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Honda Fit Real World MPG



  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    The purpose of the AC running when engaged in defrost mode is to make sure the AC compressor gets lubricated during the winter months.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The purpose of the AC running when engaged in defrost mode is to make sure the AC compressor gets lubricated during the winter months.

    what is getting lubricated?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The compressor seals. I've often heard it's a good idea to run the A/C at least once a week or so during the winter months to keep the seals lubed, so that refrigerant doesn't leak.

    But actually the reason the A/C runs with the defroster on is to dehumidify the air coming out of the defroster vents and thereby clear the windows more effectively.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    The ILP is supposed to be done at the dealer before you take delivery.
    It may or may not have been done.

    It only takes a few minutes of actual work on your part and perhaps a half hour of Idling for the car to warm up from a cold start while idling.

    You don't have to stand there the entire time. Just check back every once in a while. :)

  • taximom5taximom5 Posts: 43
    What does ILP stand for???? :confuse:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    ILP = Idle Learn Procedure.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    A couple of years after getting our 03 Pilot the mileage dropped about 20% for no apparent reason. Someone on the Pilot Real world MPG forum mentioned the ILP and how it had helped their mileage. I did it and the better mileage returned. Here is a link to the TSB. The ILP procedure is on page 3, left column, 2nd item.

    You will notice that the ILP is supposed to be done whenever any of several fuses have been disconnected, including the "Get Ready" after some of those fuses are re connected. Also when ever the battery has been disconnected.

    Here is an easy way to do the ILP. Recommended!

    kipk, "Honda Pilot Real World MPG" #201, 30 Dec 2006 5:02 am

    If it has already been done, doing it again won't help.

    I've gotten a lot of "flack" concerning the ILP. A dealer will tell you it only affects the quality of idle. However, It brought my Pilot mileage back to the 18-19 mpg local driving, from the 14 mpg it had dropped to. My battery had been disconnected to find a wiring problem just prior to the mileage drop.

    I don't know why it works.
    Keep in mind the Pilot under the new EPA ratings is 15-20 for 4wd. We consistently get 18-19 local and 23-27 road, depending on speed load, etc.. Have gotten near 28 on a 1K RT to Indiana from Georgia, at 60-65 mph.

    My take is that doing the ILP, we had everything to gain and nothing to loose! You may feel differently. :shades:

    I don't own a Fit yet. So the only reference I can give is for the Pilot, Ridgeline and our CR-V.

    This is a outdated print out on my neighbors Ridgeline MPG. Keeping in mind the 15/20 rating. The 3/16 entry includes near 150 miles of towing a 3000# Trail Manor Camper. The 10/28 entry is a trip at 65 MPH. (He usually sets his cruise at 75 mph.)

    He did the ILP when he brought it home "New" from the dealer! My son's Ridgeline reflects similar mileage. He also did the ILP when he got it home from the dealer.

