with the ABS. I have not heard of anybody getting side airbags. They come standard with the Honda Fit, but that will probably cost you and extra 2-3 thousand. In the meantime, be sure to wear a helmet when you ride your bike.
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    Why would you say side airbags would be a hangup? They are listed as an option in my region for $650. I couldn't have ordered them otherwise. (BTW, the biker is the other guy.)

    You're right a fit is a little more expensive, but you get a little more for your money and don't have to play this "option" game. The caveat: The Honda dealer in my neighborhood told me he will not see another Fit through the end of the year.
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Let's open it up to every one on the board. Has anyone every seen or ever heard of a Yaris with side airbags? Ask your dealer(s) how many they have ever handled. I see one listed (hatchback) at as "available" for $16,520. Looks like a special order that someone backed out on.
  • lucynethellucynethel Member Posts: 81
    $16,520?????! For THAT price I sure wouldn't buy a yaris! That's flat stupid! I would pay list for all the airbags I could get my hands on. But I wouldn't pay over $15K for ANY Yaris equipped in ANY manner. Just defeats the whole "concept" of "economy"......

    OK, now let's discuss something less risky like Politics or Religion....... :sick:
  • heath03017heath03017 Member Posts: 1
    I put $500 down and ordered a Yaris Sedan about 2 weeks ago. The salesman told me that it would take 4-6 weeks to recive it the way that I wanted. Is this about right or should I expect to wait longer? :confuse:

    Anyways as for the price.. :shades:

    I ordered my Yaris in Barcelona Red with the Power package and keyless entry system. With this package and the other things such as.... processing fee, tax, and tags.. my out the door price came to be $14,000 even. (of course this is for the sedan, not s sedan) I went to 5 other toyota dealers in my area and they were giving the same price of $14,900 and they wouldn't come down at all. I don't know if I just got lucky on my price ? but I can't wait for my new car to come in! :D
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Drove into work today in my beloved clunker and stumbled across a Blazing Blue Manual L/B with a sold tag in it... with my name on it :) . Couldn't be happier, but more on that in a moment...

    1) I know of NO hatchbacks that we've gotten with side SRS... or the power package for that matter. It IS just a matter of time though, as option package C in our region has those options, just haven't had any shipped yet. Honestly I tend to not worry about not having them in mine, because I figure if something much bigger than a Camry really creams me I'll be reunited with my old Lexus in car guy heaven anyway :P .

    2) We chuckle about the Fit. We love Hondas too, don't get me wrong, but that particular car is either 1) a 6 month+ wait, or 2) $1500+ over MSRP (and if not, it'll have some dandy $2500 wheels on it you have to buy lol). Leads me to the conclusion that even if it's the perfect sub-compact, I'd go with the Civic or Corolla at that point...

    Anyways I digress... My Yaris is in my garage!!! So excited, after 12 years of Toyota/Honda cars this is my first "new" car hehe...

    So far about my only complaint is that the pedals are clearly designed for smaller/womanly feet lol. I'm getting used to them though, and can't get over how QUIET it is on the highway!

    I do agree with other posters about a need for a better "dead pedal" too... I'll see what my parts guy can concoct.

    $12485.00 and let me tell ya, at 109 degrees today, I sure am glad I got the cold weather package :P
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Hey, you got yours for $13 less than I paid for mine, not fair!! Oh well, I guess you deserve an employee discount for all the hard work you do.
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Member Posts: 15

    Wishing you many miles of smiles :)

    I must have those "womanly" feet that you speak of; I haven't noticed the lack of size in regards to the pedals. :P
  • jsk1970jsk1970 Member Posts: 14
    That sounds pretty rediculous. I put my order in for a sedan with cold weather and side curtains. Nothing else. Its been about 4 weeks. The dealer said he couldn't give me a time frame but I doubt it will be six months for the car to be built to my specs and shipped.
  • number55number55 Member Posts: 8
    I got my yaris sedan with the power package 2 months ago on pure timing. My dealership is in southest michigan and they weren't expecting a yaris with power options for like 4 months at least. Lucky for me they made a trade with a sister dealership in Chicago where my dealership sent a prius and they sent a yaris with power options and I asked for my yaris right after they did that. So I had to wait 3 weeks for it to be shipped. I have to say I would have waited 4 months for the power package to be more available because the heatwaves in the US are unbearable this summer. and I would have cried if I had to lock every door one by one. Either way I have never seen another yaris on the road and I'm probably the only person out of 5 million people in Southeast Michigan with power package. Guess you get lucky sometimes right?
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Member Posts: 15
    I'm in SE Michigan, too, and have yet to see another Yaris on the road.

