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New Audi Q7 Owners Give us Your Report



  • xy46xy46 Posts: 26
    Presently, I have almost 16k on my 4.2 Q7 Premium, and I am very satisfied. I have had no problems whatsoever, other than the two minor issues I posted previously that have since been fixed. It is a joy to drive, and an exceptional vehicle for short hauls or long-distance travel. I have ridden in the backseat several times and have found it to be one of the most comfortable back seats I have ever sat in. Switched cell phones (Treo 700p is a piece of crap) to Apple iPhone and it works fantastic with the BT in the vehicle. I am very satisfied with all aspects and options. No regrets whatsoever. It's been everything that I had hoped for and more. :)
  • larislaris Posts: 11
    Thank You! It looks like we are going to order a 2008 4.2 P and get the air ride. It's hard to get the 6 seater so we are stuck with the 7, but I figure my kids would probably have destroyed the console anyway! Hopefully it arrives before Xmas! :blush:
  • when I bought the Q7, they touted the fact that they too, provided loaner cars during service. (Just like Lexus).

    Today, I tried scheduling a 5K service, and not only do I get turned down by one dealership, I get turned down by 2. I call up my salesguy, and he casually says, "Oh yeah, we only provide loaner cars for major services, which the first one will be at 25K".

    Argh. So why did I pay for the audicare package up front? I might as well have changed the oil at Jiffy lube or something if i'm going to wait. I've never been turned down for a loaner car at a lexus dealership. Even for the most minor of services. As long as you made the appointment, they'd get you a car. Even if they ran out of cars (longo had a fleet of 150 loaner cars), they'd borrow a toyota or get one from Enterprise.


    I'm going back to Lexus after this one's had it. The convenience of walking in, and walking out and not worrying about coming back for a day or two (until I have the time) is worth the dealer service.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2008 Q7 4.2 and it has the AMI and I love it, it works perfectly with my iPhone .

    It's great having easy access to my 3 GB of tunes through the MMI and it charges the phone, too.
  • SImple fact ... if you drink coffee or water while you drive and may spill it .. then it can cost you $1000+ each time to repair the MMI electronics which are stored below the cupholder in the front seat !!!

    It really is a design flaw BUT AUDI will not own up to it and forces the customer to pay $1000+ to repair it !!!

    Send the Audi USA President a note if you would like to have his confirmation ..

    Johan De Nyssch
    3499 West Hamlin Road
    Rochester Hills, MI
  • rreichrreich Posts: 1
    Leased apx. 6 month ago- Drives like a dream-but I just need to get use to driving in silence, no bluetooth phone access, no GPS assistance. Shortly (3 weeks after leasing the Q7, I would start the vehicle and the Nav screen would be blank, my phone would not make or recieve calls and no audio at all....I would stop turn everything off and open a door and wait afew minutes then try it again....nothing. After the vehicle was parked for hours or over night, everything would be fine....untill after diving it for a short while. It's a 3 hour drive to the closest authorized service center and we're now on our 4th (over-nght ) vist and I have just starter using an after market bluetooth device for hands free cell use and was thinking silence is great for pondering "why am I paying for this!!!!"
  • Love my 2007 4.2 Q7. However, strangely, my advance key doesnt seem to fully work anymore. I can not longer open the door by grabing the handle (the key blinks quickly when I touch the door handle) or closing the door by pressing the button on the door handle (again, key blinks quickly). Pressing the door open/close keys on the key fob work though. The keyless start also no longer works and when I press the button, the key again blinks quickly and the dashboard says no key recognized (I think as it flashes in the center console). Can still use the key and turn on the ignition. Called my dealer so said that he never heard abt this problem and I would need to leave the car. Both keys do the same thing so not a battery issue. Anyone run into this problem? :confuse:
  • dino2kdino2k Posts: 9
    Hi guys, I had my 09 Q7 3.6 for 3 months now and I already brought it to the dealer at least twice for them to look at my brakes. They squeaks a lot when stopping lightly coming to a stop. I traded my 4.4 X5 for this Q7 and I was hoping that it would be somehow a better vehicle, but the brakes are so annoying and I don't think that it should squeak like that in all weather conditions, dry, wet, snow, etc. Does anybody have this problem or is it just me having bad luck with this Q7.
  • rdawsrdaws Posts: 7
    take it back and have them replace the pads. this car has a design flaw with the brakes (the pads tear up the rotors). The pads and rotors are only covered for 12,000 miles. beyond that it is $1,000 for front brake replacement (because they replace the rotors) and the same for the back. Either way, brakes are a problem for this vehicle and audi will not stand behind car. there have been numerous posts about this problem.
  • dino2kdino2k Posts: 9
    Thank you for your opinion rdaws, I'll have to wait for them to call me back and do some more test because the first time they told me that they machine lightly off the rotors and it should be fine. It's funny because if it was BMW, they never machine the rotors and they would replace it with no question ask. It's embarrassing to have people look at you on your new vehicle when it squeak that much. Audi has a lot of nerves to tell me that the Germans don't have that problem and they have to test the vehicle, I never thought that I would like to hate Audi for their services, but I really do. Anyways, thank you for your opinion and I'll keep you guys posted.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    One other tip document and date time stamp all your conversations with dealer and Audi HQ because they are trained to have "convenient amnesia" when it comes to who is responsible for paying for repairs despite if it is a Audi Design flaw ...

