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Ford F-Series Fuel Pump/Fuel System

scubarashscubarash Posts: 4
edited December 2013 in Ford
I have a 1990 ford f150 6cyl in which i have changed the fuel filter, both fuel pumps(have duel tanks), and i am still having a fuel pumping problem. The pumps pump for a long time before shutting off. The truck will not start until they shut off. Have checked the fuel lines fuel is pumping throught the fuel filter and also into the injectors and fuel is also returning back to its proper tank. Any ideas on what to replace now?


  • I am having the same trouble with my 1991 6 cyl. I have changed the fuel filter and the fuel pressure regulator -- no help. I'm beginning to think it is electrical. Have you discovered the cause yet on yor 1990?
  • I have a '94 F-150, extended cab, with a 4.9Litre straight six, overdrive tranny, dual tanks, and all of a sudden when I try and start it the pumps won't run to load for starting. I have checked the fuse box under the hood on the driver side and one of the yellow 20 amp fuses blows every time I turn the key. Could this have anything to do with it not cranking? I have no clue to what the fuse controls. Plus there are four or five black, 1" square fuses in this box also that I cannot tell if they are blown or not. I really need help here as this is our work truck and "no truck-no work" which means "no work-no money".
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    The blown fuse would have EVERYTHING to do with it not cranking. The fuse box should be labeled as to what circuit that fuse protects. If not, then your owners manual should show you. Find and repair the problem with that circuit and your vehicle should run once again.
  • I am having the same problem with my 1992. Did you get it figured out?
  • Yes, I did. It was the EEC.

    I'd read many times that the problem is hardly ever in the engine control computer, so I kept looking elsewhere. I finally got to the point that it could possibly be the computer.

    I took the computer out, opened the covers and found some burnt and disconnected leads on 2 of the components -- two capacitors actually. I bought another box from O'Reilly's, plugged it in and it started right up.

    Hope I helped. Let me know
  • gedalsgedals Posts: 4
    what was the final solution?
  • gedalsgedals Posts: 4
    what was the final solution??
  • The EEC was bad. I bought a new one, installed it, and the problem was solved.
  • I replaced the EEC and that took care of it.
  • stan58stan58 Posts: 9
    I can't find a high pressure pump on my 1990 302.
    can you help?
  • steve1doggsteve1dogg Posts: 7
    My 91 Ford F150 has a 4.9 inline six and only has one fuel pump inside the gas tank. Sorry.
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastPosts: 1,668
    Steve is correct.
    Gas engines have one pump. In the fuel tank.
  • stan58stan58 Posts: 9
    just for info: the 90 f150 has feul pumps in tanks. the 87,88 & 89 have low pressure pumps in tanks and a high pressure pump on the side rail. might come in handy.stan58
  • steve1doggsteve1dogg Posts: 7
    My 91 F150 has a pump in each tank, but none on the side rail.
  • I've got a 1990 F-150, 300 Straight Six, with dual tanks. I've been having a problem with the rear tank,for some reason it doesn't pressurize the system. The pump was replaced,and it worked for a time, but shortly afterward I had the same problem. I'mbeginning to think it's a wiring problem. Any ideas?
  • stan58stan58 Posts: 9
    Wish I could help but would only guess.
    I don't think wiring would keep pump from holding pressure, would look at fuel lines for leaks first.
    again just a guess, Good luck
  • lrj78lrj78 Posts: 5
    Hi. I have to depress the gas pedal when engine is warm to start the vehicle. Will not start if i don't. Black smoke comes from exhaust. Anyone know what the problem might be? thanks richard
  • gg0903gg0903 Posts: 1
    The motor which is a 5.8 liter gasoline
    won't run unless you feather the gas pedal. I changed the fuel pump and gas filter. It has
    30 pounds of fuel pressure when cranking the engine. My question is, why won't the
    engine start and stay running. Fuel regulator vacuum hose is dry. (it's not leaking).

    Please reply. Thanks for the help
  • I would bet it is the EGR and is the check eng. light on?
  • I bought a Ford F150 (1990)used. The back gas tank is no good. I want to remove it anyway, but when I do I can't get the lines run so there's no leak. Is there any way to do this with plastic lines without replacing the whole gas line system?
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