    I didn't feel a need for the power pkg; with only two doors to lock (I have the l/b) it's no big deal. In a heatwave, it's the A/C that matters most! :D

    Just out of curiosity, which dealership did you go to?
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "I sure am glad I got the cold weather package"
    While you probably won't need the rear defroster very often, you do have the heavier duty electrical, and isn't there also an extra (rear) duct for the AC/heater? So, it's not like you get absolutely no benefit from the package. The package is only $110. Even though I am in NW Ohio (where it does get COLD), I bought the CW package mostly to get the heavier duty electrical.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Well of course the All-Weather Package isn't entirely useless :) ... I just wouldn't have chosen it had it been an option.

    I don't think Toyota is doing anything wrong here... they realize that with production being exclusively in Japan (which I still believe to be a factor in quality despite what even most magazines say), making batches in specific combinations just makes more sense than making a random assortment and/or special ordering.

    In our region there are three configurations on the l/b manuals. If the one you "order" happens to fall in spec with one of those three, you may feel as if you "ordered" the car that way, but in reality you just got lucky if nothing extra is being forced on you (hence my floormats and AW package...).

    I have 200+ miles on it now :D ... The fun to drive factor is very high surprisingly, feels sturdy and quiet at highway speeds, and it does remarkably well at 80+MPH (it is what it is though, so don't expect to win any races haha).

    Half a tank at 200 miles too ;) . I don't care what anyone thinks of me driving it either lol... I think it's unique, and my girlfriend thinks it's cute. Between that, the mileage, fun to drive factor, genuine Japanese Toyota quality, AND an MSRP under 12500... yikes... I get the feeling we'll be selling them within a few days of hitting the lot for a looooooong time :)

    P.S. Does anyone else's foot feel like it's almost pushing on the lever for the clutch pedal when they depress it (rather than just the pedal itself)? I think that's the largest factor in feeling my feet are too big (or my legs are too long lol)
  • rbaruchrbaruch Member Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    Two weeks ago I headed over to the dealer and specified the Yaris I wanted: blue, manual, 3-door, ABS. He looked on his computer, found that there was one going to another dealership, said that he could get it if I put a deposit down -- that would take the car off the available list -- which I did. A week later he called and said that the other dealership refused to give up the car, as they were selling it to someone else.

    So that was one lie :(

    Then he said he could look for a car in another color. I said black would be fine. He still hasn't called back.

    My questions are:

    1. Is my dealer just stringing me along? It seems to me that Toyota manufactures a random assortment of cars and sends them to random dealerships, where the customers just seem to settle on whatever is there. So if I specify what I want, am I basically pulling up a chair at the blackjack table and just waiting to get lucky? :mad:

    2. Why can't I just place an order for the exact car that I want? All the factories are robotic, so why wouldn't they just insert the specs of my car knowing that it's already sold? :mad:


  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    Keep us posted, Rob. I'm kind of in the same boat. My salesman "seemed" sincere in taking my order. He told me it would be 3-5 weeks before they received confirmation from Toyota as regards doing my build. After I signed the order he told me they were going to try to expedite it (I guess they can request that an "order" be used to replace one of the vehicles which would be being sent as part of a regular allotment.) Interestingly, after I signed the paperwork the time went from 3-5 weeks to 4-6 weeks before they would hear back from Toyota on the build. :confuse: It has now been 3 weeks to the day, so I hope to hear something very soon. I sure hope Toyota doesn't mess me around. I really want a Yaris, but I'm going to start shopping around for alternatives so I have a backup plan if this falls through. My cars are both literally on their last legs and I am not in a position where I can be messed around.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Here goes =)...

