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Mitsubishi Diamante Maintenance and Repair



  • I had the same thing happen right when I picked up m rig.. (2002) they made me pay for parts, but the labor was picked up.. any yeah, it does not sound like a fun one..
  • I have a 02 Diamante, anyone ever install an XM/Sirius radio in their rig? If not, know anyone who may have taken on this task?
    My question is this, what hardward did you need and where did you install it?
  • Just before I stop, the transmission does a hard downshift and sometimes lurches forward. Major transmission company overhauled but still does same thing only not as bad. They reflash the tranny, works fine until shut off, then does same thing when restarted. What gives? :mad: :confuse:
  • that is due to worn lower "pillow" bushings in the rear knuckle.
    they can be replaced seperatly.
  • I recently bought a 03 Diamante (which I dearly love, so far). I had to get the owners manual myself, but it doesn't give the recommended mileage for maintenance, only what to do and how to do it. would someone happen to have
    that info, it surely wouldn't be very much. I've already tried the maintenance program from edmunds, they don't have any info. I sure would appreciate it!!
  • diamoneydiamoney Posts: 13
    Heater core was between 400-500 bucks..
    I did the rotors on all four, and replaced the pads in the back for under $200.00, and about 2 hrs..

    In response to my previous issue, the rear nuckle bushings were replaced and solved my problem.. apparently it is pretty standard on these cars.. $400.00 at the stealership.
  • diamoneydiamoney Posts: 13
    As the seasonal temp rises my car starts to act up a bit. In stop/go traffic on a warm/hot day, my cars idle will slow almost to a stall, then jump back up.. If I put it in neutral, it stays fairly steady, then I pop it back in gear when I need to advance. I have a little less of an issue if I switch the A/C off, but then I sweat my balls off..

    Any suggestions?? I was thinking I should replace the plugs.. I have at least 60K on them..
    If that is a good idea, how do I get to these.. I can't seem to see them when I pop the hood..

  • tonga1tonga1 Posts: 1
    I have a Diamante 1994 .It has a GA 12 engine, model E F12A TRHE and Chassis No F12A-3009787.

    The engine starts than after a while the engine starts to get slower and then it stall.When I pop tthe gear into parking or reversing it doesn't go anywherre.It has a rattling sound underneath the machine when it does this..Please Help
  • ldelaneyldelaney Posts: 4
    :confuse: Hey, the major company had to replace the tranny and tcm to fix the hard downshift problem.
    Have another problem that actually predated the tranny. 97 Diamante starts fine first thing in the am and then is hard to start most of the day after that. Replaced the IAC, MAF, throttle body, egr valve, vacuum lines, spark plugs, distributor cap, TPS and a couple of other things that I can't remember. Has an erratic idle also, sometimes around 800 then up to 1800. When it is around 1800, you can bet it will die and be hard to start. Any ideas?
  • jbnc1jbnc1 Posts: 1
    I bought my D in Oct. of '05, since then i've been replacing original parts about every 90 days. Last week it started running hot til one morning I was driving it on the hwy when it shut off when I took my foot off the accelerator. I have now learned that the intake gaskets were melted down to the metal allowing the fluids from the radiator to drain into the exhaust. I've had the gaskets changed, heads and valves checked, replaced the timing belt and etc., new spark plugs and wires, and new fuel filter. When I attempt to start it, it is still spitting fluids from the tail pipe. what else must be done to start her up?
  • jbooth5jbooth5 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with this annoying clicking sound when I start my Diamante. It only last for about 20 seconds, and it goes away. If I turn the temperature dial above 70 degrees, the clicking sound stops. If I turn the temperture below 70 degrees, the sound starts clicking. Does anyone have any ideas of what my problem might be?
  • diamoneydiamoney Posts: 13
    If you have automatic climate control, more than likly your bearings are going out on your blower-fan. I have had the same deal happen in other vehicles where the fan would not come on until you tapped the motor on the fan. You can deal with the 'chirping' or replace the fan or fan motor.
  • jefany4jefany4 Posts: 8
    here's my question..........when i use the key to open the doors(factory installed alarm)the locks open then close so quick i cant get in unless i use one hand to unlock and the other to pull the door open.........i have no remote........just the key.
    is their a cure to stop this rapid lock.......its annoying in bad weather.............thanks,Jeff
  • mdfallmdfall Posts: 1
    Hello all
    I have problems with my alternator. It is over charging the battery (which gets hot to a boiling point). My friend who is mechanic helped me replace the Alternator and the battery. I have both of them new. Now despite the new parts, the issue keeps coming back. I had to replace a second time the alternator and the shop agreed to give a new battery too. Today the mechanic told me that he needs to replace the Battery Relay (located in the fuse box).

