Acura TL vs Lexus IS 250 vs Acura TSX



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    Ditto for TL and Tsx.
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    This is IS thread not TL nor TSX threads. I don't give about both.
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    from what i read it is all 3
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    "This is IS thread not TL nor TSX threads. I don't give about both. "

    Uh, read the name of the thread is called "Acura TL vs Lexus IS 250 vs Acura TSX" :confuse:
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    I found this forum under the TL categories...and like someone else said you can just read the title to see it's about all 3 and is probalby listed under TSX and IS as well.
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    Yes, it is listed under all three cars. It's not just about any one of them. You can always check the "What is this discussion about?" line at the top of the page of any discussion. Whatever is listed there is where that discussion will show up. :)
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    could the reason that the tsx driver blew by the tl on the curve have something to do with the tl's ability to handle its power? No shawd, no rwd? I've heard lots comment on how easy it is to loose traction...this really wouldn't inspire any driver around a curve...
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    I don't think so. I own a TL and have had a TSX as a loaner a couple of times. That TSX blew by that TL because either A) the TL driver didn't care/wasn't trying or B) the TSX driver was a better driver with more moxy. Check out MotorTrend, Car and Driver, Road & Track, etc. and you'll see the TL has better lateral handling and slalom metrics than the TSX.
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    Okay, if you want to play that game...

    From Road & Track:

    More from Car and Driver:

    I won't refute the information you found but clearly you can see there is information to the contrary.
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    The links you provided indicate the TL was equipped with optional ultra-high performance summer tires.

    When both cars have standard all-season tires, the TSX has a slight advantage.
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    it appears that this thread is deader than dead.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    Everyone's out driving!
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    I'm bumping this thread since I happen to be comparing an Acura TSX, a Lexus IS 250 and an Infiniti G37 right now (nice incentives on the G37 make it more affordable).

    Anyone have an current input?

    Thanks! :)
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    I haven't been in the Acura TSX yet.. but last time I went to test drive the G37 and Lexus IS 350... I went to check out the G37 because from specs, it's an excellent car with great price too.
    However, after test drive, both my gf and I agree that IS350 interior is far more better than G37. I told myself I will never look at the G37 interior... that's just my opinion.
    You should go test drive it.
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    Well, my wife and I spent a good part of the day yesterday looking at and test-driving cars...

    The G37 was disappointing. I expected to be blown away, but not even close -- in fact I actually found the interior to be unattractive. They have some great incentives, but now we're not interested.

    The IS 250 was nice, I liked it a lot. But the back seat was reeeally small. Too small for comfort. And a lot of the features that come standard on the TSX cost extra on the IS 250, and there are no incentives to speak of.

    The TSX was great. Very nice, very comfortable, lots of extra features (at no extra cost) and the least expensive car of the 3.

    So, for us it's going to be a new TSX. Now the only decision is... get the Tech Package at an obscene price of $3,000 -- or pocket the 3-grand and buy a $279 Garmin. :)
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    For me, I like the IS exterior looks better, but I am glad we can both agree that the G37 interior is just plain horrible.
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    I agree there too... the IS is my favorite, looks-wise. But the TSX wins overall in my book.
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    can you let me know the price you are being offered and your location? TIA
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    For the TSX? I'm looking at around $30K for the base model and $33K with Tech Package. That's an OTD price, after all fees, taxes, etc.

    What prices have you gotten?
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    Hey bud,

    I enjoyed your post, I am about the turn in my '07 IS 250 for a 2010 IS but I wanted to shot around since the incentives on the is are not great. I drove the TSX V6 and was totally blown away, my one concern, front wheel on 18 inch tires with all of that torgue in the snow. I am not sure what I am going to do, did you get the TSX?
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    Nah, not yet. I was hoping Acura would come out with a special finance rate like some of the others out there (0.0%, 2.9%, etc). Nothing so far. :(
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    Does anyone have an idea of what a good out the door price for a 2010 model, automatic transmission would be after tax, licensing, and other fees in LA county? I'm trying to do all my dealing over the Internet and want to know what to expect. Thanks!
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    Which one of the three models in this thread are you asking about?
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    I think the TSX is surprising good also, however the car is just a cramp in the back seat as the Lexus IS.
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    The TSX is much roomier than the IS, whose back seat is a serious joke. To say that the IS and the TSX are comparable in roominess is...well... very wrong.

    Acura TSX ......34.3 inches
    Lexus IS250 ...30.6 inches

    For comparison's sake, a few others

    BMW 328i sedan....34.6 inches
    Ford Mustang coupe...29.8 inches
    Acura TL sedan....36.2 inches
    Toyota Yaris Hatchback...33.8 inches

    As anyone can see, the IS250 has laughable back-seat room, comparable to the 2+2 Ford Mustang and much less than Toyota's own price-leader Yaris.
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    Obviously the person who posted that comparison did not do their research. I had the TSX for a loaner and there is ample enough rear leg room for two adults.
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    i purchased in Virginia. my "out and out" price came to 29,800 for TSX I4 without tech package
    with tech package its 3k more
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    My reaserch on acura model,
    Reasonable OTD price for TSX with Tech 29K to 30K based on state where u live.
    OTD price TL with Tech Pack 33k to 34K
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