    1) He didn't lie necessarily. We routinely get vehicles from other dealers, and it generally isn't a problem at all. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen and perhaps the dealership that had the Yaris you wanted didn't have it tagged properly in Toyota's system as sold. Either that or the dealership you were at that was trying to get it for you didn't want to give up a nice piece of their own inventory to get the Yaris. Last I suppose the dealer could have just been a jerk about giving up a manual Yaris to begin with, but usually we know what dealers we can and can't trade with long before we even ask (I've gotten PRIUS's before, so demand isn't the only factor).

    Probably just got sold out from under you by someone at the other dealer who had a customer that wanted to buy it right then. It blows, but it happens.

    2) No, they are most likely not stringing you along.

    My customers never settle. The ones that settle go to a "crap" brand for a better "deal". Hey, it's a free country and you're certainly free to bury yourself in a car :) .

    I truly believe that even if you have to get a few extra options or a few less (it happened to me too, so I'm not just a jaded dealer :) ), you NEVER are settling when you go with our product.

    If Toyota built your car to order it would take an exceedingly long time to get it here, and frankly, we dealers don't like orders anyway (And there are lotsa reasons: people change their mind, there is no such thing as a non-refundable deposit, mistaken sale, salesperson turnover, and of course the blasted Toyota survey ALWAYS gets hosed the longer the customer has to wait... etc.).

    I'm sure if it ever gets to the point where we have a bunch on the lot, this percieved "problem" will go away, but I don't see that happening very quickly considering less than 15% of all Yari are Liftback 5-Speeds (and probably less than a third of THOSE have ABS).

    I know it's frustrating, I deal with it every day, but even with a fully robotic process (which it's not yet btw) it's still too expensive to custom make a $12K car (not to mention that darned near EVERYONE would probably do it that way if you could, which would make the wait even longer and the costs even higher).

    Look at Honda: their only real "options" generally are things like Navigation, Leather, and Entertainment... at least between the basic trim levels (DX, LX, EX etc.). My friend that works there says all people do is moan and groan about THAT, so you just can't win lol...

    You can't please everyone all of the time, so Toyota tries to please most of the people most of the time.

    Download the Yaris PDF brochure using your ZIP Code to see what packages they are bulding for your zone. Then work with someone in the INTERNET department of your biggest local Toyota store to find when the next one will hit (or preference one and have a seat at the BJ table...)

    I feel like I got a 19 when I took a seat at the table myself :shades: . Not a 20 or a Blackjack, but I have a Blazing Blue MT L/B in my garage, so I'm glad I stood anyway hehe...

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    First, I would like to comment on how much I appreciate an "insider" posting here. It really offers a lot of insight. That being said, PLEASE don't take the comments that follow personal in any way because they aren't intended to be personal.

    "If Toyota built your car to order it would take an exceedingly long time to get it here,... it's still too expensive to custom make a $12K car (not to mention that darned near EVERYONE would probably do it that way if you could, which would make the wait even longer and the costs even higher)."
    I'm sorry but that seems ridiculous. If Toyota offers the option in the brochure it should not be an issue to have someone bolt it onto the car. You have somebody take the part to the assembly line and somebody puts it on. What's the big deal? Now, I could see an issue if somebody wanted an option not normally offered--say wheels off a different vehicle line, or some gadget that had to be special ordered from an outside source or custom made in some way. But, for stock parts that are offered for that model, that region, etc.--give me a break.

    "..frankly, we dealers don't like orders anyway (And there are lotsa reasons: people change their mind, there is no such thing as a non-refundable deposit, mistaken sale, salesperson turnover, and of course the blasted Toyota survey ALWAYS gets hosed the longer the customer has to wait... etc.).
    To that I would say (and again this is NOT personal) boo hoo, just do your job. So a salesperson has to do a little more writing and typing. It's not like the salesperson has to get his hands dirty or break a nail building the car. What is it with Americans that some of us think that if we have to concentrate a little harder or tap a few extra keys on a keyboard to do our job right we feel like we're going to die? Good grief--there are people who actually have to perform hard labor just to eat.