    Date.... Odometer $/gal...Gallons....Cost..Mileage..Avg

    8/3/2007 30
    8/13/2007 299.....$2.579....14.93...$38.51..18.01..18.01
    8/22/2007 424.....$2.649.... 7.74....$20.50..16.15..17.38
    8/22/2007 562 ...$2.619......6.61... $17.30. 20.89..18.17
    8/22/2007 742... $2.529..... 8.90 ...$22.50..20.23....8.65
    8/23/2007 961... $2.649....10.76 ...$28.50.. 20.36..19.03
    9/3/2007 1196 $2.549 12.79 $32.60 18.37 18.89
    9/24/2007 1507 $2.629 17.50 $46.00 17.77 18.64
    9/30/2007 1619 $2.629 6.09 $16.01 18.39 18.63
    10/12/2007 1775 $2.549 7.45 $19.00 20.93 18.81
    10/12/2007 1871 $2.599 4.58 $11.91 20.95 18.91
    10/16/2007 1971 $2.519 4.45 $11.20 22.49 19.07
    10/18/2007 2075 $2.699 4.63 $12.49 22.47 19.22
    10/18/2007 2372 $2.599 12.50 $32.50 23.75 19.69
    10/26/2007 2582 $2.589 9.35 $24.20 22.47 19.90
    10/28/2007 2838 $2.719 9.64 $26.21 26.56 20.36
    11/2/2007 3136 $2.589 13.75 $35.60 21.67 20.48
    11/2/2007 3406 $2.589 11.59 $30.00 23.30 20.68
    11/15/2007 3673 $2.839 13.70 $38.90 19.49 20.59
    11/23/2007 3743 $2.839 4.93 $14.00 14.20 20.41
    12/2/2007 3829 $2.879 4.52 $13.00 19.05 20.38
    12/5/2007 3878 $2.869 2.37 $6.80 20.67 20.38
    12/11/2007 3969 $2.819 4.82 $13.60 18.86 20.35
    12/27/2007 4289 $2.789 16.13 $45.00 19.83 20.31
    1/9/2008 4436 $2.959 8.28 $24.50 17.75 20.21
    1/20/2008 4557 $2.919 7.78 $22.70 15.56 20.05
    2/12/2008 4783 $2.869 13.50 $38.73 16.74 19.86
    3/16/2008 5056 $3.099 17.59 $54.50 15.52 19.57

  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    Best yet today. 35-57 MPG.%75 freeway %25 city... 2008 Sport AT.
  • ohthelawdohthelawd Posts: 17

    This is my first post. I bought an '08 Fit Sport MT over the weekend. Just made my first fuel stop this morning. 285 miles on 8.53 gallons yielded 33.4 MPG. Needless to say, I'm elated. I'm hoping things get even better with break-in. My commute is about 13 miles each way, but the traffic is a crapshoot. Some days I go 55mph all the way and maybe stop at a light or two. Other days, it is stop-n-go, and it might take me ~1hr to go 13 miles. My wife and I _were_ a two SUV family, but once we got her a Pacifica for hauling the family, I knew I needed to get rid of my Outlander (getting ~20 MPG in it). I am loving the new car thus far (and that is from someone who is 6'3", 240lbs... :) ).
  • subiratssubirats Posts: 4
    Please look at your calculations and the amount of gasoline you put in the first time and the next time.....did you stop at the first clicking stop of the gas pump after refilling a tank that originally had a full-up-to-the-top tank is had to believe you made a 57 mpg unless you were traveling 15-25 mph and even then it would be hard to make 57 mpg..... :confuse:
  • ohthelawdohthelawd Posts: 17
    Are we sure he didn't mean "35-point-57 MPG"? :confuse:
  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    TNX for the heads up. I agree. ever hear of a typo? I got 35.57 MPH. Just a wee bit over 35&1/2 MPG by 7/100's.....
  • 07cemanual07cemanual Posts: 4
    Perhaps - may also be to keep the dew point of the air hitting the inside of your windshield lower than its temperature.
  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    Yesterday took a little trip a little over 100 Miles each way in my 2008 Sport AT. Filled the tank at local gas station, setting pump on slowest notch and stopped pumping at 1st cut off. The trip was highway about 70 miles each way with about seven red lights which all but one caught us going and coming and rest city driving. Lots of hills to go up and down on this East Ky. Commute. Driving at 60 MPH using the paddle shifter, tires are at 35PSI running the AC. When we got home we filled the tank at the same station using the same pump, same settings and stopped pumping after 1st cut off. The little Fit returned a 36.87 MPG the best ever. Very well pleased with its performance
  • zombietom3zombietom3 Posts: 74
    I read read with great interest and attention the comments by many people kind enough to share their experiences and attitudes with the rest of us. I expect to bujy a new Fit Sport later this year so these comments are very useful to me as I evaluate my options.

    I appreciate fuel economy as much as almost anyone, but I see a lot of messages about stretching the mpg by doing things that would make me wonder what is wrong with me.

