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Honda Fit Real World MPG

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
What kind of mileage are you getting with your Fit?


  • fitcoupefitcoupe Posts: 9
    My first half tank nearly identical results:

    169 miles, 4.55 gallons = 37.1 mpg on a manual Sport

    About 1/3 slow highway + 1/3 interstate, 1/3 town, some major
    hills, non-aggressive driving. 2007 EPA seems to be pretty spot-on, maybe even a bit conservative. I am hoping to push 40 mpg with pure highway driving. :D
  • I got 35, mixed driving on my first tank
  • First fill-up (VB, Sport AT) yielded 26.6 MPG. Not sure if we started with full tank (guage read full on delivery), but when we fueled, the guage now reads "over" full. We will have accurate tally on next fill up. All miles were in town (no freeway driving until after 600 miles).
  • First tank: 255 miles, 6.91 gallons = 36.9 mpg on a manual Sport.

    There were about 50 miles of city/local driving, 40 miles of windy country roads (averaging about 45 mph) and the rest was highway driving at between 50-65 mph. This tank also saw a drive up to the base of Mount Hood (total climb in elevation was about 3,500 - 4,000 feet). I do not drive aggressively.

    Overall, very happy with the results.
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    With mostly around town driving, some spirited, and with A/C on some of the time, my first tank came out to around 33.5 mpg. AFter having traded in an xB that promised 31-35, and could barely deliver 27, I am thrilled with 33.5, especially because the car is not nearly broken in (290 miles).
  • jbwestjbwest Posts: 16
    These figures are encouraging! Thanks, everybody, for sharing your fuel mileage experiences with us!

    Could everyone please try to include, when you're posting your measured MPG, which model (Base or Sport) and transmission (manual [a.k.a. "5MT"] or auto [a.k.a. "5AT"]) you're driving? That'll make the information you provide that much more valuable to everyone. Thanks again! :)
  • First tankful on my Sport 5MT yielded just over 35 mpg. Used 8.5 US gal. in 299 mi. of mixed driving conditions: 1/5 stop&go around town, 2/5 country 2-lanes avg. 55 mph with many long climbs, 2/5 interstate avg. 70 mph.

    I'm very, very happy!
  • grwilsongrwilson Posts: 2
    Before checking mileage, I topped up the tank on my Base model Fit with 5-speed manual. First half tank yielded just over 31 MPG. Roughly even mix of in-town, suburban, and interstate driving - mostly with the air conditioning on. Interstate speeds in West Virginia are 70 MPH (with some nice hills). I was not trying to conserve gas; just went with the flow of traffic.