    "mistaken sale, salesperson turnover"--Not the customer's problem.

    "people change their mind, there is no such thing as a non-refundable deposit"--Tighten up the contracts. If the mfg delivers that vehicle as ordered the customer should absolutely pay a penalty. I was only asked for $300 down. If Toyota delivers my car as ordered and for some reason I don't take it I have no problem if they want to keep the money. But, if they don't deliver my car as ordered within a reasonable time frame I'm going to want my money back--and with interest. (Yeah, I know--like THAT'S going to happen. :D )

    Everyone who has been able to walk on to a lot and buy a Yaris that they are satisfied with seems to be thrilled. The frustration seems to be in ordering one that Toyota says you should be able to order. It seems to me that in this economy and world climate any dealer who can sell a car ought to be darned glad they could do so--special order or not. Things could get a lot worse overnight.
  • rbaruchrbaruch Member Posts: 5
    Hi T,

    Thanks for the insider scoop.

    What I meant by settling is that I come in having done my homework, and looking for a manual, 3-door, blue, with ABS, but I come out with an auto, sedan, white, without ABS. About the only similarity is that they're both Yarises. Yarii. Yares. Anyway, the point being that I didn't get what I originally wanted, and I'm not as satisfied as I would be if I did get what I wanted.

    I think what I'm going to do is wait for the promised delivery date to go by (Aug 20), get my deposit back (which is what we agreed to in the first place), and go somewhere bigger. If they can get the car in 5 days, great, if not, I'll special order, with none of this, "Oh, we don't have one with a manual, how about an automatic" nonsense.

  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    Don't forget the logistics involved here. The car is made in Japan. How long does it take just to ship (I mean ship, not Fed EX overnight) one from there to the East Coast? This is a very high demand car, they can sell anything that comes off the assembly line within days of the car hitting the lot. So why not build the exact same car a thousand times in a row (around here it is a 4 door automatic with an MSRP of $14,100) and not slow down the line for your special order, the profit is the same if not more. Also don't forget that there are probably many other special orders in front of yours waiting to jump into the assembly line just like you are. Don't take your frustations out on the salesman, he has no control over the situation, he is just trying to tell you like it is, so you won't be disappointed.
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "Don't take your frustations out on the salesman, he has no control over the situation, he is just trying to tell you like it is, so you won't be disappointed."
    No, I understand that which is why I tried to emphasize "this is NOT personal." We're not taking it out on him personally. We LIKE him!! :D

    Doesn't it take the same amount of time to ship an "ordered" car as standard run car? Why would it slow the production line down? The builders have to follow a set of instructions regardless. So, you put on ABS instead of a Power Package. If you were ordering every single option available sure it would take longer. But, the more you sell the more money you make, right? I'm sure they add a little profit in those option prices. We're just saying, "If you're going to offer the options don't jack us around and refuse to order or ship them." If you make an "entry level" customer happy he will very likely be back when he is ready for something with a little more margin built in. Simply gaining a new customer is BIG BIG deal. Alienate a prospect early and he will likely NEVER be back.
  • lhansonlhanson Member Posts: 268
    I guess the question is "How long is a Yaris in the pipeline before it hits the dealers lot?" Just out of curiosity I checked that out on my Yaris MT LB. It shows Date of Manufacture as 03/06. I bought it on 04/30/06. So it appears that it is approximately 2 months. It is noted that this was "not" a special order car.
  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    That sounds about right based on what people have posted who have ordered one. It's just interesting the different stories you hear from dealers. The one locally that I ordered from seemed pretty confident that Toyota would build my car as ordered. I also talked to a salesman at a Detroit dealership who out-and-out told me, "No we can't order you one. They won't build it and you'll never get it." This from allegedly the biggest dealer in the Detroit area. :confuse: I figure, worst case scenario, if this falls through I'll just pick up something used to drive for a while and keep searching for the Yaris I want.
  • rbaruchrbaruch Member Posts: 5
    No, I've been very polite with my salesguy, and I've been keeping all my suspicions and grumbling to myself. But I was just speaking with a guy who, 20 years ago, walked into a Toyota dealership and got the same treatment as I did (minus the computerized inventory). For a nation that invented Just In Time manufacturing, and has had 20 years to improve on manufacturing efficiency, my only conclusion is that Toyota does this on purpose. I mean, come on, guys, we're in Internet time.

