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Suzuki Aerio Wagon Brake Problems



  • exaltexalt Posts: 1
    I have on 06 Aerio as well. In 4 months of driving this "brand new car" I had to replace the breaks. The pads completely worn off. They told me it was the way I was "riding the breaks". I'm not an idiot...and how dare they tell me how I drive. I had it factory inspected, just for them to tell me my car is alright during the month of October because I've experienced severe shaking in the front suspension a week after they "fixed" my breaking problem.
    Now It's november, less than a year, less than 15,000 miles and my breaks sound like they are completely worn out. I want to do something about this, please call me 410-258-5734. Suzuki cannot continue to get away with this, I thought this was only my problem but they are endangering many lives.
  • I have an 05 Aerio. I have replaced the brakes 3 times so far twice in less than 6 months. The dealer has been no help. I talked with susuki and they replaced my rotors but told me that the replacement was in good faith and that it was my driving. Like many of you I have had other vehicles and never had this problem. The susuki rep I spoke to said that susuki is aware of this problem but has no solution.
  • We have an 06 Aerio Wagon with 22K miles and we now need our third set of pads. Also, had to replace two front tires because of excessive wear. Back tires are cupping and causing lots of road noise so will likely replace those as well. I contacted the owner of the dealership and they contacted suzuki but Suzuki refuses to stand behind their product. This is my second Suzuki and will probably be my last. I told the dealership that we have bought four new cars from them and not to expect us to return.
  • I have an 06 Aerio Sx and my e brake light did the same thing but it just means your braking fluid is low and you just have to add more. its very easy to do and its just a warning that the fluid is getting low and once you add the fluid the light won't come back on.
  • pfenningpfenning Posts: 1
    I too have replaced the brakes in my 2006 aerio 3 times since I bought it new. The first time the dealership did it under the warranty after that I was on my own. Always the front brakes never the rear. I am thinking about contacting the department of consumer protection. Have you tried that?
  • :confuse: I have no idea about any of you, but this brake problem is serious, just wondering if anyone has noticed thier car does not coast very well, it almost seems like the brakes are always applied to some degree, I've inspected my e-brake and ect many times now, all my other cars and also my wifes Subaru and thast another story in it's self still costs much better than my 06 Aerio, not sure, but I think I am going to trade this car in ASAP. :(
  • Let me tell you something, I bought my daughter a 2006 Aerio wagon and since 2006 when we purchased it we have had the front and rear breaks replaced, they replaced the right caliper, both rotors, and the brake fluid regulator valve. As for a law suit we have contacted costomer service and my wife just faxed the texas lemon law since this will be the 5th time. In fact we just had the front pads replaced in November and now the front right caliper is sticking again and has warped the rotor and the front right brake pas is glazed and slit. Everyone having problems needs to contact suzuki customer service at their 1 800 # and make a formal complaint because they say they have not had no problems with the braking system they are aware of. We are stronger in numbers.
  • tony78tony78 Posts: 16
    The bearings heating up and causing the rotors to warp ? What nonsense ! If that were the case then it would be necessary to change the "bearings" everytime you had the rotors turned, well umm that is if there were any "bearings" to change, 1st . there are no bearings in the front axle where it enters the steering knuckle, the only place where there is a bearing is at the, center bearing support, and that is located near the transmission. Now near the ends of the axle there are cv joints( constant velocity joints) you can see they are covered by a rubber boot at each side and are filled with high temperature grease. Now what really causes suzuki rotors to warp is very simple, 1st they use semi-metallic brake pads and although these stop well, they do produce a lot of heat, 2nd suzuki rotors are smaller and thinner than competitors rotors, which means they get hotter quicker, stay hotter longer and wear out faster.
  • tony78tony78 Posts: 16
    You said that the right front caliper was changed? In the suzuki service manual it says that when you repair the caliper assembly, you should use rubber grease to lubricate the cylinder slide bushings when the temperature is below, -40f, huh? that sounds a little confusing, what about when the temp is above, -40f, of course they don't mention what type of lubricant one should use because the japanese figure that if your a tecnician then you SHOULD know what kind of lubricant to use. The type of lubricant i have had good sucess with is " Anti-Seize Lubricant", it is sold by Napa/Permatex # 765-1674. I have used this to lubricate the "slide pin bushings" in many different cars and trucks and it works very good. The temp range of napa anti-seize lubricant is from minus 65 f to over 1600 f .
  • 1235312353 Posts: 1
    your not alone ...Ihave a 05 suzuki arieo with the same problem. Today after 19000 miles this is going to be my third set of front brakes. This time im going to midas for a lifetime set of brakes.....i give up. Suzuki dosnt give a hoot.
  • lomita2lomita2 Posts: 4
    We discovered our brake problem, right front brake, when out on vacation, on the northeast side of Mt.Saint Helens, 9:30 p.m., just trying to make it down the hill to the campsite, the pads were toast at 16,000 miles, and there was so much heat being transmitted to the wheel bearing, even the mag wheel was hot to the touch.

    We traded the car in on an Infiniti G-35 Sports Coupe and took a big loss, however, we feel better about getting that Suzuki out of our hair.

    Suzuki can go fish. We will never buy any more of their products!
  • I am in the process of replacing both front brake pads and rotors on my 04 Aerio hatchback and am stumped by the rotor that would not budge. The pads are in no problem but I would like to replace the rotors as well. Any help greatly appreciated so I can get back on the road!!
  • Hi, I'm a little late to the whole email about this. I have a 2003 Aerio SX Hatchback. The first set of brakes seemed okay, but then my mechanic informed me that my brake on the front passenger side was sticking and would need to be replaced a LOT sooner because of it. So about 3 months after that; about a month and a half ago, the grinding sound made it clear that it desperately needed it. Funny, I hadn't heard it before that(!). My husband says that it wasn't sticking at the time when he looked at it [ and dertermined I needed a brake job NOW ], nor 20 minutes later when he replaced it, and subsequently took the car for a test drive....Not sure what's happening in real life.
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