    This gas mileage represents a 59% improvement over the 9-year-old van I traded. I'm happy!
  • twoktwok Posts: 5
    From a mix of mostly interstate driving @ 65-75 with 30 percent hilly country roads @ 35-55 and city/suburban streets with lots of idling at lights and considerable traffic: results: 36.7. RPM's stay remarkably low and quiet, except when keeping up my speed on several miles -long hill climbs (over 1000ft elevation), when the tach revs to around 4000 at times as I keep up the 70-75 speed. I think I'll do a bit better when I revert to mainly interstate driving after the break-in period is over (prob. today will go over 600 miles). Forty MPG highway would be fantastic (and with an AT!). I spoke to a friend last night whose Prius gets considerably less on the highway. (in the city he says low to mid 40's - he has the first gen. Prius)
    Handling - comparable, perhaps better, than my old 140hp 93 SE-R with standard low-profile tires. I believe the best descriptive word for the handling would be "tossable". Fun even in parking lots. I dodged a bit of moving road debris on the highway at 70 plus and felt utterly secure. I look forward to quoting the Car and Driver emergency handling Fit test speed vis-a-vis the Corvette speed to someone, though perhaps not a Corvette owner. When Consumer Reports tests the Fit soon, I'll be curious to see what they have to say on this and other issues. Tires could be softer riding I suppose; but probably too expensive to change to diff. wheels?
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    My first tank (mt sport) was 33.1, the second was 34.3 - both mixed driving - mostly local, non-highway - sometimes "spirited" sometimes easy going. If I can average 35 after break in, I will be thrilled. I'm loving this car.
  • johnd15johnd15 Posts: 41
    It's taken us 10 days to burn through one gas tank in our 5 spd manual Sport. The low fuel light just came on. Our Fit's taken us 319 miles on 8.9 gallons of OPEC's finest... so that's just under 36 MPG (35.9 to be exact). So towards the higher end of 33/38 rating. Not bad for mixed driving, maybe 2/3 city and 1/3 highway (around here 60 mph). Quite pleased as it should only get better as the engine breaks in & temps warm up.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The first tank of gas (I'm not sure if it was full when the odo was at 0 or if they added gas later) but it appeared to be 32 mpg. Second tank, which was our one day commute (freeway speeds at 70 mph, when I could travel that fast) came out to 30 mpg - guess all that elevation gain comes at a bigger price than I had expected. We'll fill up tomorrow and get a better idea then. This one I've been keeping the speed down to 65 to see if that will make a difference. The Unlimited gets about 2 mpg more if you travel 65 instead of 70, and I'll be interested to see if the Fit does the same thing.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    "mtngal", I apologize now for asking a stupid question, but "what in the heck is an 'Unlimited'?"
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The Unlimited is the long wheel base Wrangler (been out for a couple of years). You can imagine my delight with 30-35 mpg when I'm used to getting 17-18 if I'm lucky.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    3rd stop at the gas station this morning. The mpg came out to 39 - almost all highway miles, one short trip, speed kept to no more than 65, mostly going up or down hill (about 4,000 elevation difference, 2 round trips down and up). Is the huge difference due to city traffic or slowing down to 65? I'll know more in a couple of days - what a great feeling knowing I can go 2 whole days to work and back before visiting a gas station!
  • grwilsongrwilson Posts: 2
    I think slowing down to 65 makes the biggest difference. Backing off the pedal, my mileage jumped from 31 to 37 MPG. I suspect the important variable is engine RPM. My manual Fit turns about 3000 RPM at 60 and 3500 RPM at 70. 65 MPH seems like a good compromise. Now, I have little doubt this thing could hit 40 MPG if I worked at it a bit (turning off the air conditioner after dark, etc.)
  • shneorshneor Posts: 66
    Base Manual - Over the first 440 miles, 34.06 mpg. One long trip, 230 miles r/t, the rest commuter driving about 17 miles each way, 4/5 freeway. Tried to keep rpm under 4,000. Now I'm trying to keep rpm under 3,500. Have not used ac yet, but have kept a window open (more air resistance). Looks like you can do about 72mph at 3,500 rpm.
  • thatsmycallthatsmycall Posts: 54
    last estimate for 174 miles= 40.45mpg US; back and forth to town, wife drove some, running kids, errands, not many short trips, a lot of cc, mostly under 3400rpm, under 70, first/last part of trip 7miles pretty straight not many hills at 45-55, then highway 2-5 miles. Other 2 estimates 34.8 and 42.7. While these are not exact #s I am confident the fit can deliver stellar mileage with normal driving. For myself expect a lifetime range between 33-45. Looks really good and I am completely happy.
  • lecracklecrack Posts: 6
    I was floored when I filled up my tank for the first time since it came from the dealer this noon. I let it run until the gas light came on and was able to squeek out 340 miles. From the dealership this past Saturday, some highway, some aggressive driving, some city, I got 39.1 mpg! I was not expecting that at! WOW. I was thinking with a new engine, no steady speeds and the mix of driving it would be less. But 39.1mpg....that's AWESOME!!!! Very, very happy. :)
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    First tank was 31 mpg in almost entirely city and rush hour highway (stop/go). Second tank today with about 40% 70 mph cruising and the rest in city (or stop/go highway) driving was 34.5 mpg.
  • I was a bit alarmed by the first tank. I filled up after about half a tank from the dealer. I have no idea if it was actually full or not, but my next tank, 8.xx gallons, I got only 27.5 mpg. I am unsure what happened, but on this new tank (only 423 miles on the car) things are looking better, more than 80 miles on less than a quarter tank, so I am excited what the milage will turn out to be.
  • suetersueter Posts: 15
    First fill up at 38.75 for mixed highway (65 max)/city/rural. Fuel light came on with 2 gallons left in tank.
  • carfanatic007carfanatic007 Posts: 267
    Hey Lecrack! Looks like you beat me getting your Fit! I still don't know when I will get one. The Dealer is still "Looking". I'm not in the midwest. According to the dealer "Fits are selling out nationwide". I realize this. But I am getting impatient.
  • kato1kato1 Posts: 64
    i think youll get a better read on your mileage by using up a whole tank, then doing a fill. how full you previously filled and how you top off the next tank will never be exactly the same, but by using up most of a tank you decrease the effect of those two uncertain variables. heck, you probably could have only used about 1 tank for 423 miles.
  • That's a good call. i am going to run this one down until the low fuel light, then do a fill to get a better read.
  • thatsmycallthatsmycall Posts: 54
    190 mile estimate = 37mpg US. All town, lots of small trips, pick up drop off, shopping, stopped in rush hour- 30min, side streets etc. Over all, since new, including initial run in, about 38.76.
  • hfounthfount Posts: 7
    I have a sport, manual transmission. With about 600 miles on it, I am barely averaging 32 miles a gallon and this with a lot of highway miles. The last half tank was all city and I got only 25 miles to the gallon. I drive pretty gingerly and without air to date. I am not only disappointed in the mileage, but perplexed at some of the incredible mileages being posted here. Is it possible for individual cars to be that different. Do I have a lemon? Besides that I am in LOVE with this car!
  • jbwestjbwest Posts: 16
    Yes, I'd be disappointed, too, with that mileage, given how conservatively you've been driving it. Do you drive in a particularly hilly or high-elevation area, by any chance? Anyway, your mileage should improve as the engine is broken in; hopefully the improvement you see will be significant!
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    If you're driving with your windows open, instead of using the A/C, then the amount of drag against your car will discount any improvments in mileage you might gain.
  • lecracklecrack Posts: 6
    Haha...I lucked out. My local dealer called me and said the individual that had the black 5 spd. sport preordered decided they wanted a silver one instead. Talk about lucking out! I would have had to wait until August if I had to order it.
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