    I think my point is that the salesman should offer me a choice: EITHER wait indefinitely until I happen to get lucky and a car with the colors and options I want randomly comes up AND is grabbed by the dealership for me, OR order me the one I want and I'll be guaranteed to get it, and if it takes 6 - 12 weeks, that's my problem. Instead, because he didn't tell me up front that looking for a particular car on a particular boat was a crapshoot, I've wasted 2 - 3 weeks.

    I guess my other point is, are people really that easily satisfied that Toyota can get away with it? I mean, if the liftbacks are so desirable, are people really just giving up and getting a sedan? Why would they do that?

    --Rob ( :confuse: , :mad: , :cry: all at the same time)
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    No offense taken! :) If anything I should probably say that too to all of you guys myself! I don't mean to make it sound like we are quite as vain as we probably sound when it comes to our product (ok... maybe a little :) ).

    If anything I really like posting here because I can air out things that I could NEVER say to a real customer for fear of my job... Also, it may help a few people that aren't so anti-salesman realize that we really aren't as out-to-get you as you think we are... however:

    Toyota is overtaking GM as the number one automaker in the world. We blew by Ford 3 years ago. I think they have it down pretty good. Is there always room for improvement? Sure! It's called Kaizen, and it's a motto for... you guessed it... Toyota :)

    The problem building cars individually for people is mostly red tape I'd think, but still, cost is a prohibitive factor. It may be a stock option, but we aren't making a pizza here. It's more like choosing between what "group" of options you want. I know it sucks sometimes, but it helps keep these entirely Japanese cars in spec price wise with the segment.

    With orders, just because it isn't the customer's problem doesn't mean it isn't a valid reason that dealerships don't like to do it.

    First, and this is academic because Toyota won't be doing line item additions anytime soon (besides dealer installed stuff)... but just to make a point, hypothetically let's say you COULD wait 6 months to have them build what you want:

    You say "boo hoo, just do your job", well to a certain extent I'd agree, until you realize what LITTLE stake the salesperson has in the whole transaction. We are literally talking about $100.00 (minimum commission in most dealerships) less taxes. Now, if I have the car there, am I willing to give top notch performance for a day or two to secure the sale? Will I even drive to the other side of town to swap one for you or pick up your spouse? Sure. But if we are talking MONTHS of follow up (because you will be as excited as I was... I really do understand hehe), making sure that the car gets there, is properly equipped, you still want it, you have financing, you sold your trade, etc... Pass.

    And until your vehicle is delivered, that deposit you made is as good as yours... check the laws. We can try and scare you into giving it up, but if you push it, you will ALWAYS get it back, even if EXACTLY what you ordered is there. The only exception would be if you CONTRACT on the VIN number, but even then most states have laws about "taking delivery".

    You may say no problem, but trust me, 99% of people would go to the Supreme Court to get $100.00 back from a dealer, even if they were the ones that changed their mind...

    Finally, I'm trying REALLY hard not to sound vain here, but having trouble selling cars is not really a problem at Toyota. I truly believe we have the best product dollar for dollar on the market, comparable only to Honda. Our trucks are a soft spot right now, but even they sell briskly, simply because for what they are, they are the best. When the new Tundra hits I'm sure we'll be over MSRP and have to listen to all the "gouging" gripe, but you know what? We'll still sell every last one. And before you get angry, wouldn't you?

    We sell Toyota's for what the market demands. It's the crux of the reason I paid MSRP for mine (400 miles already hehe).

    Personally I don't mind selling Yari. I'll do darn near anything as long as the aggrivation doesn't exceed the compensation :surprise: .

    Also, please understand we'd take as many as we could get, regardless of the packages (especially liftbacks for the moment).