    Audi is very arrogant and has terrible custometr service..

    I hear BMW and MB have excellent customer service ....

    my wife swears by Toyota's


  • dino2kdino2k Posts: 9
    LOL, I definitely agree with you on that one. As a former owner of an BMW X5, I don't think there's any services out there that can compare to BMW. Their services are top notch and they will do anything to please their customers. If I had a a choice I would definitely go back to BMW in the future just because their services will get my vote on everything.
  • Well I just had it towed in for the second time. The break light come on beeps 3 times then flashes. Call roadside and they said it must be towed in. After the second time to the dealer on 7k miles they can not find anything wrong. They add one ounce of fluid and the light goes off. My question to the dealer is where is the fluid going? Has anyone had this happen.
  • This happens to my 2009 Q7. Began a couple of months ago. When "key not recognized" is displayed, I lock the car with keys, then unlock, and then he keyless autostart works. But it almost always happens on first try now. Did you ever figure out what problem was? Any suggestions?

  • After just over a year my Q7 started leaking rain water into the passenger side. It appears to be going through the right fuse holder area where the power for the side assist is comming from. My side assist stopped working ( I found out when I almost crashed into another vehicle). The side assist fuse is not blown and the car gives no indication on side assist trouble. Additionally, the passenger side floods. I have read several posts of the same water leaks problems and electrical problems that seem to be related to this problem.
    Seems like Audi will charge you for correcting what clearly is a poor engineering design from their part. Obviously a faulty side assist with no indication of malfunction is a safety concern that can lead to a serious accident. I wonder if Audi is going to wait for a class action lawsuit before accepting some responsibility for what is obviously a faulty design.
  • force99force99 Posts: 13
    Just purchased a 2011 Q7 S-Line Prestige. It is replacing a 2008 Mazda CX-9 that comes off lease next month. So far so good--am loving the Q7. The 333HP V6 rocks!
  • I'm looking to buy the 2011 Q7 S-Line Prestige, but I was told I won't get one until March 2011. When is the release date for the 2012 Q7?
  • Hello, we own a 2009 Q7. Besides the squeaking breaks, we couldn't complain at all until two months ago. I noticed the steering wheel was stiffening sporadically so I brought it into the dealer to check the problem. Incidentally I also ordered the rook rack. They called me the next day to tell me that at barely 24,000 miles we needed new brake pads!....I picked the car up and noticed the steering wheel was now crooked meaning I had to steer slightly to the right to keep the car straight. No pull though just a crooked steering wheel that of course was driving me and specially my husband crazy!. We also noticed an uneven humming noise that would be most noticeable at 40mph. After almost six weeks back and forth to the dealer they tell me I need alignment and that the noise is caused by the roof rack. "We are loving it!"
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