    I LIKE driving, but if I have to drive in a way that makes driving unpleasant, then I will no longer like driving and will consider not having a car at all. I will not drive without A/C if it is hot in the car. I will not coast when a little gas would keep me going with the flow of traffic. I will not do many of the things that are mentioned on this board as ways to raise the mpg. I believe sometimes the prize becomes greater than the purpose. I will avoid speeding and will generally stay at or below 65 on the freeway. I will avoid speeding up and slowing down foolishly, I will not slow to 60 when the traffic is going 67, so that I can save 10-20 cents on my 30 mile trip. I will not turn my engine off during a red light stop that promises to be longer than a minute, especially on a warm day. I will read the tire reviews and buy the ones that have the best reputation for practical driving economy along with safety. I will keep them inflated to the high end of the recommended range but will not over inflate so as to save a dime here and there while making the ride too harse.

    I believe driving is a necessity and it can be done in reasonable comfort and as economically as convenience allows. Beyond that I will not allow my car to become a too-tight corset or something that I have to consider a mugger trying to steal my pennies. I believe that an ATTITUDE of economy will cause, over time, sufficient moderation of wasteful practice to achieve a reasonable result. I do not expect to win the prize but I do expect to have more fun than the winner.
  • ellenocellenoc Posts: 25
    I LIKE driving, but if I have to drive in a way that makes driving unpleasant, then I will no longer like driving and will consider not having a car at all. I will not drive without A/C if it is hot in the car. I will not coast when a little gas would keep me going with the flow of traffic. I will not do many of the things that are mentioned on this board as ways to raise the mpg.

    You're not alone. My 2008 Fit MT got just under 36 mpg on its first 10 tanks of gas, and I drove it the way I always drive, which includes zooming on the highway at 80. I haven't averaged the mpg since then but I'd guess it's about the same. I'm not doing without A/C. I'm not doing dangerous stuff like freewheeling down hills. I'm sure as heck not going to turn the car off at stoplights. If I were willing to be uncomfortable and in danger just to get better mpg, I could have gotten a motorcycle and doubled the mpg not just squeezed out an extra couple.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    >" I do not expect to win the prize but I do expect to have more fun than the winner. "

    True, you won't win the prize! As far as fun goes, I find winning more fun than loosing. Every time I beat that EPA rating by 15-20%.. I win. And it is FUN!
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    The last tank on our Fit returned 40.85 mpg. The car was filled at the same station and with the same pump to the first shutoff click just as the previous fill was done. The mileage differential was 354 miles and the fill took 8.666 gallons. I have fun and enjoy the drive in the Fit. I do drive in a way to help conserve fuel but I don't engage in more extreme forms of hypermiling. But as kipk says, beating the EPA ratings is rewarding.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I will not slow to 60 when the traffic is going 67, so that I can save 10-20 cents on my 30 mile trip.

    Hey, if you don't want to adjust your driving to save money, that's fine, and totally up to you. I need to save any bit of money I can, and I really don't care if every single person on the highway passes me. I stay in the right lane, and I make it to where I need to be, on time. To each his/her own. :)
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    Every time I beat that EPA rating by 15-20%.. I win. And it is FUN!

    I could not agree more! I LOVE squeezing the most mileage from each tank. It's a challenge, and it makes driving my little Fit FUN! :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I go to the Gulf Coast regularly from Birmingham, AL (my parents live there, on the beach, so naturally I visit them :)). I do the same thing you guys do in my Accord. I don't drive under the speed limit, but occasionally I do actually OBEY it; especially since I-65 isn't too congested outside of Birmingham or Montgomery. When I follow the limit of 70, I tend to see an average of 38 MPG in my '06 2.4L 5AT Accord EX. City mileage doesn't match the Fit (although not bad for a car this big and quick), but on the highway, I feel like it can basically match the Fit step-for-step.