    I guess if Toyota had stockpiles of Yari in configurations people wouldn't buy, maybe they'd start making some people would. The problem is, they can't even keep up making the few packages they DO make.

    I love chatting with you guys. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I don't have any, I'm just an internet manager at a car dealer remember? =P

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    My Yaris had an ETP (time to port in LA) date of 8/7. As you guys know, I had it in my driveway 8/8 :D . We were all guessing a week or two.

    Don't pay too much attention to dates on the "TDN" (Toyota Dealer Network) sheets us dealers have.

    If you're referring to the VIN sticker on the inside of the door, mine was produced in 7/06. I think 35 to 55 days to the west coast is a fair guesstimate.

    Keep in mind, I have NO idea when it really started getting built, but I can't imagine that part took very long.

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    "realize what LITTLE stake the salesperson has in the whole transaction. We are literally talking about $100.00 (minimum commission in most dealerships) less taxes."
    But, you see, that's where perspective comes into play. Maybe it's only $100 to the salesperson, but the customer is dropping $14,000. To use your analogy, we're not talking pizza here. I've been in situations where certain aspects of a job didn't seem glamorous or something I was getting "paid" for. The response I got was (in so many words), "You know what, it might not be part of the contract, but it's part of the job. It's customer handling and in the big picture it's a very important part of the job. It's what gives the customer a warm, fuzzy feeling and keeps him coming back and telling other people how great we are."

    You never know when one of us $100 shlups is going to tell a buddy who needs a new truck how great Toyota services it's customers. Wouldn't it be worth a few extra phone calls and a little typing to sell both a Yaris and a Tundra as opposed to neither? Sure, you can take the attitude, "Ya wanna buy a car? Here's the price. Write a check or hit the bricks. We don't "need" ya." You might get away with that in the good times, but when times get tough you're going to wish you had those customers that you didn't think were worth a couple of phone calls. (And, again, when I say "you" I don't mean "YOU!" :) ) BTW, I think it really sucks that you had to pay MSRP. I hope you got something special since you work there.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Haha you should be a manager for a dealership :) ...

    Perhaps you misunderstood me. I wasn't saying any of us wouldn't do our job for the measley $100 and a happy customer (I have WAY too many times lol). I was saying that IF Toyota did things your way (ordering options right down to floormats), the time and brain damage invested (just trust me on this one), would outweigh the benefit for the salesperson/dealership and you'd be on here griping about how no one would take your order :P ...

    I am not looking for any tears to be shed. If anything I think we would simply appreciate an effort to walk a mile in the shoes of a straight commission salesperson.

    I have worked at some stores that won't take deposits PERIOD, for the reasons I listed before. I have also been on the recieving end of that "Oh great my car is in? Sorry, but we decided to go with a (insert make here) instead... you can mail us our deposit back...". Let me tell ya, all that "work" you guys either think we do or don't do can dissapear in a second with only a "deposit".

    Not to be too gripey of course, working in the internet department I take a lot of orders myself. For the most part it's a simple and pain free process, but I'd go bonkers if I had to start preferencing every little option. Not to mention the first time a car I waited 6 months for showed up with a 65$ bumper protector they didn't order (a Port installed option btw)...

    I had no issue what so ever paying MSRP for my Yaris (haven't named her yet, but I'm a dork and do that, so I will soon haha). I managed to get the car at a very fair interest rate, and got essentially what I wanted on it. I swear to you, that was all the something special I needed.

    A $100 "shlup" helps pay my bills, and by all definition, even at MSRP, I am one myself :D .

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,615
    hard-working and you deserve all the money you can get your paws on. Seriously. We customers are nothing but a big 'ole pain in the butt. Agreed. :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    I have also been on the recieving end of that "Oh great my car is in? Sorry, but we decided to go with a (insert make here) instead... you can mail us our deposit back...". Let me tell ya, all that "work" you guys either think we do or don't do can dissapear in a second with only a "deposit".
    I hear that. My wife sold real estate for a few years. I still remember her frustration when a $200,000 deal would fall through over a pair of curtains. Or, a seller agreed "in writing" to have some trivial piece of work done, only to find out at the closing table that he never did it and the buyer walked.