    On top of that, when I drive the car on the highway (60 mph), the car over heats. When it is stopped and on idle it looks normal. Are the issues related? Please help me come up with a solution. Thanks.
  • mojicamojica Posts: 6
    i can put my vehicle on jackstands and it will go through all the gears and run great,but i can put pressure on the lead tire and it will act like it is slipping. any ideas if i need a new tranny or just some kind of sensor or solenoid? any ideas would b appreciated.i do plan on flushing all tranny fluid out of system first maybe,just maybe it will catch some gears,it does have a funny electronic whinny noise coming from pan,hoping it is just electrical.any idea would be great
  • mojicamojica Posts: 6
    i can put my vehicle on jackstands and it will go through all the gears and run great,but i can put pressure on the lead tire and it will act like it is slipping. any ideas if i need a new tranny or just some kind of sensor or solenoid? any ideas would b appreciated.i do plan on flushing all tranny fluid out of system first maybe,just maybe it will catch some gears,it does have a funny electronic whinny noise coming from pan,hoping it is just electrical.any idea would be great
  • i have same car,leave car on,if it still says code on radio with the first 4 memory buttons1-4 type in code 7707. example #1 button press till it hits 7,#2mem button press it till it says 7 and do the rest 4 the other 2 mem buttons,then press your tape button,which on mine is an > symbol then your radio will kick on.if the (off) code is on you must leave your car on 4 an hour to get (code) back will only give 3 chances 4 this,this only works on mistubishi radios,if u have an infinity radio u need to still give vin# and serial # of radio,which is why they wanna cahrge 45 dollars to do code,removal of radio.
  • I have a 1997 Diamante with same issue (100k miles). Mine was carbon in the engine which I removed with SeaFoam which you can buy at Autozone for about $7. I sucked the SeaFoam up through the PCV Valve (pour in bowl and do this slowly, so engine wont die) while I jockeyed the throttle cable under hood (to keep engine from dying) to get all of it sucked up into engine intake. After all is sucked up, turn off car for 5-10 minutes and restart. It will smoke out the tailpiple like crazy for 10 mins (your neighboors might call fire dept from all the smoke!), but should smooth your idle if carbon related. My idle was smooth as glass not right after this cleaning, but after several days of driving. Seafoam is oxygen and catalytic conventer safe and will actually clean the converter, too. Your plugs should be of the 100K mile variety, but if cheap gas, carbon may be your issue. You may have also have EGR issues and check that valve and/or blockages, too. Decarboning intake and ports will help as well if you have EGR 403 code that is flagging/service engine light on. To change plug, you must remove the plenum, not as daunting a task as it seems, remove black plastic cover, bolts through plenum to block and you don't even have to remove airbox/flowmeter; leave attached and just pry/left up just out of way (but not too far too crack rubber hose from air box to plenum) to get to plugs, if truely foiled/need replacing. Replace plug wire at same time while you are in there. Good luck!
  • Thanks man.. I will give it a shot..
    I actually went in and cleaned the throttle body, and valve.. It was a little tight in there, but I was able to smooth it out considerably...
    In regards to the plugs.. you were speaking about the spark-plugs correct? if so, can you clear it up for me.. I still am boggled about how to change them.. do i actually have to remove the upper to get at the rear plugs??
    any help would be appreciated..
  • I have a 1994 Diamante LS, not Calif. equipped. I recently purchased the vehicle used with 135000 miles on it. The vehicle has received regular maintenance in the past (The former owner is a close friend). Following a fluid check and simple cleaning of the engine compartment yesterday (11 Oct 07), the vehicle started fine, and ran smooth. Soon thereafter, however, it began to idle very roughly, and the check engine light came on. The vehicle still runs, but has experienced a noticeable loss of power and acceleration, and continues to idle poorly. During the cleaning operation, I did manage to spray some water under the hood, but not in any excessive quantity. I am at a loss to explain this sudden loss of power and rough idle/check engine warning. Any ideas you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You!
  • I have a 2002 Diamante in good condition, but all of a sudden my Power Windows, Power Seats, and Sunroof all went at the same time. My brother told me it was the Relay but no Auto Parts shops have it. So I went to the dealer and they can't even find the part# thats given on the Relay. They want me to come in for a Diagnostic Test which costs $84, when the part is proabably $25. I need advice! Is this most likely the Relay that needs to be replaced? Can I get this without going in for a test?
  • I know this is obvious to some, but when I would take my Diamante in for repair new parts were always a fortune. My mechanic who closed shop use to find used parts from a Chicago warehouse and in one instance found it from a local junk yard... maybe worth checking in to ...
  • rtvinortvino Posts: 1
    hey, i have a 95 single cam and having engine problems husband does not want to mess with it so looking for new one. found 93 question is? will 95 doul cam work with 93 trans. thanks
  • Hi.I have diamante 98.I tryed to change rear brake rotor,but couldnt take it off.Is it any sicret about this.Is anyone change rear brake rotor.Thank you
  • Yeah, I did this a few months ago.. I thought it to be fairly easy.. I have a 2000, so there may be slight differences, but you just need to remove the caliper, and then pop off the rotor.. It maybe corroded so bad, that you have to pound it with a hammer, but it should pop right off.. I would only reccomend that you hammer it if you are replaceing them, if you intend to re-use them, you may want to be a little more delicate..
    Try some brake cleaner and let it soak in for a min or two, or some WD, that works too..
  • danno4danno4 Posts: 10
    I know this post is over a year old, but I have a 92 with 150,000 miles and about at the 135,000 mark,mine did the same thing, turned out to be the main computer.
    You probably sold yoursd by now .
  • nslnsl Posts: 1

    I have Mitsubishi 2000 model. I had my spark plugs replaced and now the service light is coming on.How much will it cost to get it fixed. Any help on this is appreciated.

  • pcpftwpcpftw Posts: 2
    I have this issue where my plugs are flooding and i had it at a dealership for a whole day and they said they checked everything out and cannot figure out what's wrong with it. It has started a little rough since the dealership replaced the plugs the first time but after it starts, it runs fine no rough idling. I am using this as a "last-ditch-effort" to see if you guys might have any ideas of what the problem might be. If so please get back with me ASAP. I have spent over $600 to get this "fixed" but it still isn't obviously. So, please help!!
  • siucorysiucory Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a 2002 Diamante with 66k on it. The current owner mentioned heat didn't come out of the vents. He wants $9000 for the vehicle.

    Being in Arizona, having heat isn't an issue. However, can this possible bad heater core (which from my research, it is what it sounds like) lead to further issues?

    I've noticed to replace it (assuming that is the issue here) is quite pricey.

    Thanks for any help.
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