    Although, if I get power-happy, that Fit-matching mileage disappears and drops back to around EPA numbers (33-35 when running 80-85). :blush:
  • ohthelawdohthelawd Posts: 17
    Sounds like me. I live in Chelsea (AL), and my mother-in-law lives down in Seagrove Beach, FL. We head down 6-8 times a year. Unfortunately, with a wife, 2 kids, and a dog, the Fit takes a breather while the Pacifica becomes the family hauler! :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Ah, then you're pretty familiar with the stretch of road I'm talking about. I live in Hueytown, go to UAB, and work off of Valleydale at 33/40 as an intern.

    Glad to find another Bama family represented here. :)
  • arcurlyqarcurlyq Posts: 5
    Driving is not really a necessity. We have made it a necessity because most Americans are too darn lazy to investigate any alternatives. I bought my Fit for purely recreational purposes. I get to work the same way I have been getting to work for the past 10 years - I ride my bike. I have made decisions on where to live and work based on my ability to bike to/from work. If I can't bike my commute, I won't do it. As a result, I stay fit and trim AND save a ton of money on gas. More and more people are realizing that driving is not a necessity. It's amazing how high gas prices make us realize we really can live without cars.

    That all being said, I LOVE my Fit's gas mileage. I have had the car for about two months now (and have only filled it up once) and estimate that I got an average of about 36.2 mpg (this includes A LOT of stop-and-go city driving). I have a sport 5-speed manual transmission. This really is a great little car!!
  • zombietom3zombietom3 Posts: 74
    I appreciate all the comments, especially yours. For over a dozen years, ending about 18 years ago, I did not own a car. I rode my bike for errands, carried groceries on the back, had two bikes so I could train on the carbon fiber road bike for fun and ride the city bike for function. I rode or walked to the train station and took the train to work where I walked the other end. I did that until the second bike theft. At that point I gave up and joined the car-commuter class. I still trained on the road bike every chance I could for many years. Now time constraints and weary body parts leave me just one way to stay fit. I have a heavy duty recumbent stationary bike and have put many thousands of miles on it. I envy those who can still fit a bike commute into their daily routines. Hoorah to you.

    I doubt that I'll ever be able to afford to retire, but if I did, you can be sure that the bike/s (still in my garage) would go with me and daily riding would come back, even if less intense than before.
  • i_dt_knwi_dt_knw Posts: 1
    I'm not sure If I really belong among such hypermiling gurus but I am interested in how my Fit compares to the others out there, and if there is some subtle point I am missing. I have a 2007 normal automatic and I do probably about 90% city driving, if not more. Basically I use it to deliver pizza. Anyway, I haven't calculated the mpg exactly, but from basic calculations It seems as though I am getting about 28-29 pretty regularly. I haven't done any tune-ups or anything yet, but I do change the oil regularly. Any other people out there with a similar model have input to give?
  • damian1962damian1962 Posts: 28
    I'm getting a 24-25 mpg on my fit. It's been hot in puerto rico (in the mid 90's). the ac doesn't get cold enough in city and it's on 3 & 4, once i hit the freeway my ac goes from 2 to 3. If i have to speed up i do (80) but usually I average 65. My trip to work and back and sunday drive involve 50/50 city/highway so i'm not sure what's going on but i figure i should be getting 30-31 mpg if anything. my tank fills up with 32 bucks for 10.8 gallons and i'm getting a total of 240 miles before the light turns red and i need to hit a pump in about 5 to 10 miles. I'm having a fit, to top it off my ride is a manual transmission so why am i not getting what most of you guys are? :mad:
  • thurst1963thurst1963 Posts: 42
    GOOD luck buddy I have 2008 sport fit auto tran 90% highway 10% city and I have never hit 30 mpg and the dealer said that this is within epa guide lines sounds like bull to me but the 1st 1000 miles I only get 18 mpg I love the car but the MPG is killing me I was getting 31 highway with my 6 cyl maxima I traded in HUMMMMM strange
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You're driving your Fit in the same places and manner that you drove the Maxima getting 31 MPG?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    A lot of posters with good MPG and a few with not-so-good...typical with any car. But I do have to say that the AC doesn't cool the car that great, but we'll see how it is after I tint the windows.
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