    IF Toyota did things your way (ordering options right down to floormats), the time and brain damage invested (just trust me on this one), would outweigh the benefit
    No, I understand the whole "package" concept, especially so in light of the low margins and commissions. And I'm not implying that every single car should be a special order. I think all we are saying is that if Toyota offers the packages, and a few other things as individual options (i.e., my airbags and ABS), then we ought to be able to order them accordingly, and not have somebody (be it the mfg or dealer) say either, "Yeah--no--you ain't gettin' it." or "Yeah, we'll do it but SURPRISE you're paying for $150 floormats and $65 for a rubber strip stuck on the bumper, too, palee!" :)

    would simply appreciate an effort to walk a mile in the shoes of a straight commission salesperson.
    To be frank, I've often thought that straight selling to eat would be kinda scary.

    I'd go bonkers if I had to start preferencing every little option.
    Understood. But, if you're already bonkers... :P

    Not to mention the first time a car I waited 6 months for showed up with a 65$ bumper protector they didn't order (a Port installed option btw)...
    In that case Toyota should give it away. What is a "port installed option"? (Sorry, I don't know all the hep car sales guy jive. :shades: )

    P.S., Thanks for being a good sport. This exchange helps me understand a few things better.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    What's sad, to me at least, is the fact that the customers we make the most money on usually are the happiest AND send us the most referrals.

    The "invoice" buyers are the biggest pain, are usually never satisfied, usually never refer anyone, and always feel like somehow they still got screwed anyway lol...

    All things being equal, who would YOU go out of your way for if a problem arose?

    And don't give me the "I'd help everyone equally" crap :P ... I'm being honest with you guys, I only expect the same haha...

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Port installed options are things like mats and bumper guards that aren't installed at the factory for whatever reasons. They don't show up when you build one online at Toyota, and therefore people think they are getting em "tacked on".

    They still show up on the MSRP sticker, but the only way to not get them sometimes is to wait until one shows up without em (it almost seems completely random to me).

    I was hoping mine wouldn't have mats or the bumper guard (which I kinda like now anyway after picking up my girlfriend at the airport), but didn't let it muck the whole deal when it did.

    You CAN order any "package" Toyota is currently making for your region. You may get stuck with $200 or so in port installed options, but you should be able to get a package they are building with relative ease.

    My hunch is, your region isn't packaging Side Bags or ABS in a configuration that suits you. You may want to consider looking in a different part of the US, but be prepared to either pick up the car or have it shipped.

    I can look for you too if you'd like (by no means am I here soliciting business, but I don't mind helping if I can).

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    Oh, now you're just makin' that up!! ;)

    No, seriously, now that you say that I would actually believe it. There are some strange ironys in business.

    Many years ago my wife and I managed a 150 unit apartment complex. One of the things we learned was that the people who "just loved the apartment" the most and begged and begged to get in were consistently (I am not making this up) the biggest complainers and moved out the soonest. Man--go figure! Strange as it may seem, whenever someone was extraordinarily complemenatary and ultra enthusiastic about moving in it was a red flag for us.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Swear on a stack of Bibles it's the truth :)

    Invoice/discount buyers are just wired differently. I completely understand the apartment scenario, because most of the "shlups" out there love their Toyota's very much.

    BTW, I don't think paying MSRP for a car that just doesn't have much markup makes us "shlups".

    The Yaris is worth every penny of MSRP. I am amazed at how enamoured I am with it (and I have a feeling I'll be selling a lot of them... especially now that I have a credible angle being an owner myself hehe...)

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    You know, I'm not sure whether they were part of any package, but you could add them as individual options. I think that's why my salesman thought it seemed like a reasonable order. It wasn't like I was trying to "cross match" things from different packages or anything. I just picked two stock packages and the 2 individual safety options.

    So, who installs the "port installed" options then, the dealer?

    Thanks for the offer. For the moment I'm 3 weeks into this, so I'm going to hang in there with my "guy." I really, really, really want this car the way I ordered it. If it comes through I'll be a very happy camper. But, if things get ridiculous I'll probably just look for a used Civic and take my time waiting for just the right Yaris.

    Don't put too much weight on my "shulp" comment. I didn't mean it in a desparaging way, just as kind of a light hearted figure of speech for a customer buying a low markup item as opposed to a "high roller" buying a big ticket item with lot's of juicy profit built in. (Feel free to exclude yourself from the Shlup Sample Group at any time. :) )
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Member Posts: 296
    Toyota installs them before/after they hit the port, but not at the factory (if that makes sense?). Usually little stuff like cargo nets, mats, armrests, bumper guards, stuff like that. Anything actually on the MSRP label never has anything to do with the dealer. Don't mix that up with "toyoguard" though. That is NOT on the MSRP it is on what is called an addendum label.

    A good example of what you can't do on a Yaris right now would be what happened with my car. I would have liked the power package. It is an option offered by Toyota, but it cannot be added without ALSO adding Side Air Bags and ABS (which I don't want) in my region. That's the Package C option, I got package B.

    Check out the main Toyota website, enter your ZIP, and download the Yaris PDF brochure. It will tell you what configurations (i.e. package A, B, C) are being shipped to your region for a specific model type Yaris.

    If one fits, you're in luck. Otherwise, you'd better start looking outside the region.

    Again, the profit from my deal even at MSRP definitely makes me a "shlup" of sorts, so no worries :) (I didn't whine about the mats/bumper guard either though... :P )

    I don't sell enough of these big profit Yari (insert smirk here) to be a high roller... ;)

  • robertknrobertkn Member Posts: 94
    Toyota installs them before/after they hit the port, but not at the factory (if that makes sense?). Usually little stuff like cargo nets, mats, armrests, bumper guards, stuff like that.
    I think I get it. I'm visualizing a little guy who looks like Quasimodo scampering around through the fog and sea mist on a ship approaching the U.S. coast line. He is pushing a shopping cart full of Toyota accessories laughing maniacly every time he sticks one on a car. Is it kind of like that?

    Anything actually on the MSRP label never has anything to do with the dealer. Don't mix that up with "toyoguard" though. That is NOT on the MSRP it is on what is called an addendum label.
    That must explain why my "guy" wrote "subject to sticker" on my order. He said it was because some of the prices might go up or down in the meantime. Maybe it means he doesn't know how generous a mood Quasi will be in. I didn't know whether the dealer could tack on some stuff and then reprint the sticker with their add-ons on it.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    if you want a real loaded Yaris, you will have to wait a while until the next-gen Corolla arrives. In the meantime, they are building mostly really cheap Yarii, so that the two models don't eat each other alive (what with the heavy discounting now going on routinely with Corolla sales).

    In my region, if I want a 5-speed, you know what I can get? Package A or B - both cost $0 and include NO options (just 50 state emissions)! :-P

    Seriously, they aren't even building ones with the convenience package right now, which they were before. When I first read about this new model, I was kinda thinking of getting a liftback with all the trimmings (yes, I know it would come to like $16K, but I think it's cute and I want a hatchback), but boy did I get an education when I asked dealers about them! No matter what the option package, dealers state (and my own observations back this up) that all their liftbacks sell within 48 hours. So the customer who wants something different from the rest is definitely going to get lost in the shuffle for the next year or so. By then the current Corolla will begin to wind down I think, and the initial new-model rush on Yarii will be slowing a little too, hopefully.

    Maybe then I will go back and look up a liftback with power package with alloys, SAB and ABS, and keyless. Still have to figure out how to get cruise though...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • beantownbeantown Member Posts: 228
    if you want a real loaded Yaris, you will have to wait a while until the next-gen Corolla arrives. In the meantime, they are building mostly really cheap Yarii, so that the two models don't eat each other alive (what with the heavy discounting now going on routinely with Corolla sales).

    Sad part is, even the stripped Yarii around here are selling for higher prices ($12-$13K) than the Corolla CEs($10,500-$12,000).
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